Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 5, 2013

SELF-ing thru the Quantum Change!

quantum change

When I shared all the details of what is happening to the best of my understanding, now, that energy, that amazing energy was surrounding me once again.  Of course, when I share, I step back into the moment in which I am sharing from, experiencing it all once again, often times, with clearer understandings.  For my own description of my mental faculties when emerged in that energy, I think I can liken it to being inflated with helium… moving higher and higher in the atmosphere.

When I finished my sharing, I had an hour and a half left before class started… time for a bath!!  I was slightly puzzled when my team said not today… you have class.  Huh??  What does that have to do with the price of eggs.  As soon as class started, I realized why.  My mental functioning was so buoyant that using the energy of my left brain, took me a while, I had to release the helium to fully access my mental capacity to teach.  That was kind of sad and yet, very exciting too.  I so love when something becomes challenging, it means you are in an area of intense growth.  I live to grow, so bring on the challenges!!

Being mentally focused in a buoyant, expanded space of energy is going to take some work to remained focused on the energy needed to utilize the left brain on helium!!

What I am going to share now and with my choice of words, has nothing to do with science, even tho I am going to use sciency words… they are just my describing words (smile.)

When we use our left brain, it really does take a lot of concentrated energy to be functional.  Our right brain thrives on the expansion of energy.  In the realm of wholeness and marriage/merger of the brain itself, is to learn how buoyantly use the left side and how to focus with that left side intensity on the right side… surrounded by helium!  Ok, surrounded by the expanded molecules of what I am just going to call heavenly energy.

To put the importance of this in a different way, if the masculine, left side is the creator energy, the concentration needed to truly manifest at will, and the right side is the feminine energy, the dreamer of the manifestation, the architect, once harnessed as a completely blended, unified energy…. Just WOW!

And yet, for now, we must be tempered.  To re-memeber just how potent and instantaneously powerful this unified energy is.

For me, it feels like taking in mouthfuls of this new elixir and then having to digest it thoroughly before another dose can be shared.  By the time I finished all three readings after class yesterday, someone pulled the plug on my entire energy system.  I could feel it running out of me, brain functioning at minimal, body function at minimal, and my to-do list ain’t happening.  I think I fell asleep for a while, but not even sure of that.  I really have to watch my reactions to things, because I have a tendency to, well… ummmmm… complain when my personal agenda is rerouted.  It really does take a lot of energy to complain, lol, even gently.  Obviously, there is now better uses for this energy that used to let me just shake off the annoyance of feeling life is not going the way I (the ego, agenda planner “I”) need it to.

But, if this is what it takes to live forever in that energy I experienced the other day, I’m in.  I will start changing my habits Now.

I am also finding thru the Light of You, two very distinct patterns are happening at once: An intense cycle of completion for some, and the movement into the quantum stage of…. what’s next and the choices that will manifest it all.

Something beautifully huge is brewing and it’s brewing within us and seeping out around us.  This morning, I am feeling it deeply.

I put this sharing on pause and went down to the Mesa and had a smoke.  I realized I was so caught the other day by the release of half the elephant that was in the Mesa face and the swan that had a serpent moving up thru it’s center, that I totally missed the face directly above the place where I will plant the crystals.  As I stared at it, I felt such a protection, a guardian to the max!  A purpose yet to be revealed.

And so I moved my energy over to the wide opening that happened on January 15th, that eventually formed a very distinct and unmistakable elephant head and now, half of it was released to us.  Released directly down the middle.  So I had to ask, as I am viewing the image, is the energy representing the left as I am facing you, or the right as you are facing me.  The reply caught my breathe.  Both since it is truly my (our) divine mirror.  In it’s position it’s release was on the right, the feminine, the expanded energy itself.  As I (we) ingest it, it is absorbed on our left, our masculine.  This just put everything I just shared above… together in my own broader understanding (and I pray yours as well.)

(All the above was written yesterday, then it was as if my brains had way too much helium and couldn’t harness words again.)

Just a few days ago, I couldn’t stay asleep to save my life, now, two days in a row, I cannot stay awake to save my life.  For two days in a row now, the moment my day of readings are done… out like a light I have gone, only to wake up to eat and then sleep for the rest of the flipping night.  I am not which is more disturbing (to my daily tasks) lack of sleep or persistent coma sleep.  Sheez!


After my return from sitting at the Mesa yesterday morning and the way the days energies was affecting me (from the inside out now) I remembered the readings last week and what was being shared thru their transmissions.  The energy systems of peoples lives was first being set up around them.  I could not, for the most part, see their biology or human form, instead, the light expressed itself in their immediate field of life.  Very much like when I went to the Mesa the other day, the energy I was hit with was very much an external field of energy, surrounding me, engulfing me.  Yesterday tho, it was now moving up thru me, the the three prong root chakra (two legs, one groin.)

As this energy picked up its flow thru me, I really wished our groin area didn’t have sooooo many nerve endings.  The pulsating sensations was… well…. distracting.  I knew it was not really kundalini movement, nor really a ‘real” sense of arousal, but something was surely happening.

My first lovely lady on the field showed up pulsating.  Blinking in and out of my field of vision high up on the Mesa, with a feeling of moving across the Mesa.  A very similar image to the last reading on the field the day prior.

A thick metal or metallic like zip line strung from the Mesa to the East field, my man the day before was moving of his own accord, hand over hand, towards the east field.  As my vision moved towards what would be the center of the zip line (he, as well as she, was before center) the energy of the line started to fade out of my view.  In contrast, my lady, tho I believe in the same position on the zip line, was blinking in and out of our reality so quickly I could not discern another thing.

My next lady on the field, she was unviewable.  Completely within that place between releasing the old and still moving into the new.  A very important and needed place for anyone who is getting ready for the quantum change.

My own inner energy was becoming way too distracting to hold a reading and thank goodness I had 90 minute between my 2nd and third connection of the day.  Into the bath I hopped!!

The flow of energy intensified as I removed myself from my daily agenda and opened to my Self.  I watched as the energy from the Mesa in the morning flowed into me, directly from that face on the Mesa.

faces of the mesa

I was able to see it from an observer point of view and the energy that I would call the winds of change emerged from the mouth area of that face, down over the Mesa, across the river to my feet resting on the ground and then flowing up into me, but not out of me, except thru every pore of my skin.  I could see waves of energy streaming from my skin, sine waves (which I only get this morning.)

All I could think of was something of a peace sign.


I found this wonderful picture to try and show you how I see the energy.  The moment I went to say the coloring is done by the artist and has nothing to do with what I am sharing, I stopped in my tracks.  The gray energy in the circle (what I will call the place where inner and outer life meets) instantly reminded me of the knife from my meditation the other day.  The red and blue surrounding the entire inner field has been so prominent in the readings leading up to this moment, that it must be how the field looks.  Red, the energy surrounding the new earth, the blue surrounding the emerging Light body of soul expressed energy.  The white would be the human pinned to the tapestry of their changing life, immovable (at least for me!!)

From what I understand, the new Light energy had to permeate the exterior of ones life field first, allowing the biology to acclimate to what will flow within.

Quantum change (for many, but by far, not all people on earth) has accelerated as it begins to release new form.  New, well, everything.

I was also shown the day before yesterday, a complete and utter draining of my own inner energy, returning my core to complete black.  With no energy in the core, the only thing that can happen is sleep, which I did!!  Then yesterday it became more like rinsing out a glass.  Clear water in, then empty out, clear water in, then empty out.  Making sure no residual energy is left as the new finds its inner home of expression.

A new tempered Being coming alive unrestricted by the ongoing illusion surrounding them.  A deliberate free fall into the abyss of pure creation, pure love.  The formless creating form.

My team is currently working overtime to adjust my own energies, receptive expression… my habits of feeling.  Unlike the times of Franklyn readdress my “judgments” where he would redirect me from several feet away, my team now is in my face.  The moment I want to complain about being unable to see a reading all the way thru, they become like a suction cup on my right ear, re-patterning my spiky energy into allowance and understanding.  The funny thing is, I am in alignment with the allowance, its the habit of being frustrated when we have to reschedule a reading that I bring forward.  Weird really.

I also have so many non-appointment phone calls to make, but can’t.  Some part of me wants to feel bad, because even typing out an email to explain is to much to do and so i don’t.  And my team is there, releasing me from my sense of life obligation so I can focus only on the task at hand:  The guts of the egg becoming new form, and that obviously takes a ton of sleep!! lol

A dear friend had a sharing on her facebook wall yesterday that really caught my heart:

Crazy living rock is one of the weirdest creatures we’ve ever seen

…”it’s born male, becomes hermaphroditic at puberty, and reproduces by tossing clouds of sperm and eggs into the surrounding water and hoping they knock together.   …Who knows what apparently inanimate objects might be filled with innards and holding perverse “selfing” orgies right in front of our noses?…

To read the whole article and see this living rock, just click on the headline.

SELFING.  This caught my breath and held it.  Even the explanation of this odd life cycle… hits my heart.  We have emerged to this stage by needing others to reproduce for us/with us, a separate male/female energy.  Now, we really are becoming the energy of a hermaphrodite, releasing our waves and particles (sperm and ova) for the creation we shall experience unto our Selfs.  No longer an outer experience but a deep inner experience of reproduction from the God source, wholly unified within.

Even this sharing brings into my greater understanding of my bath time yesterday.  I took to the task of integrating the incoming energy, rocking my core (smile) and watching it circulate thru me.  The crown itself was purposely closed so as not to release this in-flowing energy outside of me.  Even at the crescendo of the energy… well… you know (blush) this new energy released itself thru my pores instead of any chakra… with an inner statement of ‘go out and create whatever it is I need for my ongoing experience.”  Because, I have no flipping clue what I need.

Ohhhhh…. the things that make me go… hmmmmmmmmm!!

On that note, I am going to close.  Selfing… I just love it!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of quantum sperms and eggs moving from you, thru you into Bliss-full creation!!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. selfing Oneness unity – that’s ascending

    descending was separation duality …


  2. […] / link to original article […]


  3. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Thanks, Lisa!


  4. Hi Li li! So freaking beautiful! I love it! Feeling very similar to you these days, when I hit the pillow I am almost comatose! Getting things done only on an as needed basis and very much focusing on what’s swirling for me! Been reminded a lot lately that everything unfolds divinely as it should and to remember the free will choices of MYSELF and others–its been a great help to foster patience in me but patience isn’t even the word–patience suggests waiting–and I am not waiting–simply Being….hugs! p.s. I love the living rock story! Alex


  5. hey Lisa! you BE the bath Queen, love it!!

    very interesting what you write about the left/linear and the right/expansive, allowing, : : this has come pointedly in the space today with “frequency form functioning” and the rest of the message from my *on High* Blue : : YOD,

    keep on keeping on,
    Lion hugzzz, daphne’ xoxo


  6. Hello dear Lisa,
    Yes, I am almost up to date with your articles ^^.
    As I looked at the Mesa for the man’s face the first face that caught my attention was the owl on the right of the picture, left of “your” face. Have you noticed this one?
    Second, as you mentioned about our two brains I could feel how small and enclosed my left is compared to my right which has no skull bones, no walls encirling it. I feel a tingling in my left and expansion in my right. Yes, Lisa – and thank you for this – I now am using the energy in my left brain for my right one. And about living as our light body now, I learned about that last year but understand more fully now. Something is definitely shifting and I know it is within Me. The quietness is expanding.
    Regarding light bodies – because you said you smoke like a chimney and I do smoke just a little bit every day – do lightbodies smoke?? Just saying… sounds weird doesn’t it?
    Have another wonderful day in Love and Light. Namaste.


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