Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 29, 2013

Because Energy Location Matters!!

energy matters

I have been learning a lot of things since making my huge transition from New Mexico to Pennsylvania.  For as long as I can remember I have always referred to PA as the land that god forgot about.  Once I finally got out (1992) for good, I never ever wanted to come back.  Of course, back then I see “god” as that entity outside of myself, the unconditionally loving punisher!  But yet, as I sit here 10 days in to this thick and dense energy field, there is no doubt that there is some truth to the things I had felt.  Except, we can now say, the thick blanket of illusions keep people asleep, separated from the god within and the energy remains old and thick at the earth level.

I feel like I have (taken for granted) had a mountain top view of all that was and is happening on earth, unaffected by the density, but could understand it all from a stand offish place in Heaven.  Now, I am at the underbelly of it all and it is only the pure love of my father and his wife that nourishes me and keeps me working harder than I ever had before.  The ego part of me could say, working with little fruits for the labor, but, now with hearing semi-intact again, my team reroutes that energy and says the fruits are huge, just not visible yet.

It’s funny to think how convoluted life really is.  In 1992 my (then) husband and myself, kids in tow, removed ourselves from PA to work on our marriage.  We thought if we were away from the in-laws and out-laws, our marriage would stop disintegrating.  We moved to S. Florida.  Altho our marriage died anyway, I came alive!  I found the strength to file for divorce, I finally put a business together that was hugely successful (the ones I tried in PA never found life.)   But there was so much more happening, but back then, I was knee-deep in the illusion, in the material world of stuff, that it is only right now, this morning, that I fully understand the movement and necessity of the travels of my life.  I am sharing this, one because it is sitting on the forefront of my mind and I know there are many in the same boat, knowing they need movement and hanging onto the old.

S. Florida is surrounded by water, by the ocean waters.  The gulf on one side of the strip of land, the atlantic on the other side (the side I was on.)  Energy, pure cleansing energy that is constantly moving.   So many seniors move to Florida because of the warm winters, I have a feeling, spiritually, it has less to do with the warm winters as it does with the hydration that moves into their energy stream from the winds of the waters.

I stayed 3 years in S. Florida, my business booming and our lives wanting for nothing (materialistically speaking.)  Then, I took my business and set up a division back in PA. The beginning of the end… again.  With the collapse of everything in our lives, we headed out of PA and moved to the East Coast of North Carolina, by invitation of a friend whom I went thru Navy boot camp with.

My whole life came back together, of course not in the same way.  My booming business was forever dead, but securing a great job was easy and I loved every moment of it.  4 years into living a mile away from the ocean, is where I started this path.  Morehead City, North Carolina.  I lived right next to a funeral home.  One would think that a bit eery, if not a bit morbid, but today, I realize just how important that very location was for my “becoming.”  People really open their hearts at funeral homes.  So by virtue of location, I had already had a pathway set up to the Divine.  Coupled with my straight as an arrow mile distance of the energizing waves of the ocean winds… I really was lead to a fail-proof location to strip down all the old and Become the new.

How many of you have felt the call to move, to relocate into strange and far away places, there really is a higher, divine reason for this inner calling that often times, becomes an outer shouting.  Especially if you get on the reading end of my phone line (giggle.)  But your soul really is at the mercy of your ego, as it always knew it would be.

So here I am, 21 years later, back to my origins, but with enhanced eyes and wisdom, (thank god!)

I look at such a beautiful landscape, the ground itself, breathtaking in all its glory.  The caretakers of this land tho, they have not really changed at all.  Back when I was growing up, the coal mines were booming here until we stripped the land of its vital energy and sucked it dry.  Now, it is like living the Beverly Hillbilly’s… oil!!  Oil rigs are everywhere.  Fracking is big business and the poverty within this state allows people to pimp out their property for money.   But I so understand that too.  My own booming business fed off the life savings of senior citizens and it was done with a smile from our end.   We all wanted something… more money.

When money becomes the god of the land, stagnation ensues.  The density, without the constant movement and cleansing of the ocean winds, deepens the old, thick fields of what I call the fear vibration.

I completely understand why the rains came in 2 days after my arrival here and pretty much parked itself here.  Coupled by the intense cold (think, snapping things apart,) which will be followed by intense heat (burning it up.)

This is going to be an intense weather year across the globe as divinely needed to rid and cleanse the debris of the old old old mind sets.  Which always serves to bring people together, helping each other, often times, meeting their next door neighbors for the first time.  Recalibrating the priorities of people and the landscapes in which they live.

There are safe places all over this earth.  Places where the people work in harmony and serve the greater good.  Even in thick landscapes like PA, there are places where the clouds have parted.  I went to a memorial day party at my brothers campground just 5 miles away.  No one lives there, he plowed open field and made it a place of celebration.  It was, what PA (and so many other places on earth) has always wanted to be… pure, clear energy.  Radiating the energy of the mountain scape, pulsing with it even.

In a place like I am in in PA, everything moves slow, energetically speaking.  Even the magnetic grid that is housed within yourself, slows down (dammit.)  It has to.  If we were to move into any given place and change the energy vibration all at once, it would be more detrimental than helpful.  The people who live in those places MUST adjust their own energy fields to the incoming energy.

There is not one of us that have gone from living deep in the illusion to crystal clarity enlightenment over night.  For each of us, it has been (continues to be) a process.  An assimilation of energies, a dropping away of the old so the new can become the bedrock.

In my meditation yesterday, I called on our new friends the Planeathians and I find it funny today… they showed up like the image in the movie the Abyss, a very watery form that simply said they cannot move into the density yet to connect freely as they could in New Mexico or even in my car, we are still clearing here.  It is only this moment, as I talked about the water energy that I fully understand why they choose to use that form to say… not yet.  Water really is amazing!!

All of life is now conspiring to set this stage aglow by years end.  Like I said, intense weather patterns, earthquakes, volcano’s will be the norm for this year.  Please do not try and stop them.  Instead, move into them, ride with them, cleanse, clear and enhance with them.  Honor them for what they are here to do, as all life honors you and what you do.

I am not 100% sure, that during the next 11 days while I am still in PA, that we will be able to do the readings as we are accustomed to (like, getting personal for you!!)  However, I will be in Virginia on the 9th of June, surrounded by water, and living where my energy field has already been set up and radiates.  So the readings will resume in VA with ease and clarity and I will be there until July 1st and when I transition back here to PA, I will also have my car here with me, a place that has my personal vortex embedded within it too.

Between now and then, thank you for enduring me and adding to the greater good of the planet by being an amazing taser gun of Love!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of sunshine and joy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Wow….lightbulb time. I’ve lived in the Allentown PA area all my life, and have been actively working as a lightworker for over 20 years. People in this area are definitely slow to change, and the anger and distrust of anyone who is not like them runs deep. After clearing and clearing and clearing my personal “stuff” and sending loving positive energy to everyone and everything around me, I still have periods of time where I just can’t seem to connect to my guides, and have serious bouts of terrible pain and depression(I have had fibromyalgia for the past 13 years) , especially during an energy shift or aligment. Your mentioning the “thick” energy of this area now makes me think maybe that’s why I seem to be having such a hard time keeping myself centered and positive, especially in the last few weeks. What do you think Lisa?


    • Hi Claire ((((HUGZ))))

      First, let me say thank you for being such a brave soul to keep the Light Lamp burning here in PA. I have a feeling the times you cannot see your guides, are times you have purposely been disconnected and are upgrading your energy field… what I would call “the void.” That is a precious and beautiful thing, even if we don’t like the disconnections.

      Now with the depression and fibromyalgia, that is no doubt from the seepage of the thick old energy fog bank into your living vortex… the old energy looks for any viable opening to hang on. Even tho our void times are so needed for our spiritual growth, our antenna’s are down, so it can sneak right in and try and set up home to keep the density alive. Fill your home with quartz crystals and instruct them to keep your space clear and radiant at all times. Even tho my home in New Mexico is a clear high vibration of the collectives, I have quartz all over outside and inside… ain’t no stray cloud getting in while I am not looking!! lol

      When I mine some more (on my way back home) I will be so glad to send you a nice package of pure crystals fresh from Gaia’s heart stream.

      Again, I say thank you for being so tough to clear the dense old energy that holds on for dear life in the N.E.
      ((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude to you sistar!!


      • Thanks for your quick reply! Odd you should mention quartz crystals….I had a triple point crystal that I always carried with me in my pocket, and it recently shattered. My guides told me that it had absorbed and protected me from so much negative energy at the place where I was working that it had to blow it out. I was laid off shortly after that, and I look at that as a good thing, since I couldn’t stand working there anymore! And the large smokey quartz by my bed, which used to be completely clear when I bought it about 15 years ago, now is filled with all sorts of cracks and “inclusions” that are gradually getting worse over the last few years. So I definitely see that the quartz crystals are helping and protecting me. I would love to have a few direct from Mother Earth, since I only have access to ones I buy in a store or rock shop….thanks! Also thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement via your blog. Since you are from the same area of PA, I’ve always felt particularly “connected” to you. Love, hugs, and blessings to you, and I hope this trip home heals a lot of old stuff for you and your family!


  2. What happened to your car, Lisa? I feel with you, I grew up in Austria, at the end of my 20ees I followed an Austrian who immigrated to Canada ten years earlier, were i felt for the first time that I reached ‘home’. Every visit to my family back in Austria was like a timetravel into times that were not really empowering to me. I did find a home here in the south end of BC, which is a semi-desert and a healing valley, with lots of organic fruits and veggies being grown here. I’m living here now for the last 28 years, with my beloved hubbie passing away after only 4,5 years of our relationship.Our daughter was only 14 month old than, and my journey as a widow began…I did not give up, not on life, not on relationships and never on my spirit guiding me. Since both my parents have passed on, there is really no more reason to return to Austria and with all the time and distance that has passed – I’m glad this is a part of my PAST. I want to pass this like to you and maybe you could share your inside about this.


    • Hi ReNate ((((HUGZ)))

      My son took my car back to VA, his is needing new brake and brake lines. Ohhhhhh I sooooo love Canada so much. I spent 5 weeks there in 2003, Prince Albert Island I think… the people are so helpful and kind and inviting. I am glad you are here on this continent with us! You truly are a strong Woman/Goddess. Had it not been for my father finding me last year, I would have never returned to PA for the rest of my life. I find the timing of it all… interesting really 😉

      I look forward to reading your sharing/link…

      Big big (((HUGZ)))) of loving gratitude to you


  3. […] / link to original article […]


  4. It is so interesting Li li how much confirmation I find in your discussion of PA and the energy of water. It brings me to the idea that while NYC has a lot of areas of density because it is literally surrounded by flowing water a lot of that gets pushed out–and the prevailing winds take that energy where? PA….there is so much to this–I know a lot of folks think of it as magic, and really it is kind of like science combined with energy! Happy and healthy living here on the island, and got depressed as hell living in PA so I knew years ago, before ever stepping on the path that I must live near the ocean waters–I used to think it was because I was a pisces and now I see its because of the energy. I am sure I could live somewhere the energy was clearer, but like when I drove once from san fran to vegas I felt the whole sky coming down on me the energy dipped so severely…interesting stuff and a note to us all to really investigate our environment energetically and do some clearings if we feel it is dense…MuCH love to you girl! 🙂 Alex


    • (((HUGZ)))) Alex,

      OMG the back flow of NYC… holy roughness batman!! Next time a storm comes in, can you change the direction and just send it back out to the ocean… PA is struggling enough lol.

      I love love love the big sky of the southwest… and as much as I love the trees here in PA, and I do, I miss having the full view of the sky!! I am glad you are where you are at… you belong there and RI needs you there too!!

      Big big (((HUGZ))) to you my dear


  5. And Lisa, if you ever get to Allentown while you’re in the NE, let me know and I’ll cook you a meal in exchange for all the love and support you’ve given me over the last few years on your blog!


  6. Hang in there, Chickadee! You are bringing much needed Light energy to the area you are in right now!
    I know exactly how you (and others who have commented) are feeling. I recently took a trip to my old home in S.East Missouri to visit family…..For the first 3 days, I felt like I had gone in to Hell! I was so sick….couldn’t eat or sleep….felt like I was in a whole other dimension, and I really think I was! I had to basically “pretend” to be in sync with everyone around me….which only added to my discomfort. I couldn’t even connect to my Guides in Meditation while I was there.
    And now….I’m going back up there (from Florida) tomorrow. I’ll be staying for most of 3 weeks. I’m setting my Intentions on BEing MYSELF this time!
    I’m not gonna get pulled down into the density again.
    I’m so grateful to have our family (thru YOU) so I can stay grounded while there!
    My saving Grace is that I will be very much dwelling in Nature…..lots of woods, streams, hills, etc. The last time I was there it was Winter COLD! This time, I will stay outside as much as possible.

    I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


  7. Lisa,
    You have such beautiful entries that really resonate with me. I love coming to your blog and learning more about you and myself. I currently live in Philadelphia, PA – but was born in Harrisburg. What a depressing state it is, and the people can be so cold. Anyways, I was wondering exactly why you think PA has such a bad juju connected to it? And what can I do to become more connected. I am a newcommer so to say – but know i have been spoken to by the universe and am just trying to connect more so i can truly find what i can provide to the world and my purpose.

    I remain positive and hopeful



    • Hi Jillian ((((HUGZ)))

      First thank you so much for your very kind words and loving energy, you are so very much appreciated.

      I wouldn’t say PA has bad juju as I would a heavy old old energy. The old separation energy, where base fears are lived and expressed in so many ways. Ohhh good ole philly, great cheese steaks, rough energy!! The reason that bell cracked is it was hit by the fear vibration (smile.)

      I have been listening to what people say, how they say it and what feelings come thru when they talk… and it makes sense why the fog bank is so thick and stationary here. The greatest gift you can give to yourself and your landscape… meditation!! Meditatatoin creates portals of light that flood you, flood the area you live within, gets into the ground and the waters and does more than you can even imagine. The more love we impregnant ourselves with, the more that seeps into the air and others breathe naturally… creating change on every level by starting with the Self.

      I am grateful you are here in PA and the many brave and tough souls who call this place Home. Great things will (and are) coming because of it/you/them!!

      (((HUGZ))) of welcomes and so much love to you!!


  8. Thank you for your thoughts. I have a issue with meditation – I cant seem to silence my mind – i am a gemini and run on a very fast circuit – i have tried but have not ever obtained true meditation. i feel as if i need a reading.


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