Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 25, 2013

The Spinning Wheel Of Life (Eclipses) Gives Way to New Garments (Light Bodies)


I am so grateful to see this eclipse cycle come to a close.  It has been a wild and woolly ride since it started.  Now we can breathe (eclipse wise) until October.  Well, sorta anywayz.

Yesterday was less productive in readings than the day before.  I think this time tho, it was simply because I was a Popsicle.  I am doing the skype readings outside on the front porch, and when weather permits, phone readings outside in the back yard at the edge of the creek that flows along my fathers back yard.  The temperatures plummeted to 43 degrees and windy rain.  I so wish I didn’t give my car to my son to use in Virginia.  I do have my own portal well established in my car and I know, reading would be easier there than clearing the fog bank here.  But since when do we get to do things the easy way!! lol

We also had thunder and lightning the previous two nights, so I know nature is working with us.  I really just want it to hurry up and happen already.  I think I left my patience back in New Mexico!

By the time I was done with my last phone call the cold settled into my bones.  I had long forgotten that kind of cold.  I decided to take a really hot bath, just to warm up.  Looking at my dad’s bathtub, I though it was one of those short motel kinds.  Even taking showers kept the illusion of its true size from my awareness.  Getting in I so realized nothing is as it seems.  His tub is a cross between the old claw foot tubs and the newer molded tubs.  It’s really huge!!  I could even stretch my legs out!  Heaven started to settle into my bones.

I laid back with my eyes closed absorbing the heat of the water and then it happened;  I was in meditation!!   I could see a silver pole, kinda like a strippers pole or a fireman’s pole connecting to the ground and went up above a cloud bank that now looked like a thick hurricane cloud above.  The pole itself straight thru the eye.  The moment I thought to myself… what do I do with that, I watched myself shimmy upwards on the pole until my head was peaking thru the cloud bank above.  I could not go any further in than my head.

I was kind of surprised to see that same little guy from the first two readings… working.  He is a strange-looking dude, small like an elf, chubby I suppose and yet, there is a golden energy to his Being with no facial features at all.

The underneath (from ground level looking up) the large circular cloud looked all smooth in appearance.  Up above the atmosphere, it was far from smooth.  It was more like trillions of frays of cotton or something and that little guy was working the threads on the right side of the pole.  He wouldn’t let me see what he was really doing with them and didn’t let me see anymore than this, but he (or someone) was willing to answer my now growing questions.

The first question on my mind and in my heart was the whole concept/act of grounding energies.  I have stopped grounding in any way back in 2001, but at a suggestion from a friend on facebook to ground the higher energies into this landscape I am now on, I want to make sure I am not taking the longer harder road to achieve what needs to be done here.

I was shown a flaming metal rod coming down from the upper atmosphere being placed in a cool pool of water on the earth.  Altho the water will absorb some of the heat of the flaming rod, it will equally cool down the rod.  I watched as the rod was placed in the waters, the fire went out and eventually the red glowing metal turned to its cooler state of Being.  By contrast, if you take handfuls of the water and place it in the upper atmosphere, it changes form all together, it turns into steam and melds with the heat of the higher realms of consciousness.

What we are doing together, especially thru the readings (even if it seems like all we are doing is rescheduling, I really am trying each and every time) is taking a handful of the lower vibration and bringing it up into the higher vibrations.  As we keep working this energy, we will create a funnel cloud that will automatically take all the old energy up into the higher atmospheres and eventually the low, dense, fear vibration will fall apart and transmute.

As I was shown this, I started to get a feeling that this little guy was taking the new strands of transmuted energy, and when the time or field is right, will start to connect or weave it into the new earth.

I started to realize why I could not bring the Mesa energy here in my first attempts at reading.  The vibration of the Mesa is way to high to be super imposed here… for now.

Then my whole awareness was taking to the fullness of this eclipse sandwich.  The understanding of what really happened and will continue to unfold in its fullness until the next eclipse in Oct.  But really, we would have to back it all up to the eclipse of May 20th, 2012 follow by the venus transit on June 5th, 2012.  Bookends.

In 2012, we embarked on the fiery passion of the sun, illuminating within the darkness, the fields of love with venus.  A tremendous amount of new energy, new inspirations  new movements were created for all of humanity thru that time frame.  We were given a whole year to start to solidify and make real all that came to us, thru us…

The lunar eclipse of April 25th, 2013 took all the energy we had put out into created reality from the last year and started to pull it into the triple eclipse sandwich like a treading yarn on a spinning wheel.  Individual yarns of action.  The solar eclipse on May 9-10th, 2013 transmuted that yarn into the tapestry of your life.  Solidifying the new choices, the new energy, the new action you have applied to your life.  The solar flares, especially the 4 X class flares that followed the solar eclipse served to ignite the energy in all directions of your life (think north, east, west and south.)

In this last year, so many people have changed so much about their own personal lives.  Movement on all levels.  Some, resisting the movement being asked of them, but we will talk about that later.

While my questions were being answered before i even thought of them, I was shown the close of this final eclipse.  The loom of energy that will present as the new garments of your life, so energetically magnetized that the individual garments will fill out the landscape of the new world with our continued choices and new energy bodies.

Persistence is more vital now than ever before.

To truly change the world we cannot start at the top and hope it finds its way down.  We must start at the ground level, break up the foundation of old energy and lift up the old world into the new.  You and I, we are the worker ants.  Working for the greater good of the colony… humanity.

In the days and months to come, we may find it more strenuous than ever before.  Working harder, moving more quickly on the incoming inspirations, always serving the greater good, even if it may not seem that way at the start.

As I sat and pondered the enormity of where we are and what is and has been asked of us, I heard spirit say there will be a massive distribution of “good karma coins” for those who took action on the incoming inspiration.  With that instant message came a quickly followed clarity… karma coins has little to do with money.  I smiled and for whatever reason, clicked on facebook from my phone.  The very first post I had seen came from a friend named Lisa that said: OMG!!!! I have to share this or I am going to burst. I needed to add extra soil to one of my outdoor plants, so I went into my back yard got the soil, added it to my plant watered it, patted it down…walked a way and when i came back I found a Dalmation Jasper in the soil that was not there a few minutes prior. It’s my favorite stone!!!!

Obviously, the good karma coins are already being distributed!!  You go Lisa!!

For those who have received inspiration and have done little or nothing with it, well, lets just say the challenges may get so big that the only choice left will be to follow the inspiration of your souls desire.

I am going to close on that note, my fingers are frozen (it’s a balmy 43 degrees… 6 celsius) this morning.

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of loving threads creating the greater good, together!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Hope all is well with you Lisa, Love and Light, Lucas


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  3. Hi Li li! You come east and we get cold! LMAO~~~ I have the fire place going today! seriously! 🙂 Much love and giggles and big hugs to you and hopefully tomorrow will be much warmer! As for the eclipse sandwich–make mine an ice cream sandwich! Alex


  4. Thanks Lisa, I saw the spinning off yesterday, I even waved goodbye to all of it that was going in/with this 🙂 I was impregnated, for want of a better word at this time, with my lightbody fully last night.
    I put a new photo of myself as my new profile pic at Fb yesterday, this morning I was thinking to take another one with my new lightbody but I heard no so many are not ready for this yet, it appears I am to leave the one there for awhile now..
    Much love and some warmth to you Lisa, Maggie XO


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