Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 13, 2013

Rockin’ It Kokopelli Style… The Fibonacci Scale… Part 2

divine alignment 2

There is so much happening thru all the multiverses, its is really hard to keep up with.  Before I finish what I started yesterday, lets talk about the alignment of yesterday, which I didn’t see coming!!!

As I attempted to connect with my first lovely lady on the field, I couldn’t find “her” but instead, I had seen this movement that I recognized from a sharing that was done while I was in Pennsylvania.  There are six other universes directly assisting earths ascension evolution.  When I had seen these 6 other universes, it was like looking at a thick blanket of energy that was spread out around a center point (earth.)  So yesterday, as yesterday, as I am poking my antenna’s out to capture the light of my lady, a birthday girl no less, I could see this thick energy once again, but with movement and seeing the center point of each universe moving and aligning directly above each other creating a massive pole/portal of Light.  all day long, I kept hearing an “inter-galactic alignment.”  Kind of exciting.  Then, 2 and a half hours later, as I attempted my next connection for the day, it became even more exciting, electrifying even.  The center of all galaxies in complete alignment, creating an opening, a center of energy like never before.

Both times, I heard the field say today is not a reading day, too much energy is going into alignment.  Hay!!  Why not tell me this prior…?  Well, just because we don’t read doesn’t mean the experience of connection doesn’t have it’s purpose.  First, I would have seen exactly like I did in the connections and both precious lady’s got infused with a full on dose of the massive energy.  Sneaky, sneaky spirit.

Of course, our earth knows whats happening and even had a way to show all the world this massive alignment, in its own way.  As a dear friend pointed out yesterday, spaceweather was already one step ahead of seeing this massive energy alignment:  ELECTRIC-BLUE CLOUDS OVER ANTARCTICA:   

NLCs are Earth’s highest clouds. Seeded by “meteor smoke,” they form at the edge of space 83 km above Earth’s surface. When sunlight hits the tiny ice crystals that make up these clouds, they glow electric blue.

Yup, yup, yup, the edge of space where everything is aligning!!  Tiny ice crystals…shards of light… ALL of US, including the inter-galactic light!!  Even their center area, is a great representation of how I seen my second lady yesterday… or at least the energy that was revealed thru her!!  

So now, lets completely tie in the last two readings of the day prior, to this amazing energetic day.  No wonder spirit wanted the sharing in two packages, there was more to understand and connect to.

After I got out of my bath meditation with Jorge and all these golden seeds and infused spiraling energy and stuff… man oh man, I was a tingle for the rest of the day.  I was worried that this full body tingle, that was really affecting my mental matter, would equally affect my ability to read, and in its own way, it did, but for the better!!

I find it interesting that both of my connections were both sciencey people.  Working in the field of science/energy, each in their own way.

My first lady after my bath experience, holy cow batman…  There she was, looking exactly like a pimped out kokopelli doing a conga line.  What was so funny, her hair was a massive light blue afro that looked like the ends of each strand of her hair was dipped in gold ink/paint.

As i watched her repeat this conga style dance, complete with leg kicks, I heard over and over again, the Fibonnaci scale.  The tones, the harmonic music that emanates from within and is played outward as a creational tool.  What I didn’t realize during her reading, those conga kicks, were releasing pent-up energy, which too is very much needed in our creational processes.  Kinda like touching something when you are loaded with static electricity.

What was so interesting, what I could hear as I watched her image move, was music, but not like we think of music and it was way beyond tones too.

So, having the vaguest connection to kokopelli, I did understand he was a flute player… but today, I realize so much more than that.  To many southwestern native american’s, he is also a fertility deity (which I only realized yesterday while googling kokopelli.)

If we can look at it more simply, the inhale and the exhale, the feminine and the masculine, dreamer and creator all in one package, all in the same soul song of creation… YOU.  The music within is what creates when released in a direct way (think of his flute as the wand of creation itself.)

When I had seen her wild wonderful hair, her team said it was the antenna’s of her life.  The golden tips, the amplifier of creation.  The light blue is the light infused expression of her soul… creating.

Now, let’s take all this to the fibonacci scale with the golden mean.  First, let me share a wonderful video I just found and really ties in the last reading of the day from the 10th, my man walking up a spiral of blocks, and each one falling away as he moved upwards.  This is all interconnected in our ongoing story.

If you look at this video at about 2:40 in, you will see the square, the block and the relationship to what is called the golden mean.  And how the energy of my last man of the day on the 10th bookends this entire holy cow-ness of the 11th.  Especially when I talk about my last man of the day on the 11th.

So, to (hopefully) tie this all together, my kokopelli lady and I were talking about her current job and what she really desires to happen as we move into this accelerated reality I call 2014.  She works with a very progressive, science based company here in New Mexico and she would like to change the energy we know as cancer.  I am just going to fast forward to what I seen with her and OMG my whole body blew up in excitement.

Imagine looking at a cell under a microscope that reflects the dead energy we know as cancer.  The absolute pause point between one form of expression to another.  Imagine, you take that cancer cell and breath new instructions into it, kokopelli style.  Using your innate fibonacci scale, the group energy that has brought this moment to Light and using the tones and sequence within your spectrum of Light… change it while looking at it.

I seen it transform into a golden energy right there before her/our eyes.

This would be changing the golden square into the golden rectangle (see video above.)  Transformation!!  But to really do this, you must know your own inner music.  I found a video that has this wonderful scale in music.  Altho the piano is what we see and hear… you are more than a piano (smile.)  The keys however, would relate to the group energy that has now arrived in this place.  Each other as well as the inter-galactic alignment.  Our inner notes/tones have changed and enhanced (go back to the bunny rabbit experiment in the first video above.

Here is a wonderful video I found about the music of the fibonacci scale:

Ha!!  Now here is an unexpected insight… how do you get to know your inner music and how it works and plays and stuff… by being intimate with your own Kundalini energy.  When fully integrated with awareness and purpose, it is the orchestra that never sleeps.  Hmmmm.  Do this once and completely and you will have taken your fibonacci scale and enlivened it forever that consistently change and enhance your reality.  I do have the information on my website at: Integrating Kundalini.  (There is just too much coming thru with all this and will have to be a separate sharing.)

So, let me get to my incredible man at the end of my day on the 11th.  He emerged as a growing beam of light from the area I call 2013 and got brighter and brighter as he went upwards and literally broke thru the field of 2014, directly in the area I call February.  Dead center of the first quarter of 2014.  All I could think of with his imagery was one of those large spotlights we see in the sky directing people to a particular point on earth.


And as I adjusted my eyes to his “break thru” I call the first quarter of 2014, I could see these large golden angel wings that actually made up the ground of that time.  I could see each feather, as if it was painted with 24k gold, vibrating and connected to the whole, which would have to be that beam of light… my man!!

As this precious man and myself talked about what is happening in his life at this moment, that massive, wonderful, super exciting ah-ha moment happened.  Now, keeping in mind, he is an engineer… he was telling me that he is ready for a job change (has been) and put himself out there for new job interviews and is getting a return like he never imagined.  Even people he had not interviewed with are offering him a position, those that he had interviewed with, are offering him a position.  He is truly at the buffet table of life and he can choose any which way he desires.  All are great opportunities, each with a different direction/experience.

He also shared some of his soul with me, the wisdom that really got him to this profound moment.  He is not looking to stand out in his profession, but be a part of the change in any way he can…. team work.  He no longer needs to be set out from the rest.  And yet, as he lives in this way, he is truly the living spot light of how we can and will experience Heaven on earth.  The buffet table of all your desires, you choose.

He did ask me a question that will live within me forever.  I hope it does you too.  Of course, which job is going to be best for him.  The answer was a crescendo of energy, of movement, of song within my whole Being and so I simply said “which choice makes you the most excited inside, that is the choice I would make.”  The true experience of the fibonacci music within, exploding without.

I pray to god I got this entire message out clearly.  I see this all in a movie made of light and to wrap words and understandings around the fullness of it all, especially when it is so incredibly quantum in nature, not so easy.

Welcome Home!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    just found this video on the Fibonacci scale and the Golden Mean. The interesting stuff starts at about 11 minutes:


  2. […] / link to original article […]


  3. Galactic alignment on dec 21.. This alignment is facing earth on the solstice time.. Last year it was on the south of the equator during the winter solstice.. This year it’s in the northern hemisphere at exactly the solstice time 12:11 eastern time


  4. The sun will be in the very center of the Milky Way galaxy in between Scorpio and Sagittarius where the golden gate portal is at whatever solstice time depending on your area


  5. I guess Li li it is time for us to all dance to the beat of our own drums! Awesome! So much light shining on how things are unfolding! And yes, the galactic central sun aligns with our sun on december 17 at 6:00am EST…pretty freaking cool! Hugs! alex


  6. umm yeah….
    I didn’t get the music thing at all but I will take your word for all of
    it! LOL!


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  8. I am already feeling this line up of the galaxies with sun central….and it is amazing!!! We have made it!!!


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