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Being The LIVING Meditation and Actively Using Our New Shoes!


When my spiritual team tells me something is changing, I do not always know exactly what it means or even, what it looks like as we traipse around in this human disguise that seems to be glued to us.  I also have come to realize, there are some changes, words cannot touch and only the living experience can fully give understanding and definition to.

For the last several months, as my own meditations started changing and eventually stopped in the ways I was familiar with doing them, my team kept saying I am switching to Being a living meditation.  Sounds nice, exciting even, but what the hell does that really mean and what does it look like in our physical world.

I have attempted meditation a couple of times since being here with my father, the most I received was a great relaxing bath, that is, until yesterday.  But it was such a different experience, so different, I didn’t fully realize I was even in meditation until about half way thru.

My inner voice, or what we would call that voice that is always in our mind, talking… and my soul voice had merged to become one and the same voice.  After 13 years of constant meditation, I have learned the energetic difference between what I will call my soul truth and my minds desire to wish it was true (smile,) but when your soul truth is being shared by your very familiar inner voice, I got a little baffled, Even when some visuals were presented, it was not like it has always been.  When I (previously) entered meditation the visuals usually opened up just outside of my body and my consciousness would enter the visual to participate, going beyond the vibratory levels I already resonated with for higher learning.  This time, it was like the visuals were apart of me, in me and extending around me.  Hard to really put into words of description, just different from anything I have ever experienced before.

Of course, I was just grateful to be getting anything.  For a solid month before all this happened with my father, and especially during the month I have been here with my father, meditation seemed a distant friend, at least from the bathtub experience of such.  Of course, when I was still in New Mexico and asked my team what the heck is happening (or really, not happening) with my bathtub meditations, their reply would always be:  It’s time to become the living meditation.  I suppose this gave me understanding as to why my visuals and replies from my team came instantly and without my focused attention, but I knew there had to be something more.  Holy cow is there!!

Even before my team started spouting the term “be the living meditation,” thru many readings and early morning sharings, they had been repeating for months that the mantle of power has been given to us, to those who have raised our consciousness and our actions to the realm of pure love.  I now fully realize, WE, you and I in human suits, have become the living spiritual guides, the Guardians of earth made manifest.

Of course, this brings this all back to a about 2 years ago, when the Guardians of the Mesa started to really communicate with us and revealed that each one of them, who have been on earth since it’s inception, holding the energy I call Shambala alive and in place for when the humans were once again ready to hold such a high vibration, a pure love within themselves, and each had a human incarnate they would bind/join/become one with.

So in my strange meditation, now 2 days ago, I understand so much more, less because of what was said, mostly because of my ongoing experience here with my dad.

The ego mind and the soul mind, with constant work and dedication to changing our minds, a true Holy Union happens.  We can even look at the ego, once cleared of judgement and negative thoughts/reactions, as the divine masculine and the soul mind as the divine feminine (in attributes.)  Oneness in its very partnership, in its voice and strength, without loosing each others purpose individually.  The ego is still the warning system, evoking fear when you need to pay attention to something that can harm you, and the soul still places its bread crumbs on the ground to follow, but mostly, they have fused together as a single, powerful (yet extremely gentle) entity.

Which gives a more complete understanding of how we are to Be the Living Meditation.  In my 13 years of swimming to heaven, I was first engaged with my spiritual guides, eventually my spiritual teachers and entities who aligned themselves to the human accentuation to help us further (for me, it was  amazing Pleiadians) and then, eventually became one single voice in meditation (For me, it was about 8 years into meditation.)

I had always marveled at their patience and love, the wisdom and ability to not interfere even when the lessons was at its hardest.  My aspiration has always been, to live my life exactly like them.

The other day, in my meditation, I was shown how we have gone from seeking the wisdom and energy of spirit, of our guides and soul mind, to Living it in every moment.  Our Presence has more energy surrounding all that we are near, than we (or at least I) could ever imagine.

I was shown in a living experience, but I am going to call it meditation cuz I was still in my bathtub how we are working now.  Keeping in mind, we do not have a singular spirit guide, our soul wisdom is not alone in its vastness… we are a group energy.  A team, if you will.

I could see me merging into my father’s energy field, to the point of becoming one with it.  What he feels, I process thru me and release, including the gunk in his lungs.  In a process I wasn’t even aware of yet, I would return higher energies into him for his comfort, we call that energy, LOVE.  Even when the diagnosis, treatments, change of plans over and over again became insane, I never lost my footing in mySelf.  That is because YOU were right there with me, loving us thru this time.  Feeding our souls with yours.  An unlimited supply of love was and continues to stream into this amazing experience called my Dad.

In my bath, it was shown to me like a living spider web of interconnectedness.  A true team sport from all around the world, and even, off planet.  Of course, I had seen for months what October looked like: A deep golden and black spider web forming.  Now I really understand its vision.  I also knew that this last quarter of the year would be a game changer on every level of life, if we allowed it, and it is truly a game in real-time, interactively with each pure heart that beats upon this amazing planet.

Let me back up just a moment, our friends from the skies.  My father watches Ancient Aliens now and again, the first time he put it on, a few weeks ago, this show was showing UFO formations in the sky.  OMG the reaction of love that flooded my heart in that moment, in seeing that formation, was like nothing I had ever experienced before.  I have seen many UFO shows, many space crafts, never did I have such an overwhelming reaction like in that moment… until it happened again the next time he put that show on.  This time they were showing ancient things on earth, I cannot even remember what, but the love was so strong flowing thru me, I almost started crying from the intensity.  Of course, Jorge, learning at the outside of my backdoor just days before I made my sudden shift to Pennsylvania, makes so much more sense.  I was going outside in the world and he was coming with me, passively, but completely.

There is so much more to this sharing, which I will continue tomorrow, my fingers are really cold right now.  I sit outside on my dads front porch to share and smoke (smile) and it is a bit nippy… but nowhere near as cold as it could be.  But, before I close I do want to share the latest update with my dad.

As you know, on the evening of the 24th, I headed to Virginia with my son and grandson. By doing that, I unknowingly (as part of the bigger lesson and understanding in this profound moment in our collective history) removed my energy field from my father and placed it with my son and grandson.  My Dad’s body reacted by 11am the following day and he was rushed back to the hospital.  On the third chaotic day in that crazy hospital and their constantly changing approach to my father’s health care, he broke down.   With his wife hugging him from the front and me radiating energy to his spine from about 3 feet behind him, he finally let go.  No more treatment, no more poking and prodding and chaos.  Hospice is fully in place.  He is home and I will not leave his side ever again, well, not until he transitions, then he can follow me home.  They did do another CT scan and as the xrays from his doctors already showed, his lung tumor has grown and the fluid is once again starting to fill up in his lung lining.

Just like in the dream I had shortly after I got here, my daughter made the trip back here with me, there is no more need for action and communication to keep him here on earth.

I also want to share an interesting email I received from my landlady (whom I miss so very much) last evening:

Hi Lisa, 
I just wanted to let you know there were coyotes howling around your house for quite a long time during the night last night. Kind of crying, so I think there must be some change with your Dad. It was like a symphony of animal voices…..
Take care of Lisa, 

I have lived on the Mesa for 2 years now and never heard coyotes before.  Indeed, things have changed with my father, physically speaking, yesterday.

On that note, I am going to warm up my hands… until tomorrow.

I love you all so very very very very much.  Thank you for Being such a strong, Loving part of my team!!

((((((HUGZ))))))) of deep deep gratitude and soul expanding Love to each and every one of you!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Sending you and your dad much love and light. May you enjoy the remaining time you have with him (physically) and know that you both are in my thoughts. Take care!!


  3. So understand the living meditation and how your energy fuels your dad. So glad that he has let go and that you are with him. Blessings of love


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  5. Again Li li I send you my love and want to stress that you are living a prayer of forgiveness, compassion and true love for your father and for the reconnection of your earth family through your dad. To be able to go through these events in full presence and understanding is a huge blessing. Your intent to share completely the love you feel is absolutely beautiful! I too feel the transformation of life into a living meditation completely connected with the merged physical and divine planes. Many times in the day I will be overwhelmed with that love–just today looking at the beautiful trees changing color and the amazing energy that is November. Huge hugs and continued support for your journey. Alex


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