Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 31, 2013

The Growing Season Is Here, What are You Germinating?


Good ole karma, what you put out is what you get back.  But have we ever stopped to think how much our own karmic energy effects others?  Usually, at least for me, I think of karma, I think of myself only, great or unpleasant, it is what I energized for myself.  I think yesterday was the first time I really seen how it affects others caught up in own karmic energy.

I had two men on my reading schedule, an extreme rarity.  I have been waiting with bated breathe since my last man showed up on the field to see if the strongest aspect of men in the field of life is going to be their emotional field, so I have been counting the days to get to Thursday.

My first appointment was a lady, which I will share shortly… amazing and exciting!!  My second one on my agenda… a man!!  I was so excited I could hardly stand myself.  I called him, voice mail.  Shit.  I waited 15 minutes, called again, voice mail again.  Just shit.  No man on the field this morning.  My third reading, another amazing lady, the details I will get to shortly too.  My fourth reading, another man!!  Ohhhh the excitement returns, especially given his last reading and the universe playing the song from “the reading rainbow” as he was straddling his own rainbow arching from his west field to his east field.  Suddenly and without warning, my freakin antenna became impotent.  Nuttin.  Someone turned off the camera and I couldn’t get the first flicker of visual.  What the hell???  I was pouting big time!!  He was too, but he was much more gracious about rescheduling than I was.

After I got done doing my internal bitching to my team (a good half hour rant after I got off the phone) I hear them say to me “If you can procrastinate, so can we.”  Not nice!!  I spent all day yesterday tidying up my to-do list, why hit the rare men in my life with this energy.  To make a point.  Grrrr!  One day I am going to find a way to kick spirits butt, since they are constantly kicking mine, and now, yours too thru my own butt.  Geez!!

Thank goodness, I do have a man today, one tomorrow, and my very kind and understanding man from yesterday now on Mondays calendar.

Ok, done ranting while throwing in a warning to everyone… Our karmic energy effects more than ourselves.  (Grumble, grumble…. smile.)

My first lady of the day, well just holy heaven batman!!  Just for visual’s sake, I put together another, very humble diagram of the layout of the field of life in which I see and feel from:

Field of Life

The most powerful aspects we have available to us is located within the yellow box, our intimidate created life fueled by the emotional generator of the deep heart center.  As we move outwards towards the area I call the outer field of created life, the energy of creation becomes mixed with everyone else’s in life too.  For example, I have very little control over the events that may (or may not) happen when I go to, lets say, Walmart or even a friends house.  But inside that yellow box, it’s all me.  Of course, I do live alone and therefore, no one else is involved in my intimidate life field!  If your married or partnered, have kids or roommates, then you have a combined energy field creating your immediate created life.

My first lady of the day… phew baby, what a way to start a day!!  I could see our sun as if it moved out of the sky itself and came down to about 15-20 feet above her ground.  As if in step with some of yesterdays sharings, the sun was not that big ball of yellow/orange fire beaming its light down on us.  Nope, instead it was the pure white core within the sun itself.  What I call the central sun, the area where the doorway of pure spirit flowing into creation exists.  Our light seeds, DNA upgrades and all come from there.  This powerful sun was harnessed above her west landscape to the right of her storehouse like a focused spotlight flooding her.  This flood of light not only encompassed her entire biology we call her body, but the moment it hit the ground it formed a thick doughnut of energy that hugged her heart center from west to east where the circle connects to the area within her intimidate created life area.

We can look at this as the super fuel now available to us, thru all the multiple dimensions of time and space.  OMG!  For the last week or so, I have been wanting to write about several different things, which I have not gotten around to (this has nothing to do with procrastination and everything to do with very short mornings!!)  The area just on the other side of the sun we started talking about this past summer:  Planethious (spelled phonetically.)  A gaseous body of pure consciousness that exists on our side of the veil.  The closest thing we have available to us, to being on the side of the veil of pure spirit.  It is on this side of the veil for a reason, so we can have access to them, the consciousnesses that make up this gaseous planet or cloud (I have no idea really) and use that pure energy for our creation.  That pure consciousness is equally, pure emotion without body.

Some of us here on planet earth, have a part of our soul energy that makes up this area called Planethious and I call the consciousnesses that communicate with me from there, the Planethians.

To align with this aspect of Self is to really get to know your emotional consciousness.  The true etheric paintbrush of created life.  Pure potential flowing in.  White the absence of color, yet ready to embed the fullness of any pigment we want to energize and bring to life.

How exciting!!

By contrast, my other beautiful lady on the field of life was sitting on a bench set up like the great thinker, only the female version!



Her position was set up between the east and south field looking across her field of life to the west.  She was clothed in that light blue flowing attire that is becoming more and more familiar these days.  In her west field, tons and tons of tiny seeds of energy in various shades of pink, blue and white all just sitting at the surface of the ground in the entire breadth of her west field (inner and outer created life.)

The feeling from her position was sitting in the area where she had just come from… new beginnings that flourished in her south garden and now, her new seeds of potential were scattered on the ground for use the moment she is ready to use them.  I never felt so completely in alignment with someones reading as I did hers.

When I had talked about my canvas being made from the core of Peace, one could say I was looking at it from my south east position.  I have been looking at my personal life, feeling it with the deepest of peaceful gratitude.  In 2001, I uprooted myself and my family and started skirting around the USA.  Unhitched my suddenly grown children (how do they become adults so flipping fast) in 2010 and moved to New Mexico.  I have not had a rooted connection with any place in all those years.  Then the doorway to the Jemez opened up and my team pushed me thru it January 2012.  I came here with two car loads of stuff.  I spent that week of peace looking at my life.  My current life.  I now have a home, complete with furnishings, I have put down roots.  I truly LIVE Here.  I thought about how it all came together, how much YOU helped me get it together thru out these last 2 years.  Not only my furnishings but ALL of it.

So I sat in my canvas of Peace and thought to myself, my life is so full, so rich, so beyond anything I could have ever hoped to have in this lifetime, how could I possibly want more.

But I also fully understand, the cycles of completions and the cycles of new beginnings.  Energy in constant motion.  Creator all-ways creating.  Phase one for so many of us was to really see and feel the co-creative processes we work with.  For me, I had to find completion in the rooting system of my new, wonderful life.  That rooting system is so prevalent that the crazy birdseed I put out on the ground for the birds has literally taken root.  I now have corn growing outside my back door.  What I find funny, in the “wild bird seed” that I buy, the corn seeds are the only seeds crushed up and yet, there they are, growing into little corn stalks.

Out around the fire pit, where our gathering of people were primarily seeded, grass is growing.  I had nothing growing on the ground in the backyard last year, now I need a lawnmower! lol

I did contemplate the corn seeds yesterday too.  How can they grow when they have been crushed up into bits.  Spirit says, a single strand of DNA within is all it takes to germinate into Life.

Life reflecting Life.

I am still sitting on my bench with my beautiful lady of yesterday… pondering the next great wave of creation, Here.

I love you all so so so so much.  You seed my soul in ways that you will never fully know, and I pray, I do the same for you too.

(((((HUGZ)))) of germinated growth to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. SEPTEMBER READING SPECIAL: FOUR 15 minute readings for the price of TWO!!

P.S. S.  I know the first week in September is pretty full, this special can stretch out into October for booking.  it’s all perfect!









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  3. Hi Li li! Yesterday I was standing with my kids and we were looking at the beautiful sky and I said to them…what color is the sun? they all looked and noticed it was different–it was WHITE and so vibrantly shining that you could not even look at it! It was not high in the sky and I remember as a child being able to look directly on the sun for a brief moment at a time–not so anymore! Feeling that pure full radiance of energy you are speaking of! Its simply well…divine! 🙂 Big hugs! Alex


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