Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 5, 2013

Dream Weavers and the New Web of Creation.

web of creation

Now to continue on from Tuesdays sharing.  If you have not read it, you can click here to go there first.  I didn’t mean to skip a day, but my morning yesterday was akin to scrambled eggs.  I suppose tho, I needed that day not to share, but to experience and understand deeper.

It is kind of funny how you can be looking at something so closely you just don’t see if for what it is, even as it shows up in so many different ways in the course of 24 hours!  My darn spiders!!  I knew, beyond their physicalness, symbolically they represent weaving the web of life, but until a man left a comment with several links on this site from the sharing the other day, I really didn’t see the bigger message, the exclamation point of the message.  On his site, when talking about the spider symbolism, he had two words put together that was like a bullet between my eyes… a Light bullet of instant realization… Dream Weaver.  Well, just DAH!!  Dream Weaver was a very powerful (energy wise) guide back in the days when my guides and teachers individuated their energy for my learning.  In those days, I could barely sustain his presence in my meditation or attempts at channeling him for more than maybe 15-20 minutes.  His presence alone was so strong and so intense that my whole body pulsed with his energy field, literally.

I eventually came to understand that he was the Creator energy of my soul energy, what I would call now, my Divine Masculine.  Hell, back then, I didn’t even fit into my female aspect body, forget the intensity of the masculine.

If the female energy is the emotional wind of creation, what I call the dreamer energy, then the fiery passion is our masculine.  The spider itself can weave webs all day long, but without any aspect of created reality around it, it is simply a potential that could have been.  The dream itself, unrealized.

So, when my inner vision showed me a big black spider wrapped around my left leg (physical life) and I put all my energy into swatting that poor bug off my leg, it went from a dream to a real spider chilling on my floor with a leg missing (spirit does like to makes it point!)  In order for that entire experience to have happened, the dreamer and creator had to fire up the experience with energy, with a passionate energy to create the experience as real in my world.

That IS the spark of Life.  Unbiased, pure energy of creation.

Where you and I get slanted in this energy experience we call life, is once something manifests in our field of life, we start to judge it.  Good, bad, fearful, joyful.  Before that moment, it was pure energy.  Pure exchange with the dreamer (vision) and creator (it manifested in creation itself.)

Even in reflecting, pondering, doing all I could to understand the process that went from a vision on my leg to a spider on my floor, I kept going back to that intense spark.  It was void of any slanted emotion until the moment it appeared in my reality and my brain (mostly my ego part of the brain) caught up with the experience and gave it a mixed emotion.  But at that point, it didn’t even matter, the deed was done, dream and creation happened in a nano second of energy.

Kewl Beans.

Obviously I missed the bigger message, the bigger point of what just happened.  So the spiders got bigger and became more frequent in my reality.  I have said more times than I care to mention, if we do not learn from the initial lesson, they get bigger and louder until we do.  My quarter sized spider suddenly became a hairy tennis ball sized spider in my shower as I was thinking, recharging the energy of the experience a few hours prior.  Not with any sort of feeling, but remembering the charge of energy that happened in the experience.  Where the fuse became lit to connect to the dynamite.

The Dream Weaver meets Creator at point of singularity (speaking of Einstein theory there) and becomes manifest.  So, with all that said (and I really hope you get the point I wordedly tried to make… Thank YOU Joseph Mason!!

In the crossing point that has become September, the Creator energy is online in the divine feminine.  What good is a dream if it never becomes created reality,  It took 5 different spiders to get that point across.  The energy I have called Dream Weaver put his fullness into my visible creation.  The very moment I got that ah-ha connection, I could feel the energy of spiders retreat (have not seen one since either.)

So I had to ponder… what is my dream, really.  Beyond TV’s or couch’s… To live fully in the energy, the LIFE we call Shambhala.  It is, after all, what my spiritual team so carefully and diligently groomed me for.  But without a Jorge, a living, embodied male, Shambhala is a river of potential.

So I took Jorge out of the fridge and opened the door of potential.  Doncha know, as I was turning out the lights to go to sleep, I stepped on a flipping scorpion!!  Holy shit, scorpions pop like bubble wrap when stepped on!!  When I (rather quickly) moved my foot and looked at the floor, I crushed it’s tail, and yet it lived.  I swept it up as it tried to scurry away and sent it outside where it belonged.  But not without pondering the bigger meaning there…

That particular species of scorpion can be deadly if stung, but it was now without a working stinger, thanx to the heel of my foot.  Healing my own past stings of relationships and allowing for the bounty of the Divine Masculine in the flesh.

I also looked at the symbology of the scorpion:


Scorpion aids in uncovering what is hidden along with a sense of timing and cunning calculation. He teaches vigilance and an all around intensity to his being. Scorpion uses a sense of navigation via intuition, what is started now will produce results later which equals patience. He shows how to find your place with awareness and tenacity, keep your instincts sharp and ready for they will be correct. Scorpions shows how to defend and attack when needed. Are you striking at an idea at its full potential? Is it time to contemplate and wait for the right moment to move? Scorpion will show to how to move with stealth and fortitude to accomplish any task.

My first reading of the day yesterday did not happen, like I said, scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I was concerned because once again, I had three men on my reading agenda, all in a row first thing in the morning.  When I couldn’t “see” for my first man of the day, I started to tell that to my second man before I even tried to connect with him in a reading way.  Suddenly and rather unexpectedly, as he and I were talking my vision came online with a force of energy.  Red, white and blue energy rain was cascading down thru his entire life field.  I could see this rain hit the ground and activate, instantly, the energy, or the seeds beneath the ground for instant access and appearance in his life.

He is one of the bravest men I know, with true boots on the ground fighting the good fight with the old energy constructs in the created world of life.  He has taken up task with doing things in Detroit, of which, the universe celebrates and supports.  But something utterly strange started to emerge at the upper level of his intense energy rain, in the center of his upper atmosphere.  It looked like a statue that suddenly came to life.  A golden statue of a man extending his right arm towards him, a clenched fist that I thought was holding something.  I couldn’t make heads or tails out of what I was seeing and the significance of why it suddenly and intensely showed up in his reading.  Thank God he knew!!

Good ole Joe Louis, a boxing great from Detroit.  I never heard of him.  As my man in the field was telling me about this Joe Louis, I sat at my computer and googled Joe Louis statue.  I about shit!!  There he was and what a strange statue to include in the city of Detroit.   A little creepy for me… but hey, the symbology was exciting:

joe louis


The right arm, spiritual reach for life.  Closed fingers and thumb, grasping the energy in your reach.  Obviously, my precious man has the energy of Joe Louis, a fighter in the real sense of the word, fighting the good fight with him to help his beloved people of Detroit and eventually, the rest of the cities of this world.

The rain/emotion of the female, of the dream… harnessed by the divine masculine of my man, powered up to create a new reality of empowered citizens.

Even my second man of the day, tripped the triggers in my heart field.  I watched him as he made his ascent upwards, 5 steps above the ground he started out on.  A future aspect of his incarnation bringing him a big ass skeleton key, solid gold, etched out in very intricate ways, with a very noticeable lion head emerging from the top part of this key.

Gold and the lion, both energies of the sun.  The Divine masculine, creator energy that basks in the river of the divine feminine.  To two are fusing together as we head into the Equinox energy of the 22nd.

But, equally, let’s look at the energy of a triple 5.  Change above, change below creating a changed middle line, a new earth.  An earth where heaven is alive in all-ways.

Just to put this out there, again… spirit consistently reminds me, the equinox is not a single day on our planet, 3 days coming, 3 days settling in.  September 19th thru the 25th, we solidify our dreams into created reality.

A passionate love affair begins….  The Tree of Wisdom and the Tree of Life merged as a single living organism, thru the human heart that IS Creation!!

Today, I want to hug every man on planet earth.  Your strength, your vitality, fuels my soul, my dream, in ways that you cannot even imagine.  You are honored and treasured for your strength and conviction of Being who you Are in the fluidness of our dream made manifest!!

Thank YOU for Being!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with Divine energy of love and creation!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Carolyn, the creator of the Apple Tree and Tree of Life pendant I showed in my previous sharing created a special just for YOU, if you so desired:   I have made a discount coupon, LISASPECIAL15, for 15% off the Holy Union custom pendant at my etsy store. for any here who may feel pulled towards having one made for them.






  1. This reminds me so much of back in 2010 (ish) when I had spiders turning up all over the place. It got to the point where I had a green dress hung on a hanger on my curtain pole and when I walked past it I did a double take, because there on the dress was a Daddy Longlegs perfectly displayed on my dress as if it were part of the decoration. It wasn’t just sitting there either, sadly it didn’t look alive, but it was placed so perfectly. A few people looked at it and were as astonished as me.

    On reflection it was probably not long after this that I REALLY began to realise how we truly create our own reality and it was not long after that I made huge life changes that I had been putting off for years. I took control of my life in ways I never had before. I also made the Dreamweaver connection at the time. Thank you for reminding me of this and thank you for being a part of this remarkable journey we are all on!

    Much love Lisa,

    Kel xx


  2. Just a quick note for Lisa and Li li, yesterday I picked up a dress to put on and I flinched because I thought I saw a big black spider on the dress! it was part of a flower pattern! LMAO….spirit playing with me!

    I join you Li li is singing the praises of all the men on earth who are shifting into the new consciousness of the divine masculine! Noticing wonderously gentle and compassionate energies within the men in my circle of creation and it makes me so happy! It is becoming the norm!

    Huge hugs! Alex


  3. I so enjoy your posts and the information you include. I am thinking of getting a reading from you based on the wonderful info you share here! 🙂


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