Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 28, 2013

A New Earth Formed as We NOW Create Anew!!

new earth

Did you ever have an ah-ha moment so big and so illuminating, it hit you so square between the eyes, and all you can do is wonder how you didn’t see it before?  A single question about an experience a beautiful lady in the field asked yesterday wrapped up the entirety of what August was all about and why, going into September, everything seems so…. accelerated.

The moment she told me about her lost hour of time and asked what happened, it seems the universe decided to do a big reveal!!  Our vibration within our biology, our highest collective and our precious earth hit a point where we formed a new vibrational earth.  Of course, our surroundings still look very much the same, but nothing at all is even remotely the same.

As she asked about this “lost” hour and the field replied with unmistakable clarity, I equally seen a parallel to the day I went to sleep with a fully charged cell phone only to wake up and there was zero battery juice left, even the batteries in my wall clocks were drained.  The aches and pains in our bodies, for many, the emotional purging that has been happening thru August and all the shifting and focus within the readings.  I think the only reason I didn’t see it before yesterday, is because, I have seen seen it before.  But this morning all I can say to myself is DAH!!!  Now it makes so much sense starting with July 29th, when everything changed and rapidly changed thru a few days ago.

No wonder too, why suddenly we have this blank canvas and the instance from everyone’s spiritual team to really get to know the power and degree’s of our emotions, the paint of life.  Just… DAH!!!

And how freakin exciting too!!

It also makes sense as well, at least from the way I understand things, the divine Masculine within each and every one of us would be set up like a Knight in shining armor carried forward on horseback.  A true reflection of each other.  And the damsel, the precious female that once seemed so locked away that her power of emotion and desire would never really get to see form.  But together, we ripped a hole in time and created a brand new earth together.  A vibrational frequency so high, so pure in love that nothing from the past, no distortion of any kind, will grow Here.

Between now and our equinox, September 22nd, we will still be feeling the releasing pangs and expansion shifts within our biology as we find our footing and our mastery of Self in the pureness of this new earth.

The one thing I am sure of after yesterday, we are now releasing our energy onto this new, virgin earth to become form.  The first reading of the day, my head started to hurt.  Of course, I hadn’t fully recovered from the day prior, where the winds of change were so powerful thru each connection I could barely stand up at the end of my reading day.  I felt cracked wide open.  So why not become infused with an energy from each connection that is representing the powerful energy of our new environment.  My first three readings were back to back and my headache grew in intensity with each connection, and it was my third one that asked that eye popping, mind melting question about time.  By the time I hung up with her, my headache was churning the solar plexus with such new and vital energy I thought I would throw up.  I tapped out, ate a few ibuprofen and rescheduled my 4th reading.  By the time my fifth reading rolled around, the ibuprofen kicked in and I could connect again.  I suppose too, it gave me the pause to digest all that came thru, both understandings as well as highfalutin energy!!  Phew baby!!

I actually went to look on after my first dose of ibuprofen, because usually, when I get this kind of headache, the sun is involved in some way.  Of course there was a new coronal hole spewing solar wind, but equally, something new was shown in my moment too…. YOU are releasing the solar wind thru you, which is why my headache only started the moment our connections started.  In this new body of ours, we are now in harmony with the energy of the sun, of the creator seeds of pure potential radiating at the ground level of creation.

Holy flipping heaven batman… this is HUGE!!

There is so much more to share, so so much more, but, my mornings have become so short thru August, I am praying, at least that part of my day cycle goes back to normal as we breach September.  Until then…

My day begins….

Thank you!!  Thank YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of radiance as we dance, play and create on this brand new earth, together!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. SEPTEMBER READING SPECIAL: FOUR 15 minute readings for the price of TWO!!

P.S.S. This special has more meaning to it than I even realized.  I already have packages on my site, so I was surprised when my team insisted on creating this one for September.  A 15 minute reading is $33.  Christed energy times two, which is $66: soul partnership.  The Knight and the damsel.  Me and You.  I was shown this last evening as I was pondering, and wanted to share it with you too!!  Holy September batpeople!! lol


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    Thank you, Lisa. This is very inspiring. I love to read the impressions and understanding of people who see things so clearly and directly. With all the changes going on it I’d easy to get confused snd overwhelmed.Thank you for sharing your gifts!


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  4. Hi Li li! Yes yes yes yes!!!! Oh the sparkle of this time! I completely feel the new and fresh and like you said previously we are learning how to use our paint brushes! Also feeling the spiraling back of energy a bit related to the ending of summer vacation and the beginning of the new school year, and simply that spiral relates to typical time markers of the calendar year and how VERY different I Am and my life is since last year and how I am sitting in gratitude for every molecule of positive change, of re-membering, of shifting and learning to live completely in joy and in my own power…Thank you for all you share with us Li li my sweet sister! Alex


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  7. wonderful exciting news for us all love harmony JOY!


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