Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 23, 2013

Creators: Start Your Engines of Passion and Emotion!


What a strange day yesterday was.  I woke up with what felt like a huge bulge in the muscle tissue at the heart center on my back.  At first, it was just uncomfortable.  As I fit more into my morning that bulge started to drip downward, affecting my solar plexus area, then out into my obliques and lats and hurt like hell.  My back felt like it was being stretched out to the max while my entire abdomen felt like it was being held together by one of the tightest girdles ever worn.  Not to mention, spirit took my reading glasses away from me while I slept, so in my attempts to at least divert my attention to something exciting (YOU) it wasn’t happening.  I think my body had other plans for my day… to make me feel as lousy as humanly possible.  The tightness in my abdomen was creating a huge nausea within… Blah!!

I did the only think I could think to do, especially since the visual was so present from the moment I woke up yesterday, I took a very long, very hot bath infused with dead sea salts.

The very moment I slid into the water, all the discomfort (which really teetered on the edge of painful) vanished.  Phew!!  So I did what I do, went into meditation and demanded to know what the hell is happening.  I am so not loving this moment!!  Instantly I could see a Y, which actually kind of reminded me of a martini glass, the left side of the Y was connected to the energy system we call Sirius, the right side of the Y was connected to the energy system we call the Pleiades.  The stem at the bottom was my (our) human body.  A complete and full blending of the two… fire and water.  Passion and love.

I suddenly remembered some of the reading earlier this year (or was it last year) that brought in the understandings and elements from both Sirius and the Pleiades.  I have not even thought about them since.  Hell, it is all I can do to understand the constant shifting of the field and the human, forget all that surrounds us in our created vastness that is affecting us.  That’s someone else’s job!!

The only thing I remotely understood about this (for lack of a better way of saying it) infusion was feeling and using both elements in harmony with each other.  Too much passion and your gonna burn things up.  To much emotion, your gonna drown trying.

So as I am getting the fire and water IV drip expanding and contracting my muscles, all I could remember was the closing visual of my sharing.  So, I changed the view of my meditation to feeling.  But surprisingly, I wasn’t even sure what I felt.  What is my passion right now?  What do I want to focus on in my created reality.  A glimmer of Jorge crossed my mind and went out the other side, surprising even myself.  Why couldn’t I hold him there??

I found myself in the same place I have been in the for the last week, I have no idea where my soul passion lays in the creational process right now.  No matter how much I thought about that soul man who once showed up frequently in my inner world, I realized, emotionally, I could care less.

The things that make me go hmmmmmmmm!?

So I left it up to my greater, wiser self and just said, bring whatever it is you desire and got out of the bath.  I really was hoping to do readings since I now felt so good and without any body discomfort… that is, until I got out of the water and hit the air.  The moment I got dressed and sat at the computer, I hurt more than when I got into the bath.  Now my neck was throbbing, but only on the right side of my neck.  Energy was trying to find a new place to settle in my head, giving me one of the craziest headaches I ever had, like there was a little mouse going thru a maze and could not find its settled place.


I had already had a dentist appointment set up for this day and I seriously considered changing it.  Sitting in the car for a full hour at a time sounded more uncomfortable than flopping around like a fish trying to find a comfortable position I could sustain for 10 minutes.  But everything inside of me said to go… so I went.

The ride to the dentist was uninspiring but surprisingly, nowhere near as painful as I anticipated.  I was actually in more pain in my house.  As I got to the city where my dentist was, their were monsoon clouds in the sky directly over that city and it released a single bolt of lightning in its display.  Something ominous about that.

As I arrived and checked in, the office manager forewarned me that they just might do a fire drill before my appointment.  Really??  A fire drill?  I didn’t even realize that medical facilities did fire drills with the waiting room filled with waiting patients.  My dentist’s shares the same building and waiting area as the medical facility.  Those folks are sick, do they really need to endure a fire drill?  But… it seemed so weirdly in step with my day already.  Fire and water… time to be prepared for what may come!

Thank goodness the waiting room was too full and who ever suggested the drill, changed their mind.  I got my lower partial adjusted and started my hour-long drive back Home when I heard my team suggest something that took me completely and fully by surprise.  “Why don’t you use him as your prototype.”  Huh?  What the hell are you talking about??  Altho, in truth, I knew, I was just soooo surprised at their suggestion!  Prototype?  Really?  My dentist??

It is also a bit unnerving that the other side of the veil knows exactly what is going thru our emotional system at any given moment.  Not that I am a big secret keeper at all, but, hell shouldn’t some things be sacred!??  Yes, I absolutely love who my dentist Is, who he is in his person.  He is also married with 3 children.

I hear my team ask me, what are some of the qualities in him that you are attracted to.  I knew their query wasn’t about his looks, and I gotta give him his due, he is pretty.  So I started to dissect his personality.  He is kind, wise, communicative, funny and in service to others with love for what he does… suddenly I realized something HUGE, Jorge was a body with a pretty face.  There really was no emotional component to him at all.  No wonder why I couldn’t hold him in my heart of passion!

Holy shit, bells and whistles started going off inside of me and then, it just got uncomfortable.  I realized something bigger.  I already know that Jorge is me, my divine masculine, a full part of my own consciousness/soul energy.  To give him a true emotional center that I would connect to more deeply than biology and well… ya know…. there has to be more to our connection that form.  For that to emerge, I would have to look at my own emotional qualities and acknowledge that within him.  Hey!!  I don’t mind putting all my shit out there… all my struggles and even the achievements within them, but the emotional body of refinement, not so much.

We are, by nature, attracted to others we see ourselves in.

In the arena of creator energy, long before we are in this physical body, we sit with our spiritual guides and go over the needed experiences in this lifetime, the personality qualities that must be on-board as we grow from infant into child to create the ongoing experiences of our life.  As we move thru those experiences, we alter our personal because of those experiences.  Our mission was/is always to refine our emotional field towards the light of love.

Somewhere deep inside, we know how to create what we need and desire as life experience.  That has to be the case as well, with what my team calls a Divine Counterpart.  The living aspect of our divine opposite.

I pondered this head splitter all the way home and all evening long.

So Jorge has got to become more than my boy toy in meditation.  Alrighty then.  But my pondering consistently went back to…. how?  How does he just emerge into created reality.  A visual was consistent, something that looked very much like a dirt devil.  Before you go thinking vacuum cleaners a real dirt devil looks like this:

dirt devil

Only my visual wasn’t so thick with dust.  Passion puts the energy into motion, emotion fills out the form.  One without the other is not life-giving.  Too much of one or the other… well you end up with a tornado or a flood.  lol

Somewhere in the midst of all this pondering, my team infused the energy of emotion in the form of color.  Using color as a catalyst of creation.  For example, two consistent colors of emotion in my readings are pink for passion and blue for soul expression.

Maybe I will invite Jorge to sit on a blue couch with a pink rug underneath and start there.

Life is never boring in this wild and wacky landscape of Living Heaven on earth!!

Creators…. start your engines!!

((((HUGZ)))) of blissful adventures and gentle growing pains to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Just want to say, today I feel 10 times better than yesterday (physically speaking.)



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  2. Hi Li li, I do hope you are feeling better! We had a lot of solar stuff incoming yesterday and into tomorrow so that could have been an issue! Everyone I see today is yawning huge!

    I love this story from your team about Jorge. As a young girl I used to imagine that my beloved was living his life, out there in the world with his family and getting ready to be with me. I would imagine him as a daydream and the minute he came into my world I knew….it is also funny that I never thought about his looks at all in those times, never put a face on him but it was about who he was kindness, loving, generosity, supporting–yes he came with his own package of life lessons and as I have learned to rescind what I thought of early on as a need to control and change, he has blossomed onto his own divine path…but the idea of infusing desire with the qualities of emotion that are most fitting with a divine counterpart takes the being from a flat cut out of looks and body to a real fleshed out creation.

    I love it! 🙂 Hugs to you and have a wonderful weekend! I now have the tasmanian devil stuck in my head! Thank you! 😉 Alex


  3. Lisa,
    I feel your discomfort/pain as if it was my own…..which it IS! It seems as if so much of what I hear others are going thru, either I am feeling the same way, or I HAD been feeling the same way recently.
    And if I haven’t felt that way YET…..then I know to expect it. Because it is coming!

    LOVE and LIGHT to you ALL!

    But, the reason I want to share with everyone today is to hear if anyone else has been having similar “Symptoms” as I have been having.

    For the past 3 days, I have been getting SLAMMED with 3D stuff….some of it is Emotional (my kitty has been sick….my nephew is in trouble with the Law….I’ve had trouble deciding whether or not to seek Healing from one outside of Myself, etc.)
    Some of it is Physical (stomach pains, headaches, backaches, sinus issues, etc.)
    And some of it is Financial (we spent over $400 at the Vet, the pool pump went out, and more that I don’t even want to relay).

    But, my biggest issue has been HOW I have dealt with all of this!
    Usually, I find it pretty easy to just let things slide off my back, like a Duck in the rain. During these past few days, I have found myself FEELING such ANGER over issues that (granted, are piling up on top of each other) I am surprised at myself for feeling!

    I am being forced to look at this anger and try to decipher the underlying issues that are causing all of this.
    It seems to me that this Anger is a deep-seated emotion that has been stored up and HAS to be examined and Loved and let go of.
    I’m not an “angry” person by nature……just the opposite! I’m just surprised at how all of it is coming at me at the same time. This makes me realize (at just this moment) just how quickly we are Manifesting not only what we ASK for….but also what we have placed in our emotional “waiting room”, that we might not have been able to deal with at an earlier time, and is coming up NOW because we CAN deal with it gracefully. Or at least more gracefully than we could have ever done it before now.

    What a LONG ramble I’ve led you all on! Thank you all for hearing me and I hope to hear from any of you who wish to share your own experiences at this time.

    Thank you, Lisa!…..for giving us all a Safe place to share our experiences as we move into higher and higher awareness!



    • Hi Camille,

      I’ve had some of that stuff recently, although thankfully it wasn’t as extreme as yours and it didn’t last long.
      The Hathors, bless them, provide an explanation for this phenomenon in their latest post. They say that we have entered another Chaotic Node and this may result in deep-seated negativity coming to the surface. Especially spiritual people may have a hard time reconciling this negativity with their self-image. They also provide a helpful technique. You can read their post at:



      • Thank you so much, Zarah. Your message, and the message on the link you sent, are exactly what I needed at this time! I’m sure you knew this or you wouldn’t have responded as you did. 😉

        I went to the link and read it last night, and today I will do the Meditation that goes with it.

        I have a very good feeling about this!

        My LOVE and LIGHT to you, Zarah…..


  4. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Thank you, Lisa!


  5. Blessings Lisa: Glad you’re feeling so much better. It almost felt like there was a huge releasement for you. I also wanted to say Brmmmmm, Brmmmmm, our engines are revved, waiting for the white flag – on your mart, get set go, hehehe. Take very good care. MUCH LOVE YOU LISA TO AND ALL ON MOTHER EARTH!!! LOVE~LIGHT~BLESSINGS MVR


  6. Hi Lisa, Another wonderful post – thank you! 🙂

    It’s funny – for a while now I’ve been working with Sananda and see him as my divine masculine counterpart, but like you, I haven’t been able to really see him as part of me – too remote and ideal. A few nights ago I had a very intense dream. I dreamt of someone who looked like Sananda, but his personality was more like mine – a bit of a dork but very passionate about all the things he loved to do. He certainly wasn’t perfect, but my heart just went out to him. I was filled with passion for him. I wanted to be with him – connected to him – all the time. When he wasn’t with me I missed him deeply – needed him so much. I wondered about this dream for a while, and finally came to the same conclusion you did – Sananda was too perfect – I didn’t feel the passion I did for him as I did for this new Sananda personality. I think if we are to merge with out divine masculine, we must find this passion, just as you say. Perhaps it is even essential for our sacred blending. This journey is fascinating!!!

    Love and hugs to you Lisa 🙂


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