Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 24, 2013

Twisted Realities!


What an incredibly powerful/reflective day the equinox was in my crazy world.  Holy cow batman!!  Most of the connections started well before the phone call was placed and blew my hair back thru every one!  But it would really take me thru this morning to realize just how profound every thing was on the 22nd (and forward.)  I will get to the contents of the some of the readings in a minute.

The close of Equinox day was going to show itself as the most bizarre day of my entire journey.  Hey, I live and love knee-deep in the “strange, weird and bizarre” (from an outsiders view anywayz) and would have it no other way, but sometimes, spirit really can take things over the top!!

By mid-afternoon I was getting sever thunderstorm warnings on my phone like rapid fire bullets.  Someone really oughtta tell Accuweather that one, maybe two alerts are as efficient as 15 in a row, maybe they are bored there or really scared.  Who knows.  Anyway, the first cell of these storms rolled over the Jemez.  The thunder was extraordinary.  No just single booms, but rolling thunder that last like 10-15 minutes.  For a while I was thinking that maybe the big guy upstairs had his finger stuck on the sound effects button, I have never heard thunder roll so long and consistently before.

Then the sky just opened up, hail the size of jelly beans, sheets of rain, hurricane force winds, and plenty of thunder, but no lightning with this cell moving over.  I so love a good intense storm.  It lasted a little while, then the sun broke out and an on and off drizzle ensued.

I have been waiting all week for this day, not because it was the equinox, but because it was the grand finale of my favorite psychopath, Dexter.  I have not been watching him all 8 seasons, but I did start my binge of Dexter intake when I was in Pennsylvania and was caught up just in time for season 8 to start.  I really loved the journey of Dexter, going from void of all human emotion (it really does make life easier) to filling out in so many areas within himself and his life emotionally, but never releasing his dark side, which was consuming… ummm…. killing the light in his life.  He is such a great role model for the spiritual experiment (smile) especially the saying “LET THAT GO!!!!”

Like so many people I have connected to over this last decade, he really great at justifying his dark side while desperately seeking the light.  The energies, when holding both, really do bring on the storms in our lives.

I always record every episode of Dexter and since Breaking Bad airs at the same time, I record that too and watch it after Dexter.  Walt (from Breaking Bad) went the opposite way of Dexter.  He started out a really good (light) guy and became consumed by the dark, triggered of course, by fear (cancer and death.)  Even when Walt tries to bring back the fading vestiges of his goodness, it is so overshadowed by his dark, that harm is the only thing that it leaves in its wake.

And so here we are, in this profound and for some, life shattering and life enhancing month of September.  True endings everywhere.

I was all snuggled up on my couch, watching the twist I never seen coming of Dexter, as he rides out into the Hurricane to bury the last of his victims and the one true person who loved him unconditionally in that expanding watery grave.  In Dexter’s near horizon as we are 40 minutes into the grande finale, the sky is absolutely dark, thunder, lightning and the hurricane looms.  He must have been facing his boat towards my world, because at that same exact ocean time in his series started, so did the intense lightning, thunder, raging winds and rain began in mine.  Just as Dexter was standing steering his boat into the storm, alone… the electricity went out in mine.  Man!!  What a worse moment in time for that crazy lightning to turn off my lights.  It also stopped the satellite dish from recording too.  Dammit!!  The cliff hanger of life is surrounding me!!  Just… Holy shit, that sucked.

By the time the lights turned back on and my satellite reset, Dexter was over, Breaking Bad was over and I missed the ending of both.  At least until they aired again an hour or so later.  I did get a full recording and full view of both shows at the later time slots.  Just so ya know (smile.)

I wouldn’t get the point of all this until the next morning (yesterday) because I was too busy being pissed off by the sudden outage of everything!!

By the time I finally went to sleep (of course I kept myself awake to watch both shows conclusions, (even tho we have one more left of Breaking Bad,)  my jaw was still hanging open from the Dexter finish.  I sure as hell didn’t see THAT coming!  How do you drive a tiny little boat into an intense hurricane and come out in (I would later find out in Dexter reviews) Oregon??

Whatever portal Dexter when thru that evening, so did I!!  I couldn’t sleep a solid hour thru the night.  The storm itself had passed, but yet, something woke up at least every hour. I had the hardest time orienting myself to time itself.  Did I just fall asleep?  Did I sleep at all?  Where am I?  Who am I?  At one point I wasn’t even sure if I was a male in my bed or a female in my bed, and checking to find out, didn’t provide any “solid” answers.  Whatever I was leaning towards, I felt (grin.)

I am absolutely sure tho, those two cement rollers I had seen in a reading in Scotland, found the portal to New Mexico, namely, my flipping bedroom.  When I finally drug myself out of bed yesterday, my head was rockin’ a massive headache and my body felt like it had been slammed on every choppy wave.  Even hearing the gentle sounds of my keys on my laptop hurt like hell.  Reading was not even an option, I tried the first one of the day and the light hurt more than I could handle.

I tried to find my center and bring it back to myself, at least get some readings done.  I took a bath.  Not wise at all.  Trying to open to meditation was like getting brain surgery.  The only thing my team would utter was “you’re in the new.”  If this is the new, you can take it right back and gimmie the old, thank you very much.

I sat here, staring at my computer and remember the evenings events all over again.  Dexter was heading into the hurricane as the lightning from his (non-real-world penetrated mine and took out my electricity.  What bizarre timing.  Spirit is really really good at making a point.  My (our) challenge is… getting the flipping point.

I have been putting of food shopping for close to a week.  I am out of so many basic supplies that I was left with little choice than to drag this spent body to town and refill my cupboards.  The ride out of the Pueblo was just flipping strange too.  My mind thought back to the first reading of the day, Her images appeared before our connection actually happened.  This beautiful white stallion, reared up just feet from my front door, he had a beautiful blond mane to him and his energy intensified as I connected via skype to my lovely lady in Italy for her reading.

Don’t ya know that as I was remembering this amazing horse, suddenly a movement caught my eye off the road and it was a flipping white horse making itself known to my field of vision.  I have driven thru the Pueblo a million times now, and have seen horses a lot, but never a white horse, until yesterday as I was remembering my lady’s white horse.  If that wasn’t enough to run me out of my lane, the next thing that caught my attention was a HUGE moth sitting on the passenger side window, the same side that horse made sure I seen it was on.

I frantically rolled my windows down, which is kinda crazy because what does that moth… that really had no way of being inside of my car, but was… do, it flew straight into my face.  Shit!!  Before I even knew it, I was in the wrong lane on the road (thank god there was no on coming traffic) and that moth was suddenly, nowhere to be seen.

What the hell???

My team showed me how this crazy new energy is already working.  Think it, with pure emotion behind the thought, and it is there.  Ok I can understand that in relationship to the horse, that is kinda kewl… but I didn’t even have the thought of the flipping moth at all.

Creation is not a one sided event. It is a conversation.  The horse itself, was a co-creative process between my emotional field and the horses emotional field.  The moth was the messenger of the experience.  Of course, going to my handy-dandy favorite online totem site (click her to go there too) I am reminded of the energy of the moth:


Moth teaches sensitivity to touch, smell, taste, intuition and physical/spiritual awareness, along with heightening sound and vibrations in this world and in others. Moth aids in the metamorphosis of your being. Which stage are you currently in; egg, larva, chrysalis or flight? Moth will help in each transition and show how to adapt to the new surroundings. He will teach you to find your own light as a beacon in the direction you should go. It is time to pay attention to your feelings to clarify your movement and discern what is real and not. Are you listening carefully to verbal and non-verbal cues,to what is and is not being said? Are you sensing the world around you? or sensing too much? Moth will teach how to be still, rest and listen and balance your being. In finding your own light clarity in the moment of darkness will be found and your sensitivity to Spirit increases.

What stage am I in?  The driving off the road stage!! lol

On my long journey into town, my team also showed us how creation is happening around us.  The mind itself is a very important and very powerful aspect of what is happening.  The element of “belief” springs from the mind itself.    If we believe it is possible, it is and instantly possible.  If there is an inkling of doubt, then that is what is produced (which in the moment is nothing.)  My mind truly believes that it is possible to have a white horse suddenly show up in my created reality, and so it did.  However, on the other side of belief is what we are not quite accepting to be true.  My first thought went to my usual place… money.  I realized quite clearly, my mind does not truly believe an influx of money is possible (be it in a lottery win, just finding one of Walt’s barrels on the side of the road, etc) so therefore, my beautiful, loving team must create the energy of, well, shortages of money to push me elsewhere, to attempt to suspend my belief that there is any shortage of anything at all… most days, I can hold there and it is true.  Other days… well, I am still a work in progress!!

There is still so much to share, however, I woke up late, again and am trying to share in-between my schedule and I need to cap my energy outflow to the last 3 souls on my field of heaven today.

So until tomorrow… Welcome to the new!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of wild-eyed wonder and a bounty of love made manifest to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

OCTOBER SPECIAL now available on my reading page.  I LOVE YOU!!! ❤




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  4. My friend and I were at the beach, talking about how it is getting harder to find joy, esp getting older.

    The words were still coming out of our mouths when a beautiful butterfly almost flew in our faces, seeming to say “Take that!”



  5. LOL Li li I can just SEE you all pissed at the interruption of your TV shows because that happened to me the other night! Someone had sent me a movie called Fracture with Anthony Hopkins (you would LOVE it!) and the last scene where you find out what is going on the dvd started to pixilate! The scene froze and then I was pissed. i took the movie out, wiped the disk and put it back in–nothing…I then took a deep breath, did it again, told it to WORK and voila! Perfect! So intention is important eh? LOL and belief? eh? LOL yeah!!!! and if you don’t get the results you want, simply do it again and this time with feeling! 🙂

    Wondered why I had so many moths in my house! Now I will honor them instead of being pissed off at their presence in my parrot food! 🙂

    Huge hugs to you! Blessed sister! Alex


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