Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 2, 2013

Our Super Charged Energy Body and the Enhanced Platform of Our Life.

inner universe

What an extraordinary start to August yesterday was in my world…. hell, to the rest of our New Lives!!  I realized I missed an important sharing in the details of these last few days.  My landlady’s car battery completely died a couple of days ago.  While I was in Albuquerque the other day, I picked her up a new one and together, we replaced it when I came back.  It was really the first time either one of us changed out a battery ourselves, so when we had her new battery in and all hooked up, we were both surprised and might I say a bit worried when her car didn’t immediately turn over.  It sounded like it wanted to, but then didn’t for the first 3-4 turns of the ignition key, then, we heard the sound of the engine start and remain started.  Funny the how the little things can bring you pure joy and a sense of accomplishment.  But even more than that, I could see the energy of the battery needing to be redistributed thru her entire vehicle, hence taking so many turns of the key before the battery was fully and consistently engaged with the whole of the car.

I share this story in relationship to the very moments we are in now.  On July 31st, the old battery of life was completely pulled and as we slept thru that night, a brand new one was installed in every living thing.  As we awoke on August 1st was very much like our first crank of the key.

As I was pouring my cup of coffee to sit with my first connection of the day, I was given a glimpse of his field.  Pure rain energy.  The rain was coming down in streams and filled the entirety of his field.  The rain was colors of clear, various shades of white and light blue.  It was truly breathtaking to see and feel.  I was hoping the rain would part so we can see what we wanted to see.  Hell no.  As soon as we connected, there was that beautiful, intense light rain again and there was no way I could see thru it.  We rescheduled.

In the 45 minutes between his connection and my next, I could feel a flow of energy happening in my own body.  It was contrastingly different from the day before.  Instead of flowing up from the ground thru me, this energy flow was now flowing down thru my crown and thru me vertically as well as horizontally.  I could not only feel my body’s reaction to this energy, but equally, my energy body that surrounds my biology as well.  Now that was kewl!!  It was as if my energy body had nerve endings within it and I could feel the gentle pulsations as this new energy moved down my crown thru my whole Being.

When my second connection arrived, I was really disappointed to see more rain.  Not only more rain, as her phone was ringing and I was waiting for her to answer, spirit put a huge black X over my doorway.

It is funny to hear myself bitch sometimes.  I do it without even realizing I am doing it.  I knew I was not going to be allowed to connect with anyone for the entire day.   Of course, I started complaining and my own team started firmly redirecting me.  For over a year now, I have pleaded with my team, with the field, with anyone or anything that would listen that when the field of life shifts completely, they need to give me the new map of the land BEFORE I do my first reading there.  Finally, for the last two days, that is exactly what they are giving me, and I am bitching about it.  I kind of meant while I was sleeping so nothing would interfere in our connections schedule.

As I rescheduled my lovely lady and wrote an email to everyone else on my agenda, I was reminded of my landlady’s new battery experience with a deeper understanding of what is happening with us as well.  We can look at this rain of light energy as the new electrical current flooding our lives, distributing the energy everywhere it is needed.  Until the last drop of electrical current is in place, putting my face in the stream of energy just isn’t going to happen, I have a feeling, that’s a good thing!

So with my first two appointments rescheduled and an email out to the rest on my calendar, it seems the energy running thru me picked up in intensity.  I could see the energy coming in thru my crown, running thru my entire core, out my root and then encircling me in a new, singular torus around my body that stretched about 5 feet around me.  Like I said above, I could FEEL the energy of my outer field, but now, it was vibrating at the rate of sensual energy, which is really a weird feeling, but not new, well, not really.

My memory instantly went back to a wonderful experience I had in 2007 with a man named Frank.  I was very much in love with him and for the first time in all my life, I was in love in an unattached, needy way.  The first time we had foreplay, I had just given him a Hands of Light Massage and during that session I triggered, with purpose and his permission, many energy centers in his body.  When we went to the bedroom to ride this surging current within his body…. my whole world view on sexual energy changed.  The moment he touched my nerve endings (smile) a surge of conscious energy went from my root thru my heart chakra and I was now completely in two places at once, super alive in feeling in both places.  Part of me was still in the body, feeling and experiencing everything that was happening to the body, the other part, the consciousness part was on the ceiling looking down at the two of us on the bed and the feelings outside the body…. HOLY FREAKIN SHIT BATMAN!!  Whatever the body was feeling, my consciousness outside of my body was feeling to the 100th degree.  The moment he spoke the first word, the entire field collapsed and it was back to the body as usual.  I never had that experience again… well, until yesterday that is.

Of course, yesterday I was doing nothing except sitting in my computer chair to exchange conversations on my facebook, and that became impossible.  Everything within me was trained on this incredible, vibrating field all around me, within me.  It was so incredibly sensual but not even close to sexual.  I sat and just felt with it for the longest while.  It was like the most intensely pleasurable contractions and the feelings were most intense on the expansion of the contraction.

I started to see and understand the depth of what was happening to our new field of life.  If we go back to the visuals that were provided thru my last reading of the day on the 31st, the two half circles of elongated energy.  If we think of them as two clouds in the sky and then those two clouds merge to become one super large cloud, everything within the cloud expands and becomes amplified.  The inner heart field opened up and merged with our outer heart field and has kicked up its magnetic energy thru the entirety of what we would call our created life field.

Last week during one of the readings, we were talking about the downloads.  Spirit said, many of us are no longer downloading or uploading but now in the position to “outload.”  I have a feeling, this is exactly what spirit meant by outloading.

I spent the entire day yesterday in this place.  Deep inside and outside of mySelf.  As the energies of my whole body started to even out, I could see my new “life platform” (spirits description of what I was seeing.)  It was as if I was standing on a new platform that was made of pink and white fizzy energy.  There was an aliveness to this energy, even at its fizzy resting state.  It was a very large circle of energy and I was standing on it in the “present moment” position (to the far left area of the circle)…. feeling it.   So I had to ask spirit, what exactly is this?

In my world of readings, pink is the energy of the high heart center, our soul passion for life.  White is the mutable energy of spirit.  So my question becomes, why am I standing on this?  Spirits reply was simply this is your stage of life.  It represents the energy that has been my focal point to this stage of growth.  Instantly (as my mind started to formulate lots of questions) my team brought me wayyyyy back in my timeline, to 2001 when meditation was changing my life, my mind and returning my biology back into a state of health and I would plead with my spiritual team to allow me to find a way to knock on every single door in this world, and tell people about how profound meditation is, how life enhancing it is.  However, for two more years all my team would say back to me was “healer, heal thyself.”  In March of 2003, they opened the door for me to do just that, but not in the way I expected it.  I started to do readings, teaching meditation came many months later.  I started to build my website, put out podcasts of information, have sat and written well over a 1000 blogs to date.  My soul passion and my life are now one and the same, hence the pink and white stage of life.

Of course, getting to here was far from roses and sunshine.  Releasing every sense of identity, of every sense of self importance, every earthly connection, I might as well have died a thousand deaths along the way.  Actually, I am pretty sure I did.  And it hurt like freakin hell too.  At least, until all I could feel was the purity of love.

So, with my new question in tow, I had to ask, how do I use this platform beneath my feet.  The reply is not what I expected.  “Walk forward.”  This is the case for every one of us.

As I sit here and think about all the people on this earth, I equally see so many varying “platforms of life.”  Different colors, some with specs and/or chunks of black within their platform (and I am seeing no one in particular, just a reply to my internal question of other that I am sure I am going to see in readings.)

From what I am understanding at this moment (subject to change once we get rolling on the new connections) the various colors of platforms will represent the energy of ones field of life.  Example, pink for passion, yellow for soul enhancement, green for heart expression, etc.  Any black that may be present will be representing areas we are still holding onto something that needs clearing/releasing.

This visible stage will be present until the Equinox in fall (spring across the pond.)

Let me explain as much as I can about the “walking forward” part.  The moment you put your foot down onto a new space of energy on your stage of life, it releases all that is running thru your heart instantly back to you.  Here is where a word of caution is needed (and was an experience I created for myself some time ago,)  So many people ask me about relationships, often, this is accompanied by a desire list.  Loose any lists!!  Because list come from the ego, only knowing what it has experienced before and not wanting that again… because what you will create for yourself is everything behind the list.  This goes for everything, not just relationships, since the true energy is on what you do not want.

I think it is really easy for most of us to miss what is really running thru our core energy and what our soul really needs us to experience for growth.  The mundane world is filled with spiritual opportunities of growth and service, far beyond the “metaphysical” community.  Yet, when we think about expanding our spiritual skills, we think of a metaphysical environment as opposed to, lets say, construction work or fixing machines or bagging groceries.  Yet, they house huge opportunities to really learn and understand the developing skill set emerging more than any other environment.  So often we get so blinded by the illusion of light, we miss what is right in front of us to take advantage of.

The inflow of energy happening right now is creating the matched frequency from your energy field that is your body, to the platform beneath your feet.  This is going to be one hellofa an interesting month and learning to use the fullness of life that is now available to us, thru us.

I cannot wait to see the details thru the Light of your Soul with the stage of life beneath your feet.  I love you soul much, thank you for rocking all of our worlds into a greater and clearer harmony!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with energy rain and fizziness!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  4. Hello..I am new to your writings and am enjoying them…I follow a few people, one of them is Patricia Cota Robles..are you familiar with her?

    When you say you see someone and their “field”, is this someone from another dimension coming to visit?

    Thanks for the clarification..sounds like some exciting days ahead!

    Cyndy Long Beach, CA


  5. Dearest sister Li li, boy howdy are we rocking the field and your battery example is so so true! I am feeling the circulating energy you describe as well, but on top of that is this big release of all my past health issues. It feels as if my body systems are reacting strongly to the change in rhythm and frequency, like how it feels different to jog versus skipping. doing my very best to release and allow this re-energizing process to occur.

    I love your fizzy pink lemonade life platform! Awesome~ big hugs and i love you soul much right back! 🙂 Alex


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