Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 20, 2013

The Void and Disconnect.

the void

The Void!!  That place of feeling completely disconnected from your own inner spiritual resources.  I landed in this place Saturday and it seemed to deepen with each coming day.  But if that place isn’t bleak enough, someone took my internal battery and just drained all the juice too.  I suppose it does make you too tired to care.  I suppose I should have known this place was around my corner when the last two sharings I put out were so… cumulative, kind of like one of those final exam essays you need to write about all you learned in class the past year.

Maybe this is what is known as summer break.  I really don’t want a freakin break.  But then again, who (in spirit) cares what I want, it is always what I need.  Dammit.

I sat in front of my computer for 2 hours yesterday, sure that if I can get a sharing out, I would jump start the spiritual battery within and have a feeling of some sort of direction within myself.  The faucet was dry.  Not a word came out of the tap .  Dammit.

The only thing I knew for sure, this is big.  To be so down for so long and depleted too, something so huge must be moving about that is being kept away from my prying eyes and spiritual senses.  But I have a back up plan.  I may be down, but my handy dandy pendulum never is.  For the first time this year, I took out my pendulum and called on Archangel Michael… Help!!  My precious cryptic Angel.  He started swinging the pendulum the moment I held it over the alphabet sheet I use.  His first sentence took me aback:  “Last time you feel peace in your teachings.”  Only spirit would place past tense and present tense all in the same sentence, confusing me!!  My initial knee jerk reaction was… I don’t want to loose my peace (the two words “last time” can be taken many ways!!)  So I told him, I need clarity, what the hell are you talking about!!??

“Hold on to W.”  W??  What the hell is W??  He swung my pendulum back over the W and then came to a complete stop, emphasizing the point he meant W.  I sat there, baffled and pondering.  W!  So I wondered, maybe W is a symbol of sorts, I looked at it closer.  Two V that are connected in the middle creating an individual letter.  Hmmmmm….  I thought back to my last sharing, since he mentioned it… I asked for more clarity, that crazy angel spells out “Go play in the river.”  Hayyyyyyy!!

I put down my pendulum and googled the letter W.  Wikipedia is always there for me in some way.  Double U.  To see it there, written out in that way, seemed to deepen what I was feeling with the two connected V’s that create W and my last sharing.

Double me!!  lol

But what the hell is up with “go play in the river.”  It seems so randomly placed in our brief communication.   But nothing is ever random with spirit.  So after I rescheduled the last person on my reading agenda, I did exactly that.  Went to the river.  Of course, my that time, the monsoon clouds were building (again) and claps of thunder followed my footsteps to the river.  The river is running way to muddy for me to go into and with the rains, a bit too fast.  So I sat on my stump on the edge of the river and being completely in the void, took pictures (since my seeing and hearing was completely down.)

The faces in the clouds starting showing up instantly, but the one that really took my breath away was a dragon directly over the Mesa housed in a circle of light:



Shortly after I took this picture, lightning came from that same place and this chick headed back to the house.  I don’t need that kind of electrical reboot.  The very second I got into the house, the skies opened up and hurled rain to the earth.  The rain was coming down so fast the front driveway was already flooding within minutes.  I picked up my camera to take some pictures and the first one just took my breath away:

rain orbs


I realized there is so much more coming into earth when it rains, than water.  Pure energy.  The release of harvested energy impregnating the ground for those who know how and have the desire to use it.

I have a feeling, when the connections are turned back on, the element of water is going to be an important aspect of our time together.

And now, I know I have found my deep inner focus for this phase of the every evolving game of life.   W.

And I pray, my day begins and the instruction set that can only come thru You, is available today!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of soaking light rain to all!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Wonderful Pictures !!!!! Yesterday I was thinking of the pictures from your gathering, filled with orbs 🙂
    When I looked at your clouds over Mesa pic, I felt a Phoenix. And underneath, a … door. Like parts of the cliff will come down, revealing an opening (ok, crazy here).
    Much Love to you, and thank you so much for writing even when you feel off.


    • (((HUGZ))) Brianna! Nothing at all crazy about what you feel. On January 15th in the middle of the night, the Mesa did release a 30 foot section of itself. I posted the pictures in my blog the next day: (Click here to see it)

      That blog equally shows the “doorway” I had always seen since moving here.

      Since that time, more and more smaller releases have been consistantly happening… so you are not crazy but spot on!!

      Maybe it is a pheonix dragon??? Fire and rain!!

      I love ya!! More (((HUGZ))) filled with revealed excitement!! ❤ ❤


  2. I’m floored !!! 🙂
    I was reading your post, looking at the Mesa pictures… Oh maa gaaawd 😀
    So there is a door (the kid inside me is jumping up and down)
    Oh, the pictures with the top Glowing … amazing !
    If I didn’t live clear across the ocean (and half a continent or two), I’d come down like… NOW and look for a wee house around 😀

    Yes, Fire and Rain. Story of 2013 and more I guess. Here we’re on the Fire side right now. Oh boy I love all this (yes, even tho we have all kinds of physical quirks happening).

    Love you, Mesa Guardian Lady ! YOu weave some beautiful magic |(and more) !
    Hugs filled with multi colored Bubbles o’Joy 😀


  3. thank you….this was profound ….for us that read you….and for you….


  4. HI Li li, I love how spirit is making us truly realize that we need to develop Patience and allow the divine will to unfold 😉 our human will is so pesky! I was reconnecting yesterday with my guardian trees in the neighborhood. I have been kind of hanging close to home for the summer, suprisingly because I love to walk around and visit all the different personalities, but after coming back from boston this past weekend and really feeling the HUGE difference in energy from one place to another (reminded me of your pennsylvania jaunt!) I chose to visit my trees.

    As I was walking-two of them had suffered greatly, one was dead and will come down, another was covered with huge swaths of brown leaves. I started to send love and light to it for its healing and the message came back loud and clear–love and light for support of its divine path…no expecations of outcome or attachment to a specific outcome–that inhibits the free will choice….I was floored that it would come in so strong and well, so perfect….So, I send YOU love and light and support your divine path unfolding, no matter what it is! 🙂

    As for W, I thought water right away! the amorphous, ever changing, flowing around obstacles, deep and life giving water…..Big hugs! Chillin in the void aint such a bad thing! 🙂 love you! Alex


    • Hi Alex,

      thank you so much for reminding me of the free will choice … 😉 We have been fighting here more or less all summer for three great old linden trees that are to be chopped down so they can build an ugly house there. 😦 So far we have been able to save them at least until the end of the summer, but they might still fall when the “vegetation period” (the time when trees wear leaves ;)) is over. But I so want them to survive and sometimes it’s hard to keep reminding myself to keep focusing on the highest good, WHATEVER that may be … even if its the opposite of what I would wish to happen. So thanx for reminding me again to let go and let God … 😉



  5. […] / link to original article […]


  6. yesterday I listened to a free session on the importance of aug 19th and our abilities coming online to use our Steve Rother from It was all about the magic of water, in our bodies, on the earth and the one delivering much of the message was a being called M. Just made me laugh with your W….inversion of the same magic. A new path opens as we are remembering our abilities as creator beings. Finally!!! Today I am feeling the path opening and sensing the fun just ahead. Thanks for sharing as always, Lisa.


  7. Hi Lisa,

    thanx for the confirmation … I was completely down all of Sunday, sleeping and dreaming … so I thought big things must be moving, since this has not happened in a long while. Now that you write the same thing, I know it’s true. 😉

    I had to laugh about the remarks from your “cryptic angel”. Maybe the “Double You” is your Divine Self?

    ((((HUGZ)))) and thank you as always,


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    Thank you!


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