Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 20, 2013

The Balance, The Engorgement, and Sananda Too!!


Man of man, I swear I OD’ed on Light.  I truly am a spiritual-a-holic; when you are as buzzed as you can be and still reach for that one more!!  I had 5 tall glass of pure Light on Wednesday and spent all that night and yesterday, paying the price (a price I gladly pay any day of the week!)

I spent pretty much all Wednesday night hacking up a lung.  Wish I can say i was so graceful and understanding about it, but that would be a big fat lie.  No one ever said we had to like what is happening to our biology, and when it interrupts my precious sleep, let me tell you, I complain like the best of them, even tho I know exactly what is happening, since the information became crystal clear in one of the readings.

If we can look at 2013 and 2014 as two very different universes, a complete change in the oxygen purity, our lungs must adjust.  For those of us who (blindly) signed up to be the janitors of this transition, our bodies are not only adjusting for ourselves, but for many others in transit.  For me at least, this hacking is at its strongest and most consistent at night and we can chalk that up to the moon and its pull on our biology.

But I consumed soooo much of the new energy of 2014 the day prior, when I got up yesterday, my bowels were set to super flush.  By the 15th flush, my septic system decided to give it all back to me and it backed up.

I was determined to do the readings already set up for this day, and when i connected to my first lady, I could see her details, but that which creates the understanding the feelings I get from the images, or better said as my clairsentience, was not present.  I figured I must have accidentally flushed that antenna down the toilet!  When I attempted to connect to my second reading of the day, I knew my team must have been standing on the sidelines, tapping their foot going “tsk, tsk, tsk.”  I barely got my visual antenna out the door when the whole field looked like one of those old TV sets that go black except this little dot of white that lingers just a few moments before it is completely off.  Just…. dammit!!!

What I realized after I hung up the phone was that they pulled my entire vision over to the area that aligns with April and beyond and that is where it all faded to black… quickly.  Hmmmmm…..

I had two hours before the crazy girl within had her next reading, so I just laid on the couch, head now hurting, sorta, body feeling like every molecule in me just might throw up and then all I could feel was the center of my forehead, an energy system that seemed to be a mix of a jack hammer and a vibrator started to release itself on my forehead.  This absolutely awful/bizarre feeling got wider until it crashed thru my skull and I could see and feel this pressure of light molecules zooming their way into the circuitry called my brain.  The next thing I know, I woke up just as it was time for my last reading of the day, sleeping thru my 3rd connection.  Geez louise!!

I have said this many times before, when we are together, so much more is happening beyond a reading.  We are tweaking and adjusting each other to the very energy we are exposing ourselves to in a reading.  And Wednesday, y’all gave me the full brunt of 2014, thank you very much.  Five different connections, incredibly different in visual and understanding, yet, all absolutely interconnected in understanding.

My first man on the field Wednesday morning, my beloved “architect,” (yes, he literally is an architect) was standing on the top side of the energy I call the first quarter of 2014, right smack dab in the middle of the first quarter (mid-February) looking quite bizarre.  His whole form was no taller than one inch (going to scale of my readings) and looked like the goodyear tire man:


The only difference was each section was infused with this blend of color/light.  He may have only been an inch big in my vision, but holy cow batman, he was breath-taking!!  (By the way, he was standing straight up, not running towards anything, I just loved this image.)

Of course, I had to ask, why the hell are you looking so tiny up there (I still very much see anything 2014 way up at the top of the mesa level, 1000 feet up.)

This was his “concentrated version.”  Think about something you purchase in a store that is concentrated, something must be added for it to be “reconstituted.”  For my man on the wire (smile) I could see the potential of him purposely pulling in the energy of January and of March into him and bless his heart… his team said he needed to engorge himself with this energy for creational purposes.  That word engorge pushed me right into the holy gutter and I couldn’t get myself out.  Of course, all I could do was think of an erect penis and he being a man himself, actually could understand the context in which I was seeing.  But I couldn’t stop seeing a holy eric penis floating in the air, so I simply leaned over on my kitchen table and without even thinking just uttered the words “jesus christ,” more in frustration of not being able to get rid of an engorged penis in my view than a summons… but holy shit, when I sat myself straight up in my chair again, who is standing in my kitchen near the back door… but Jesus Himself.  A glowing white Jesus with a golden crown of thorns (that were not thorns at all, ever) on his head.

Hey!!  I am not out of the gutter here yet!!!  And yet when I looked at this amazing figure in my kitchen, Sananda (he has no desire to be called Jesus because he is no longer that man, or any other form he may have inhabited on earth, (a message from his etheric lips, not mine) there I was fully remembering, if not immersed in my 2001 odyssey of kundalini integration.

But lets just leave this hanging for a moment.  From what I am understanding right now, the three months that make up the first quarter all have very specific purposes and energetics to them.  Each person aligned to a particular month, has their role to play in relationship to those particular energies.  At this moment, I am not sure of application (what it fully means to us in our physical lives) except those aligned with February.  Those responsible for maintaining the balance of the new energy of January and the conclusional energy of  March.

I can surely understand his role as an earthly and spiritual architect being harnessed in the energy of balance.  Too much of one thing can bring the entire structure down.  Just for the record, this is not even a remote concern, you couldn’t have made your way to this intense timeline if it were.  …Phew!!

So lets come back to engored energy and Sananda,well, Sananda showed up for him on purpose.  He really is a master of working the biological field of energy with the spiritual field of energy.  We call this divine mixture, out of this world kundalini.  I have no other name for it, sorry.  It is not the same kundalini energy/experience of my integration period in 2001.  In that time, I was engorging pure soul energy into my biology… for those on the 2014 timeline, that integration is done.  Kind of like the collective janitors we have working now, we had the same happening all along with the integration of those in alignment with their Self’s.  (No wonder it took me 3 solid months!!  A labor of bliss I might add!!)

My architect also mentioned that in his work, he literally does use the Fibanocci scale and the golden mean.  So, it is on him (not me, thank god) to use it in his engorgement moments (giggle.)

Seriously tho, what I did understand and seen visually with the energy of a penis… think about the blood flow, for a man to get erect, the blood most become engorged and appear solid for use of that divine tool!!  Same here, except the blood and the way it is directed is by using the scale of emotions.  Your inner keyboard if you will.  And most importantly, using the engorgement with passion and purpose.  Think of the crazy commercial “if you have an erection lasting more than four hours, go see a doctor.”  LOL, same here, it’s not to be held onto, but used for creation.  And my precious architect has Sananda as his guide, since, as Sandanda stated, they have done this together in other lifetimes before.

I do want to mention something that I had been forgetting about (too much coming thru in any given day to share it all…phew)  …money.  If we can look at the system we call money like the fascia (connective tissue) in the physical body, of its own self, it can do nothing.  Money has no working energy except to bring and hold experiences together.  If we can see/feel/relate to money like a snippet of explanation of Facsia:  fascia is a structure of connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves, binding some structures together, while permitting others to slide smoothly over each other.  

Now, when I say no working energy, think of the heart and its very specific function, or lungs, or muscles or anything that must use energy for use and movement.  If any part of what your doing is focusing on money… the connective tissue, you have taken the energy of the very thing desired and placed it somewhere else that cannot do anything but hold an empty space.

As our body’s, our lives grow and change, so does the fascia, our finances.  Ebb and flow happens with all life particles.  Trust the process, stay centered on the desire itself, not that which holds the desire together as an experience.  (I hope I said this clearly enough, if I didn’t, I so apologize.)

Well, I had hoped that even tho I woke up late today I was going to be able to get everyone out in my sharing, not happening.  My day is completely underway and, well, I know I haven’t finished the sharing from two days ago, this is going to have to end with a double continue that maybe will happen tomorrow???

I love you all so incredibly much.  May your life be engorged with the greatest of everything!!

….until tomorrow ((((((HUGZ))))) of cleared out systems to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas







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  2. LOL Li li said penis! 😉 I so totally understand what you are talking about though! Energy inflowing for the engorgement through joy that creates in the now moment! Holding the energy in stasis is not possible as energy always comes into form, through form and out of form! Beautiful!

    Big hugs and I hope your septic system is doing better! Love you! alex


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