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Passion, Desire and the Energy of Your Breath… Creating… Or Not!

breath of life

From here on out, as I refer to the new living world we have created for ourselves, I am going to refer to it as Eden.  I had the hardest time getting “new world” or even “new energy” off my tongue yesterday.  I realize it is so much more than that.  It is Here and real and we are alive within it.  The feeling with this desire too, it allows us to fully release the connection to the “old world,” which as I witnessed thru every reading yesterday, vitally important.

To fully be present within the garden of Eden, we must choose to take our foot out of the old world energetics, all of it.  The energy system here is not even remotely the same.

Getting to Here, we have always had an outside source of light and wisdom to pull from, which was so important for the journey, the realizations and deep inner connections to the true spirit of our Lives, our soul Self.  We have spent lifetimes, and most especially these last decades fusing our soul Light within our biological field of energy, to become the inhabitants of Eden.

The most prominent thing I had noticed yesterday thru all the connections was your voice.  The energy or lack there of within the words you spoke.  Your voice, your very breath is more alive now than it ever has been.  It is truly the seed of your creation.  Even the water that will grow the seed comes from within you, it is called passion, joy, excitement!

There was a common theme in the field of visuals yesterday thru all the connections.  This golden energy flowing down from the top of the Mesa and starting to move out into the landscape.  It really is an indescribable flow of energy, I want to say like a waterfall, but not really, it was too unified and moving as if in wholeness with itself.  Each person had a different relationship to this flow of energy, unique unto them for what they are about to grow within their new biological field of Eden.  It was/is a relationship that is very hard for me to put into words that would accurately express what I understand.  Maybe, using the analogy of a shower, but the water of the shower is not separate from you at all, but a part of your very essence to utilize in all ways as it continues to slowly move across this new garden to hydrate and fertilize the soils of our lives, the heart of our creations.

I realized so fully yesterday that it is our voice of passion, our hearts of desire that is our creative tool set now.  Let me explain this as clearly as I can, it is too important to not dig into.

My first man of the day asked about a potential relationship as he moves forward.  It was not the question itself that produced the emerging potential, but the energy, the desire in which he asked.  When he talked, the molecules I didn’t even realize I had seen (but noticed in the days reflection of it all) vibrated to a frequency I am just going to call creation.  He also triggered a memory from the other day in my world that now has much more depth of meaning and understanding.

On Monday I had a check up with my doctor and she gave me the all clear in my lungs.  Bronchitis all gone, heart strong and steady.  Yay.  I went to get some groceries and on my way back home I thought about Jorge, I am getting a little tired of all this waiting (smile) and what is starting to feel like false starts!  Suddenly I could see this vast pool of liquid quartz crystal that now was making up the landscape, very effervescent at the surface, sparkly as the rays hit the surface.  The only thing I could understand with that amazingly real vision was somehow, Jorge was in that crystal pool of energy.

So, when my wonderful man yesterday asked about this potential counterpart, I was so excited to see this amazing pool (maybe I better say lake, it was huge, much bigger than a pool) crystalline liquid energy and as he talked, as the desire of his heart started to express… I could see an emerging form coming out of this crystal lake.  The form wasn’t very large, nor any features at all, but it is the start of really connecting with the desire, with the intense magnetic field of our heart centers to pull into creation our deepest desires.

No doubt, we will spend this first quarter strength building within ourselves.

To contrast this living energy that was my first man on the field to my third lady on the field.  Altho I could hear her words, there was no energy in her voice.  She asked about a potential boyfriend and nothing at all came back.  It was as if silence descended and all the energy went flat.  Nothing came back in reply.  I realized that her voice, her energy was monotone.  Asking questions but not with passion, not with desire, just kinda “wants.”

Nothing is going to come your way unless you power it up with desire, passion, joy and excitement.  To fully participate.  Even if you don’t have a clear handle on desiring anything, you still cannot help but produce amazing things in your field of life.  It would be a true, pure, free flow of creation.  I mean think about it, if you have never tasted an apple before, never seen one, how do you know you may even want that, having no prior reference to it.  Just living in joyful passion is going to bring some amazing things to you world.   …and then some.

But, beyond the vital energy of inner passion, we are starting to get a glimpse of what we are doing here.  I pray I can put this extraordinary concept into clear understanding.  I think the best way to share this understanding is kind of tying everyone together in what they were doing with that golden stream of energy flowing onto Eden.

My first man of the day, he was such a part of this vital essence, no separation between he and the energy. Fluid energy, what we think of as water, is the spark of life that allows creation to Be.  To draw into him the resonance of that crystalline lake and spark life into his heart desires, creation cannot help but happen.

My second lady, filled with sinus congestion, or what the field refereed to as lubrication as the wiring in her brain changes out, is bringing in the energy and wisdom from other universes that is going to be vital to our emerging landscape of Eden.  My last man of the day, I watched as he parted the energy of this golden flow and kept poking his face out from it.  His face was filled with the most amazing white glow of energy and all I kept thinking was santa clause (ya know, white hair and beard) lol but, what that connection really meant for him, for us really, was the heart of generosity.  He is able to form an intimate relationship with the elements, a very cooperative relationship to the point of eventually being able, lets just say, be one with water and have water move from itself (think, parting of the red sea.)  Yet, it is so much more than what I am trying to put into words.

I spent the entirety of yesterday really processing the enormity of the connections of the day and yet this morning I am still at a loss of how to put into words the enormity of where we are now and how vastly different it all is for us.  For today, lets suffice it to say, WE HAVE CHANGED.  Our orientation to our creative processes have changed.  The wellspring of life is now deep within our hearts.  There is no outside source, only the inside Source, expressing and creating thru our very breath.

Your heart is the garden, the seed and the elixir that creates the life of your desires… passionately.

Passionately ((((HUGGING))))) everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. Hey Li li! Ah when you named the new world the garden of eden my heart jumped for joy! I have also been feeling that I need to jump with both feet into this new and beautiful energy of eden as a beacon and reflector, not as a receiver of light. Time for us all to shine with the passion of our hearts and paint the new landscape with our deepest desires for all that is! I also come to this place with no specific “desires” but an overall desire for creating a masterpiece of joy here in my space of love–I adore being suprised and seeing things with the innocent wonder of my inner child! I feel in a wonderful place and my heart is simply radiating out joy and gratitude with each breath and moment! Simply awesome! Thanks so much sweet girl for this beautiful sharing! Love you! Alex


  3. Lisa, you’re such a hoot! You are NEVER at a loss for words, my dear. You did (as usual) a beautiful job of describing how (to use your exact words lol) WE HAVE CHANGED. And how our creations from here on out will more directly show just how intent we are, how energetic; that they’ll reflect how much desire we have to bring them into being. I feel different (as of yesterday – am I behind schedule?). And I mean DIFFERENT, in a wonderful garden-of-eden kind of way (I feel like leaving the house!!!). Funnily enough, someone I talked to first earlier in the day, and then again later, said my voice was different the second time. They said it didn’t sound tired. Like you just talked about. So I rest my case. No loss of words. Just another perfect blog. Thank you, Lisa.


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