Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 30, 2013

What We Do For One, We Do For ALL!!

one and all

I think I must have awoken with a different attitude this morning.  Mostly, spirit must have gotten to me in my dream time!  I have been complaining (rather strongly mind you) that we have been hijacked by spirit.  Instead of coming together to do personal readings, we are coming together to implant personal, high energy into a dense landscape.  A landscape that connects to so many other dense landscapes across the globe.  It truly is living the energy of “what we do for one, we do for all.”  Maybe I really just needed to see the personal touch, something so unique that it could only have come from you.  Granted, I know that every elongation of the funnel clouds in the front and back of my dad’s place came from your connection, but that doesn’t seem personal, even tho it is, just like every drop of water in the cement foundation is unique and forms to the whole, so is each of our energy contributions to the collapsing density on earth as we make solid and tangible the radiant new energy.

I only had two readings yesterday, I find it interesting that the first one had to be done from the front porch because my dad was cutting grass in the back yard… noisy, but obviously with purpose.   My first wonderful man showing up to add his brilliance gave new golden light to the ongoing formation the funnel cloud placing all the high energy into the new land.  I have a feeling, it is his Lermurian origins that came thru.  Granted, he is in California right now, but was born and bred in New Zealand, the satellite island of determined lermurians of long ago.  As I cranked my antenna out and it made it’s now regular shift upwards, the thick cloud with an elongated funnel hose only about a foot off the ground is now threaded with golden strands.  It was actually very beautiful to see and feel.

There are many things he talked about that I never even thought about… especially, the changing ley lines.  Stripping out the old, laying down the new and eventually activating them as a whole.

Couple this with something that Bill Ballard said on his facebook wall regarding the sun energy: Electrons ARE what creates “Magnetism”. This electron storm is 10x normal. Our thoughts and emotions at the current state of this electron storm have the ability to be 10x what the creative power was prior to this storm in the normal state it had previously been… Hopefully this will continue..

In my world, those golden threads now placed in the thick funnel cloud are laying the new grid work, a high spiritual vibration with increased magnetic fields of energy, couple this by the suns current state… we truly are working in tandem with the greater All!!

I also want to take something that Bill said: Our thoughts and emotions at the current state of this electron storm have the ability to be 10x what the creative power was…  The one thing I have become vividly aware of being here at my Dad’s is the energy threads we create as we think and talk.  Who ever invented the notion of spiderman, I really feel they understood this.  Every emotionally charged word and thought releases strands of energy that fill your home.  The more stuff that is within your home, the more places these strands of energy have to wrap around and become lasting.  I think my dad’s home can give even the largest native american museum a run for their money… a lot of STUFF everywhere.  Even his stuff has stuff.  Inside the house, there are such thick threads of well, old energy.  It strings itself across the flooring and is so deep and thick it comes up to heart level.  I cannot even write my blog in the house, I have tried.  It’s just to heavy and constant.

But I also came to realize there is another culprit keeping the energy in the house dense and heavy… guns.  My own light bulbs came on when my dad, being a avid hunter and trapper all his life, said he had 11 guns in the house, one in every room.  You simply cannot have the energy of death living with you and expect heaven to make an exception.

But… we can change the light energy around the core (home) and one way or another, it will create cracks and fissures within the density!!  My father’s home is just a small example of what we are really doing to the whole.  Exciting really!!

So we, as a whole, are riding the sun’s energy of magnetic influx and using our creative power, our love of Life to change it all!!

So my second reading, a beautiful and patient couple living in Scotland brought something personal to the back yard.  I sure has heck didn’t understand the addition, but she did!!  Like I said, the funnel cloud in the back is very different from the front.  Smooth and thin and an up shoot (as opposed to the down spout in the front) located directly over the creek and starts high above the tree tops.  When we connected yesterday, the funnel aspect of this energy was now only about 10-15 feet above the creek water, but with a strange twist.  At the bottom of the funnel spout were what looked like 4 ropes, instantly I felt they were representing the 4 directions.  At the bottom of each rope was a…. geez, spirit/creature?  I could only see one clearly, yet I knew each rope had one of these spirit/creatures at the bottom of the rope.  The one I had seen clearly could have very well been in a spiderman suit… the energy for the most part was clinging to the body of this spirit, colored an interesting rusty-red.  But his energy was not smooth, it was fuzzy really.   I could not understand what they had to do with anything, except creating a circular energy motion on their ropes connected to the bottom of the funnel cloud.

Her first feeling was something in relationship to a Tibetan Buddhist temple she attends in Scotland and she sent me a picture of what she was feeling:



She did give me a link to their website and in looking for the connection of the 4 flags strung like I had seen the 4 ropes, I found something even more interesting:

Water Offerings

Early every morning a monk or lay practitioner fills the 1000 small water bowls that line the marble ledges of the shrine. These are an offering to each of the 1000 Buddhas situated on the main shrine.  The water offerings are symbolic of purity.  The idea of making the offering is to cultivate mindfulness, generate openness and generosity, and overcome clinging and attachment.

We/humanity are the Buddha’s in which this water flows thru and to.

I may not understand what we are really doing together, but I do use my father as a barometer of the results daily.  When I first got here, he couldn’t go 5 feet without stopping to rest and catch his breath.  One of the times, his whole face turned purple.  In this last week, I have watched him transform and play/work joyfully out in the garden and landscape, walking further, moving longer… I am no longer worried that my time with him will be very short here on earth.  What we do for one, we do for ALL!!

I love you all sooooo much.  Thank you for taking this unexpected detour into the densest of collectives with me and many others, and add the breath of pure Life to the landscape we call Gaia!!

((((HUGZ)))) of unconditional love and deep gratitude to each of you!! We ARE the Living waters of the New Earth!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Hi Lisa, I have been aware that there some “behind my back” actions is taking place, however you have nothing to worry about, we do live under the free will – just refuse, that is all that it takes. An individuals who doing the “hightjicking” will be faced with karma, it is instant now.
    Please stay well and sound and please remember about your free will choice, as far as clearing I use the Flame, as for what is taking the place other then that it does not come from “my department” 🙂
    Enjoy the day 🙂 and please remember we are exposed to a lot of different energies coming from the Higher places to help us to lift up, this is what you could be feeling, please just have some pations it will pass, a lot of people are feeling simmiliar symptoms.


    • Ohhh no Marina, this hijacking is not a bad or negative thing… it is a higher spiritual dimension wonderful thing. The trickster god Loki lives large on the other side of the veil… you think you came here to zig and spirit got us zagging. I will never refuse the will of spirit because the only thing I would be free willing would be the will of my ego… there is enough of that in this landscape, don’t need to add any more!!

      I love ya girl!! ((((HUGZ))))


  3. Tremendous hugs Li li! I love that you are starting to get MORE and you are lifting the energy! Your dad’s progress is awesome and it makes my heart sing! I was also drawn to what billie boy said about the electron storm and shared it with some of my friends. Powerful creator beings we are and more powerful we are becoming! Hugs! Alex


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