Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 7, 2013

Shape Shifting and Our Dark Passenger.


I remember starting this path in earnest and so many new, crazy concepts were being presented to me.  The baffling one was called “the shape shifter.”  After a few years of really honing my craft of meditation, within that space, shape shifting was not only easy, it was a natural part of the expansiveness and freedom of meditation.  But to hone that skill, to change my physical biology from human to… well… anything else, has not happened.  Of course, I have not put a whole lot of time and practice into even attempting that in day-to-day world.  Now that is not to say, I can be sitting in my chair and stretch my consciousness outwards to view, see or experience anything beyond the mundane… but to become a snake with scales and all, has never happened.

As I sit here this morning with plenty of time to write a sharing, but having no desire to dip my mental strands into the pool of quantum anything (and energetically, we are still there) but wanting something to talk about… understand further.  So I send out my internal signal and request a connection with the Planeatians to give us some magic to talk about.  For a moment, I thought the request fell on deaf energetic ears.  So I expanded an ongoing question I have within myself about myself.  My infatuation with the Showtime movie: Dexter.

I have had some strange relationships with movies and shows in the past.  Kyle xy.  Man I loved that show, thanx to Netflix, was able to consume all three seasons within days.  Like the Twilight series, the energy from that show wrapped around me like a tight-fitting glove and I couldn’t get enough… I watched all three seasons again, back to back.

I started to realize there are some subject matters that really are setting us up for… something.  Twilight, the love affair between a human and a really intense and loving… vampire, confounded by a hot werewolf.  Gotta love a love triangle…. of strangeness.  I love strange!

Kyle is about a boy born from a test tube, 16 year incubator who has his whole brain working.  He learns how to harness the power of his whole mind and really helps so many people because of his loving kindness.  The shows creators eventually create a female version of Kyle and she houses the dark side of the brains potential.  Gotta love a great light/dark love story too!

But Dexter… serial killer by night, blood spatter expert by day whose desire to help is extraordinary and in vast contrast to his dark side, even tho he only kills killers.  I started watching this series when i was in Pennsylvania.  At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it or hated it, but continued to watch it as I fell asleep for the night anywayz.

Now, I am Dexter obsessed. lol  I have been really trying to understand why.

Light and dark.  Everyone of us possess an equal amount of both.  One can never truly brighten the light if not for the reality of the dark within.  Balancing it in extraordinary ways.  But to have a strange reverence for a serial killer… well… that just seems to go against my own “code” (wink.)  But, it is there, none-the-less.

So you may ask, what does any of this have to do with shape shifting.  Well, everything, I think.

In meditation, we can and do become one with anything we desire.  To shift into “that” awareness, that state of being and understand.  So to is it very crucial to shift into our dark side, to see it for all it is and become one with that.  I can so understand the recklessness of my own dark-side and love it, as I merged deeper within that part of me from the depths of my own light side.  Light creates the wisdom and the ability to see beyond duality.

As we emerge even bright, wiser, more whole than ever before, we have a choice.  A big choice.

We are watching the world as we know it, fall apart.  The elements that we would call dark, grabbing out in the dark to save their own lives.  This is NOT the time for us to retreat, but to shift into the bigger, darker picture/understanding of what is happening.  Some, I am finding, has found the dark side of life at their very doorstep.  To do the bidding of the darkness of life (Be it the IRS, police, governments, hellish neighbors…whatever) is to give your power, your very light away.  It is truly time to become a shape shifter and blend into whatever the darkness seeks with you, acknowledge it for what it is and find the way to radiate your light, your higher power into it, thru it.

Yes, you may scrape your knee, perhaps even lose an appendage (metaphorically speaking of course) but once light engulfs the dark with strength of love and conviction, the dark is forever changed and truly, becomes powerless in its negative aspect.  However, a new partnership emerges, more powerful than it was alone.

Once we allow ourselves to shape shift into… anything, we become a part of that thing and vise versa, always.

In these days, we are changing rapidly.  Much has to be removed from our material world.  Equally, much must be added to our material world as well, not in mundane things, but in vibrational things.  If we have an over stuffed closet of material stuff, and you are purposely and with heart conviction on this path and have not released the clutter, you have given permission for the dark to come and help.  … a true labor of love!  Imagine that.

The dark has always been an open container for the light.  Ignore the contain or fight against it, it has already consumed your light.  Merge with it, understand its core, it becomes a part of your expanded strength in so many ways, on so many levels.

Dark is simply fear.  As we progress thru the higher fields of evolution, fear is purposeful, needed even.  It becomes a super partner in discernment.  The dark can always sniff out anything and anyone who means you harm, and knows how to approach that area of life for your greatest good.

Shape shifting into the darkness of life.  Once you merge (instead of fight) the dark becomes light.  Think of a room where no lights are on, once those lights are on, you cannot find where the darkness was.  Instead, everything is now illuminated for you to see and to choose where to move from a fuller spectrum of understanding.  Even the darkness now has a brighter version of itself and can never go back to what it was, ignorant.

Dexters “dark passenger.”  I love it!  Mine was my own anger.  Phew baby… for 38 years my dark passenger ruled my life and destroyed much in its wake.  Two years in the bathtub has made it my greatest ally.  A true partner in navigating the energy we call life, dualistic life.  It would be ridiculous to think everything in your world has your best interest at heart… what would we learn if it did?  Our greatest lesson in this arena of manifested life is discernment, our greatest ally to being that to our awareness is our own dark passenger.  My buddy!! (smile)

Shape shifting into the depths of darkness.  There are two things that I am aware of that does exactly that with a strength and conviction that truly humbles me (and boggles my mind in its “doing.”)  One is the OPPT organization, the other, the, oh and the people of Egypt currently!  Holy cow the people of Egypt!!  Or how about Snowden and the countries who dare to look into the bullying muscle of the USA and offer him safe refuge.

Beyond the arena of the material life are dimensions that house so much.  So much more than our earthly experience and comprehension.  So much that will be presented to us.

My mind goes back to the time last year when a precious little Junco (bird) emerged in my living-room.  It was just standing there looking at me from my wall behind my TV.  My conscious mind was scrambling to figure out how on earth it got in the house and then, my mind, never thinking for a second to merge with this precious bird, scrambled on how to get it to fly back outside safely.  I opened the front door and and the back door.  Since it was so much closer to the front door, I was sure that was going to be its escape route.  Instead, it flew across my living room and kitchen to disappeared into the backyard.

I realize now, that was no bird, but a part of the Planeathians who have taken up residence here among the Guardians and gave me first contact thru a bird.  Scared the hell outta me!! lol  Maybe that is why, when my meditations start to become too real, the feeling that if I open my eyes there will be someone with biology on in my bathtub with me.  It actually scares me!  Fear, of any sort, will keep the very thing your heart pounds for… at bay.

Funny really, shape shifting is ok as long as I am the one doing it. lol

Here’s to shifting into the higher fields of incoming life, unabated… regardless of it’s guise!!

I love you all soul much and every dark passenger along for the ride of our lives!!

((((HUGZ))))  to the serial killer in all of us (our dark taking out the dark!!)  …smile!!

Lisa Gawlas












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  3. Lisa,
    I love your blog and read it everyday. The one today on our “dark passenger” was meaningful to me because I was also fascinated with Dexter and Twilight but never understood why I was so hooked. You also mentioned the oppt and I wonder what are your thoughts. I have followed them faithfully since Jan but I am having misgivings about them now. Do you think they are legit? I don’t know what to think anymore.


    • Hi Marilyn ((((HUGZ)))

      Glad I am not the only one that has been oddly (and wonderfully) absorbed by the extremes that can be seen as Twilight and Dexter. Holy weirdness 😀

      Other than the things others tell me about OPPT, I have no real clue. Some swear by their teachings and have used it for their own purposes. I personally, know little about them. But like everything in this life, what was great for us yesterday may not sit well with us today. We only needed what we needed at the time, then it is off to the next great adventure. Always trust your inner instinct first and foremost above everything, especially when it changes suddenly!! All-ways!! ❤


  4. Lisa, I have never agreed with you more. I have known for a while now that we just have to blend the darkness into our light. We live completely in a dualisic world right now. Hopefully someday the arc of duality will soften, but until then we have to keep trying to understand it and have compassion toward it. If we don’t, we are no better than are darkest of sides.


  5. Li li! Just back from a family gathering and getting my bearings here in my space of love! I really resonated with this message of yours today! I am also strongly reminded of the book 2150 that you shared with us all a few months back–we MUSt accept that which is unacceptable in order to truly embrace macro-consciousness….and how very difficult that seems to be at some points! While I don’t necessarily get your personal attractions to certain beings, I am sure some of my attractions would boggle your mind as well! Powerful divine wrathful chaos driven Kali comes to mind–I soooo Dig her power! LOL

    My dark passenger was also rage, and like harnessing the bucking bronco–it takes a while, but once tamed it can definitely be blended into the light in a conscious way! big hugs girl! and I love twilight toooooooo!!!!!


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