Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 23, 2014

In The Land of Milk and Honey, and the Transition Zone!


What a very strange day in my biology yesterday was!!  Each connection, delivered its own strangeness to me.  It really started as I was finishing my sharing for the day, it felt like there was this huge wind circulating around me, kinda pulling my molecules apart and couldn’t quite decide where to put them back to.

So when my first reading rolled around, I was not 100% surprised that as I cranked out my antenna to pick up her field of Light, I saw nuttin!  Not even a glimpse of Eden’s light.  Dammit.  So we just started talking about what has been happening in her world since we last connected, my antenna no longer out in the field, but retracted into our conversation.  The moment she started talking about trying to sell her property in another state, suddenly, right there in my kitchen, this thick light blue and whitish gray vortex about 5 feet tall and 3-4 feet in diameter presented itself.  The moment she said she had given the go ahead to get this house sold several weeks ago, yet nothing has even been done to start the sale, I could see why and understood that vortex spinning in my kitchen.

Back in the day, when I wanted to see your actual biology (instead of your pure light field) I would pull you into my kitchen to have a look.  Well, I realize now we are still using the energy within my kitchen to represent the biological field of life, better stated tho, the connection to the “old world” as one transitions into the new.  As much as she was willing to let this unused house go, something inside of her just kept it connected to her.  She agreed and understood what it was.

We humans are funny creatures really.  Creatures of habit, even how we think and feel can be habitual.  Those “habits” are embedded deep within our core energy, the only true energy that creates and releases for all of us.  Often times we can start to put forward the will of change, of release, but deep inside, something just isn’t cooperating.

I watched as the conversation progressed, her biology, filled with the new light of Eden, stepped into this vortex and allowed a full on activation of her new codes, her new DNA.  From there, her team said to jump head first into the vortex and release the connections to the old.  As I watched an image of her jump in head first and go thru the point of exit at my floor, beneath the floor were threads of energy, connections still holding her in-between the old and the new, once she clears them, all will move rapidly forward.

This was actually really exciting, at least to me.  Many of us are still transitioning from all that got us to here, to the full energy of Eden.  But man, the winds coming off her vortex really made my own unsteady molecules, more unsteady.  Phew!!

When my second lovely lady showed up for her display of light, her imagery was lodged right up against my back door, from inside my kitchen.  This really huge birds nest made of black strands of material (the deep unknown.)  Her bird’s nest was at least 5 feet tall and was standing on its edge with that little pouch part aligned with the outside world.  The moment she and I connected, my stomach started roaring with air.  Bubbles and burps and churning that was just unpleasant.  I knew instantly what was coming in for her… I had already checked after my weird feeling in my biology and what they said was:  Earth is entering a stream of solar wind blowing faster than 500 km/s (1.1 million mph)…  …on Jan. 23 when a CME is expected to deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field, adding to the effect of the solar wind stream already here. NOAA forecasters estimate a 25% chance of polar geomagnetic storms.

The one thing I was absolutely sure of, that super wind from the sun WAS/IS affecting the magnetic field around Eden already and now pelting my solar plexis like flipping crazy.  But with it, I also seen the greater reason too.  From the center of my lady’s bird next was a releasing of new seeds of pure white light, pure potential.  They looked like large pumpkin seeds and went out into the world of Eden perfectly spaced and about 3 feet above the ground.

She has been dumped from the comfort of her transition place, that bird’s nest, and now, thru her own inner excitement, joy, passion will be planting those unlimited seeds of potential / life as she goes forward.

By the time she and I were done, I was burping and pooting like an old sailor (for the rest of the day.)  My feet were frozen, my body felt frozen and I couldn’t warm up at all.  It wasn’t unusually cold outside or inside, yet, my body temp… gone!  What the hell??

So I pulled myself together and got ready for my third lady of the day, a virgin to my field of readings, which usually excites me, but now I am just trying to hold me together.  Phew baby.

As I cranked my antenna out to the far west, where Eden is emerging, there she was, sooooooo far to the left side of the west field I was puzzled.  I realized there was this bubble completely surrounding the place I now is Eden, our magnetic field of protection and amplification.  But what the heck is she doing there.  It all kinda looked like this (well, sorta:)


The star on the right represents her body (which didn’t look like a star nor was red.)  Her body was so small I could not make out the details except knowing human biology when I connect to it.  There she was, shooting little pellets of light as she is smushed up against the furthest area away from center that she could go.  The larger center of light in the middle is about what I had seen thru her, what was reflected back as an ocean of light already there, and instead of her connecting to it, using it, she is breathe by breathe, adding more to it.

What we came to understand together, by virtue of her letting go of all that got her to here, she is planted in the land of Eden, but, she brings memories of the old world, the negativity, the chastising of her own understandings and because of that, keeps her self at the outer edge of creation, doing what she can to add to the greater good (those light pellets) but at the same time, is not intimately active within her new world.

What her team equally had her, and all of us understand, there is now an ocean of light that is within our new world.  Unlimited creation potential that will never ceases to exist.  Of its own accord, it is plentiful and is there to be used.  Adding to it is very much like adding drops of water to the ocean itself.  A nice gesture, but not really needed.  This is your mana, your energy to ignite all the seeds of desire.  But equally, you must get into the center of it all and participate with joy.

We gave her homework!!

My fourth lady on this intense day, phew… there she was on the right side of a golden energy stream that is now very much on the surface of Eden, still spreading outwards, but now looks so much like honey, with a loofah sponge in her right hand, scrubbing her left arm with this golden energy of life.

From shoulder to fingertips is all about our “reach for life,”  and with the tools of her soul now alive in biology, she was taking the honey of life and rubbing it into her physical life reach.  Moisturizing, exfoliating, changing the pure energy of emotions to allow all that her heart desires to soften and grow.

In looking at the last two connections of the day, I really think of the phrase “the land of milk and honey.”  Milk, the thing that strengthens bones (foundations,) builds body’s and honey, the nectar of life itself.

By the time I was done with her, I was a molecular mess.  Crashing hard, but had one more reading on my agenda.  Maybe if I ate, I would feel better.  I ate some pizza.  Each bite I chewed created such a massive heat wave in me, once I swallowed, I was back to freezing.  Another bite, another heat wave… and stayed consistent as I ate two slices of pizza.  Weird.

I was really grateful when my 5th lady of the day said her son was home due to a snow day, we rescheduled.

I laid down on my couch under warm blankets and feel dead asleep until late afternoon.  When I woke up, that strange freezing inside of me was gone.  I was toasty warm like usual, head in a fog due to some deep sleep, had a bite to eat and fell right back to sleep again.  I pretty much slept from 2pm yesterday thru 5 am this morning, waking up for no longer than an hour or two at a time, three times.

Strange.  I have no idea what that was all about, but at least I feel cohesive and warm this morning.  Yay!!

Lotsa love, excitement and ((((HUGZ))))) drenching everyone in the land of Milk and Honey!!

Lisa Gawlas








  1. Hey bebe girl li li! I have been having that intense cold as well for about a month or so especially at night even with 5 blankets on me! though the last two nights I got hot hot hot…weird stuff!

    I will also note communicating to people about leaving all that got us here behind, including our fears and healing constructs about the world and how that really is a sticking point. When sending out love and light to all we MUST keep some for ourselves, soak ourselves deeply in it…the gift is for us as well as all that is and if we exclude ourselves what are we really saying? The concept of service really must be reworked from a position of–I am all full up and now I share…:)

    big hugs! hope your bubbles stop tooting! 🙂 Alex


  2. i always love your visuals!


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