Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 5, 2013

The Activation of August Energy Requires Your Action Within It!!

Light infusion

Several years ago I started to see the “energy potential” of various up coming months.  The color and texture of that “month” gave understanding of what was going to be available to us in that month.  It took me a long time to really understand the significance of the color(s) and texture(s) as it related to us.

For several months prior to (this) July and August, the color scheme was so clear and (semi) understandable.  July was a beautiful blend of blue and violet energy spattered thru the entirety of the field of July.  This was giving us the ability to become more clear in our communication (the blue) thru the higher fields of wisdom (violet) both to ourselves and all that is around us.  Tremendous downloads of high vibrational information was released thru every day that we called July.

August had always been a very thick, gel-like red month.  The intense red that was shown I knew was in relationship to the new earth energy, the new abilities we will have available to us, depending on how we choose to move thru July.  The thick gel-like substance of August showed us our ability to use and interact with all that we received from July and bring it to life.  (Think of the thick gel kind of like formless play dough that you can form into anything at will.)

So here we are, finally into the active and creative fields of August energy.  We are all being asked, if not demanded, to step up and be interactive, co-creative in our lives, with the Will of our Soul desires.  We are being asked to stretch ourselves (spiritually) like we have never done before, to become elastic in the fields of life.  In this way, we harness more of our potential than in any other way.

The rains from the first few days of August released the new creation at our feet.  I see this new creation as a platform or stage, powered by a complete blend of earth and heaven energy.  Pure energy for creation.  This stage, to be of any real use in our lives, must contain our interaction and creational activity upon it, without the limitations set by our ego mind.

My last connection yesterday, pretty much haunted me all day long and even into this morning.  There he was, sitting on the very edge of his stage of life, facing what I would call the past (as opposed to facing forward or future.)  His feet on the ground of “yesterday” and his butt was occupying about 3 inches of his new stage of life.  At first glance, nothing seemed odd (save the direction he was facing) about his position, until I looked closer.  His stage of life was about 3 inches tall and yet, I seen his body as if he was comfortably sitting on a chair.  Think about when you sit on a curb, your knees are not level with your body, they are raised higher than you butt.  Equally, when we sit on the very edge of a chair, most of our body/butt is hanging off the chair, yet, I seen him as if he was completely sitting on this stage with his entire butt.  But he wasn’t.  His team called it a “distortion field.”  I suppose like the writing on our car mirrors (objects may be closer than they appear.)  Distortion… seeing things one way, when they are really another way,

As I surveyed his new life platform, there was a slight energy to it, but given the 5 other connections over the last two days, not much energy at all.  I (eventually) understood that it is because all of his energy is still where his feet were placed.  That’s when I realized he had such amazingly vibrant colored energy from his feet to his hips.  I know the symbology of this color energy, it becomes more intense when we use it.  New energy appears pastel in radiance (and everyone has a light pastel energy on their new platform, at least, so far… save my first lady with the sectioned stage.)

I started to understand that the intensity of this colored energy reflected the motivations, the desires, everything that got him to this point in his life.  Sometimes, our motivations and desires are not meant to become a created reality, but the fuel to get things done in a different way.  This was exactly where he was, he brought himself to this major crossing point in his field of life, but now, it ALL must be released.

I had to ponder the significance of him sitting on his platform of life, I knew there was something I was missing with that importance.  Thank God for mornings!!  This stage reflects new energy, new exchanges with life, even if we are in the very beginning stages of that new relationship.  His root chakra that begins at his tail bone area, was in alignment with his new life field, but his feet (thoughts and desires) very much still in yesterdays energy.

As I was trying to understand what of yesterdays energy he was still emerged in, I got a crazy (or maybe not so crazy) parallel with my own journey two years ago.  I was living in Bernalillo, NM doing my massage therapy, the same therapy I have done for 6 years.  I was at a point that I needed change.  I could feel it creeping in and drowning me.  I wasn’t even sure what kind of change I wanted, I just knew I was not content with my life as it was in that moment.  But I didn’t do anything different.  The way my mind looked at things, I did massage, because of the length and intensity of my Hands of Light sessions, I could not do more than two massages a day.  Because of this limitation on my income, I was at a place where I could not live anywhere different (namely, on my own, by myself instead of with roommates and animals… smile.)  So I just kept doing what I was doing.  My forearms, carpels and hands became filled with pain during massages, to the point I had to focus all my energy on not feeling pain that I could not even do a reading.  That’s the time I got the prompting to move back to Virginia.  So I did, and tried to do the same thing in Virginia, more massage.  Every door slammed shut in my face, my pain level picked up 100 fold when I did try to do massage and my relationships in Virginia deteriorated fast.

During this crazy time, for the first time in 6 years, phone readings started to pick up, which really shocked me.  I didn’t even put my readings “out there” as my whole focus was on my massage business.  Even when I fully realized moving back to Virginia was not the change my heart desired and moved back to New Mexico within 3 months, I went right back to where I left, except I had already closed down my massage business and reopening it didn’t feel right.  Not to mention, I came back to New Mexico and became intensely sick.  The flu of light settled into my entire Being for 2 weeks.  This was December 2011.

It wasn’t until Archangel Michael whispered in my ear “how do you see yourself in 2012” did anything change.  Because until that moment, I could only see myself doing what I have been doing, living where it was comfortable and affordable and yet, the song of joy was not leaping out of my chest, until my chest replied to Michael.  I realized, I really wanted to live alone, in my own home and in a place that matched my frequency.  Within two weeks, I was handed the keys to the Jemez and trust that I would not be completely screwing this wonderful lady, I call my landlady, over with the inability to make rent.

By dropping everything that I thought was my life, I stepped fully into a new one.

This precious man reminded me his hips to his feet have been in pain (how did I forget that.)  Well, holy cow, right there tells the whole story.  My own arms were in pain because I kept reaching for a life that reached its expiration date, yet, I had no idea what else to do.  With him, it would be the path he was walking and his connection to the physical earth that aligned him to this precious moment of complete change.

The new cannot and will not become activated when we are still aligned with the old.  So I had to wonder, since my beautiful man’s but was on this new stage, he had to do something new… and he did.  He attended the gathering here a few weeks ago.  Establishing new relationships, getting out of his usual routine and doing something wonderfully different.  That is the energy that can and will fuel his new core of life, only after fully releasing any vision, any idea, any anything that got him to here.

Kind of exciting, at least, to me.

One of the readings I had done yesterday was for a male/female couple.  Talk about stretching my understandings with new visuals!!  They were combined into something that looked like a wedding cake in my view, one platform above another, above another, that went up at least 15 layers tall.

wedding cake

Altho no one’s platform was completely white, spirit said thru every connection that at this point, I am not to interpret the colored energy I see bubbling and moving around yet, because it is still “becoming.”

At this point, I don’t care about the coloring, what the hell is up with all those layers??  They stretched from the ground all the way to the upper atmosphere of their reading field.  I knew they both were represented in this view, but like the first lady before them, there was no visual of biology on their platform of life.  Which means, their biology was still adjusting to the newness their platform was asking of them.

I did get to understand that all these layers represented the multidimensional fields of life that are now available to them.  They task was to use them, integrating the ability of using them, first together, then outwards… but… how??

Thank goodness this was a skype reading and they put on their video camera thru the reading.  Because (something I never do during a reading) I turned away from the field (my backyard) and looked at the computer to talk to them about how puzzled I was.  The moment I looked at these beautiful people sitting next to each other I could see something like an antenna or wiring that connected each of their crown energies to the other.  Thank goodness they both meditate, because the instruction came thru to sit in meditation, face to face, holding each others palm chakra in their own and start to feel the communication moving from one to the other.  As they were able to harness and sustain themselves in one layer, the next layer will automatically “pancake” down to add more energy, dimension, connections to their participation.

This whole thing looked and felt soooooo flipping exciting.  I have a deep feeling this is really going to open the pathway for true “telepathic” communications on all dimensions.  Someones got be out there with the machete clearing the way!!

Then there are those whose biology is still aligning with the new platform of life, as was my first lady of the day yesterday.  Her human form was nowhere to be found on her platform of life, but knew the energy itself was still working itself into creation.  What was really interesting with her, in the very center of her platform was a shiny golden rod sticking up about 10-15 feet tall.  I knew this was her magnetic pole, but it was not activated yet, there was no energy flowing thru it.  However, the energy of her platform itself was bubbling and oozing to an olive green in various spots.  It was thru her that the field asked me not to interpret the colors, yet, because they are simply energy packets putting things together.

The one thing I was starting to realize was everyone’s new platform of life was circular and the same size, helping me to realize we are seeing the energy of August and the potential at hand thru our involvement on that field.  Surprisingly, I have yet to get a feel of energy for September at all.

Last but so far from least, my transformer lady!!  At the very edge of her platform of life was a contraption that looked like a cross between a metal fire escape and a transformer set.  It was connected to the edge of her beginning platform and went upwards about 6-7 feet, then just stopped in visual.  Every aspect of her stage as well as this contraption I was looking at, had the same energy make up to it, various colored dots rearranging themselves thru our entire connection.  With everyone else, the colors were in blobs (as opposed to dots.)

I was seeing her biology walking upwards on the part that looked like a multi-dotted structure that formed steps, but then became this… geez, a rectangle kind of box (that kept me feeling and saying transformer.)  The only thing I knew for sure was she was preparing to do transforming work from the higher levels of energy downward (what I would call a soul/sun worker for sure!!)

We do not have to know with our mind what we are doing or about to do, we just have to trust in the energy and inspiration flowing thru us and do that.  Remember, the mind only knows what it has already experienced, the soul will take you to new heights that you have never even imagined possible.

On that note, I am going to close for the day before I give you a mini-novel to read.  Thank you soooo much for Being Here and daring to live life differently and FULLY!!

You are a treasure within the treasure chest called earth!!

((((HUGZ)))) of shiny enegized bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas














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  6. Hi Li li, I was thinking when I saw that visual of the wedding cake, which I feel strongly applies to me and my four ring circus here in my circle of love that we are going to be able to have our cake and eat it too!!!

    I also really loved what you shared at the end about not knowing what we are supposed to do but trusting in our hearts that our soul will know and simply allowing the flow of it and not putting up any road blocks (aka Drag) to keep us in one place. sometimes that can feel like Safety but its really stagnation I have a feeling.

    Big hugs and thanks so much for all you share to help us understand this new spiritual dimensional unfolding! 🙂 Alex


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