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The Black Hole: An Interconnected Pull Upwards and Deep Clearing As We Go!


During this 13 year trek into the deepest part of my soul consciousness from the human standpoint, I am really seeing it like a solar-powered battery system.  Spirit starts to infuse us with the energy, the consciousness surrounding certain things, certain focal points, then, once fully charged, sets you free to use all the energy around that thing, that point.  Once depleted, back in the charger you go, getting new points of focus infused into our growing consciousness of truth.  Often times, the recharge part seems to have little to do with what you just became fully charged with at the point just prior.  Sometimes, the focal point is so large, we need several chargings around what ever is the focal point of spirit at that time.

Personally, I am so grateful this new charging period includes the energy, the deeper understanding of Shambhala again.  I know everything is always leading up to that on a grand scale, but when spirit starts speaking it by name, by energy, with more direct details on how to attain that space, that energy field, my own heart does cart wheels!!

When I closed my sharing yesterday (due to dead battery on my laptop) I was instantly shown todays sharing.  The alignment of all the holes in all the versions of earth and a subject matter we started talking about and moving into the beginning of this year: The Black Hole.

With the alignment of all the earth’s openings, all the portals into the higher dimensions so aligned it creates a tube of energy in what we perceive as the fabric of space/time.  A pulling so strong that just the slightest movement towards it, rocks you to your core and the rest of your life is moving towards that energy, the black hole, the deep unknown… Shambhala.

I know, for myself personally, I have spent the last 13 years actively, semi-purposely moving out of each reestablished life towards the deepest recesses of my own soul.  I say semi-purposely because for the first 8 years, I was really clueless of what and why I was doing what I was doing.  Moving from here to there and then back again.  Establishing wonderful friendships, unpacking new spiritual skill sets, with a tweenager in tow, only to pack up and do it all again somewhere else.  The majority of friendships ended as I left that particular time and space of my life.

The first 38 years were all leading me to there too, but I was not the most graceful of life players then.  I grabbed on for dear life, letting go only when my fingers were bleeding so badly and the pain radiating from the doneness of that aspect, that I didn’t have the strength to stay there any longer.  My spiritual team made sure every ounce of my life at various intervals fell apart so completely there was nothing left to hang onto.

Of course, these are the times I would try and kill myself (literally) and even that was futile.  I thought about these many moments of my history last evening.  Not only the actual suicide attempts, but the many times I got behind a wheel so drunk I couldn’t see the accurate number of lanes on the road, so i would cover one eye with my hand and hope that number was the correct one.

When I had my Ouija Board experience and my first (at that time, unknown to me) guide came thru and I asked her why she had been hanging around me for 5 years and her reply was “protect you crash,” I knew she was talking about my reckless life, my constant driving while in a drunken stupor.

5 major suicide attempts and hundreds of time behind the wheel and I am still here, unscathed.  I knew, without a shadow of an ounce of doubt last evening, whatever and wherever Shambhala is, I will get there.  I have been moving their all my life and was never allowed to take the easy way there… death.  Real physical death.

I also know many of you carry a similar energy, a similar story, because at the core of your spiritual blueprint is the energy of Shambhala.  The magnetic frequency that keeps you incarnated, the living road to Being Heaven on earth.

Our task was/is to  the clear the massive debris field of living hell on earth from inside out.  Letting go of all the restrictions life surrounded us with.  Moving to a place so free, so unencumbered that some people may label you as “detached.”  I Am.

So many of us are loaded into the chamber of the black hole, the opening of the multi earths.  I realized yesterday, at the close of my sharing, those frayed energy strands that are so prominent within the hole, the tunnel leading upwards to the eye of horus are like fibrous tentacles, serving an array of purposes.  One, they run against your soul energy as you are sucked upwards, if at any point there is a small amount of discordant energy in your field, it will suck you into that worlds frequency, create a challenge aligned with that discordance to allow you to choose again.  If and when you choose more wisely, it sends you back out into the collective holes and upwards you go again, until the energy field of yourSelf is so refined, so removed from the density of material life that by virtue of your Light field, as you move upwards, your light frequency, your experiences into the light are infused in each fibrous tentacle and spread outwards into the landscape of that vibrational earth for all those who need that “lamp” of understanding, the Light out of their own drama/story.

Everything and everyone is in acceleration mode.  Realities collapsing faster than people can blink.

Another place my mind went to last evening is that fire burning and spreading near my home in the Jemez Mountains.  When i first noticed it, it was 500 acres big, last night, one of the fire websites of New Mexico said it was over 14,000 acres big with only 10 percent containment.  I find it very ironic that it is located at the Valles Caldera.  The very volcano that created the landscape of the Jemez of much of New Mexico, is now burning from the outside in.  Cleansing and clearing all old energy, all old thought forms.  Replenishing the energy field with the new.

i did have to take a trip to the online dictionary so I could be clear about what a caldera is: A large volcanic crater, typically one formed by a major eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of the volcano.

By nature, i am a fire sign, a Leo.  I have worked with the energy of the sun for the last 11 years, I know fire, we are family.  I had wanted to go in (via meditation) to help the fire fighters contain this growing fire and my team said NO, that what was happening was needed.  As i realized just how big it became last evening, my whole heart wanted to help contain it.  Again and more pressingly, my team said no.  This is how nature changes energy.  This is Life’s natural process.

When fire sets up at the mouth of creation (think, sun too) it is embedding new energy, new codes of life that is far beyond New Mexico (energetically speaking.)  Couple this huge fire with the one still burning near Santa Fe, then one in or near Taos, one in Silver City and it seems others sparked over the last few days.  Even the energy of New Mexico has moved into the black hole of higher alignment, from its point of origin outwards.  I feel more kindred with the energy of that state now, more than ever.  As I have returned to my place of origin, Pennsylvania, too.  Maybe we can look at it all as Soul Fires, Soul Floods, Soul storms moving the energy to the highest potential of the masses.

I am just very grateful today, that the storm named Andrea is scooting across the eastern landscape today, as I make my trek to Virginia tomorrow.   Thanx Mama!!

On that note, my laptop is about dead, again.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of movement, of clearing, of reJOYsing!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  3. dear Lisa,

    Such a magnitude of intensity building in the inner layers here,
    thank you and so much gratitude! for your profound sharing and
    depths of wisdom-gleanings. Am in the experience of my
    feeling of “ground of being” being physically pulled into a vortex
    of huge strength, depleting me of all energy for daily routine.
    This, coupled with waves of nausea, vertigo, and continuous
    electrical “crawling” sensations all over my person.

    This also reminds me of my Cypress tree photo here at the farm,
    the vortex caught with my iPhone, I’ll send if you’d like,
    many blessings, daphne’

    SkyBridge Farm
    Half Moon Bay CA


  4. Tremendously huge hugs to you Li li….while I know you are completely neutral and completed on all the events you shared with us regarding your life choices, I love you so much I want you to know that I am in tears here just wanting to give you a hug to soothe you in those moments from your past and reach out to you with love and companionship in those very moments. I don’t know if its the mother in me, or the sister in me that wants to wrap you up in my arms and comfort you. As I said, I know you are clear of it all, and I know I am also clear of the many pitfalls that we all fell into along the way and are all perfect, but still, sometimes a big hug and comfort and support for what we all went through is the best medicine…I wanted you to know personally that I am so grateful to your team and to YOU for staying here with us and sharing the journey in complete transparency. It is a blessing and an honor to share your path and insights.

    Yep, boy howdy did we have fun with lady Andrea yesterday! more flooding more clearing….one thing that was brought to my mind reading about the fires in your area is that many plants cannot even germinate their seeds without a burning…so fire, definitely leads to new life not only on an energetic level but also a physical one…

    Loving you…your sistar….alex


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  8. […]  I cannot believe I instantly found the time frame and blog that started talking about that (click here if you want read it) June, 2013. Well, here we are, thru the eye of the needle. Every one of the connections on the […]


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