Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 13, 2014

The New Energy Atmposphere of Life: Like a Fish learning to Breathe Air!


Well!!  I guess my New Years wish went down the toilet (in so many ways lol.)  My only wish was that we stop having these biologically unpleasant upgrades/change outs once we hit the new energy world (2014).  Yeah right!  I swear my team decided to play an ongoing “punk” with me, with my poor biology.  The night before last, I woke up at exactly midnight to feel the biggest elephant sitting on my chest.  I couldn’t breathe and my body started the intense, and I do mean intense, coughing process to get the damn elephant off, which only hurt me more as the elephant laughed its ass off.  I finally gave up on any sleep at 6 am and hoped that sitting up instead of desperately trying to find sleep, would be the thing that drops the elephant to the floor.  Not even close!  By my first appointment, I did realize that I pretty much coughed my voice out of my throat, by late afternoon, it was gone, but that pesky elephant, still ever present.

More than how much my whole body hurt and struggled to take in breathes I was doing a free-fall into old energy thoughts.  I didn’t have enough breath, enough vital energy to hold me steady into “knowing” what was really happening inside of me.  Even tho, my crazy team kept sending me the only picture I think I was able to receive:  A fish being pulled out of the water life it has always known and now is forced to figure out how to breathe air.  My mind was busy running the gamut of many other, unpleasant scenarios.  Enhanced by one of the most stunning sunrises I have seen… well… since the day my father passed.  I could feel the connection between his sunrise and the one that was illuminating out landscape here in New Mexico.  Well, shit.  Maybe today, my gig is up.  My fathers words started to haunt me (referring to his inability to breathe) “this is no way to live.”  I couldn’t agree more.  If this is my end, please take me swiftly, I Am ready.

Let me just give you a photo comparison of the two sunrises… just so you could see what I had seen:

Dad’s sunrise the day he transitioned:

dads sunrise

The stunning sunrise here yesterday (my camera doesn’t show how intense the reds in the sky really were):

my sunrise

I do however, have a brand new appreciation of how important the air in our lungs really is.  Something as simple as brushing my damn hair… completely winded me.   It was at that  moment, I decided I was dragging my but to the ER.  I am not going thru another night begging for death because living was excruciatingly painful.  I have found my inner wimp and it officially rules.  

I arrived at the ER at 7pm, the short little walk from the parking lot to registration cast no doubts I was in dire straights breathing wise to everyone in the room.  I rattled and whistled and my chest concaved just to bring in air…  I was seen immediately!

A chest xray showed I will live to see another day… completely clear, again.  They diagnosed me with bronchitis, gave me some antibiotics (I will be eating yogurt today for those probiotics) some predisone and two miracle filled breathing treatments.  By the time I got home (10:30pm) I felt amazingly well.

I did take incredible notice that as my car neared the Jemez, the winds started to whip so strongly I needed to hold my steering wheel with 2 hands to keep control of my car.  Daddy??  (remember, his nickname was “wind walker.”)

Today I wake as if yesterday never even happened.  I feel amazing.  Brand new even!!  And more than anything, I really understand how important, how amazing yesterday really was.  ….and something else too.

We all get to understand what is happening in our amazing field of light thru each of you that give me the pure privileged of connecting with you on the field.  If we looked at life as a puzzle we are putting together, you would be the boarder of the puzzle with the pieces coming down into the middle part.  My body serves as the ever changing middle part of understanding.  The ascension of biology explains itself deeply (and eventually clearly) thru my own body.  Without understanding your pieces first, I would really be lost to the greater happening within my biology and I pray, I serve you back by sharing what I do understand with the combination of all of us.

It really brings back so many messages thru readings “if we knew what was coming up for us, we would walk around it.”  For me, that is absolutely true.  I would have purposely skipped yesterday and let someone else take this hit!! lol

So let’s get to the bigger story at hand…

The day of readings prior to my elephant showing up, amazing.  I had 6 incredible people on my agenda and each gave us such a different, yet interconnected view of all that is happening at this moment.  Especially the moment we call 1/11.

6 readings all from a similar perspective: outside the still emerging electromagnetic field of energy birthing around the new earth.  Everyone of us is, or at least was, working the outer atmosphere of their, and our collective lives.  Enhancing the very air we breathe.  Each one unique unto their role and their needs within their life, but when you stand back and look at it all from a wider view… it really is breathtaking how interconnected, interrelated what we are doing is.  This really shows that this amazing event we are all privileged enough to actually be in biology to experience, is a world wide, multiverse collaboration of efforts.

My first lady showed up at the top of the Mesa, not her biology but her expression of light.  I could see two forms of energy coming in, a bright white disk of energy that kind of reminded me of a full moon, except I was seeing it from the top view as opposed to the side view like we do when standing on earth looking up.  The white light was radiating so strongly as it slowly moved from the left side (which was representing past… every “past” she has ever experienced and perfected.)  There was another disk shape of energy moving in from the right (all future lives and wisdoms attained) but this one kind of reminded me of the smaller gel disks that I had seen at the bottom of the Mesa/nuclear reactor a week or two back.  But it was much much larger than a half dollar.  It was exactly the same size as the moon (it was not a moon at all, just to be clear.)

I watched as these two incoming energy met up in the middle of her field and aligned themselves just under each other, with the bright white light disk on top, the translucent colored disk just underneath it and suddenly, it created a portal of energy into her electromagnetic field of energy.  What was really crazy was the connection with the date we were seeing this from… January 11th.  The 11 itself is a portal of its on kind, maybe better stated, a potential portal, because most people on earth will never even realize it is available to them and will never be activated.  Our awareness and desire is what activates everything.  The one thing I could not understand of course was…. what the heck does this mean to her!!  The rest of the connections are going to give us a very clear view of the “what.”

My next lady just blew my already zapping mind with her sharing of her light.  Again, i could not see her biology (I am now realizing that those whose biology I could not see, were sitting inside of this amazing golden electromagnetic field… the center of their own lives, which I was not able to see thru… yet.

She had pelting energy coming in on two quadrants of her electromagnetic ball of energy (it really looked like a massive ball on everyones life field) this energy was coming in so fast it was really a blur of every conceivable color combination that I felt held sacred gemotry within it, but because of the incoming speed, it was now looking like intense colored rain, even to the degree of some of this energy bouncing back outwards as it hit her ball of energy.  (Think of how heavy rain bounces back of the road… whhheeeeeee!!)

Because it was very purposely coming in on her left and her right quadrants at the far west field area, I knew it related to past and future experiences of wisdom.  Yet, the center, the place between the two… quite.

As i tried like hell to figure out what this means to her, I could see the inside of her electromagnetic field and it sure didn’t look like I expected (not that I should be expecting a darn thing… lol.)  tons and tons of fibrous white threads everywhere.  What I do realize today is this is representing our new network of life, our new woven tapestry that is and will be our life collective in this new amazing world.  I could also see the incoming energy firing various sections of this fibrous threads, creating a soft glow of color where ever it fired, and realize it is new sections of our Self, our Lives, starting to take hold.

However, we do have some responsibility with all this.  Dammit!! (smile)  Connecting the energy of your heart with the energy firing up then moving towards that area… crucial.  Action is key here.  Even the action of meditation, and thank god she is a very avid and extraordinary meditator.  Phew!!

We will learn more about all that as she does!!

My third connection, my beautiful architect came in to throw my emerging understanding for a giant loop.  There he was on what I can only say looked like a high wire act straight out of a circus… his golden high wire started at the top of the mesa and starting to stretch over to the East (it wasn’t complete, but I knew where it was heading.  Keeping in mind, we are all currently working these new energy’s…)

There he was, like a skilled high wirest, doing cart wheels, hand over feet from west towards the east and he had biology on.  That threw me for a loop because from what I was understanding, this quantum area beyond our electricmagnetic field is very much our souls agenda of work.  But there he is, sporting a body.  What the heck…

I will give you the short version (smile.)  When our life’s desire is fully in sync with our soul desires, with clarity of movement (emphasis on movement/action) the biological energy merges in oneness with the soul energy to bring everything together as life events on our field of life.  When we are not sure, hesitate or undecided, things… wait.  He has always been clear and more patient than he gives himself credit for.  For all that is about to happen, earth had to be in this space too.

Ha…. a new trinity as well.  Body, soul, earth!!  I love that!!

The cartwheels were showing that his reach for life (hands) and his walk in life (feet) were in perfect harmony and balance, and what he has been reaching for, he is already walking into.

I am going to share these last two quickly, my reading day begins and want to get this out before I start the next phase of my day.  One lady was about 5 feet above the old earth, on what looked like a diving board jumping up and down at the left side of her golden ball of electromagnetic energy.  I realized it was her shaking off all that is left of the old programming and her biology is shedding (and yes, she had some serious body thingies) and is already energizing her movement into the transition of this new world of 2014 energy.

My last lady of the day, she was sitting in a deep grove at the east field, on the ground itself.  In front of her was the golden ball of energy, but her “look” surprised me.  She looked like a spring flower, and yet, nothing would allow me to see her face (she was sitting with her back to me.)  She was waiting for spring… she agreed, she was doing just that and put no energy into anything new in her life.  So she was actually digging deeper into the grove of the old world, even tho she had really worked her butt off to be in alignment with the new energies I call 2014.

When i asked her what she desired at this moment, the sound of silence was deafening.

Please realize, you are the garden and the gardener and it is up to you to grow your dreams into life.

I love you all so much and honor you in ways I cannot even put into words.

(((((HUGGING)))))) all of You with awe and gratitude!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. Dear Li li, so glad you are feeling better and I am in deep gratitude to you for taking one for the team….the idea that we must all learn to “breathe” the new air as in coming on line with these new higher dimensional skill sets and concepts is very powerful! Keep feeling better and rocking this new golden electromagnetic circle of love! 🙂 Alex


  3. Lisa, Reminds me of this month’s podcast on Energetic Synthesis. It’s quite long but I’d be interested in hearing if this resonates with you. (I’m seeing plasma craft, BTW)

    January 2014, The Solar Sacrum, Lisa Renee


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