Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 27, 2013

The Intensity of September Opens the Floods of Passion From Earth!


I have a deep inner feeling September is going to be one hellofa fast and furious month and we just may need that knight in shining armor to trek us thru it!!  The one thing I am sure of, September is NOT the time to be cautious with your life.  You have spent, what may seem like an eternity at this point, investing heavily in your new seeds of Life experience, cautious hesitation will end up being the lawnmower that cuts it down.

What I am finding interesting, with the five connections I was so blessed to have yesterday, only one was a male and his energy field was drastically different from the females I have been reading for.  Of course, he is drastically different from anyone I read for too (smile, wink) he has been putting himself “out there” in life, exposing the darkness to anyone who wishes to “see” and returning power back to anyone who desires to own it within themselves again.  Literally.

As he and I were talking about what he is doing now two things started to happen as he was talking, first, this massive flow of intense energy was coming from where his toes were on the ground (in his heart center) and formed a super charged water-spout that went up and then over to the area I am just going to call September, with a widening breadth of intensity.  As I was watching and hanging onto my hair, from above came the melody of angels that cast a yellow energy that mingled with his white water.

When we finally stopped talking and I put my antenna out into his field of Light, holy freakin shit batman… the white water energy flowing from the ground he walked on included the intensity of Gaia.  A passion of pure liquid energy that filled the entirety of September.  The divine feminine let loose on planet earth!!

Thru him, we even got to see the energy of October, just a tad, but enough to know the fruit is ripening thru our efforts.  An emerging spider web (interconnected webbing) of gold and black emerging from the ground itself and already starting to cover the fields of life.  The solid living energy of spirit that connects us to the deep unknown, the wholeness of Love and the experiences that will provide for us.

Intense passion, a field of new beginnings in so many area’s for those who have thrown caution to the wind.  To fully own, to fully BE our own knight in shining armor while flooding the land with the passion of our deepest desire and assist all those who have given their power away by simply being and Living our true Self.

I sat yesterday, with windblown hair and electrocuted brain waves from the intensity of the connections wondering… what am I going to do with September.  The first thing that was formulated was a very special reading package to help us really tap into and understand the new color palate in which we are creating from.  All that we harness together will be the living tapestry that sets the created reality into a path of experiences, growth and excitement into the higher energy fields of 2014 as we cross the threshold of the Equinox on Sept. 22nd.

On that note, I must close.  I so miss waking up at 4am…

((((HUGZ)))) of wild and gentle dreams come true to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. SEPTEMBER READING SPECIAL: FOUR 15 minute readings for the price of TWO!!




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  2. thanks – last night was the first night in a very long time I slept all night – wow. And our shining knight self is spot on – still getting the suit to fit right, I’m used to shorts and tevas. I also know I have these etheric wings – still waiting for the instructions to pop back into my head – or maybe I just have to get out and learn to use the Knight suit and wings with some hands on practice –
    I get your posts from Rascal Bro Bill B.


  3. Wow Lisa. Just a short while ago I took a leap of faith, and it materialized with a declaration and decree to trust in my creative and co-creative abilities.

    Reading your first paragraph was a mind-blowing confirmation 🙂
    I had rush down here and comment right away ! 😀

    So MUCH Love and gazillion Bubbles of Joy to you, Lady of the Mesa ❤



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  5. I love love love that picture Li li! When I am finished doing a dye job (fabric LOL) my favorite part is rinsing the fabric in my white porcelain sink and watching all the colors swirl together with the blessed water and move in slow spirals down the drain! It reminds me that all our individual and unique energies as they come together create something more, something dynamic and ever changing and beautiful!

    Over the past few days I have also been called to share my collected energy out into the world around me. As I walk and commune with the guardians of my area–the blessed trees–I drop big emeralds into the field for anyone who wants the energy to pick it up and use it for themselves and their creation–taking their power back. It feels so amazing!

    Huge hugs and I wonder–can we still wear white pants past labor day? 😉

    loving you! Alex


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    I have my boots on and I am ready for the ride!!!


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