Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 19, 2013

From Solstice to Equinox: The Arc of the Convenant


There is so much happening behind the energy of Life, some we can see and recognize, most tho, not even close to being able to comprehend with our minds.  What I do see is exciting even if coupled with the unknown qualities spirit is so good at teasing us with.  And even tho the “field” is under construction a visual remains constant every time I look at it, the new foundation is being poured into every version of reality there is in all existence.  In my vision, it looks like champagne being poured straight from heaven.  This “champagne” of energies will become the temporary foundation in which we facilitate the new world of energy between the solstice and the equinox.  I say temporary because in my days of pondering, I had seen this foundation liquidizing once again near the Equinox in September.

But, before we go diving into the understanding of this new energy, lets first understand what is currently taking place.  This elixir, this new foundation energy is the rarefied energy of the Divine Feminine.  We are being inlaid with the emotional strength and fortitude to change it all.  The feminine has always been the fluid mass of creation.  The stream of energy in which Love flows.

In the beginning, this fluid energy may seem like a double-edged sword.  Like the waters of life themselves, it will cleanse, clear, remove all that do not serve the unified whole, from our personal Beings to the vast landscapes we live life upon.

Now here is a twist I sure didn’t expect (change that to… want to hear…smile.)  Some months ago, spirit had said thru many hearts, by June the Divine Counterpart energies will start to meet en masse.  In truth, it is already happening… within.  The Divine Masculine living and breathing in Holy Matrimony within a single vessel.

Nothing will ever be made manifest that does not emerge from the depths of the Whole Heart.  (<— that is a loaded statement there.)

The energy of Wholeness must be a living and breathing system within our own hearts.  If the divine feminine is the electrical field of love, then the divine masculine is the pathway to harnessing it (whatever that spark bears) into creation.  In our singular vessel (human body) both must be whole and complete without the “need” for anything outside of it (our) self.

No matter what your package (male or female) the seed energy of Love, the Divine Feminine MUST be living in a clear, unrestricted vessel for the Divine Masculine to come in and couple with her energy.  A virgin flow, untainted by anything other than Love.   An invitation to the Divine Masculine within the Self, of the Self, wild and passionate, together.  Solidifying their energy into one fluid stream of creation.  Re-Membering how to be One, together.

It is only when you are so utterly complete within yourself that you no longer look outside of yourself, can the energy take on a human form.  This is very much like maternal twins, when the fertilized egg splits and becomes two.

In the womb of your own creation, it is up to you to clear the palate of your life.  For the TRUE birthing of this energy, nothing of the old scattered, desiring energies can remain.

For the time span between your solstice and equinox energies, we will refer to this time as “The Arc of the Covenant.”

If you can imagine there are two highly charged poles in place, the solstice and the equinox and between them, the highest voltage of energy moving back and forth.

arcing energy

The Creator energy, the Divine Masculine is already flowing into your Being, seeking impregnation.  He seeks the pure open vessel of full union and will continually release his seeds to the feminine until the energy field is so clear, so open to his energy that Life becomes One within.  At this point, the covenant… the agreement in which this vast incarnation process has always been about, will be sealed and split into two.

Note From Lisa:  Lets put this into earth language (smile.)

As we all can feel, this is no ordinary times on planet earth.  Many “soul contracts” are going to be pulled up and you will be in choice.  Act, or wait.  To act, means to move into a space that is all YOU.  No distractions, no drama, no others shaking your core.  It also helps me understand the energy lessons I have moved into and will be moving out of Friday.  To hold space with even the slightest fragment of old energy is to move your “contract” to another timeline… to choose again.  But for those ready and WILLing now… This IS what we have worked so hard to achieve, to become, to LIVE!

Shambhala MUST start within.  To harness the whole of creation, the divine masculine and the divine feminine in an absolute passionate love affair within.  When was the last time you made mad, passionate love with YourSelf?  When you look in the mirror of Life and what is reflected back makes your heart race.  When all you want to do is gaze into the eyes of your lover (Self) and feel complete on every level of Being.  When all you can see is what is right in this world….

This is the fertile land, ripe for the impregnating seed energy I am just going to call Shambhala.  When all the chains that bound you no longer exist, when any aspect of the old world no longer gets under you skin… then you are ready.  To Be the Living energy of Shambhala means to live and breath Heaven on Earth, in Your space, fully and completely within yourSelf.

From what I am understanding WE, every human on earth, especially holding this sacred space at this moment, are the eggs… the divine feminine in her Glory.  The sperm, the Divine masculine is coming thru the multidimension and harnessing all the good, all the achievements of soul expansion from every planet aligned within our multiverse.  As we become impregnated within ourSelfs, that will release the energy of the twin… the human divine counterpart to play and explore within the fields of Shambhala with.

My thought suddenly goes to something I said to my landlady as I was hugging her goodbye before my trip.  Something I really didn’t understand until now… “When I get back, we will be all grown up.”  It is only the mature soul that can become pregnant… and we have grown into maturity these last two months.

God knows, I am ready to be fertilized!! (grin)

I am going to close on this note…. at least until tomorrow.  I am processing all this to beat the band!!

Holy Heaven Batman…


Lisa Gawlas  and the Planeathians

P.S. I have opened up three additional seats for:  Reading the Field of Life and Light.  A 6 Week Intensive course that will change the way you see and connect to the world!  Now Forming.  Online class will be held twice a week from June 29th thru July 31st 10 am thru noon EDT. Click here for more information:  This will be the last interactive course I offer for some time.

P.S.S.   We are having a celebration on the Mesa July 19th, 20th and 21st with drumming and singing and filling the landscape with new energy, of Shambhala thu the human voice and heart on Saturday the 20th.  I have an old webpage that I am going to share here (I have updated it slightly) that lists campgrounds and B&B’s for those who wish to celebrate and sing with us.  Details to come.  I Am so excited!!  Ignore the dates on the webpage itself, like I said, old page, still valid information for the most part tho:





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  2. I so resonate with this, Lisa. Felt my divine masculine anchor within a couple of months ago, felt further movement about a week ago. He is breathing within me. Love your description of being so fully in love with self as that is the opening for the other half to enter. Feels but a breath away. I have heard the past few days, You are complete. Resting in that as my cells have released the trauma/hardship coding and open to the joy coding!!

    Just an FYI, the links for the campsites and B&Bs near you go to a groupon site rather than what you intended.


  3. […] / link to original article […]


  4. Lisa Lisa Lisa!! : :
    God bless you sister~in~Love!!
    Your update and photo is so in the “KNOW” and “NOW”
    straight out of Tesla, and resonating so completely, clearly,
    and succinctly, my I AM presence is aware of a completely new/knew
    foundationing now being architected on the grids, the complete
    sovereignty of Self/self (read: : completeness and whole within, now
    gets translated to without)

    yes, the Divine Masculine is coming to the table, in the correct and balanced way which was Always Intended in the DivineDesignTemplate

    so many blessings! daphne’ xoxo
    SkyBridge Farm
    Half Moon Bay, California


    • Daphne, I am in Sacramento……you are not far. Would be fun to meet up sometime if it works as am prompted to write this. Blessings of love, Linda


      • Linda,
        Kind words dear Sister, do you ever get to Half Moon Bay?
        Pls contact me at and we’ll talk,
        bless, d~~


  5. Hi Li li! All I can think to say is RIGHT ON Momma!!!! Whoot whoot! definitely feeling as if transparency of soul and being is important at the present moment and also living exclusively and with integrity as your true and genuine self–no more masks to please people…as for the self love—well, you know me sweetheart! 🙂 BIG HUGS and safe and wonderous trip home to your beloved mesa that has missed you very much in the physical! Alex


  6. This is one of your best yet, thanks Lisa.
    Now I know what I have been waiting 3 whole days for, bring on my fertilization, 🙂 🙂
    I know we have to be ready, I have been for a little while. MyDivine Counterpart still had work to do in getting to complete in himself, so worth waiting for is my love.
    Lots of love and blessings Lisa, and a bigggg hug, Maggie


  7. Comatose laptop lady here :))))
    Lisa, I LOVE this. This post is a hudge confirmation, re-confirmation and big “wink from Heaven” !
    If I needed to read just one post, while entering the Solstice energy, this is it.
    By the way, what where heavy “clammy” energies up to now
    (the past days), dissolved last night into something light and full of Joy. The night sky itself looked different.
    Sumtin’s up 😀
    Right now the air is different as well. Lighter. The only constant is the wind.
    Wind has been blowing everyday, and I mean EVERYday, since spring. Sometimes bitter cold, sometimes full of eye irritating particles, and then scoarching hot (last 5 days).
    Water, then Fire, this is how it felt. We had an unusually wet period (may and june ’till today), it thunderstormed and rained daily. Incredible.
    Then it gave way to sudden very humid and heavy heat (last 5 days).
    So, if we had Water and Fire up to this day, today feels like it’s all about AIR !
    Happy Solstice to everyone 🙂
    Hugs, much Love, and zillion Bubbles of Joy 🙂 ❤


  8. P.S. Hi Alex ! Love ya and miss talking with you 🙂
    Laptop is about ready to conk out. Biiiig Hug !


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  10. This Divine Feminine Love leaves you feeling as if you can change the World with one breath! Thank you for writing this and explaining it so well, Lisa!


    • feeling that with you ….one breath, in an instant the love


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