Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 12, 2013

The DNA in Change thru the Spinal and Cranial Fluids and the Central Nervous System.

spiritual dna

The night before last, as I was laying on the couch watching a Dexter rerun (that i recorded) I do believe I was spiritually drugged (smile.)  I went from watching TV, to waking up just before 4 am, my light and TV still on, my hummer food (and my super) still on the stove…  I woke up really disoriented and confused.  As the morning wore on, I realized I woke up in body only and nothing but my base brain functions available to me.

I have spent my share of time in and out of the “void” more times than I can count over the last 13 years, with so many of them being experienced differently, but yet, with that familiar feeling of being in the “void.”  Yesterday, however, what like nothing I have ever experienced before.  I had energy, so it had nothing to do with being tired, at all.  What I really didn’t have was my emotional field in place and zero of the higher mind functions.  Sharing, was not even a desire.  That alone told me something weird was creeping around in me!!

As I attempted my first reading of the day, I knew something was very strange in Denmark.  I wasn’t surprised that I had zero connection to her, what did surprise me was I also had zero connection to me.  Even in every past “void” time within myself, I can feel my own attempt at connecting.  Not yesterday, at all.  Not even that (consistent) emotional frustration (born out of loving desire) about having to reschedule.  Weird.

I was so emotionally nonexistent that I kept thinking of our old friends, the Grays.  How strange and I might add, incredibly boring to go thru any life without the emotional field of highs and lows.  But the Grays had one thing I didn’t, most of the higher mind function, or even the desire to function more highly.  Like I said, just weird.

After a few hours of being in this state, I was really wondering what the point of this “total void” is.  My team threw me a single, distant cookie.  As I was on the holy  toilet, as if they were speaking to me from the moon (very very distant) all I heard was “central nervous system being reworked.”  Huh?

I did my very best to hone my antenna into myself, I wanna see what this is.  The most I could muster was spinal fluid and even that was like a really thick fluid of clear and deep gold tones.  This morning, I do have a clearer understanding of what is up with that part of us.

For any aspect of us to function as we do, the spinal chord and the brain itself must be engaged.  The spinal fluid surrounds the spinal cord and mixes with the cranial fluids that surround the brain.  It is the fluid itself that was being reworked.  As new energy is mixed into the fluids, it changes the abilities within the spine and brain function.  Changing out the DNA that was already present, or perhaps, enhancing various aspects of the DNA.  Bringing in and turning on expanded Light Codes within our DNA, our changed blue prints of Life.

There is such a magnetic feel to the gold I see, the feeling is, think it (with emotion) and it is done.  No cross bars to straddle, equally, no cross bars to defuse the time delay either.  This allows our spiritual abilities to be stronger, instant, expanded.  Unless we think we can’t… that has its own hazards.

Something unusual happened to me as I slept.  I woke up at 11:30 pm and could barely breathe as I started coughing like a mad woman.  I was all rattly in my chest, and the deep coughing triggered my gag reflex… and of course, I ran to the bathroom and released whatever was in my stomach.  I didn’t turn any lights on, but what came out was thick and just odd (given my lack of eating these days).  I felt so refreshed after that, the coughing, the wheezing stopped completely and I fell back to sleep until 6am… 9 hours of sleep.

I did a reading several days ago that I have not shared, but now is very relevant to what I am understanding.  My beautiful lady emerged directly above what I call her energy sac.  Her soul aspect was in biological form (well sorta, giving me a feeling of a cross between wonder woman and peter pan) and holding onto two thick rope like threads of energy.  Both were a deep gold to almost bronze color and intertwined with each other.  I kept feeling a connection to the double helix, except, there was no space at all between the left and right strand (in the double helix we see how, looks like a spiral ladder, now take out the steps so the left and right sides are bound together.)

double helix

Our double helix is what science can see, and what has produced our gene gnome, the blue print of what is within our body genetically speaking.  What if, we now choose our genetics as we go.  Changing the gnome at the speed of thought/desire.

I realized why they (spirit) are not working directly on our spinal chords or gray matter, biologically, we could not bear that, but change the fluids it changes the entire body and the entire mental construct.  And even with that, we have to be tapped down in our use of the energy that flows thru us.

I realized too, how extraordinarily important our emotional field is to our creation.  To our lives.  Every single thing we do, is fueled by emotion.  My sharings when I wake up, is my emotional desire to sit down and have a conversation of Light and coffee.  Every word I type, is fueled by an emotion running thru me.  When we connect on the phone, there is still that emotional feeling running thru me, even (with the exception of yesterday) when I have known I was in the “void.”  That feeling, was nonexistent yesterday.  So were any readings!  dammit. (smile)

Even something as mundane as house cleaning is fueled by a desire.  I surely had the energy to clean house, just zero desire.  Or eating, our food meets our desire within and when we are in harmony within ourselves, we eat the desire running thru us… however that manifests as our food.  No wonder I am such a chocolate junkie, science has discovered that chocolate releases the same endorphin’s as getting hugs.  Eating chocolate replenishes and enhances the hugs I share every day…. and is such a delight upon my palate!  Think about that the next time your body sends you a signal for a particular food and you reject it because of how you were taught to “feel” about that food.  And what are you really saying to the field of your own life?

Holy heaven batman!!  I just had to take a beautiful pause for the cause and do a 7am reading.  I LOVE how everything is… well… perfect.

My lady showed up in a Light field that is so new (to my field of vision) a radiance of her inner heart field/life and with her energetic, biological form standing just outside this new radiance that is her inner life (think, home, relationships, job) with her crown energy completely mixing into the field of radiance.  In my view, she was in the position of looking into her inner field, co-mingled at the top, but just outside of it with the rest of her body.  Her body was completely see thru, not translucent, but something close to that.  From above I could see two golden intertwine strands of energy coming down into her crown area and moving all the way down to her tail bone.  Since I am still writing about this, I knew exactly what I was witnessing and FEELING!!  My good god I love this journey!!

I also realize too, had I not gone thru whatever I had gone thru yesterday, witness, being a part of her new, radiantly enhanced energy field, would have been overwhelming to my own nervous system.

Beyond what I see thru you, there was something very very real, very evident that happened in my personal world today that made me realize how profound this change is for us.  I have a world of birds, bunnies, chipmunks and the lot that I feed every day and have since shortly after moving into this place I call Heaven.  My little way of giving back.  I started with just seed eating critters and decided to invite the world of hummingbirds to my world.  I set up their feeders at my kitchen window, so I could watch and feel them should they decide to come feed.  They arrived last April, a few at first, by the end of their season (late September) I was feeding about 30 hummers every day, all day long.  This year, it is only mid-June and I am feeding no less than 20+ hummers every day.  (I am including a very short video of my little joy bringers at the end of this sharing.)  

Until this morning, every time I go out to take down their feeders to refill, they fly away from me, sometimes, dive bombing me as I take their nectar away from them.  When I come back outside, they always keep their distance from me as I rehang their food.  As soon as they see me disappear back into my house, the head for the feeders again.  This has been constant, until today.

When I refilled their one large feeder on the left, I didn’t even get it hung and I had two hummers come to the feeder that was still in my hand, and start eating.  They didn’t even fly away as I hung it up on the pole, they did get off the feeder and hovered about 3 inches away until it was in place and as soon as it was hung, they began eating again as I stood there in awe.  Just flipping WOW.

I may not understand what changed within me yet… but, obviously the hummers do!!

May the joy of our intense change be unmistakably reflected back to you in all you do!!

Thank you so much for allowing me the many “pauses for the causes” that seem blindly built into my reading schedule, thank you for the joy of connection, the light of your soul upon my heart, my world, my everything.  I love you and honor you in ways my words can never truly share.

((((HUGZ)))) of DeLight!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. For those attending the Gathering next weekend, I put a pictorial of the landmarks to look for to find my home.  Also, I am looking into doing an live stream for when we start to rock the mesa with drumming and singing so you can participate during that time.  Anyone having any (free) idea’s on how to make that work, I am all ears!!


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  2. Oh what JOY you must feel every day, watching those beautiful little creatures buzz/hum around! I wish we had more of them in FL! Thanks for sharing, Lisa!


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  4. Hi Lisa and readers!

    Yes the cranial fluid (craniosacral fluid – same as spinal fluid) is carrier of the divine and higher frequencies for the process of integrating the physical, the final level in the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical levels. It demonstrates the interconnectedness via resonance in our Whole Being.

    This is exactly the evolution process that my system pioneered, observed and documented through a ‘7 level’ developmental, phase of evolution between 1997 and completed circa 2009.

    1994 I began to use the divine tools and techniques of Celestial Transformation which expand the divine light, energy and essence from within our core in the heart area (ie the clear light, highest frequencies of higher than divine unconditional love and other divine qualities).

    When I trained in 1998 in Cranio Sacral Therapy, I began to observe how my system was evolving – and evolving the therapy to many other levels. My Highest was teaching me, or unfolding, exposing itself/me.

    This is a physical evolution process observed via the Cranio Sacral System – where the rhythmic flow of cerebrospinal fluid (ie cranial fluid) expands and contracts normally 6 – 12 cycles per minute. This rhythm can be palpated (as in Cranio Sacral Therapy) via characteristic, autonomic motion unique to each ‘7 levels’ of the rhythm.

    Originally I called this cranio sacral evolution process ‘Cranio Sacral Dynamics’.

    Now I call it ‘DOLPHIN RHYTHM’ because it best defines a multidimensional evolution of the craniosacral rhythm and the autonomic motion – ‘dolphin motion’, like the sine-wave flow of the spine in the butterfly swim stroke in water, and its land-based equivalent of articulated. autonomic motion.


    Rhythm of Motion
    Rhythm of Locomotion
    Omni-Centric Pulse
    Still Point
    Dolphin Spinal Sine-Wave
    Pineal Crystal Laser
    Rhythm of the Crystalline Sacred Heart

    Really, it is one, DIVINE EVOLUTION, but because it takes time to integrate the changes, we observe and experience through the developmental phases as above in the 7 levels.

    Anyone who wants to read more about it, can Google my book on called ‘Dolphin Rhythm, Evolution in Healing’ by Judith Fudge.

    Book is fully referenced (110 References/Quotes)

    Lots in there also about The Void! Also Celestial Transformation Tools and Techniques such as Celestial Resonance With Words of Power (many examples of the 100 plus available)

    Many thanks and Highest of Love to you Lisa and Readers


  5. hi Li li! I had a weekend away and I love coming home to 4 new messages from you! i have to giggle, don’t know if you remember a few months ago I shared with you a knowing that came through for me related to the veils breaking down and how it was being done through the spinal fluid and cranial fluid. it was a long email and I don’t keep things but i am so happy at the confirmation and seeing how this is being played out now in our evolution! Big huge hugs and those hummers are adorable! Lucky YOU and lucky them to have such a great birdie mamma! 🙂 Alex


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