Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 21, 2013

Liquid Soul Energy and The Sound Of Our Creation Unifying.

musical acceleration

After three days of being completely down in what I refer to as “the void,” when that first reconnection happens, OMG there is an endorphin party that happens within my skull!!  My greatest drug in all the universes is YOU.  Thank you for being so damn yummy for my (our) soul!!

Before I get into the enormity and clarity of yesterdays readings, let me back up and recap what has led us to Here.  This whole year, 2013, we have been steadily developing the seeds in which our new life will emerge from.  Every emotionally charged thought, deep inward desire, every outward action has been setting the new DNA seeds into a packet of energy potential.  Think, seeds.  The first half of August we spent creating our new garden in which these seeds will grow.  The new platform of life, also the heart center, is the soil.  We spent days tweaking the soil to match the vibration of our seed potential.  Then we went out into created life to create the exterior of our life’s garden, the landscape in which our garden will flourish.

Please don’t get too literal with any of this, everything is an energetic doing.  Our seeds have always been quantum energy, so more than likely, you will not see exactly what you have done or even, the vastness of what you are creating.  Somethings about this life will always be that way.  Our new seeds of life are not like our store-bought seeds, where we know exactly what that seed will become the moment we plant it.  That would be just way too easy.

Our biology can be looked at as the seed energy itself.  The shell that contains all the genetic creative material to producing unlimited results.  Every seed must start with water.  In our garden of life, that water is actually pure soul energy.  Fluid, hydrating, fertilizing.

I had a feeling that when we reconnected again, water was going to be an important element without our connections.  Holy cow batman, it was and IS the whole focus!!

The entire center field, or better known as the heart center, is now liquid love of potential.  But it is far from a passive energy, unless we want to go thru our growing fields of life on a wing and a prayer instead of focused intention of creation.  Dammit, still our choice!!

My first lady showed up like a child who just landed in the most refreshing pool of water.  Playing, splashing all the while, facing her west field.

There really is an inner knowing held by our inner child, we have arrived in the fields of Life we have been incarnating for many, many millenia to arrive at and we really should be celebrating our arrival Here!!

This pool of water is no ordinary pool of water.  It is the pure liquid energy, the liquid love energy of our soul deep within our hearts.  It is fluid.  Within its content is every faction of pure Love energy.  Joy, humor, hope, grace, service and so on.  These are equally the energy of creation.  The magnetic field that merges and pulls to us the desire running thru our human vessel.

Our job over these next couple of weeks, is to get intimately familiar with our pool of water.  Our liquid soul energy.  But not from the outside in, as my second reading of the day was so beautifully shown to us.

There he was, sitting outside the edge of his watery heart center, just on the West side, in front of what I call the energy silo or storehouse.  He had his fishing pool in his hand and the fishing line cast out into the center of his heart.  The most amazing glowing white bobber was connected to his cast out fishing line.

Very much like my first lady, the water is too murky for me to see thru.  Imagine when we first jump into a still pond, ohhh how the sediment at the bottom comes out to play.  There are incredible nuggets there too, but for right now, the focus is on the water itself and our relationship with it.

My beautiful man and his well constructed fishing pole.  Seeking the depth and purity of his heart center without ever getting his feet wet!!  Ohhh the human within us!!  His team was quite interactive and communicative thru his whole session (which I am forever grateful for.)  His well-developed tool, his fishing pole has served him well and got him to here.  To have sought after the food of his soul with dedication, but now, the fishing pole is obsolete and now serves to keep him from himSelf in fullness.

They gave us a wonderful visual of going to a pond to fish within.  You cast your line out and pull out whatever fish lands on your line.  Maybe you will catch fish you do not even like, or ones that are uneatable.

Now imagine that pond is actually the very place creation emerges from.  We end up creating more by chance and without full knowing of how we caught the big one.  Again, this has gotten us to Here.  To know we can pull anything our heart desires out of the field of creation to our plates of life.  But now, let’s get out of randomness or trial and error.

I think me and this beautiful man have much more in common than I would like to admit.  When Archangel Michael told me to “go play in the river” I took that literally.  (Can I blame that on the void!! lol)  I went to the river and was as much in the void at the river as I was in my house… spirit and it’s metaphors!!

To fully participate in our creation we must be fully immersed in the fullness of our emotional body.  Of our river of life.

I had to ponder his glowing white, mutable bobber.  It seemed so out-of-place there, since it was the only aspect that had vivid color and I could feel the aliveness of it.  His team explained that they will continue to use the fishing line experience within his new interaction with the depths of himself, one phase/emotional section, at a time.  His team gave him a great meditation to start doing now.  Laying down his fishing pole and walking into the liquid field of his heart towards the bobber.  The bobber itself will regulate the feelings he experiences as he becomes more and more fluid with his emotional body.

As our reading turned into a whole fishing story, we got the most amazing view of how important this water body (soul body of liquid life) is to us.  To cast a fishing line into our source of creation leaves too much to chance.  It is way to random.  So they should us him standing towards the front of his circular pond of lIfe, arms slightly extended from his sides, waist deep in the watery field of his soul, collecting the energy from the water for creation of desire.

To be One with Creation, body and soul, together as a living organism.

What we do not see once we plant a seed in the soil is how it pulls to it, exactly what it needs from the nutrients of the soil to give it life.  Not all seeds require the same amount of energy or even the same kind of energy.  Same goes with our heart desires.

The biological field of the human radiates a magnetic field of energy, when clear and fully connected to its life-giving, life-sustaining Source, the link up of needed power/energy from source and the seed energy of desire of the human meet as the outcome in our physical landscape of creation.

Our most important job right now is to clear the emotional field in which creation emerges as well as becoming the living body of that emotional Source too.  As my third lady showed us.

Spirit was really on a roll with metaphors yesterday.  Holy cow even!!  There was my beautiful lady with the highest and steepest sliding board I had ever seen.  Her slide was positioned in the Northwest rim of her outer life area.  Showing her constant interaction with her near future energy.  What I found interesting was the ladder going up to the top of the slide was a very dulled down silver.  Silver being the highest vibration of earth energy, I was slightly puzzled by the lack of shine on her ladder.  The slide itself, flowing white just like the previous mans fishing bobber.

Thru her entire reading I watched her climb that ladder up to the top of her slide, that crazy slide came down at a steep 90 degree angle and flung her into the middle of her heart center.  She splashed for a joyous moment, then got out and did it all over again, and again, and again.

I realized (eventually) what she was doing.  Taking the energy of her heart center into her outer created landscape (life) moving upwards to the higher elevations of her mind thru the tools available to her on earth (that dulled down silver ladder connected to her slide) to see if this was the right emotion in which to create… then slid back down and did it again and again.

Here is the thing, I have always said awareness is key to all that we do and is a crucial step in what has gotten us to Here.   To know that we create every element of experience that is our ongoing Life thru our emotional body is key but not all there is.  It is simply a step in our creational processes and to move in and out of our creational processes for understanding and seeing what we have created as we go, was crucial.  But now, kind of exhausting.

It is now time to stand fully and completely in our Source.  No more getting out to evaluate what we have done and then going back in to do more.  Now that will actually serve to break the flow of creation and what we (may) end up with, is fragments of our desires.

I just now got off the phone with my second reading of today and OMG talk about a lightning strike of clarity.  There she was on her well-lit, full of light outer created life field and what caught me completely by surprise is the formation of what at first looked like a wall around her outer field of life.  She was standing up against the wall, hands pushing on the wall as if to move its obstruction.  As she pushed, an electrical field went off, that made me realize it was not a wall but a spiritually imposed electrical fence.  It was shocking!   She, like so many of us, can be rather persistent in getting to where we (think) we need to go.  Even tho the force field was pushing her back away, she kept going back to try again.  Now the coloring’s of this “electrical” fence was interesting… intensely blue and white, beautiful really.

As we started talking and she was sharing what she was working in new ways with the energy of water, and having just gone to a river to work, suddenly my own recent experience came flooding in as a parallel understanding.

Working with the water elements, with the river of life is NOT literal.  When Archangel Michael suggested I go play in the river, I literally went to the river until a bolt of lighting directly above sent me right back into the house.

Even taking the pictures of the rain coming down, showed me (us) with unmistakable detail, this water we are now surrounded by comes with a massively enhanced energy field.   This is the time to be FULLY in our heart centers, in our divine river of life and feel the upgrades intimately and fully connect to the energies of creation and what elements (combined emotions) we need to use to produce that outcome fully.

Double U.  Soul and Body.  Creator and Creation.  One Alloyed Being.

I am going to close for today with my last man on the field of Light yesterday.  There he was, in the center of his water facing forward, to his immediate left (physical life side) and moving out from his center to the edge of where his liquid heart meets the landscape of created life was a formation I knew where his spiritual guides.  The formed their own sort of V, with the widest part surrounding his body and the singular point touching his created life field.  The showed them selves as colored energy.  What I realized today, that each color represented an emotion to him, and to follow the emotion pulling him to next great created adventure thru that spectrum.

Each individualized emotion has a vibration, every vibration has a sound or a melody to it.  Very much like sheet music, when you play the notes in succession with each other, you have a song.  But you don’t want to play any ole song, you must learn the notes of your own music and then write the song into its next expression.

Our spiritual team is emitting those notes from deep within our heart.  The water energy carries the melody into the arena we know as created life, a full expression of our inner song writer and orchestra.

I am closing on that note and heading into my own music school!!  I wouldn’t recognize a B flat from a C sharp or how to use them together or in contrast with each other.  Time to listen to the river play!!

I love you all so much, imagine when we become the full living orchestra of life, together, in perfect harmony!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Ohhh and a song runs thru my veins… I hope you enjoy it!!


  1. Oh Li li I LOVE that song and i can still after all these years sing every word of it! I love that one and sing a song too by the carpenters–remnants of my childhood joy certainly! thanks for sharing that!

    So many goodies in this sharing! the vibration of music or tones certainly resonates with me, I am always singing LA from the sound of music which is an A and the A note resonates strongly with me, but when I am out of sorts I will sing THAT song do a deer and go through the whole scale slowly and find the right vibration to put me back in sorts…

    I also feel strongly a connection to something Matt Kahn said recently (he is funny a pliedian connection–I like his humor) that when we are on the path, what served us in the beginning, to get us to HERE no longer serves us but holds us back. I think you are kind of saying the same things–like when we grow up we must put the toys of childhood away (well, not all of them like joy and wonder and humor etc)….we tend to get into a “safe space” that gives us a good growth rate and then bam…nothing further unless we release the crutches…

    I also adore the water and seed analogy and the pond and its sediments–as a student of biology and avid gardener, I love when spirit talks in biological metaphors…

    Tremendous love and hugs to you sister and so glad you are back in the saddle baby! 🙂 Alex


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