Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 13, 2013

Integrating and Adjusting to the Expanding Light Infusion and Releasing! Phew!!


I think, the greatest part of this journey, at least in my world, is to be both a participant and a witness at the same time, to all that is happening inside and outside of us and to eventually understand it!  That crazy place I was in the day before yesterday, there was one element that was present that I didn’t mention, but now realize how important that part was.  For the better part of the day I had this… feeling in the bony aspect of my skull directly at my forehead.  The feeling was like having the bone itself widen itself.  It created a constant, very dull-like headache thru the forehead area of my head.  I mention this only because it was a precursor to what I experienced yesterday.

When I did my first reading yesterday I started to get a dull headache at the very back/bottom of my head.  I knew it was my Medulla Oblongata.  As I concluded my 2nd reading of the day, that dull headache spread and increased and I could see sprays of light energy radiating out from the Pons part of the brain up and outwards at my forehead.  (If you are interested, I have a webpage dedicated to these very important aspects of our self, just click here.)

I also know what triggered the acceleration of energy.  My second lady was set up in the West field aspect of her reading (harvested energy) and was standing just outside the radiantly glowing inner life field aspect of her life banging on what I can call the outer wall of this area (not that it is a wall at all.)  Coupled with her visual was a song I have not heard in forever: “If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the daytime…”   I was watching her do something (hammer I suppose) to her outer aspect of her inner life field that released outwards (to her outer life field and all over herself too) tons of colored energy.

Let me be clear about the difference (in my readings) about the inner and outer life fields.  The inner field consists of the body, the home in which you live, the close relationships you tend, most of the time (but not always) your job.  The outer life field is the extension of your life, like those casual friends, even your trips to the store, anything that is out there, but not consistently or deeply close to your “life.”  If you are desiring change within your inner life, ya gotta release that energy to your outer life, otherwise, stillness is all that happens.

From what I am understanding thru my second lady on the field, is that the energy that is coming in thru our infusion/enhancement (chose a word) is engorging our inner life field, purposely.  It is our job to release this engorged, highly magnetic energy outwards to bring to us our deepest desires.  Not in concrete visuals… but in deep heart desire for change.

When I finished with this lady I suddenly found myself with a 2 hour unexpected gap in my schedule.  Two people had to reschedule.  My first thought, since my connections were so absolutely clear and on, was to see if someone wanted to have their appointment earlier than next week, but noooooooo…. my team had other plans for my sudden gift of two hours free in the morning.  I could hear the Guardians calling me down to the Mesa.  Why not, it was just after 10 am and now my next appointment isn’t until noon.  I grabbed my camera and my smokes then suddenly had a prompting to bring a cup of coffee with me too (now that is weird, but who am I to argue.)  As I was collecting my things, just as suddenly as the coffee prompting, I felt the desire to take one of the crystal rock clusters I had just cleaned the day prior and were all set lining my front door, with me to the Mesa.  On my way out the back door, I grabbed one of the single pointed clear crystals from my most recent dig too.

I put my coffee cup on the ground to my left, placed the triangulated cluster into the ground and leaned the pointed crystal on the Mesa side pointing to the cluster, which was also pointing towards me.  On my walk down to the Mesa I noticed how incredible the cloud formation was in the sky.  So now that I had my hands free, I took my camera and shot a few blinding pictures directly upwards.  This one is my favorite:

mesa sky


It really reminded me of the energy I had just witnessed from my second reading surrounding her intense point of light.  Granted, in the reading the energy splatters were very colorful…

I sat in my chair and focused on the Mesa itself.  Noticing the new faces that have emerged since the last time I sat there (last week sometime.)  And then it happened… an instant instruction and experience all at the same time.  The moment the Guardians said “see beyond what you are looking at” it happened.  The Guardians started walking down from the top of the Mesa, very skillful rock walkers.  All but one had the form of a body, but the energy of glowing amber.  They literally walked down the rock with such ease.  The one who was not like all the others I knew was Jorge.  He was a bit odd-looking, a cross between glowing amber and a really really bloated human in biology.

AS I watched them all walk down the rock slide that makes up the Mesa side, I was actually in awe at the way they can navigate the sheer amount of rock.  Their response to my inner awe was they know every pebble, every piece of dirt that make up this Mesa and have a deep relationship with it all.  They walk in harmony, in relationship to it all and therefore, harmony is what takes place.  This would become an important tidbit as our communication continued.

As I continued to watch and feel their journey downwards, I was becoming engulfed in their energy.  Phew baby.  The only thing I could think of asking at this point was mostly about Jorge, his odd-looking appearance and the only one of the many in some sort of human biology.  Whats up with that!!??

Imagine a life form, a true consciousness that has never had biology on.  They would have to adjust to being in biological form as much as we (the humans) are adjusting to being in larger, more expanded energy while in form.  In a way… he has to slow down his vibration to allow biology to house his energy.  I (we) have to speed up our vibration to be able to stand in the same place with each other (biologically speaking.)  Obviously… a work in progress!! lol

My own field of vision kept being drawn to what looks like a fire pit (but is really just a pile of debris) to my left.  The Guardians said they would love us to have a fire ceremony while we have our gathering.  My first thought went to the fires we have had.  The embers that can move up and hit any of the brush all around both my backyard as well as the river side.  I actually became worried.  Obviously, they felt that too and reminded me of their relationship with the rocks.  If we are in harmony with the fire, the fire will be in harmony with us.  No harm can ever come when all is in harmony.  I was also instantly reminded of the daily storms and high humidity… they are preparing our land for the reunion at hand.

I left it at…. we will see.  lol

All this took place in the length of time it took me to have one smoke.  By the time I put out my cigarette, I was buzzed.  Not only buzzed, I started sneezing over and over uncontrollably.  Suddenly my sinus’ went into overdrive and I needed a tissue!!  I never even took a sip of my coffee as I picked up my coffee cup and headed back to the house wondering why I even brought the coffee to begin with… I heard them say, drink it, they filled it with their energy.  THAT should have come with a warning!!

I was already vibrating to kingdom come, a few sips of that coffee… sitting in my chair was no longer possible.  Holy heaven batman… My first thought, bath-time!!  I still had an hour and 15 minutes before my next reading… I had time.  But nooooooooo….  It is kind of unnerving when your every thought is heard.  The Guardians said this energy is yours and yours alone, go to your bedroom and grab your lermurian crystal.  Who am I to argue.

Holy radiated energy batman, this was like nothing I have ever experienced.  The only frame of reference I have for it would be kundalini on over drive, but yet, it wasn’t really kundalini, at least not the kind I have been familiar with.  Even tho I could see every trail of energy happening, I have no way of putting it all into words.  I am going to skip sharing the juicy middle (smile) and skip to the end… with the odd form of Jorge above me, and a Guardian side by side all around me… I watched and FELT as each one, at the same time, extended their arm over me and again, in sync, placed their hands inside my body at the place they were sitting.  My whole body exploded, there was no possible way of even containing that energy.  Thank god they knew what to do, they never left that exploding energy leave my body, instead it bubbled under each cell of my skin.  I laid there, so completely stoned out of my mind!!  Phew…

As I got back up all I could think of was my approaching noon reading.  How the hell can I read in this state??

Again, as synchronicity has it, a wonderful exchange on my facebook wall brought something illuminating to my awareness.  A link to a page called: The Biology of Kundalini.  (To read the full sharing, just click on the title link.)  The first line of that website page had my full attention: The opiate substance secreted from the pineal gland during Samadhi has been variously called Nectar of the Gods, ambrosia, amrita, and the Living Water.

I have no idea what Samadhi is, but I do get the rest.  The Living Water… our cranial and spinal fluids.  …The pituitary gland is located inside a round bony cavity that is separated from the sphenoid sinus by a thin bone that forms the roof of the sphenoid sinus. The sphenoid sinus is the most posterior sinus. The drainage from the sphenoid is almost directly down the throat from an ostium (hole) that opens into the posterosuperior part of the nasal cavity. The sphenoid sinus is adjacent to the main nerve that is responsible for vision, the optic nerve. The main artery that goes to the brain, the carotid artery, travels along the wall of this sinus.

Now I really understand my sneezing jag that stopped as soon as I got to drinking my enhanced cup of coffee.

Couple all this integrating understanding with my brain ache that last pretty much all day, originating from the brain-stem and pons, a light spray outwards thru my own forehead.  I Am (We Are) changing… expanding vibrationally and then some!!  Oddly enough, I don’t even give a shit what it may mean to us, I am THRILLED to be in the experience of it happening as it happens, all catapulted by YOU!!

Thank you dear god, I returned to what I am just going to call my new normal (vibrationally speaking) by the time my noon appointment rolled around.  The last thing I wanted to do is reschedule someone because I had a party within myself!

With my last reading of the day a new story was unfolding.  I watched as she was joyfully skipping from the left side of her outer life field, hand in hand with a glowing image that resembled her, moving forward into the newly enhanced inner life field.  I knew instantly this was showing her biological form and her soul energy moving forward hand in hand…. joyfully.  As the two entered the intense field of light I watched as the pair seemed to levitate, elevate, together, forming an upward spiral of assimilation to the new energy that is her inner life field.

This was beautiful, joyful and equally puzzling… until I asked her one question… do you meditate.  No.  What we are doing, energetically within and without does not require meditation at all.  It does require letting go of old habits, changing our ways from negative to positive and many many people are doing this without every saying they are on their spiritual path, which is wonderful and needed and something to celebrate.

However, if you have a desire to use this enhanced energy, with focus and desired intent… learning, becoming so familiar with vibrational patterns is really important.  Meditation is the only full and true way you are going to have full use of what is actually already yours to use.  I have a set of audio meditations on my website to help you jump-start this co-creative process within.  Just click here.  I am so sorry that all the audio’s start at the same time, I cannot seem to fix that.  So just put them all on pause.  Also, they are all really old podcasts that I recorded about 2006 and they are exercises NOT guided meditations.  Just listen to the instruction then go do them.  Remember, your partnered with your soul and in the meditative experience with that wise part of you…. and knows these exercises by heart!!

And on that note, I must get ready for my day.  May passion engulf you and explode within you!!

((((HUGZ)))) of bliss,

Lisa Gawlas








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  2. Wow! So glad I read this today, but I wanted to know the middle bit and not just the end 😉 I know it already wink wink! 😉 Last night as I lay in bed I had a similar issue with my lower brain and it tensed up so much I had pain down my neck and into my shoulder…we worked with it to release it and then as I was laying quietly in my heart center I had a shot of energy up the spine and a very intense “plugging in” at the third eye (pretty typical before a download and pretty regular now) and then I had what felt like a mini explosion in the frontal lobe to the right side. Now I have always been left sided energetically and my core energy is only just recently “moved” to center so I have a feeling that this right side in the front is now being upgraded…loads of change! Such wonderful stuff happening! Love you Li li! alex


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