Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 14, 2013

Chaos, Change and Choices = Holy Heaven Batman!! Or… At Least It Could!


Sometimes, the choice is to take neither path set before you, but to create a brand new one that only the soul can see.

I swear, I spent the entirety of yesterday swimming in the deep end of the pool.  It wasn’t until the last connection of the day did I get handed a life raft so I can just float and process.  However, before I get to all that, let me go back and hopefully tidy up something I left out from yesterdays sharing.  The musical aspect of the Fibonacci scale.  The video I included showed a piano, imagine our emotional spectrum are the keys of the piano, they vibrate and create a musical energy.  When you take several emotions together, such as, let’s say, love, gratitude and joy, you are actually pressing on 3 different keys to create a harmonic from deep within.  Those tones are released out of our breath and out of our pores and are zooming to connect with more of life experiences to elongate and enhance that tone within you.  So what appears as an external event is actually pressing on the keys of your emotional field to create a harmonic vibration.  All brought to you/us to further the experience.  I know there is so much more to all this, but I am running just to stay steady with the information and application.

As I was looking at my appointments for the day, I realized my first and last appointment had the same exact first name.  Normally, I am not sure I would even notice that with any wonder, but yesterday I did and it felt like purposeful bookends.  Sure enough, they were.  The two precious ladies in between were the creamy middle!!

Before I start that sharing, let me first say that all that is currently happening on earth, in our lives, is a series of events, very much like riding a wave.  So everyone is at a unique point within their life, purposely.  If everyone arrived at a single point all at the same time, it would collapse under the weight.

My first lady, having just emerged out of a quantum filled sharing, I wasn’t sure I was actually able to read her.  The entirety of her screen (my field of vision) was filled with these gray dots of energy.  It kinda reminded me of the snow channel, except in complete gray-scale.  With that imagery came the word “chaos.”  I also understood that her molecules of energy that encompass her entire life are an equal blend of black and white, creating gray.  If we do not see and acknowledge the dark, the intense challenges that got us to here, we have missed half of our own story.  But she not only seen them, but infused it all with light… with ACTION!!  Hence the gray.

As an overlay on all this gray dots of energy, was something that looked like an hourglass.  Just to the left of this middle of this hourglass were three (really 4, but that 4th one was not as stable/consistent as the three) tiny versions of her, all gray, but very solid.  I knew they were three aspects of her physical life that was in absolute completion.  I could feel the energy billowing up from the landscape I call 2013, pushing upwards, but were now in a bottleneck at the center of the hourglass (where it gets very skinny.)  What I didn’t realize yesterday, this bottleneck area is blending all these endings (she told me this year, she got divorced, sold her house… and something else I just cannot recall this morning) into new enhanced energy that will be the very ground of her 2014 experience.

One of the new things that arrived in her creation was a man she called her soul mate.  She invited him into the reading to listen.  What was really interesting was the moment he arrived in her space, I could feel the energy of chaos pick up.  His presence amplified it all.

Keep in mind, chaos and change go hand in hand.  You cannot have change without the chaos (dismantling of) energy preceding it all.  There is always a catalyst to chaos, for her, he was that.  She had wanted me to read him, but individually, I couldn’t.  Instead, I got a broader image of her life energy field still harnessed around that mid-point on the hourglass of her changing life.  It looked very much like an image a wonderful lady emailed me:

fibonacci spiral

When I attempted to connect to him, instead I got this spiral, the bottom (widest) part of the spiral was around her bottleneck of changing energy.  The tail (if you will) was on the left side (physical life side) and her man was the thing that ignited this energy movement.  I seen it like a fuse being lit.  Taking all the outer experiences and condensing it upwards and into one brand new energy (that I was not privy to see…. yet.)

Holy cow, what I didn’t even come close to seeing/understanding yesterday… this is using the energy of the “trinity” to solidify (more or less) our next grand adventure.

So now, let’s skip to the bookend of this day, to the lady with the same name.  Her energy was like a golden geyser of energy at the ground of 2013 gushing upwards into the area I call mid February 2014.  What caught me by surprise and loaded me with such excitement was there was this golden band of energy, more cohesive than bubbly, that wrapped around her biology and placed her in the energy of April.  It is the first view/connection I have seen with April, so I was bouncing with excitement and awe.  The energy of April, an amazing violet… alive.

She showed up kinda looking like a belly dancer, dressed in veils around her face (identity) her breasts (nurturing) and hip area (birthing area.)  Her entire outfit was in shades of lavender and just beautiful.  The veils were put there purposely (and again, I only understand this, this morning) her soul gotta keep something veiled so she can have the joy of stepping into her experiences with surprise!!

I realized she was at the doorway, where the intense orientation of the first quarter of 2014 is and is holding open the door for everyone to emerge into April.  I realized that of course, that has got to be someone(s) ahead of the curve holding the energy open from all the work they had done so far.  That does not mean she is skipping the first quarter, not at all, her golden geyser was all effervescent like at the ground level of the entire first quarter.

Then our reading moved into talking about meditation and what she calls head thunder.  The moment she mentioned this, there was that spiral energy again (as shown above) except the bottom tail end thingie, was inside her brain, directly connected to the pineal gland.  The spiral came out of her forehead, at the third eye area, and moved around her and upwards.  As I really paid attention, I realized just in front of her forehead, maybe an inch, was a vision.  From my view, it was a blue-gray field that I could not see the details of (and as her team stated, they want HER to see it, not me.)

I must repeat this again to everyone… there is no soul born deaf or blind.  Ever.  To live fully in this intense vibration called heaven/2014 you should have all your resources in tune, especially your soul sight and hearing.

From the seat of the soul (the pineal glad) to the full spectrum of life (beyond what our 3D eyes see) is where you will find your full spectrum of creational energies.  If you cannot see the dream/energy in front of you, how can you spark it into life??

So, for those who have released all that got them to here, the first quarter of 2014 should be used in all its resourcefulness to fully connect to your soul vision and ability to hear beyond the physical ear drum.  The harmonics of creation are octaves above our physical auditory canal and filled with the spectrum of light.

So if we look at the spiral energy itself… the brain harnesses the greatest electrical energy in our whole body.  The heart harnesses the most intense magnetic field of energy in our whole body.  Using the two as one… pulling up the magnetic field into our pineal gland (let’s go to that keyboard mentioned above) and move it thru the window of the soul spectrum (just outside the forehead, the energy releases itself thru the smallest point for creation.  Instant creation.  OMG, even with this example, we can look at the feminine energy of the heart fueling the masculine energy of the brain… to create our outcomes.

I do want to talk about one of the other readings before I close today.  It was the first time I had seen the energy of “summer school” show up in a connection.  It took me a bit to really understand what was being shown.

The first thing that showed up was an energetic line across the ground of 2013.  Then my lady showed up in two places, an aspect on the right and an aspect on the left… both doing cartwheels outwards.  The aspect doing cartwheels to the right (emotional/spiritual side AKA feminine) was larger and moving faster than the one on the left.  But, when 2013 ends… it just ends.  There is no more forward motion for this energy to keep going (I see it as a massive wall closing off 2013.)  So, as she moved to the right, suddenly she was being pulled towards the east (new beginnings) and yet, her aspect cartwheeling it to the left got smaller.  At first I was puzzled, this morning I realized that her feminine energy is large. fully used, but her masculine energy so small in comparison.  As I watched her cartwheel to the left, suddenly I seen her in a class that I only now realize was filled with men (masculine energy) and all of them had their hands up in the air (like asking a question in school or wanting to be called on… something like that.)  Can I just say, there was so much joy coming from the energy of both cartwheeling aspects… the soul is excited!!

I realized just how much those “men” need her feminine energy and how much she needs their masculine (creator) energy.  The fact that her path took her to the North (Massachusetts) where there is really old masculine energy living is so perfect.  Summer school can be quite the privilege, if we embark on it with joy and collective action.

So what I am currently understanding about the whole summer school thing is connecting with the group collective and moving and evolving together until the energy/experience just explodes upwards into 2014.

What I found funny with her connection was that line on the ground, the more we talked, the more open that line became and actually started looking like a drawing of a vagina.  The opening of the feminine energy.  What I realized today, without the masculine fully immersed within the feminine (grin) it is a potential that needs some energy.

I am closing on that note!!

Thank you for being the music and light that illuminates even the darkest crevice in my Being.  I love you soooooooooo flipping much and thank you for allowing us ALL to understand ourselves as you strive to understand You.

(((((HUGZ)))) of comfort and joy,

Lisa Gawlas

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