Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 25, 2013

The Winds of Change Blowing into a New Landscape As We Breach October!!


Finally!  We are laying tracks that are becoming visible beyond September.  I thought the change over, the sheer intensity that was last November and December was huge, I really feel that even that energy at the end of 2012, was gearing up for this grand finale of change out between the solstice and equinox of 2013.  Of course, we have been in a year of choice, a year of application and most certainly, a year of coming out of the spiritual closet.  In doing so, we created a new elixir of Life, a new semi-solid pathway of life, of experience of spirit living out loud in Life, thru You.

I have been really paying attention to the energies coming in from that crazy mirror image that is my front yard.  Intense flows of energy coming in from our future, from our past (that harvested energy,) from above, and thru the winds of the East (new energy.)  Some people, are getting hit from every direction, some just one or two of the directions/energies available, no matter what tho, all of it is affecting what I call your inner life field.  Your immediate created life (friends, family, immediate environment, electronics and automobiles, the people and things closest to you in your life.)  This is huge really, because your spiritual field is having a much larger effect than ever before.  The children, even tho they have come in with a higher vibration of light than any of us ever did before, their nervous system is still developing and so the assimilation of purer energy is pinging them off the walls, creating melt downs, purging any karmic debris they may have come in with.  Double this with the fact that the incoming energy is filled with a pure divine masculine element, our male species are going thru a rapid change within their biology and consciousness.

I am seeing this incoming energy really affect the lower chakras of our men.  The target area seems to be concentrated from solar plexus to root chakra (which takes it from the lower rib cage to the toes.  I am seeing two major things happening in our men, issues with the prostate as well as kidney/bladder issues.  The fluids/flow of life.  The divine feminine within mixing with the divine masculine, spark of life (creator energy) within men.

Of course, we women are being buzzed in our hormones too.  Our monthly cycles have become so unpredictable for many of us as we release the old way of being in life.

What a time to be alive!! lol

There were a few connections yesterday that really set my soul aflame with all this intense changing we are going thru.  I had one lady (a virgin on my field) who seems to have massive chunks of energy falling down from above, maybe spirits version of large hail energy, because it felt both solid and liquid at the same time, but mistakenly huge, like the size of a soccer ball, but not one piece was circular, instead they looked like rocks all individually shaped.  With these incoming chunks of Light came the feeling of sudden epiphanies, understandings, inspirations, etc, all directly over her center heart (or what looks more and more consistently as the eye of the hurricane.)

What I am realizing with her this morning (well, everyone really, she is the catalyst to my early morning understandings tho) the placement of the “core” energy is telling a bigger story I didn’t get til now (sorry.)  Those folks whose energy is over the center heart area are the ones I can actually see in the back yard, others still very much assimilating the influx of embedding energy, leaving the back yard in a sort of “black out” for now (as it assimilates and you start to put it into use in life.)  This precious lady, as I turned around to see what her incoming energy was creating in her actual life (back yard) OMG my eyes lit up like a christmas tree!!  A brand spanking new, all glowing to the hilt, Tree of Life.  Her tree of life was going this golden amber color (ancient wisdom coupled with intense spiritual magnetic’s) and was directly in the place I call the center heart.  What was very interesting was I could only see half of the tree and it was the half that was aligned to her physical life side.  Even the energy that was already forming her opportunities in October (which we were able to see October opening up for her!!) were all aligned on the left side, physical life side.  That intense glow of light, the highly charged tree of life in her heart, is already attracting all she needs to garner the experiences of the chunks of energy from the front yard.  Here is where application is crucial (well, depending on what you want your experiences to be,) if we get inspired and it goes nowhere in your field of life, well then… but if you act on the inspiration, follow it thru to completion, then you have released a massive magnetic field of wonder in your life.  With this particular lady, she suddenly was inspired to quite her job without knowing what she was going to really do next and trust that it will be provided/revealed to her.  Then she was inspired to become a life coach, and she is laying the ground work for that very thing and October is going to shower her with all the doors of opportunity to understand more fully what she will be doing, how and with whom.

I was so flipping excited to see any aspects of October come thru, a first real glimpse of what is possible for our particular life paths, when suddenly November broke open into our view.  Holy cow batman!!  This seeing one day at a time is great, but let’s get back to well, more of the story!!

When her November opened up, the ground was the most intense orange I had ever seen.  I was too busy being so flipping excited, celebrating her opportunities coming up to look more deeply at the orange ground of November… at least until now.

This whole year, the ground beneath our evolving feet has been red, the new earth itself.  We have been adjusting to her new intense frequency, clearing out old memories, old energies and walking forward, filled with semi-blind trust (the semi is my own reflecting there lol) and is now settled and alive.  We, the spiritual humans, consciously co-creating with life have stepped up our own relationships with this new earth and now the ground beneath has changed.  The orange represents our sacral chakra, our sense of Self in this new world.  Our ability to create the life our soul desires.  It is a brand new vibration we have set in motion, together, with our application of wisdom, of love, of unity.

This is HUGE and super exciting!!

But I do want to throw out a word of caution, marked by my 6th and final connection yesterday.  When I seen her incoming energy from the front yard, I was so surprised and even wondered if my exhausted antenna wasn’t seeing so clearly.  It was black rain.  Granted, this whole reading the front yard is new, only a couple of weeks in the works, but until this precious soul appeared yesterday, everything was Light filled, nothing black at all in the front yard.  As soon as I started to question myself, her team assured me, I was seeing correctly.  She is not seeing the truth of what is surrounding her.  All this black rain was coming in directly over her heart center so I turned my chair around to see what was happening in the back yard… holy flipping cow batman.  It felt much like she was shot thru a canon and skidded, face down into her future.  Her face (self-identity) being torn up in the process and forcing her out of her comfort zone (center path.)


Not only did she understand this, but it came thru almost exactly how it happened.  Talking to her husband, desperately wanting him to care about her during a storm the day before and even more surprising to my ears was hearing her team say quite sternly “he doesn’t care.”  it is done, has been done.  However, they did let her know immediately that it is purposeful that he takes on the energy of not caring now, but on the other side of the veil, he loves her so much.  But for them to both progress in this life, it is (past time) for this union to be done.

What tickled me too, she had a dream a couple of nights ago that revealed exactly that… how much fun they were having in another place not of this earth.

Her team said something to her that is so fitting for so many people.  She was asking about launching a new business, getting that side of things lined up before they make anything final in their life.  Her team said “You cannot launch into the new when you haven’t cleaned up the present.”

Ohhhh, one more epiphany before I close.  The cement rollers…. I now get them (like I have said, I can be slow on the uptake a lot!!)  When we have so many energies combining (storehouse wisdom, future wisdom, soul wisdom, earth wisdom) we need something that meshes it all together into a new congealed form.  Hence, the vision of the cement rollers “smoothing it all out” as it is spread into our current reality.

Holy Heaven Batman, this is getting super exciting!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of clear energy and massive opportunities!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Thanks Lisa as ever… so helpful and reassuring 😀 love you loadssss ❤ I am hoping to arrange an appointment with you for October all going well so hopefully speak soon!!! xxx


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  4. Hi Li li, It’s funny because I always try and read your blogs on the day they occur, but sometimes I am pushed off course and it is interesting to me that when that happens it’s because I am mean to read both or more of your blogs in a continuation. So much builds on the next and refers back to the last! Awesome!

    One note that came up for me in the color of the new earth being orange-i did feel it was sacral and self but also sacral is passion and emotion and in your sharing yesterday about manifesting things we desired (the white horse etc.) the energy of passion must be added to intention and the way to that is of course through the emotion of JOY….follow the joy and the flowers on our trees of life BLOOM!

    Beautiful! 🙂 huggles pJ sister! Alex


  5. Ack Li li,! I just realized I didn’t even share what I wanted to above and had to come back in because I have been thinking about it–The female stuff-i am on my third moon of the month and I have been sending love to my womb and thanking it for its service and also realizing as it goes to sleep and to rest that the creative energies of this center can be transferred to my heart center…it feels so beautiful and I feel so blessed to be going through this transition at this time with deep gratitude!

    Also, my two daughters and future son in law have been very interested in speaking about the shifting energies and their perspectives and mine and what amazes me is that with very little explanation they are grasping whole concepts and applying them to their lives with great results…I would say that the habit of being addicted to drama (can you say reality TV) lol sometimes keeps them out of full application of their power, but once they get through that holding point, the sky and beyond will have NO limit for them and they give me such GREAT joy and faith in our future! Like your little grand baby–just imagine what wonders he will create! 🙂

    Ok…that was it 🙂 love you! Alex


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