Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 16, 2013

From Fertilization to DNA Activation and Other Stuff Too.


This has been an interesting journey so far and I am not even to my destinations yet.  When I woke up on Monday, the day I left out of New Mexico heading for the East Coast, oh my lord did my lower back hurt like hell.  I think I now know what a plant must feel when it is getting re-potted   There was no physical reason for my serious discomfort and as I felt into my root charka, I knew…  or so I thought.

As I was heading down the road to the highway I became very aware of my entire energy system, it reminded me of long hair blowing backwards when riding in a convertible with its top down.  My energy field did not easily release itself from my home.  As I was watching my energy field stretch further with each mile that took me further away from the Mesa, I got a sudden image of a spider web with a rather large spider on its perfectly spun web and a fly stuck in the webbing.  My first thought was… am I the spider or the fly?  The reply I received had not single word to it, which allowed a fullness I will never forget…ever.  The spider, the fly and the web are all one and the same energy.  What’s funny, I know this conceptually.  We talk about Being One all the time, yet, what I felt and knew in that moment, changed it all from a concept to a reality.  As I sit here and ponder what words to use to get the fullness of this feeling out, I cannot.  The best I can do is express what the field said to me afterwards.  The fly is an expressed part of the spider (food) the spider is an expressed part of the spider web (caretaker) and the web itself is the energy that sustains it all and it all is the same energy expressed in different forms.  Yet, the forms looked different, but once I felt the energy of each, the energy itself was the same, without separation or identification in its forms.

Then my mind went back to something that came out of my mouth as I hugged my landlady goodbye.  I said to her “By the time I get back, we will be all grown up.”  What a strange thing to say…  

So I popped in my gifted audio book “The Power of Now” and was taken on a journey thru my own spiritual awakening as I listened.  Of the hundred things on that audio one thing stayed present with me for the rest of the day.  Eckhart’s break down of “Enjoying myself” into “In Joy in mySelf.”  It made me smile every time I said it to myself!  Of course, I do live there!  This wonderful audio kept me company thru New Mexico and Texas but the more he talked about being in the now, the more hungry I got for current understandings.  Some part of me must have been listening as I cruised into Oklahoma because suddenly my audio book drifted into the backdrop of my mind and suddenly the road in front of me became the inky black cavern I had seen as the portal exploded.  

I could feel the aliveness of the blackness and it was only just a hair wider than the road itself.  The feeling of unlimited potential was everywhere.  The blackness was absolutely alive and conscious.  Available.  There were the twinkling lights scattered about this blackness, but it was the blackness that enveloped me.  Became aware of me, and me of it.  I could see it stretching thru time, even tho time looked like the road in front of me.  I also became very aware of the month of October, where we emerge from this cavern to yet another new landscape of our lives.

But there was also something else happening in between the spiritual concepts of Eckhart Tolle and the embrace of Heaven around me… for the first time in a very long time, I became utterly aware of my body.  I am not even sure I can fully explain what I mean by this, again, my words can only really touch the surface of my explanation.  But, lets suffice to say I became very aware of how much weight I gained over the last year.  Suddenly, and dare I even say, deafeningly, I knew my fluff, fluffed out even more than before.  

As I arrived at my first hotel for the night and stared into the full length mirrors that seemed to be everywhere, for the first time I looked at my very fluffy naked body and said… ugh!  Holy fat cells batman!!  I look pregnant and over due by a month!!  When did that happen??  Then I had to wonder, how did I never see myself that way before.  

As morning broke and I hit the road again I realized something so amazing… the energy of separation.  It really is amazing how threaded separation is into the landscape of life.  How self aware we become within it (and that is the small s in self.)  It was/is such a contrasting feeling to the spider, spiderweb and fly, a unified whole serving the greater good of the ALL in ALL its expressions.     

In my home on the Mesa we recognize each other by the Light of our Beings… here in the world, it’s a very flesh toned reality.  …at least, for now.

As my audio book “The Power of Now” ended, I put on my next new book by Gregg Braden called “Deep Truth” and had to laugh at such an intense contrast.  Eckhart Tolle presents his book in a very slow, methodical voice, like listening to a beautiful lullaby for 9 hours constantly talking about the present and presenting concepts of how to keep you/us in the present.  When Gregg Braden started presenting, it was like he took 5 hits of speed before he started talking.  Holy cow what a difference!!  It took me a bit to adjust and keep up with his fast paced verbiage   What cracked me up even more was the fact that he kept talking about our history, going back well over 11 thousand years.  I have gone from the power of now to the depths of our past history, of which, I really am not interested in.  I had to wonder why on earth I felt so pulled to purchase Gregg’s new book to begin with. 

As I kept listening to Gregg speedily telling the story of our history, I found myself tuning out and seeing beyond the road.  As I was leaving Oklahoma and entering Arkansas suddenly the road in front of me was a yellow/gold mesh tunnel of energy.  Like the day before, this energy tunnel was just a hair wider than the road.  Not to long after the tunnel dissipated from my vision, once again, I was back in the inky black energy of the cavern.  By this time I was nearing the Crystal Mines of Arkansas, a place I always stopped and spent 2-3 days digging on my way to or from Virginia and New Mexico.  This trip it was not on my agenda at all.  That is, until I seen a road sign for Hot Springs, Arkansas and my whole solar plexus was zooming to beat the band.  It was early enough in the day for a detour, I HAD to go to MT Ida and spend some time in the crystal mines.  

As I was driving the country road heading towards the mines, I became very very aware of the energy of the tree’s lining the road way.  It is so wonderful to see the abundance of green trees again.  I opened my heart to the tree’s themselves and got so much more than I bargained for.  I could see and feel the energy… the LOVE of the tree’s before me.  As my car approached them, they would take their energy field and bow towards the road in front of me.  I smiled and within my car, bowed back to them… the pure state of Namaste!  The Unified Field of Love, made manifest.  

By the time I got to my favorite place, there were only 2 hours left before they closed.  With bucket and shovel in hand, I played in the dirt and got some really nice crystals.  It was really the battery charge my whole energy system needed!


When I found my way back to highway 40 again, I started listening to Gregg Braden again, finally, his subject matter changed to something that just rocked my world.  Rocked my awareness of the greater scope of life itself.

Gregg was talking about the controversy of abortion and when “life” itself starts within the womb and all that goes with the fertilization of the energy that will become a human.  He talked about the time it took from the moment the egg is infused with the sperm and the cell division from that point on.  24 hours to go from union to two cells, 12-20 hours later, 2 cells become 4 cells, 12-20 hours after that, 4 cells become 8 cells.  An average of 3.9 days to get to the 8 cell division stage.  It is the next stage of cell division that brings our personal DNA online.  The first three days, it is all becoming that.

For the last couple years, whenever there was a big shift either in the field, within me, or the person I was reading for, it is always accompanied by a 3 day black out (to my vision anywayz.)  The field has even said, repeatedly, when the change is huge, it takes 3 of our earth days to go from start to finish.  Seems like the creation of human life does exactly the same (as above, so below.)  I cannot even tell you how much this tripped my trigger on every level!!

As my mind and heart was exploding with deeper understanding, the field met me in that excitement and expanded so much for us.  Life is always giving birth to itself, so the process is never ending.  This process we are undergoing now is huger than huge.  Instead of taking 3 earth days, it will take 5 earth months to reach the stage where the DNA (so to speak) is fully combined in our energy field (think, zigot to embryo.)  

On May 9-10th of this year, sun infused the earth…. sperm infused ova.  The electrical processes still underway (solar flares and eruptions)  are presenting the needed energy for the process to fully and completely take place.  We are encoding our DNA not by what was already there, but what we choose to do now.  Each new choice, each new direction solidifies the profoundness of the new codes.  Each stripping away of former identities, encodes higher ones in the expanded field of oneness.  

Every discordant thing one alines with, becomes more deeply aligned in their expanding reality.  Remember, life has no bias  but it does create the perfect storm to choose again.   

The more of y/our spiritual resources we use the more that will be expanded for use.  The more one says “I can’t” the higher the wall of “I can’t” becomes.  Even as I type this out, I see the parting of the red sea (so to speak.)  On one side is the land of separation and on the other side, the unified whole, the gap is already widening and by the time we arrive in October, it will be mistakable which side of the sea of life one has programmed themselves into.    

I personally, have had enough energy of separation in my car ride so far, to live there is to cease to Be.  

Somewhere, in the mix of all this infusion of understanding and if I am not mistaken, catalyzed by something Eckhart said about illness (exactly what he said, I don’t recall at all) but I thought about my journey with cancer and the many others who have had, are on or will be on a cancer journey of their own.  In that thought, I was surrounded by the now familiar energy of the Planeathians and they gave me new energy packet in regards to the cancer.  They said “you had an experience called cancer.”  Feel with that for a long minute!!  How many people continue to own their experience even after it is gone?  There are ribbons to hold the energy in ones consciousness,  there are words like “survivor” that actually holds the energy in place too (things I never thought about.)  An experience is just that… an experience.  You moved in, learned something, then moved out and go onto other experiences.  Unless you don’t.  

Survivor.  Interesting word and a strange energy now that it is in my awareness.  The body, and all life for that matter, is in a constant state of love.  No matter what it may look or feel like to the beholder.  If there is any aspect of your life, of your health you feel like you survived, change the energy of that pronto!!  How can you survive loves expression, it is what you are.  Like the fly that flew into the spiders web, it was always heading that way to nourish the spider with its love.  

Well my beautiful sparks of Light, time for me to embrace the road again.  At least I will be in my sons house today and will head to my Dad’s Saturday morning.  

I love you with all my soul, you are truly my soul food in life!!


Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I still have not heard back from my online calendar people, so I have not yet changed the default time on it to reflect EST.  I will call them tomorrow and get it adjusted, then send an email to everyone who has appointments on my calendar to set up the new time.  I will be 2 hours ahead of my old time zone.  Example, if you are on the PST and booked an 8am reading on my calender, instead of it being 7am in your world, it will now be 5am in your world.  We will make the adjustments over this weekend.  Gotta love change!! 











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  2. Li Li! Too many YAHS! to comment on them all so i will say first so GLAD you connected with the trees! THIS is my world! LOL I also very much feel your body stuff as it is my stuff too LOL I came to the realization that I had a lot of stuff around that and have been releasing it and also thinking on the idea of the temple of self love and this opportunity to truly embrace that. Big hugs and totally immerse yourself in your present moment with those you love–BIG HUGS AGAIN! alex


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