Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 21, 2014

The Anointing of The Garden of Eden!


I think this morning, more than any morning ever before this one, I sit at this computer filled with an overwhelming reverence that just seeps from my pores out to you.  The internal work you had to do, the struggles you have overcome, the intense bravery it has taken for you to dare to live a truth beyond the box of limitations.  Thru it all, Here you are.  In joy, in excitement, in Hope.

Especially thru these last two years in my life, You have taken up the role of parent, of sibling, of child, all within my world and together, we have grown ourSelf’s, shattered illusions together, celebrated and cried together.

We Are, Family of Light.  I love you madly and deeply and thank you for loving me, caring for me, so much in return.

And just for the record, I am fully restored!!  Phew, it feels good to be able to talk and breathe all at the same time!  And like most great, traumatic adventures, hindsight is 20/20.

I actually started to feel much better two days ago, on the 19th and set out to do the days readings, excited and nervous.  Nervous because the last words I ever wanted to utter was ‘we have to reschedule.”  But equally, I will never ever dishonor your faith and trust in me, in my Self, by pretending to be able to see and feel, not ever.

With my first lady upon my schedule, a virgin to my field of reading, I put my antenna out in the field of Light, hopeful.  My antenna went all the way to the Mesa cliff and I could see the most awe-striking circle of light radiating inward to itself.  I really had to squint and blink to get my vision fully in-tune with this simple yet intense vision of light.  The glow was very golden white, breath taking.  I coughed and gasped as I explained to her what I was seeing.  I realized, talking was still not easy this day.

As my vision started to match the frequency of what was being shown thru the Light of Life itself, an oil drop appeared within this very large circle of light.  Instantly and without struggle (imagine that!) I understood what it was I was seeing, the field did not hesitate to explain even without my questioning!!

The anointing of New Life.

I was instantly reminded of many of the old religious pictures we see of Christ or the Blessed mother and that golden circle of light depicted around their heads.  This is the aura of the anointing oil that is contained within the imagery I was seeing.  I was also told unmistakably, this vision is not personal, but universal.  There is an anointing, a christening if you will, underway, to all who made the transition into and onto the new world.

I found a close picture on the net of what I had seen, keeping in mind it was superimposed in front of the Mesa itself.  It wasn’t until after I hung up and really started to stare at the image now burned upon my heart did I realize the Light of the Mesa behind it.  Just like so many pictures I have taken in the new morning light.  Let me show you (only, no shadows at all, the light was straight to the ground):

close up mesa

And here is the aura and oil (well, as close as I could find, delete the bottom reflection of this picture too.) now place it just in-front of the mesa:

annointing oil

I rescheduled the rest of the day for a two-fold reason, I was still having a hard time breathing and talking and that was just unpleasant, but most importantly the field said this is a universal image/happening for All.

It wasn’t until later did I really fully understand what was happening with us, and especially with my breath.  We, together, are taking in the first rays of pure light on the new field of Life, not only does my ability to see (my antenna) have to acclimate, so does the very air I speak about, with, thru have to acclimate to such an intense change in living atmosphere.

It is not something new that the guardians of Shambhala refer to religious things, they have done that since I moved here two years ago.  Only, in their references they would share the truth of the metaphors within that story book we call the bible.  Our ancestors were very powerful and proficient meditators!!  So I had to look up what it meant back in the day to be “anointed” since spirit said that word several times.  Good ole wiki-pedia to the rescue:

 The primary purpose of anointing with the holy anointing oil was to cause the anointed persons or objects to become qodesh – most holy (Exodus 30:29).

To anoint is to pour or smear with perfumed oil, milk, water, melted butter or other substances, a process employed ritually by many religions. People and things are anointed to symbolize the introduction of a sacramental or divine influence, a holy emanation, spirit, power or God.[1] It can also be seen as a spiritual mode of ridding persons and things of dangerous influences, as of demons (Persian drug, Greek κηρες Keres, Armenian dev) believed to be or to cause disease.

How about a cleansing of the old world and a baptismal into the new!!  Forever changed.

When i awoke yesterday, I was down right perky.  I had vital energy again!!  Hurray!!!  I couldn’t wait to get my antenna out on the field of new heavenly life and see what we are going to see and learn now thru the Light of your Soul!

For just a fleeting moment, I was a wee bit pissed off that once again, for the second day in a row, we have a universal presentation happening.  In all my years of reading, of connecting, never have we had  very specifically “universal” messages (as opposed to those personal ones that are all about you and I string together for the whole of us, in understanding.)  But once I really felt what we were experiencing, I don’t think I have ever been more happy to reschedule an entire day than I have yesterday.  Universal messages, that can only come because we linked our heart lights together, will never be considered a reading, not the kind you pay for anywayz!

The first three readings on the field were exactly the same.  I stopped looking after the third and just rescheduled.  The greater news tho, I could see, talk and breathe effortlessly!!  Hip, hip HURRAY!!!

That large aura of light still very much present against the Mesa side, only, changed.  Instead of seeing the large singular drop of oil within, there was a radiance of light beaming outwards from it.  I knew that the oil itself was now contained in every stream of light emanating from this sacred aura of life.

As I squinted and strained to see more, a bigger story showed itself (in very small images lol.)  To the left of this aura of light and just behind it and yet in front of the Mesa side, a new world was being shown.  People laughing and playing and in such tremendous joy.  The images themselves, no bigger than an inch, the universe making sure that I did not try to “individualize” this imagery, but this is what is underway Now.  The words the field used in relationship to this growing image is: The Garden of Eden.  Fresh.  (The word “fresh” was used so many times in the three connections that reflected this same energy, which I felt was a bit strange.  But who am I to argue with words!! lol)

There are so many times that what I have the absolute pure privileged of seeing thru your open heart makes me kinda sad that the most I can do is find very inaccurate words to reflect the energy and its amazing beauty back to you, especially given my absolute lack of artistic ability.

But the sun itself, obviously felt my heart and desire.  As I was FINALLY cleaning my house yesterday afternoon, I was suddenly called to drop what I was doing and go to the river.  Hey, any reason to put my feather duster and mop down… I am there!!  lol

I grabbed my camera, even my smokes thinking we are going to have a moment together.  Not really.  Instead, I heard the sun say, take pictures of me.  Stand here, now stand there, snap snap snap.  Our sun the beauty queen/king!! lol

I am going to share with you every picture I took (minus the one blurry one) on the insistence of the sun itself:

The setting sun



The setting sun

energizing the waters





Opps… so sorry for the false start with this sharing, I hit publish instead of add media accidentally (not used to putting so many pictures in one place lol.)

If you look at any given picture, you can see the suns halo and the rainbow energy spreading out for us to breathe in.  In between the energy we see as the sun and the backdrop of the mesa shelf, is a dimension so brand new, so alive with the glory of heaven and is where we are now living.


But something even more extraordinary was brought to my field of vision thru you, the Light in which I saw (within the readings,) was not the sun, but from every one of YOU.  It gives literalness to the saying “You are the light of the world.”  Which is equally why so many are feeling the biological effects of these profound times.

Take this day, and every day here after, and celebrate the Wonder of You!!

In absolute awe and humbleness….

(((((HUGZ))))) of never-ending gratitude and celebrations as we dance upon the Garden of Eden… Alive and in Wonder!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Oh, wow! Thank you! I’m saving those to meditate upon – they just radiate Peace and Presence…Lisaness 🙂
    So funny, I began to notice last week, that whenever i had one of those heart centered love flowing moments, the energy flowing from the ole ticker came out as rainbow streams of Living Color. Cool!


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  4. Oh Li li you have me sobbing here! Such a sense of relief and joy and wonder, dancing in the streets, the anointing of the garden of eden…this this is what we have all moved towards for many lives! Look at the beautiful visions of the sun, so much occurring, so many blessed signs and symbols…WE are the ones we have been waiting for! Much much love and glad you are feeling better! Alex


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