Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 9, 2013

The Living Wisdom of You.

tree of wisdom

We are at such a pivotal point in our lives.  The culmination of all the lives we have lived getting to this collective point in the ongoing story of earth.  Of the spiritual human on earth.  As we breathe and exhale, we are now setting up a brand new collective of energy that has never ever excited before.  The convergence point.  East meet West.  Above and Below as One.

I should have known there was something bigger being represented by my (forced) change in reading habits.  Even as the dust and activity settled in the backyard yesterday, I could only read from the front yard thru the entirety of my day.  That alone told me, this was much bigger than an inconvenient and temporary detour.

My first lady on the field yesterday, really gave us all something to ponder and be very very aware of.

At 8am I still had a huge debris pile just out my back door.  Rotting wood, rotting cactus parts and stuff, just laying there being still and visible.  I was still being forced to read out my front door, dammit.  There she was, standing in her East field of new energy, new beginnings, colors radiating all over the ground, an intense magnetically charged gold rope looking thingie moving like a snake on the ground forming her future.  Giving the spark of life needed to form her experiences as we move on the other side of this profound equinox.

That was exciting, until I watched as she reached backwards to her south field and started pulling the rotting wood from that now expired energy field into her new beginnings.  Now, she had rotting things that should be allowed to decay and return back to earth so the energy can be made anew.  Let me tell ya, the rotting wood is not fertilizer!!  Instead, it merges intensely with the new energy to bring what we are not letting go of so intensely into our face that we will be at ongoing choice points thru the rest of the year to finally let that go!!  Especially, when it is long-term relationship(s).  The conflicted growing field of life would have to lean towards to laws of karmic entanglement.

The great news is, we still have a couple of weeks left to release our south garden.  Fully.

But lets really understand the symbology at hand.  The west field, harvested and stored energy/skills/wisdom/etc..  We have lived many many life times getting to this crucial point in earths story.  We lived in Lemuria, Atlantis, as Cave men/women.  We were the guardians without biological form assisting the emerging life forms into created matter.  We were there to assist gaia into form, collecting all the stellar debris and focusing its direction into this gravitational axis.  Those consciously arriving at this crucial point, are not new to the game of life.

All this wisdom, all these memories are stored in what I call the storehouse or energy silo of the West garden of your field of life, awaiting the perfect time for release into your consciousness.  Awaiting the time when you have cleared enough debris to allow for the new, which is not new at all.  It is our ancient wisdom, it is our ancient mastery and knowing of this particular plane of creation.  But it will only be released when you (we) have fully released all that got us to Here.

The East garden, new life emerging.  New experiences coming into creation.  We have already played out the exhausting old story of power and dominance and this East garden in this new collective has zero energy to recreate the same story.  It is also a garden that demands to be seen.  No more hiding in our closet.  Application and use of the energy that is being released to us from our west garden MUST be shown and reflected in the entanglement of our east garden.  The two have become one dynamic field of growth and opportunity.

My second lady of the day really brought that understanding home for us.  She was the only one I have seen so far that is standing in her deep center.  The fluid energy of her heart field.  Her imagery was so strange, so new….  there she was, holding her right hand straight above her head and i could feel the celebration, the excitement running thru her as I also realized she was hold a lug wrench straight up too.

lug wrench


The only difference from her lug wrench and the one I put as a visual, was there were two flat head screw driver parts and two of the open parts.  Of course, all I could think about is changing tires lol, but I couldn’t get that hit of energy that runs thru me when I have interpreted something correctly.  Gotta love spirit and their crazy visuals/symbology.  The one thing I was sure of, she had the tool needed in her hand.

As she talked and told me about how many downloads and uploads she has been having this past week or so, suddenly and completely out of the blue, it hit me.  The two open parts are representing the divine Feminine.  The two closed parts (that remind me of a screw driver) is the divine masculine.  She was holding the masculine side in her hand, the open part directly upwards, with an open part facing me (I have been sitting in the area where west and east are now one.)  She has not only formed a perfect union of masculine and feminine within her life field, she now possesses the tool for use.  And let me tell you, the word USE was amplified.

It is no longer enough to just understand things, WE MUST USE the wisdom in application, giving full birth to the Tree of Life.  Wisdom can rot if not shared/lived.  Think about the uneaten apples on a tree.  They don’t sit there fresh as a daisy for all eternity, when you cease to eat the fruit of your life, it goes back to whence it came.

With my last lady of the day, everything just seemed to fall into a greater place of understanding.  At this moment we are multitasking big time.  Clearing out our minds and harnessing all the new, all at once.  All of which are seeding the big pool of energy I now understand as our new collective that I see on the other side of the equinox.  A pool where our wisdom, skills and abilities are shared openly with any one who is tapped into that pool of energy.  Our strength is there too.  We are becoming a unified whole without separation.

A convergence point like none other in history.

I think I see it more like a way station.  A massive choice point held by each other, shared within each other of loving support, mastery of the earth realm.  As we choose to use it, apply it consistently in our Life, as a way of Life, we take a new huge leap at the end of this year.


I have been seeing this new year as a blended vibrational field of silver and gold (earth and spirit) that will amplify the story of Love out loud in every sector of creation.  I don’t know what it really means to us yet, but like everything spirit… all will be revealed in our right time.

THIS is getting soooo flipping exciting!!  What is flowing in our front doors is being rooted in our backyards (metaphorically speaking, of course.)  And now, I have a whole new vantage point to read/understand from.  YAY!!??

I love you All SOUL Much!!  Your Light enriches every sector of my Life.  Thank you so much for being so brave, so courageous and so dammed determined!!

Lisa Gawlas







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  3. Hi Li li! I adore how many times your messages are so perfect for me. Today especially the pulling of old “rotting” material in the sphere of creative focus. You see, I feel its official…lol I am in menopause, having my second moon in a matter of a week. At 50 certainly this is a natural progression of things but there is so much buildup in society about this point in a woman’s life where she can no longer create life–i was feeling on those things and yes, feeling sad that this point of my life is no longer going to be a possibility and then it hit me and Is said out loud. I am intending to have a short and successful menopause and become a wisdom woman! I am celebrating this shift, knowing FULL well that I continue to create at any level I choose! Oh the feeling it empowered was wonderful and so, I shed this aspect of myself with great gratitude and blessing and move forth into the new as a fully realized being! Thanks so much for the confirmation that moving forward and embracing the new while honoring but releasing the old is the KEY! HUGE hugs to you my dear sister Li li and thanks for all you share with us! 🙂 Alex


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  5. I really like what you have written here. the idea of using the wisdom in an applied way tallies what I am experiencing too.


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