Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 28, 2013

We Are The Vacuum Cleaners and Impregnator’s of the New Landscape! How ya feelin’??


Ya ever just want to shake your fist at spirit and yell at them for giving ya new marching orders without any idea of what you were getting yourself into!!  Geez Louise!!  I know, that’s most of us all the time!!  But still…  I am not accustomed to my vision, namely my “reading” vision being hijacked for collective purposes without giving to the individual a reading, an understanding… something!!!  But, since I have landed in the land of Pennsylvania, that has been the way of it, which, I don’t mind saying, is really starting to piss me off!  I know spirit sits on the other side of the veil laughing their spiritual asses off as I bitch and complain on this side of the veil.  At least yesterday my “hearing” turned back on, that is HUGE progress in this overtly thick old energy landscape.  Of course, I also do not want to hear “but there is a purpose you are seeing this” either.  But I have said many times before, spirit never really cared what I (the ego “I”) want!!

So let’s go over all the things I do understand so far…

For eons, we have been taking the higher spiritual energies and grounding them into earth.  Whatever version of earth you/we incarnated on, or woke up on and continued to bring in the higher energies with every ounce of love we brought into ourselves and breathed outwards.  We would hop frequencies (versions of earth) as we went along.  All of this, over eons of time, has served to break up the foundation of the multi-collective old energy (on every version of earth.)  This year, the old cement foundation of old energy, of separation, control by manipulation, greed… the list can go on for miles, has been broken up to pieces.  Think of a cement foundation and we, thru our intake and outflow of pure radiant love, are like jack hammers, breaking up the density so it no longer has form… just chunks of the old with no connection left to the other parts of the old.

This is one of the main reasons we have felt so flighty, not here nor there…

What I had been shown yesterday was like a cluster of soap bubbles that are, one by one, bursting and melding to the core bubble.  No matter how rough any version of earth may seem, the core can only be pure love.  There is no other true and real energy, all else is illusion.  So as each version of earth pops and melds back into the core of love, the old energy is hopping from soap-bubble to soap-bubble trying to hold onto the old, dense, separation and fear world they know so well.

My team, in my meditation yesterday, showed me how life itself is reflecting what is really happening.  We look at the various sink holes that have opened up this year alone, the landslides taking out neighborhoods, bridges collapsing, train collisions (old energy meets new energy) ever the super storms of last year, with more on their way this year.  New jersey could have been the poster child of how to build anew, but instead, they made sure their money-maker, the boardwalks, were rebuilt first while many people remain without homes.  Not to wise if you ask me.  But that is the old energy, money first, humanity’s needs second, if not last.

With all the chunks of old energy now in all the version of earth, there has got to be vacuum cleaners in place to suck it all up and transmute it all, once and for all.  Enter us.  Again, this has always been a human event, our responsibility to clear, cleanse and rebuild.  First, we HAD to do it to our own personal life and energy field and now, there are enough of us clear and potent to transmute the lowest of the collective bodies to permanently rid the density, the fear and separation.

In these last few weeks, how many of you have had aches, pains, sadness, brain fog…. let me tell you, it’s not you (personally) you have become the beautiful human vacuum!!

So let’s talk about these two crazy clouds of energy that is dominating the readings, or better stated, our field of vision when we attempt a reading lol.  There are two very distinct and very different clouds that are prominently in my view.  One on the front porch and one over the creek in the back yard.

The front porch is in a little neighborhood just a street big and sits behind a major roadway that is very well-traveled.  This front porch cloud is  just off the porch, in the open air, about 15 feet above ground.  The vortex energy that has started to form as well, is equally very very thick and this little elfin man or something sits at the top right of the opening of the vortex and constantly throws energy down the funnel area.  He has grown the last few days, going from about 2 feet big to now, about 4 feet big.  He still has an intense golden radiation that is his core energy and each time we see him, that energy seems to strengthen.

In the back yard, which really became visual yesterday now that the weather warmed up enough for me to get out of my snuggie and move off the very noisy front porch, has a funnel cloud very very different visual, feel and vibration than the front porch.  It is located way above the tree tops that surround the 30 foot wide creek and is smooth and thin in its appearance.  At the very top of that funnel energy I could see what kinda looks like a golden soap-bubble enlarging.

It took me the most of yesterday and many conversations to really understand what we, as a high collective, developed together.

Anytime energy is removed from anything, it must always be replaced by a higher, clearer energy so that the old does not settle back into the familiar.  You talk about working in full cooperation with spirit.  What I was shown, in meditation, really puts an exclamation point on how potent we are and how much we are doing by being the breath of pure Love within material life.

I was shown funnels of light all around the globe in what at first looked like a connective S pattern.  Then I realized, it was a living sine wave made of the highest of human collective across the globe.

So then I have to ask, why is it we are seeing these crazy funnel clouds instead of the personal, individual readings like people signed up for… and what I was shown was very much like a taser gun, two intense frequencies zapping this energy into life.  Nothing can nor ever will be done without the human participation.  Altho I can only seeing the one set of funnel clouds here at my Daddy’s home, they are everywhere a highly evolved human is and all are connected and affected.

Can I tell you, just from my view and my ongoing experience here at my fathers, it has changed his ability to breathe and become active again.  I keep wanting to give credit to the new medicines he was given, or the water pills that released 15 pounds of water from his body this week, but as I sit and share this morning, I know the higher reason for his increased state of health.  For that, I thank each and every one of you.

Right before I was leaving New Mexico, suddenly I ran back into my bathroom and grabbed my two meditation crystals; a lermurian seed crystal and a labradorite wand.  It was the only two crystals I brought with me, at least until I took my wonderful two-hour detour to go mine some more.  These two crystals have stayed in the house with me, the ones I have mined I placed out in the back yard where I will (eventually) do the personal readings to charge and clear the ground back there.  A couple of days ago I picked up my lermurian seed crystal to find it exploded.  A huge chunk was released from its body.  I took a picture to show you:

lermurian seed crystal

This crystal was in perfect form and now there are huge hunks missing, yet, not the first sliver of what it released anywhere in the house.  This crystal has never been what I call a “worker” crystal (as in my energy massage practice) it is used as a vibrational accelerator (hence using it in my bathtub) and from what it said, it took in more dense energy than it could transmute and had to release itself from this physical space and now a part of it is has gone to the higher dimensions to work in unison with itself.  Above and below are one.  I think I now understand that growing elfy guy at the top of the funnel cloud… above and below are one.

So we can look at what we are doing as cleaning house and impregnating the new, pure seed energy of Love alive in Life again!!  And the weather and the collapsing foundations are keeping time with us.

It is a beautiful and exhausting thing to be Here Now and actively Creating.  Thank you, each and every one of you, of us… WE ARE THE GOLDEN AGE!!

((((hugz)))) of golden energy and pure love to ALL,

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Thank you Lisa. This makes great sense. I have been putting rainbow tornadoes over the waters, lands and people’s heads around the world with the intent to release negativity and all that is not love. When I thought to do it with the animals of the world I was told they don’t need that just extra love for the suffering that some endure. It is truly. Amazing what a person all hopped up on love can do. Lets rock this world (and any other versions of earth)
    with love and light.


  2. […] / link to original article […]


  3. HEHE…no wonder I HAD to vacuum my house yesterday, after weeks of couch “work” !! All the while I was humming away, aware that “Humpty Dumpty” is finally 🙂 all put back together again…oh YES, we are! Thank YOU Lisa for your truth FULL and always timely “awakening” stories, inspiring so many of us. YOU are amazing…


  4. Wow….in the crystal I see a mother holding a baby…..they both have on long head scarves….what are called abaayas I think….the muslim term. A new birthing….it’s so beautiful!!!


  5. karen! I went back and looked and I see the mother and child too! Awesome! Li li! Super whoopdedooo….oh the clearing and the SUCKING LOL this past weekend certainly a lot of old energy got released in my life and it sucked but now I feel lighter and happier and ready to take on this new level….that your blessed crystal felt it too–whoa! Much love! Alex


    • Hmm Oystergirl…could this be the Black Madonna….? Look at the face…..


  6. I had the same thing happen to one of my lemurian seed crystals. I had never thought it was what you said that caused it, but it makes sense. I thought I was just a bad crystal owner and somehow damaged it…

    Ahh well. Keep writing. Thought it was interesting.


  7. I am happy I still have all my body parts… 😉 :D.
    And WOW for the crystal story. Thank you Lisa.


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