Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 7, 2013

Expanding Consciousness thru Multidimensional Mergers.

multidimensional selfs

I think, it is much easier for me to see what is happening to you, energetically, and understand it, than you (or even myself) be in the actually energetic experience in the moment, and know what the energy is really doing to us.  I say this because twice yesterday, I was asked the question “will I know when this is happening.”  Even when we get downloaded or uploaded (from earth) all at once, it still takes us days, months, sometimes, years to completely assimilate and use what was just set into us.  However, USE is the key operative here.  For example, if I didn’t start my days with these sharings, so much would fall away from my understandings.  I have said this so many times, I understand me more efficiently because you give me the privileged of understanding you.

I find it interesting that both people that asked this question yesterday were both men and both men were undergoing a multidimensional reunion with other aspects of themselves, each quite differently.

My first beautiful man on the field, showed up on his new platform of life as if there were 5 of him standing there.  All aligned on the outer most edge of his circular platform, starting at the Southwest point, each one standing next to the other and reaching the direct west point.  What made his connection even stranger was, two of the 5 images I was seeing of him was like a cross between a Siamese and a parasitic twin.  Half inside him, half out.  I realized this was showing the reunion already underway.

For this man, every image looked exactly like the one I know on this earth and we came to understand these other 4 are versions of him that are incarnated in other alternate realities of earth, having experiences he was not and now, the greater experiences of all aspects are finding a singular point of expression, the him that is incarnated here with us.

To see and understand what is happening within him, suddenly made so much sense to me.  A single human body can only have so many experiences in one lifetime (which is why we incarnate over and over and over again) and when we need a vast amount of experiences turned into wisdom, why not have 5 incarnations happening on different versions of earth at the same time, we can get a lot done in those 5 separate bodies all emerging from the same consciousness!!

If there are ever any times you are feeling incredibly bloated or like you ate too much for days on end, chances are, you are actually undergoing a multiple self merge within.

Now in a similar vain, two readings later, I had a man with 4 very different, very ancient aspects of himself marching across his stage of life about 5 feet from the present moment.  Getting a hand on time is a very pesky thing in a circular view, but it felt like this merger will start in about a week for him.  But instead of being mergers of this same timeline in different dimensions, his was lifetimes he had lived and gained wisdom “before the chaos” started.  (The quotes are from his team.)  The 4 aspects I had seen of him reminded me of the old Indian dress, but his team was quick to remind me, Indian is all I know, there are many other tribes, inhabitants over the span of all time that had nothing to do with being Indian and had their own ceremonial dress.

Each one of his aspects was playing some sort of instrument, separately, but yet, the harmonics together were so vibrational, so amazing really.  Even that represented the tones coming into him as they begin their merger.  How many times have we suddenly heard a loud tone or ringing in our ears, often times, it is the expansion of our consciousness and what we hear is the stretching noise that is happening within the elasticity of our consciousness.

To stay in the vein of our precious men, I had the first massage session here in over a year, of course, the man on my table was the last person I connected to here, in that way last year, so I was excited to see what changes happened or were happening.  The beauty of doing a massage reading verse a phone or skype reading, I see what is happening within the physical body directly.  The incoming energy was amazing, the color packages that are distributing themselves in places I never expected to find “that” coloring.  For example, the entire area of his head, within the cranium was an intense blue.  I could feel it seeping into his brains and consciousness.  His throat was lined with the softest of pink as it engorged his trachea.  My first thought was, your chakra colors moved up one level, but that didn’t feel right at all.  I could not see anything that was happening within the colors, at all.  When I moved from his throat to his upper chest, I really got baffled, he started to look like sand art.  A one inch streak of vivid orange lay across his clavicle and not uniformly either.

sand art

I did realize the colors are from the soul realm and have nothing to do with our chakras.  This, for me, is a new learning curve in understanding.

I could not see any other colors beyond that and from what I was understanding, they are still incoming.  However, the one thing that I did realize, the rest of his spine (which equally houses our core energy) was an opaque kind of translucent color as if a new one was just being laid into him.  Sure enough, that is what his team said.  It is not just happening to him, but ALL OF US!!  Hence the NEW.  I found something so odd and what seemed out-of-place in this incoming new spinal energy… a protrusion from his spine at T 10 thru 12, what the heck is that all about?  He reminded me of his back pain and the many practitioners who helped release the pain from his lower back (including myself.)  I realized, he was given temporary comfort thru those experiences and but he never dealt directly with the source or its origin and so he had to bring it into his new energy body to fully release what he has been dragging around for lifetimes.  There was nothing I could do, with the exception of telling him the source of it happened 3 lifetimes before this one and it is his responsibility to completely free it.

There is so much more to share, especially from my incredible ladies on the field yesterday, but I am already slowly tapping out of energy.  So I am going to simply put this sharing on hold for now and continue tomorrow.  I am going to my recharger (bathtub.)

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of loving bliss to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas






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    • Hi Lisa, would you mind doing a color reading for me too via phone or skype? Namasté Antje


    • Ok, first, I have never posted here before, so hopefully this will post correctly. I ‘need’ to share a dream I had 2 weeks ago. I wrote this down after this dream, so I will post unedited, with the exception of my names, which were mentioned in the dream, one my spirit name, Galilleah, and the other my ‘real’ name.. I have been hoping I would obtain clarity on what this was, because I knew .. it was not really a dream! This may shed some light on the ‘multidimensional selves’:

      I just took a nap and had this most mind blowing dream … the dream that wasn’t really a dream!! I am positive that I just visited my other dimensional selves! I have to write this down before I forget it.

      First, I was tired and really wanted to take a nap. I fell alseep, then woke up, looked at the clock, almost got up because I didn’t think I was going to fall back to sleep, but then I must have …

      In the dream, I would wake up … some place else … as me .. but not me … there were some of the same people in my life, but some versions were different .. some were the same place/location .. not here, but somewhere else … like same apartment, different versions.

      The first one I was so disoriented .. I didn’t know where I was .. I had a roommate, an old high school friend, she had a boyfriend who lived with us … he had hippie hair … and he was very frustrated with me … I could tell they knew me well … I would wake up there .. and be disoriented .. and I tried to tell them that … and it seems I did this before .. because they were irritated with me, wondering what was wrong with me, like I was either making this up or couldn’t control how I was feeling …

      … another one I was in bed … oh .. I originally fell asleep to following a blue grasshopper .. I think it was Jimininy Cricket … I followed him or he followed me, not sure, into another room of the house … and then balloons appeared out of thin air … the first one was in the shape of a blue Eeyore .. one of those smallish mylar balloons … Jimminy was up near the ceiling and I was watching him, wondering what the fuck was it and why was this huge cricket blue …. so I was looking up … and out of no where, this balloon appears, and floats down to me …. while I am pondering that … another balloon in the shape of Piglet, pink, floated down to me … and I know they just manifested out of thin air …. I saw it happen

      Another one I found myself in the bathtub … seems like it was an old fashioned clawfoot tub .. actually all of these buildings were old … I’m loosing a lot of the memories already … but in that one, my daughter came home, I wasn’t expecting her to be home because she IS out of town right now, and I told her so .. that she can’t be ‘here’ because she was out of town and I had just talked to her .. and there was NO way she could have gotten home that quickly .. she kept fussing over this table cloth on this table … and I kept telling her .. you can’t be here .. she just ignored me … in that one I looked down on the floor and found two silver trinkets .. one was an eeyore head and the other, don’t recall, but I picked them up ..

      … Another one my brother had just called me on the phone … he was standing out side my door, I let them in, he said he heard of a job that I might be interested in … more happened, but I dont recall … not sure if it was this one … or a different one, but seems I was having a phone issue .. and someone came out to repair the phone … and the repairwoman said I had to call the home office and give them some information, so I took out all of my ID’s .. wondering which of them they were going to want info off of … and the lady started off saying .. ok, your name is G****** P****? … and I looked at my IDs and they all said W*** D****** … so I got confused and didn’t know what to tell the woman, so I hung up ….

      … Another one I was a young lady .. teenish … my mother (not my mother) was fixing my hair .. my hair was longer, just past shoulder, straight, and blondish … she did a half pony tail … It seems this was some sort of special occasion .. not sure what, but there were people who were waiting for me in a hall … and my mother was telling me what I needed to do .. I needed to go in .. and make some sort of speech .. and then sit down to a dinner .. it felt like some sort of school …

      … of note .. in ALL of these versions .. there was music playing … I N E V E R dream of music …. each one the music was loud and distinct … tho right now I can’t recall the songs .. some light pop .. some was jazz … but all very loud and clear …

      … another one had to do with working and co-workers … again, felt like the same location .. a large, older building with lots of rooms .. at one point in this dream, I was outside, returning … and it was raining very hard .. and I was going up some cement steps .. and the water was up to about the second step going up … it seems I hesitated about going back inside .. I was there earlier in the dream, because I recalled working .. but a lot of it is slipping ..

      … there were a few more versions, but I wasn’t in them long enough to be able to write anything coherent about, but there were a few more. One had my ex bf Fred in it .. but I wasn’t there long enough to grasp anything .. there was a dog …

      ALL of this happened in just over an hour of dream. This was like no dream I ever had. In most of these versions … it seems I had popped in before … because there was ‘familiar’ confusion of this happening before .. and all versions were confused … I was confused being ‘them’ .. they were confused .. feeling different … also in all of these dreams … I was in a very similar place in life .. waiting .. for something good to begin .. in none of these versions was I ‘complete’ .. they all felt like ‘this’ life .. and I am sure you know what I mean by ‘this’ life!

      … the silver eeyore I found on the floor in one of the versions, .. I have in my possession .. and the eeyore theme .. I used to really be drawn to eeyore at the ‘beginning’ of this long 13 year journey .. so this had to mean something …

      .. when I finally did wake up .. in my real time .. I just layed there .. because I felt I came back several times, tried to wake up, but was instead pulled into another, then I would come back to me .. and then be pulled somewhere else … and when I finally did wake up .. I was half expecting to not be able to … !

      WTF was all of that about??? What a mind fuck!

      … so to add to what Lisa said in this sharing .. it felt like THIS version of my self is the MAIN version .. and I went back to those other versions to retrieve something.


  2. Wow, that’s interesting – I saw some colours today where I would never have expected them to be and I was told not to compare with what I’ve learned about chakras etc.

    They were: carmine red 4 inches above my head, lemon yellow on my brow, a translucent watery blue like a very clear pond at heart level, green at the navel and something that looked like a black star sapphire (black with a silvery shimmer) one hand’s width below the navel. The latter I was told was not really black but a colour I did not know.

    When I asked for explanations I was told they would emerge … later. (Pesky spirit! ;))

    I’m really really looking forward to the next revelations coming up …

    (((HUGZ))) of wonder & magic 🙂


    • Hi Zarah!!!! Miss connecting with you weekly and hope you are doing marvelously well! big hugs! alex


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  5. Ahhhhhh LI li, this merging of aspects is so beautiful and clearing of ancient wounds as well! I am also feeling very smalll periods where I am either looking out of my eyes with wonder and a bit of confusion that quickly dissipates or actually feeling two opposing emotions at one time. Today I had such a sense of LOVE swelling in my heart coupled with a pool of sadness at the very same time! Merging, emerging as the one that is me…definitely feeling this! big hugs! 🙂 Alex


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