Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 26, 2013

The New, The Wild, The Energy! Phew!


Holy Moly man!!  (Yes, new times NEED new exclamation phrases!! smile.)  I must have put myself into a night school session at the last-minute (I must also procrastinate while I am out-of-body too!) to study up on the brand new language of Light that was going to be presented all damm day yesterday.  I woke up exhausted even tho I actually slept all night long.  I was so flipping tired I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to be able to see at all, but I also came to find, there was a miraculous, energetic wind that came thru with each connection that was kinda like taking a hit of speed that wore off as soon as the connection ended.  I was so grateful for that!  But the imagery coming thru every reading, so brand new, even the light energy coming thru, that triggers the “feeling” of understanding, was way over my head new.  I must have been busy flirting in night school instead of paying attention to the language of light teacher!  Dammit!

My first lady on the field, celebrating the first day of her personal New Year broke up the brand new energies with her strange symbology.  Two really large (had to be at least 15-20 feet tall) came in at her center and stretched from east to west in fullness.  Each of these walls of energy were curved at the top, had very particular sections to it that seemed to be held together by golden rope energy, and the light infused color within each section changed as we talked.  There was a wall of this energy on the left and right side and all I could think of was the flipping rib bones from The Flintstones:



These two solid feeling energies were moving together to become one large energy and as they moved together, I could feel the earth itself move and shake.  I even told her, it felt like when two tectonic plates start moving and an earthquake happens, I felt the vibration within me.  When I spun my chair around, hoping the backyard view (what it is doing in her created reality) would give us a clearer understanding of what this meant to her, but hell no, it just got a bit stranger.  I could, again, feel the eruption from inside the earth as her two rib bone energies meshed together to become one large energy, again with this solid aspect to it, and then there she is, emerging out of the solid center of this conglomeration of new, infused energy.  I could see her from the chest up, her using her arms and hands to pull herself out of this energy wedge, biologically changed, enhanced, infused, but she was still going thru this… I don’t even know if transformation is the correct word any longer… and that is where her reading left off.  She was going to kick off a day that had me repeating: I have no idea what that means!  Which really sux when it is my job to know what that means!!  Grrrrr

Later in the day, a wonderful soul let me know via facebook that two major earthquakes had just taken place, one in Pakistan on the 24th and then one yesterday in Peru.  As soon as I seen the word Peru, I knew, the earthquake I felt in her reading and the one that actually happened several hours after her reading, were connected.  Talk about the butterfly effect!!  There is a lot of ancient wisdom deep in the soil of Peru that, thru earthquakes and floods, coming up to the surface to be used in its original purity.  Yabba dabba do??

Speaking of butterfly’s, well, ok angel wings, but kinda the same, flapping happens (grin.)  I am telling you, a bizzaro day… The first thing I see with her is this huge flapping happening in her upper atmosphere of the front yard (incoming energy) as I shift my vision upwards, there are these two really huge angel wings, solid gold in feel, flapping, one could say gently, but the down draft moving into her field was far from gentle.  I could feel the pressure from the download of energy.  It was almost strange that these solid gold wings could even flap and I could even see there flexibility in the middle as they moved up and down.  As I pulled back my vision to see her entire field, hoping to give us a clue as to what the hell this means to her, it got even stranger.  Golden balls, the size of ping-pong balls, out in her left and right sides of her inner energy field.  They were moving and floating up and down like something you would see when the lottery is about to draw, but they were contained in those two areas.  I realized that due to the down draft of these flapping angel wings, her golden balls were being kept out of her center, for now.  I was completely lost for understanding, so, hoping the backyard view would fill in the blanks of my understanding… ohhh hell no.  Instead it was more like a snapshot of her inner field still undergoing… sheez… flapping wing change??  I could see, as if a statue in her field, her, her husband and two small children, all butted together, shoulder to shoulder (well, in her kids case, shoulder to leg) and encased in this gold energy.  Like I said, statue.  All four of them taken off their center path towards the border of inner and outer life (of course, they all just moved out of their old life and decided to become organic farmers, none having farmer experience in this new life-scape of theirs.)

One strange and exciting thing that has been happening to me the last several days, I must have developed a second eye in the back of my head.  I can now see the front yard and back yard at the same time, without overlap or confusion.  Talk about the term “growing eyes in the back of your head.”  lol

Anyway…  I am looking at her golden image/statue of their family and trying like hell to figure out what it means to her, when suddenly, her team placed a bunch of banana’s in my face.  I get that!!  lol  A true soul group!  A binding of the soul group energy, wisdom, application happening in the here and now thru them.  She is the first person in any readings I can remember in a very long time, where she was not all by herself in the back yard (her created reality.)

So now I am looking at her golden statue of a family in the backyard and equally seeing the entire landscape of her front yard… kinda strange and very kewl.  We were still trying to figure out those golden balls of hers and the closest her team would come to explanation was “seeds of energy.”

Spirit knew very well what it was doing when it pushed me into putting the four for two package together… it would take all four sessions for it to make sense on our side of the veil!!

The one thing that was not lacking at all, was the crystal clarity of vision.  It almost felt like my vision was on steroids.  The depth, the texture, the energy… wow weezers!  Another one of the readings I want to share from yesterday is this precious man who just woke up into this wacky and wild reality of spirit back in March.  This March.  This man musta came with his Nike’s on!  After our connection last week, and some instruction from his team that he not only applied, but fully transmuted an old energy that no longer served him (in relation to sexual relations) holy wonderment batman!  He opened up in the front yard with this massive spiral of energy that reminded me more of a cork screw… from the top of his reading to the depth of his heart center, this spiral was spiraling.  A golden spiral and like my first lady of the day, this color spectrum in between the golden spiral that kept changing hue as we talked.  Then… if that wasn’t enough, i watched as his team showed their hands at the top of his spiral and started placing deeper colored energy into the center of his spiral.  These deeper colored energy’s I recognized as bits and pieces of his mastery from other lifetimes being infused in his massive infusion.

When i turned around to see what it was doing to his created reality, holy cow, talk about a massive construction zone!!  It felt like his whole life is being completely reconstructed and I could only see faint hints of the color spectrum laid out in his life, most of his back yard view was literally “under construction.”  But with the construction of his entire inner life field… change is gonna come from every direction!!  His team, at this moment, wouldn’t even come close to giving him a heads up on where or what.  Pesky spirit!!

The last one I want to share today, served to be one of my biggest mirrors of the day.  She was number 4 of 6 connections schedule for the day (I really have to stop doing so many in one day!!)  and I about cried when I connected to her and got… nothing.  I hopped over to my backyard chair… nuttin.  I hopped back over to my swivel front yard chair… shit, this cannot be me.  I just came out of a reading and I could see.  So instead, we talked.  Just as a note, my golden ball lady was after her, so it truly was her “void” and not mine, phew!

If I can take the phrases “I am exactly where I need to be.”  “Everything is working out the way it should” and just jump on them until they are dust… I would be so flipping happy.  So often, we miss huge things due to “la la phrases.”  When spirit moves heaven and earth to create an encounter, take advantage of the moment!!  Otherwise, the moment closes up and we miss tremendous opportunities.  We miss laying down the new energy field of life because it took us out of our comfort zone.  When spirit backs anything up with dreams that are unmistakable communications… LIVE IT!!

My lady had years of both, consistently, in the same realm of needed (from the soul realm) experience in the earth field.  She even knew how important each dream experience was and went as far as telling the other person in the dream, about the dream.  But neither acted on the information beyond smiling.  Which kicked up many of my own memories.

If I can share my own experiences by first emphasizing that we (the human incarnate) are completely and absolutely responsible for anything that is or is not in our lives.

Back before I started this path, I allowed a man I wasn’t even sure I like, to move in to my home with me and my two children (long story, doesn’t matter to make this point.)  I really didn’t want him living with us, I sure didn’t want him as a boyfriend at all, but my super blocked throat chakra lost its ability to just say no in childhood.  He moved in.  Shortly there after, I had a repetitive dream.  This dream came every night for a solid week.  The speaker of my dream was my (literal) doctor that I had a massive crush on.  In seven different ways, the doc of my dreams kept telling me, showing me that I need to remove this man now living with us from our world, that if I didn’t our world was going to be destroyed.

I didn’t listen at all.  Not even 6 months later, this man brought our world to its knee’s a complete destruction that did not have to happen, was not in my nor my children’s life plan to happen, but I didn’t listen to the intensity and repetitiveness of that series of dreams.  This man was simply there to give me the chance to say no, if not for myself then for my kids.  I took the easy road and said yes when inside I was screaming NO and even in my dream time my whole team was screaming NO, not needed, don’t go there.

Let’s take responsibility and change “I am exactly where I need to be” and move it to “I am exactly where I placed myself to be.”

Now, lets fast forward in my living example of what not to do… My beautiful mentor Marc.  God, I demanded, meditation after meditation for this man living down under to get his body into my world.  A year and a half into my demands, it was completely provided.  He was now in my created world for 5 potentially glorious days.  Of course, I really wanted him there for the “flesh and bones” sexual encounter.  For the past year and a half, his soul energy had rocked my body from one galaxy to the next and all i wanted was to have his human body in mine!!  My team assured me… the day would come.  And when it did… I freakin froze up.  But our teams, they did all they could to make it happen.

About a week before he arrived in my world of Virginia Beach, the radiator blew on my car (talk about my own heated emotions of expectancy) so my car was not a reliable source to show him the town.  We were grounded.  My daughter immediately gave up her bed (we lived in am efficiency hotel back then) so his body was now sleeping 5 feet from mine and she was in the other room.  I coulda…. but didn’t.  Then suddenly, my daughters mother invited my daughter to a mid-week sleep over for several days… how absolutely strange.  It was a school week, fortunately our daughters went to the same school, of course I said yes.

Marc and I both acknowledged the divine conspiracy to get us alone, keep us alone and fully with each other.  But neither of us went beyond a million hugs.

The universe can move and WILL move heaven and earth to create openings of desire, exchange, new energy and experiences, but if we never do anything other than smile… well, that is on us.  It is not happening exactly as it supposed to, it is happening exactly as we allow it.  VERY DIFFERENT!!

WE MUST take full responsibility for what we choose not to do.  I can only read incoming energy and outgoing energy… it is up to you to create each.

You must punch a hole into your old reality to allow the new to flow to you, but equally, it is on you to apply the new to your world as well, otherwise we become complacent, better yet… spiritual complacency.

Hell I did exactly that this week, spiritual complacency.  I am so comfortable in my world, in my expectations of my world, I laid down the mantle of my own creation abilities and then got pissed because nothing was happening in my world that i needed to happen.

I did something this month that I just never do, I purchased tickets to Virginia to be with my kids and grandson over Halloween during a time I NEVER spend money because I am accumulating rent and car payment money.  But I did it anyway because I trusted.  Then got complacent in it all and never energized the $300 deficit get covered.  So here I am yesterday, 3 days out from writing my rent check and in a $300 deficit of rent.  Well piss me off will ya!!  (of course, I do love to give the universe the blame for not taking care of me, silly human.)  I was mulling everything over and finally popped up off my couch and yelled, not with anger, but deep inner conviction “WILL YOU FREAKIN HELP ME ALREADY.”

Holy shit batman, within 30 minutes I get a call from my bank, a $118 money order that was lost in the mail for the last 2 weeks suddenly was found and deposited.  At the same time, a package was purchased (thank you so much Maureen for hearing me) and now, in an instant created by ME, rent is covered.  Phew.

I just have to share as well, the money order was from my lady number four in the void.  Even that says something profound!!

Complacent expectancy does not work, trust me on that!!  We can get to comfortable in our comfortableness.  Energy and action MUST equal each other.  One without the other is void.

I love you all soul freakin much.  Thank you for Being!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of grand adventures and yabba dabba do times!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  4. Hey Li li! I have to giggle when you, just like ME relearn lessons we already thought we knew! What is interesting though I remember you once saying something about protection when entering into meditation–and you said along the lines of ask for it once and spirit will always cover it, you don’t need to ask again–is there a way for you to ask for your needs to be MET and met consistently? or are you simply drifting back into a different energy around money again and again and having to bring yourself back so your attraction point is changing? Just some things that came up for me when reading that part of your message…

    As for the rest–Wings of change…golden karma coins and shakin our booties….what could be better! I also like the rephrasing of everything happens as it should WITH MY HELP! 😉

    huge hugs! alex


    • Hi Alex (((HUGZ)))

      Yes, just like my team saying ask once, we are always there… but the moment you turn to fear/worry, you let a sort of hole open up in your field that allows energy to leak out, or escape or in meditations place… things in. I did something I never do, two big spends this month. After my first half of the month bills were paid, I paid off my TV. That would normally have been the end of my spending til next month… until my son called and told me I had to come for Halloween, I bit the big bullet and bought air fair at the same time I always starts saving for my rent and car payment. I put myself into worry, took myself out of my own empowered state of trust and man oh man did the well dry up fast. Until the very moment I sealed that flippin hole up. Old habits die hard, but the beauty is… old habits are indeed dying, I am hearing the death rattle as I type!! 😀

      Absolutely… WITH MY HELP indeed!!

      I love ya girlfriend and smile at all of your sharings here. Thank you for being You!!



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