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The Gathering – The Seed Energy – The Planting


I find it amazing, deeply humbling, to watch energetic change in progress.  Hell… to understand the energetic change in progress (at least to some degree!)  About 2 weeks before the gathering I was sitting at the river exchanging with the Guardians when I watched them place a very thick (at least 6-7 inches thick) layer of energy thru out the entire backyard area.  This energy blanket was clear with various specks of colors scattered about inside.  The Guardians said it was for protection.

Yesterday morning as I sat down to share, grateful I am feeling spiritually human again, they gave me an image to help me understand why my own energy field has been, well, crazy (in a good, but exhausted way.)  I was shown a large in ground swimming pool filled with clear water and then people jumping into the water, splashing and playing and having wonderful fun.  The water is in constant motion, becoming rearranged from its previous state and being enhanced by everyone’s joyful energy.

In my home, we left open (no guardian energy.)  I think many of us do not realize exactly what we do and what we create, energetically, within the area’s of our homes.  My bath meditation on Monday really allowed me to see my home from a very different perspective.  I have been weaving energy here in my house since the day I moved in, each area contains an energy field designed for particular growth and experiences.  My kitchen (where I do our readings) is for soul family connections.  Behind that, where my massage table is, is vibrationally set to stimulate and enhance the DNA of whomever is on that table.  Where I am at now, my computer desk, is a processing center of sorts, giving me the ability to take the esoteric and make it tangible in language.  My bathtub is the communication portal directly to my soul center.  Seeing and understanding these area’s really didn’t surprise me, but the last two area’s, did.  My bedroom is set up for the depths of lunar energy and all that goes with that exchange, the couch area of my home is set up for sun energy integration.

Monday evening, Andrea and Esther had amazing and wonderful energetic experiences.  I was on the couch in a coma for 9.5 hours.  I woke up more exhausted than I can ever remember being… ever.  As the ladies shared their exciting experiences thru the night, it became very clear why I was so tired… a tired I would do again, in an instant, with expanded joy.  There are many portals that were created in my bedroom for various experiences and energy exchanges.  Monday night just happened to be the full moon, which shines brightly thru the unique upper windows of my bedroom.  My biology was put into a dead sleep so these wonderful souls could jump and play within the energy fields within my bedroom and so my biology was not affected by their experiences, but equally, so they had full power access to the fields.

As I was doing my sharing yesterday, the full brunt of the energy exchange that was this long weekend, was shown to me, especially in relationship to myself, my biology.  All the energy lines in this place, what I call my backyard, stretches from the top of the Mesa, thru the ground work of not only my backyard, but equally my landlady’s and my neighbor to the right.  You and I (thru our connections) breathe in the new energy to the field, the Guardians do what ever needs to be done with the new energy and it becomes a new, transmuted molecular structure that is sent outwards for all to use.

Yesterday, as I connected to the field thru readings, a larger story was revealed.  The first thing I could see was an amber bubble over the inner field, a place in my back yard where your inner heart reflection unfolds.  Above this large amber bubble of energy it was raining gold and silver specs of vibrant energy, just about everywhere I could see (all on the outside of this bubble,) except on area on the far left of the field.  The energy there was fuzzy or scattered or something.  But also, I could equally see the debris fiend of all the things still in the back yard.  This is the area we actually held the gathering, the drumming, the fire, the togetherness.  So there were tables, chairs, coolers, garbage still sitting there and it was creating, I think I can only call it an interference pattern where the soul light of expression could not happen over the mundane objects in its way.  Which, alone is interesting.

In-between my first and second reading, I cleared the backyard.  I realized the interference pattern I was seeing was coming from some orgonites and magnetic wands placed in a formation.  I also realized that that energy was being released to the left, representing the past energies.  Look out people still traveling the timelines to Here!!  I moved them to the front of the house, got everything out of the field and prepared for my 2nd reading.

Another strange thing about yesterday, all three reading appointment’s were men.  Never have I had a day where all connections were masculine, however, it is the divine masculine that gives the spark of created life to all the new energy released by the dreaming divine feminine.

When I connected to my second man of the day, something new was happening.  All that gold and silver energy was no longer in my field of vision, but instead, the inner field was now breathing in and out.  I watched as the amber bubble expanded and contracted, slowly, rhythmically.  I could gain no other visuals or really any further understanding… except that it is really really important to clear y/our clutter for all spaces we use spiritually!!!!!

Before I connected with my third and final man of the day, I sat in my reading seat and pondered.  Instantly, I had seen a bigger story play out.

Friday morning Andrea and Esther decided to hike up the front of the Mesa.  Esther stayed at the bottom while Andrea zipped upwards and as if on automatic pilot (of course, there was a guardian co-piloting her) proceeded to create a medicine wheel in front of the very space I will plant my crystals.

medicine wheel


In the center of the wheel is a orgonite dish created by Esther.  I have never heard of orgonites until Esther came toting their beautiful creations, but I learned quickly they really work to clear and enhance any and all base energies.  The way I see and feel this energy wheel is pulling the base energies thru all the timelines, in all the directions, and transmuting it into the higher vibrations, gently and permanently.

So as I was sitting, pondering what is happening to the field, to us… I was shown.  Unbeknownst to me, the guardians also created a very protective bubble of energy around the immediate back yard (inner heart field.)  It served to take all the energy released thru our gathering, harness it to that energy wheel (sorry, I cannot call it a medicine wheel) and changing the energy into a permanent collection of enhanced molecules, and the inner bubble is now breathing them to life.

When my third man showed up on the field, a wave pool of watery energy formed on the ground.  Soft waves like in a gentle ocean.  White in radiance, fluid in motion, hydrating, enlivening the new seed energy of creation.

What I could not figure out yesterday, but today is crystal clear in my understandings… was any of these connections representing a personal reflection.  YES!!  Every one of them were.  Everyone was placed on the field exactly as needed in reflection and understanding for themselves, and our greater journey together.

My first man has got a debris field to clear up as well as some past energy that is still open and affecting his present moment (the orgonite is now working with you on that.)  My second man is in-between his old story and new story, breathing his intentions into creation.  My last man, hydrating, watering with intense and gentle energy, his next creation of life.

What I find very interesting and incredibly synchronicitic about my last mans water energy… it started raining here yesterday afternoon, a slow, gentle rain that lasted well into the night.  We almost never have that kind of rain, it usually comes in fast, heavy and then leaves.

I am also being shown that everyone that was here, now has a hmmmmmm… a thread of the energy that is the Mesa connected into their biology.  A connection that can never be lost or released and will continue to enhance the greater all in which we live and serve.

I have got to thank you all for being such amazing teachers and facilitators in my own path of expanded energy awareness and connections.  There was so much I did not know, or maybe better said, stop to realize, about energy, our own personal fields and the extraodinariness that happens when joined together on planet earth, physically.

The one thing I fully realized as the day turned into evening yesterday, how “community” affects each other and the greater landscape.  Many talked about wanting to be in a ‘community” as we gathered and experienced each other thru this weekend.  Of course, for me, my only interest, desire, is the community that will house the energy of Shambhala.  This, I will save for a future sharing.  For now… my day beckons!!

With all my heart, all my soul, and the ongoing echo’s of the drums beating our next grand adventure into Life…. THANK YOU for Being!!

I love you ALL SOUL much!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  For those who did not get the link to the pictures and audio’s of our weekend, here it is again:  I will be adding more photos, bear with me please.

ADDED NOTE:  As I was looking for art for this sharing, I so heard the Guardians say “The Planting” an energy taken from a series of hypnosis events from early last year.  It went from a seed energy to a reality.  For those of you who have not participated in the Hypnosis from the Guardians here is the webpage it is housed on:  You are going to have to put them all on pause (I cannot seem to get them to not start all at once) and start at the top with “The Planting” and work your way down, in order.  Enjoy!!!







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  5. Ahhhhh…..simply beautiful energy wheel! Li li thanks for sharing and being YOU and helping through your path for us to see US more clearly! Hugs! Alex


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