Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 28, 2013

We Are Solidly In the New and Orientation Underway!!

heart galaxy

Here we are, we have broken ground into the new.  Fully!!  But it sure isn’t anything like I had expected, even tho I know, rule number one is do not expect anything.  I can’t help it!!  A lot of times, I am so pleasantly surprised in my days.  Like when we have huge power days, like this particular equinox or the harvest moon that merged its energies with the equinox, truly, I didn’t expect to be able to see on those days (from past experience) yet, clarity was crisp and constant.  Then we have the day 8 of the equinox, the day after the field has been saying 3 days coming, three days settling in took us to the 25th, so why the heck was it that when I woke up on the 26th, full of energy and perky joy was I blind as a bat all day??  I really felt like spirit put a blind fold around my antenna’s and said, nope, not today and do you think they would afford us a reason why.  Oh hell no!!  Instead it was a reschedule binge kind of day.  Blah!

So when I woke up yesterday at 2:50 am, I was a bit nervous.  I was wide awake and going back to sleep for a couple of hours was just not happening.  That is too early, even for me.  When I wake up that early I usually start crashing by 8 am.  I grabbed my coffee, sat at my computer and not a damn thing flowed.  Well just shit!  Our team, spirit, life, whatever you want to reference those who poke you awake, place pounding thoughts in your head, well up tears til you break… had me revisiting a phone call I had with my step mom the night before.

I have been trying to call my dad for the last week, to see how he is doing after being released from the hospital and to find out how the biopsy went from the tumor in his lung.  He never answered or returned my phone calls.  Finally, my step mom called me last night and said he is not doing so well.  He is having a really hard time bouncing back from his severe illness (pneumonia) and that he has heard nothing about his biopsy!  I don’t even understand how that could be.  I went to a country clinic for my biopsy and heard back within 6 days, he was at a major hospital and two weeks later… still nothing.  Weird.

This feeling started welling up inside of me as I sat blankly staring at my computer screen:  If I do not make the effort to see him now, I may not get another chance.  I just paid my rent and only have half of my car payment monies available.  I went to Frontier Airlines website and I could actually change my flight into Virginia on the 24th of Oct. to a flight into Wilmington, Delaware for only $49 plus a $75 change fee.  For a $125 and backing up my time away an extra week, I could actually spend a whole week with my dad.  I started clicking thru the changes for my flight, but when it came down to it, to paying for the difference, I just stopped.  I ran a bath.

My team started(re) schooling me on bills.  They will always be there, but not my dad.  They (my team) was not busy assuring me everything will be covered, I really feel (in retrospect) it would have taken away from the bigger lesson I was knee-deep in.  Instead, it was very much like a re-prioritizing session.  Well just fine, I will bite this bullet and change things.  I got out of the bath, went back to Frontier’s website and my flight into Virginia was now gone.  Well just shit.  I only had 20 minutes before my first appointment and my day was filled with back to back readings and from the depths of my belly, doing this NOW felt super important.  I called Frontier, I had an 11 minute wait time to speak to someone (I wasn’t even looking at the numerology with the wait time, I was watching the clock so I am not late getting to my first connection.  With 5 minutes left before my first appointment, I was about to hang up from terminal hold when the lady came on to help.  Well just shit.  Ok, get this done in five minutes (I was a few minutes late.)  My travel is now changed to October 19th with a huge 5 hour layover in Denver and an arrival that will get me to my dads house at midnight.  Who cares.

I get into my connection with the beautiful soul in Malaysia.  God bless her patience and understanding with what seems to be the chaos of my life and reading ability.  There was nothing coming in from the front yard, I got nervous.  Not another day of rescheduling, I will have a melt down.  I swiveled my chair to face the back yard… I swear, a brand new tree grew over night (literally) in my back yard.  It was her tho.

When the field and energy shifts this dynamically and you are the first one on my agenda, it takes me a little while to really understand the fullness, the significance of what is now being shown. She was this old, massive tree.  At first all I could see was the trunk, the bark of the tree.  Solid, aged to perfected wisdom.  So strong.  As I looked up the entire top was vibrantly green leaves that were so lush and so full I could not see between the leaves.  But I knew, she was an apple tree.  The strength and living embodiment of wisdom.  Her tree, her life itself, grew where the storehouse of energy was once so prominent.

Just as we were getting a handle on her visual, my cell phone rang and it was my Dad.  I had just sent him a text telling him I am coming in from the 19th thru the 24th of October.  I was not asking him, I was telling him.  So when he called so early I got worried.  I stopped the reading and took my Dad’s phone call… which ended up so weird.  He was talking, but not to me.  He kept saying I need your address, I have money to send you.  Huh?  I really started to get worried, because he never acknowledged me, instead he was on a rant about needing an address (I know he has mine already) and insisting your going to get your money (what money.)  I kept saying, Dad do you know you’re talking to Lisa, your daughter.. Dad…??  Not a single reply.  Weird.  There are many times my cell phone doesn’t allow both sides of a conversation to be heard, so I simply said I am hanging up and calling you back.  Thank god my lovely tree of wisdom understood my concern and she stopped the reading and said to call her back when I have got my situation with my dad taken care of.

I got off of skype and called him, answering machine.  Well just shit.  I had 10 minutes left before my 2nd lady, my 8 am was scheduled… this is a very chaotic morning already!!  Suddenly my dad calls me back.  Somehow, my dad got me in a three-way with a bill collector as he was trying to read the text I just sent him that was only showing a number 1.  He hit the 1 button and linked me right into his conversation with someone wanting his money.  Having just had this crazy conversation with my team in my bath, I found it strange really.  But I heard the authority coming out of my mouth to his ears, there are three bills that are vital to your well-being “rent, electric and phone” everyone else, everything else can sit on the back burner and there is nothing they can do about it.  We laughed together, got excited about our up coming time together and I felt a lot better that he was able to talk to me.

I wouldn’t recognize the communication that was coming from my first three appointments that morning and how directly they reflected my own life.

My second lady’s visuals shocked me really.  Again, with nothing coming in from the front yard, I swiveled to the back yard and instantly, I could see 15 foot wrought iron bars slamming down from above, completely encircling what I call the dividing line between in our inner and outer created reality.  If it wasn’t for the fact these bars were wrought iron, I would have instantly thought of prison bars, but they were so decorative sort of… I was actually just stunned.  I could see her in her inner field, joyfully skipping about and having fun in her own world.  She is in a place very much like me, loves her home, her landscape, her life as it is.  She has been gifted abundance that will keep her overhead flowing til January or February and therefore doesn’t desire to do anything but enjoy her moments.  ME TOO!! lol   I almost never leave my inner world landscape, except when I have to.

I could not move her beyond her inner field of life, the wrought iron fence of joy is also keeping her from the fresh ground of creation extending out of this year.  Her joy was obvious, but so was the limitations.  This was not what I was expecting from the new landscape, the new ground of creation we emerged onto.

The desire within our heart is what has been fueled into this new pristine world we are now on.  The universe has zero bias, only love of creation and gifts that abundantly to us.  Even if it is keeping us separate from the outer world of creation.

When she and I finished our connection, I was right back to my apple tree in Malaysia.  This chaotic moment in our time together was so important to be disrupted as it was.  Thanks to my understanding of the energies of my second lady, i really understood the significance of the energy of my first lady.

I could see the roots of her body, the apple tree made manifest thru her, merging, linking directly into the new earth, the new ground that is now fully alive in our reality.  It was going to take the rest of this week for the roots of her wisdom to fully connect and energize the life she is about to experience.   However, her team was also very kind to show us a little bit of what will happen… kinda, sorta.

I could see her roots firmly in the earth, the leaves parting enough for me to see the intense branches (vast lifetimes lived) and the hidden fruit (apples) behind the leaves.  I also could smell this parting of the leaves.  I remember last year, our sense of smell was becoming a very very important attribute of our spiritual capabilities.  But like so many things, they give us the heads up on one thing, they off to a completely different heads up.  And our job, as the poor over loaded human, is to remember it all!!

Her pheromone trail will start to be released thru the winds of earth, attracting those in alignment with her wisdom, with the fruit of her soul, to move into her created reality and assist in opening the full packages of wisdom hanging on the tree (those apples.)

Again, I remember the voice of spirit thru so many stating this is not a game that was ever meant to be played alone.  We just had to get to the starting line alone and in our own way.  The only full way things are going to be opened, used and made manifest, is team work.

My third lady, again in that element of surprise, opened up with such an energy of tears flowing towards me.  I could see her rubbing her eyes as we do when we cry.  Next to her, where that store house of energy once was, was a hole in the ground, but the hole itself had such intense light emanating upwards from deep down.   All I could feel from the sadness of my beautiful lady, was feeling like something was removed, lost, different and the ache that comes from that.  She acknowledged that she had those very feelings this past Sunday and Monday, but not today (Friday) and yet, it was all I could feel, sort of.

My eyes became trained on the hole in the ground, where once stood (everyone’s) store house of energy.  The light radiating upwards felt beckoning.  The tears from days ago created an opening, a deep opening to the heart of Gaia and now, she must go in deeper and bring up the nuggets of light and wisdom calling to her from down deep.  There is no other way forward than to leap into what looks like a gaping hole… as her team moved her into the potential that she would take this whole reading into meditation and go deeper than she ever did before… suddenly the ground started coming apart, changing from limited (the hole itself was about the size of a man-hole cover) expanding the energy with golden cracks in the surface to fully expand her field of life forward.

All I could really feel was the mantle of responsibility for all of us has just went into over drive.  In a way, we are not being let loose on this new earth until we full see, feel, embrace the new light of the land and our responsibility within it all.

We are no longer being asked to leap first, figure it out later, we are being demanded to do it that way.  To feel and participate with the energy we have released from our store house and create and move forward in brand new ways.

There is so much more to this story, but once again, my day is already underway and I am not all that good at multi tasking the new readings and the sharings from yesterday.  So on that note, we will continue to story…. tomorrow!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wide eyes wonder and worlds of wonder to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  3. Wow.
    I have been reading your messages for a while, and for the first time this one resonated on a personal level. Looking forward to hearing more.


  4. Hi Li li, so glad you got your trip to your dad sorted and you were able to connect with him! Feeling that deep intuition…jumping on it and creating, knowing that all will be worked out–so powerful!

    huge hugs to you and continuing to dance forward into the great unknown with total trust! Love alex.


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