Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 2, 2013

September: Strength Training 101


Imagine a life where every desire, every need, every whim is fully and completely covered.  A time when the generator of life is now running at a constant, which means, it will never be less than it is now.


This is not a one-sided generator, at our beck and call 24/7 without allowing for its own desires.  This is a generator of creation, of experience and has desires and needs of its own.

I wrote the above (and so much more) yesterday.  My day started long before I could finish what I was sharing.  Just waking up (late) into the energy of September felt exhausting, like it took so much more concentrated effort to do what needed to get done.  Even the readings, as vivid and clear as each one was, I felt like I added a 25 pound weight to each side of the daily bar bell of energy.  Strength training for the core!!

By the time I finished my 5th connection, I was tapped out.  My legs were sore (no I didn’t go anywhere, all my readings are done from a chair) my back was sore… this energy is no longer etheric, but very very real.  It has a density to it.  What was even more surprising to me, 4 of the 5 connections were brand new folks I never read for before (that alone never happens in one day) and then 3 of them were all from the same State, Colorado.  To be fair, my first two were a husband and wife team, but still…  When something that has never happened before, happens, I pay attention.  Like I said, the universe is always conspiring to get us messages and lay out the field of activity that is now surrounding us.

The theme for September is NEW.  New experiences, new connections, new understandings, I have a feeling, even the old is going to become new in some way.  The major theme for everyone yesterday, for September itself, get yourself into your Center and put action into desire.   No more riding on the side car of life, passively waiting for things to work out.  If we are the gardeners of life (and we are) then tend to the garden of creation, of YOUR creation.  Don’t be out playing in other people’s garden (trying to change and enhance others before yourSelf.)  Most of all, TRUST your desires long before you see the way clear to desire becoming fruition.

The one thing that has become vividly clear to me these last few days, weeks even, that the mundane is telling us a story too.  Big time.  I will share with you what has been happening in my world that I pray, will give a larger view of how important trust and action is.  Nothing is irrelevant.

I have been sitting at the end of August all that I have seen and understood thru August, thru you, within my self and my own life.  Two seeds have been trying to push themselves up thru the ground and establish life within my world.  A new couch and the energy of a Jorge, both of which I kept pushing back under the ground.  Like I said, that generator does have desires of its own.

I loved my couch, which is really a three-piece sectional.  I loved the fact that as it was being delivered to me a year and a half ago, the middle part, the corner wedge, jumped out of the back of the truck very close to the place I just moved away from and all four corners of the wedge got damaged.  It so reminded me of me, my journey, the bumps and bruises that got me to Here.  I could tell the man was so worried I would not want this sectional that he was delivering because it was now very damaged.  But I did.  He insisted I take some money off the price, fine by me.  We took $33 off by my suggestion.  My $150 couch was now only $128 allowing me the needed money to get my carton of smokes.  Back then, my generator was still coming on-line in bits and spurts and I choked on the element of trust every step of the way.  However…. Life always has a way of working out, and life was on a mission to prove that to me in unmistakable ways.

I spent a year sleeping on my couch because my bed was way to uncomfortable to sleep in.  That is, until I invested in a memory foam topper a few months ago.  Now it is like sleeping on a cloud.  But, sleeping on my already used couch took its toll.  The stitching that held the cushions together were giving out.  The fabric, once so comfortable to sit on, was picking at my skin, irritating me.  A couple of days ago I looked at my sectional, at the wedge where all four corners of material have been ripped off and foam and wood shows itself and all I could feel inside of me was that no longer represents how I feel about myself any longer.

I am no longer tattered and torn, feeling raw and worried, quite the opposite really.

The universe has a way of seeding energy within us that we never even considered before.  My TV, which I will celebrate the end of payments of, this month, died of a lightning surge a couple of weeks ago.  Because I am still making payments, it was completely under warranty and the store I purchased it from came to take it to the TV doctors and gave me a replacement while it was out being repaired.  Of course, the guy who came to fetch it was telling me about their new 70″ TV (mine is a 60″, the biggest one they carried 2 years ago) and my mouth started to water.  Some girls love shoes, some clothes, me… viewing area!! He suggested I go into the store and take a look.  I make all my payments on-line for that reason!!  Lead me not into temptation!!  (smile)

The tricky tricky universe… doncha know that the week my payment came due for my TV, I had a drought in electronic payment world and a massage client came in with cash.  I only had cash available (an event that NEVER happens) to pay my TV payment forcing me to go into the store… tricky, tricky, tricky universe.

Let me tell you, this is significant in the way the universe, our soul, the generator of our lives set us up for our next great adventure.  The feelings within that change the channel of direction without.

The first thing I had seen when I walked into that store to pay my bill, was of course that mammoth 70″ TV.  The drool started running down my chin.  For the first time ever, I started rescanning my outflow.  Granted, I was so looking forward to being free of a TV payment in September, but… maybe… since it has already been factored into my outflow for the last (close to) two years, this would only be a $20 a month bump up…. maybe….

Of course, I had to wait close to 30 minutes before I was waited on, giving me a chance to look at all the furnishings in the store.  Just look at those sectionals!!  And of course, they had a shiny new sectional set up near the huge 70″ screen… I sat and watched, I mean, waited until it was my turn.

When I went home, my 60″ suddenly looked so small.  I now need a bib for the constant drool running down my chin. My TV was out for two weeks and when the same man brought back my good as new TV, the drool for the 70″ ceased.  Kinda strange really.  As he talked to me more about the 70″ and his willingness to let me have it for a whole month free of any payments…. I looked at my beautiful but beat up sectional and asked if the deal was good for a new sectional too… but of course it was.    Hmmmmmm…..

On the 29th of August I had an appointment at the UNM Cancer Center to renew my Cancer Care insurance so I can start the next phase of follow up care.  I have been putting this off for months, yes my own procrastination living wildly.  Of course, it was my own procrastination with the thingie growing on my back that allowed it to get to a stage IIIc melanoma, and my body has been really good and vivid about reminding me of this fact thru August.

That day, I over slept, again, another thing I almost never do.  I arrived late to my appointment that was close to an hour and a half away only to be told they no longer do the paper work for my country at their office (like they did last time.)  Besides being in the wrong place (even at the wrong time lol) I didn’t have most of the paperwork required… a lack of communication on both of our parts.

All of a sudden I could feel this deep inner sadness thick within my own gut, welling up behind my eyes.  I took the information of who I needed to call to get this leg of my journey underway and sat in my car for a very long minute, feeling myself.  The sadness was growing and yet, really, there was no reason for it.  Was it being in the cancer center again?  No, not really.  Having to reschedule this appointment?  Not at all.  But yet, this sadness was deepening, bulging even.

I decided I am not going to let this trip be a wasted journey and plugged in my furniture store into my GPS and headed there, really, just to distract myself from this sadness thing that I cannot account for, besides that, I did need to go to walmart, which was right across the street from the furniture store.

By the time I parked the car at the furniture stores entrance, tears were stuck behind my eyes.  In my 30 minute drive over to there, I could not, for the life of me, access what I was feeling so sad about, nor would the tears behind my eyes release themselves.

I walked into the store expecting to see the 70″ TV where it was before, right at the doors entrance.  It wasn’t there.  Amongst all the other TV’s, I didn’t even recognize the two they did have on display.  But I did realize something more… the sadness must have stayed parked in my car.  I felt… centered, clear even.  I was ready for a new sectional.  I found one that flooded my heart in their catalog of potentials and they just happened to have that exact one in the back.  The color and clothe was…. perfect.  I got my month free and the delivery date set for Saturday.  I never felt so centered and in my own flow of right movement as I did while in that store.  Strange as it may sound, the moment I got back into my car, I reconnected with the sadness.  What the hell??

When I returned home, the first thing I did was call the lady the cancer center gave me to get my UNM care renewed.  I looked at her name, Angela.  That was supposed to be my name, as my mother told me, so she can call me Angel, that is, until some nurse on General Hospital (soap opera) changed my mother’s mind.  I am named after that nurse.  A very strange thing to suddenly hit my memory bank as I placed the call and got my new appointment set up.

Everything is relevant if you take the time to expand it and understand it.

When I hung up with her, I looked at my sectional, I mean, really looked at it.  Three sections that make one thing.  My couch and love seat are connected via the wedge, an end table that has two levels to it, which of course, I adorned with stuff.  Above and below, expansion and contraction held together by a wedge of energy (the veil itself) and yet, that wedge keeps it all separate.

My sectional is also where I “process.”  Where all the readings, understandings and life itself comes together for sharing in the next morning.

On my way home from the big wide world, I stopped at the Pueblo store to get my smokes and asked the lady there if she knew anyone who needs a couch for free, they would just have to come fetch it and can’t have it until Saturday when my new one gets delivered.  Little did I realize, the very lady that the universe had me talking to, was in need of exactly that, a couch.  She, with her husband and little girl just moved into a trailer and was in need of furnishings.  How perfect is that?  They even came to fetch my old couch an hour before my new one arrived.  Divine perfection.

When my new two piece sectional was set up in my living room, not only did it look great, it felt… incredible.  There was a flow that was not broken up by a wedge.  Not only that, the two pieces latched together so no more moving parts.  The sectional I had just given away didn’t hook together so I was always shoving them back together.  Kind of like what I do with my own life.

I melted into my new sectional and pondered.  I could feel, whatever was running thru me, was not done expressing itself.  Making it’s bigger desires known.  Suddenly (and now, consistently) I started catching glimpses of what looks like people, mostly, heads, moving around the outside windows.  I would catch their movement, look out the window in which my peripheral vision seen them, and find nothing, except this increasing thought of Jorge.  I so put Jorge on the back burner as we deepened into the energies of August.  Actually, truth be told, I took him completely off the stove and put him in the fridge.

It seems, the arrival of my free-flowing, hitched together sectional took him out of the fridge and plopped him on my couch.  Dammit.  Not to mention the Guardians are now circling the wagon (my home) to do whatever they need to do… first, wait for me to get off my new couch and create.

Now, if this whole end of August wasn’t strange enough, I kept thinking about the name Angela too.  This was my original name before some nurse on General Hospital changed my mother’s mind.  Was that name Jorge’s energy my mother connected with before she turned my whole life into a living soap opera a month before I was born?  (Meant quite literally.)

Jorge… the Spanish version of the name George, my first love.  The first male in my whole world who loved me.  Even Jorge’s facial features resemble that of my teenage love named George.  The more real Jorge became within my energy field, I retreated.  Cuz that’s what I do… errrr…. did.

So, in this new energy field of September, I am going to release the desires that flow from with me and that which surrounds me… no more procrastination and delayed outcomes.  The Angel within… wants out!!  No more wedges keeping us from the fullness of desire made manifest!!

Whats funny, well not funny at all…  as I lay on my new couch yesterday processing all the readings and understandings from the day, I suddenly felt this big black spider crawling on my leg.  I popped up, looked at my leg, no spider at all.  And yet, the visual I had, was so real… so freakin real.  Not even 15 minutes later, on the floor in front of me:


All I could think was… a black widow.  Let me tell you, I surely didn’t turn that bad boy over to find out.  I got my broom and proceeded to drag it out the front door.  However, I can look at the symbolism of spider itself:


Maintains a balance from past to present, helps in creativity and inspiration, helps understanding of illusions and reality, spiritual and physical balance, awakens sensibilities and weaves influences in development in your own world, stay focused on the center of things. Spider is gentleness and strength and will remind you of this pattern. She also will aid in communications and the written word. Are you creating to your fullest potential? Spider will teach the infinite possibilities of creative manifestation and the delicate strength of this balance. Notice the colors, patterns and behavior of the individual spider type for further insight to what Spider is saying.

And of all the spiders out there… the black widow is known for eating its mate.  Injecting the masculine within the feminine.  Let the games of September begin and please… don’t let them be poisonous!! lol  But… do let the imagined become Real!!

Welcome to Strength training 101!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with so much manifested love and extra strength to get ‘er done!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. 2 Days Left for: SEPTEMBER READING SPECIAL: FOUR 15 minute readings for the price of TWO!!

P.S. S.  I know the first week in September is pretty full, this special can stretch out into October for booking.  it’s all perfect!

P.S.  I took a before and after picture of my living room.  Funny, two orbs just hanging out on my new couch… waiting and ready!! lol

old couch

new couch



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  2. How funny, I thought the same thing about our couch, it had many memory’s contained within it, yet i needed a change. A new beginning so to speak, glad to know I’m not the only one ‘comparing’ life with my couch. Destiny stepped in. Out of work, a new couch wasnt a necessity. A friend of mine had domestic issues& had to move, she just got this new couch only wks ago. After fighting to get it out of her apartment(smashing my hand) I have a new look on life, so to speak. Although physically it wasn’t a necessity, spiritually it was. Our old couch also got a new lease, my brothers girl up&moved on him, taking most furniture.


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  5. Hi Li li! LOVE your new couch and the rambling process you went through to get it to your space of love! I adore how the universe bends over backwards to deliver to us what we desire even when we don’t actually know what it is.

    Just a side note on the visit from the weaver of words–mother spider–that’s not a black widow–its a jumping spider, non-poisonous–black widows are super shiny and have a red hour glass on their backs not tummy….spiders are my favorite arachnids and I have many encounters here with these beautiful and powerful creatures!

    Ahhh today, transitioning into back to school for both my college junior and high school senior and dealing with their weepiness.. LOL I guess thats what happens when you plop all this energy down into the world when summer life here was so good….big hugs! Alex


  6. Hi Lisa…just wondering if your (jumping) spider only having 7 legs (instead of the usual 8) has any significance for you (or us)?…Bear Hugs…Karen


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