Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 9, 2013

Feasting On The Wisdom and Light Of YOU, With a Monetary Tip of DeLight!!

banquet of life

I swear, the readings yesterday were like a fine dining experience.  We got an appetizer, a main course and a rich dessert.  Imagine going into a wonderful restaurant realizing once you sat down, there is no menu to choose from.  The restaurant brings to you items that resonate within your energy field and you have no idea whats coming to be given to you, when it will arrive or how… at least, not from the mental construct of knowing.

I watched my man’s field open up with his magnetic prominence only about 4 feet away from the area I call the solar eclipse (or a stretching bar on the weaving loom of life.)  I could see all the single strands of glowing white material that is already creating his next experience of life.  But there he was, standing on top of his solar prominence trying to make various strands of cloth (energy vibrations) happen the way he expects it to.  He was pulling and plucking and very engrossed in what he was doing.  So I yelled at him… “hey, stop doing that!!!”

The new fabric stretched out over the loom of your life is made from heart material.  Soul energy.  The moment you get all up in the fabric with your mind… your mind that wants things now, wants thing this way or that, has a visual expectation of how things should look and arrive on the other side of this eclipse phase serves to place huge area’s of discordance into the vibration itself.  Which you will experience sooner than later.

I know this man well, I have been reading for him for a long time now.  I know the activity his mind gets involved in… the worry and the hurry.  Even tho we talked about how he needs to trust and get down inside his prominence and let his soul work the magic of life, it didn’t change the image of the reading.  He continued to pluck at those strings.  So I took my energetic hand and tried to move him away from the strings and back into the center of his magnetic prominence.  His beautiful light body turned to me and gave me a look!!  That look was half scary and really funny… what the hell!!??  That is a look that can only come from an ego working overtime.  So we talked about what he is trying to rush and “make sure” arrives in his world.  Even with that sentence I am hearing a snippet from the song Dream Weaver: Driver take away my worries of today…  The driver has to be the heart, only the mind worries.

As we talked about how important it is now, especially now, for him to trust and have patience, he really did understand.  I watched as he walked down into the center of his magnetic prominence of his own accord.  What he did as he arrived at the “ground level” really surprised me and made me realize how important this image was.  I had seen a few other people take this position in the last few days.  He sat in the lotus position  showing he is now open to the highest energy of his soul.  Allowing!!

He also asked a question that revealed a very interesting and very important reply.  He asked about choice points and if it will be obvious when these choice points arrived.

Up until this moment we arrived at choice points that very much looked and felt like a Y in the road.  You either take the left fork or right fork… now when these choice points arrive they will be less obvious except for the energy.  The way I had seen it was like the two forks super imposed over themselves, one containing black fuzzy energy the other containing vibrant rainbow energy, both appearing in the same choice.  Now our job is to really discern the energy and choose within less obvious choices.

My next lady rocked me right out of my chair!!  She was a brand new connection, I so love a virgin in the field (grin.)  She baffled me right from the get go and all the way thru her amazing, humbling reading… and revealed things I never even realized.

She showed up standing in a stronghold position.  She was in the center of the magnetic prominence arms stretched out from left to right, facing the east direction.  Her left hand placed on the forward aspect of the prominence, her right hand holding back the back area, which, I first interpreted as past, but really it wasn’t that at all.  Gotta love when more is added to symbolisms and directions!!

I decided I will come back to understand why she was in such a strong and powerful stance after I looked at the rest of her light field.  Geez Louise… Above and below the thing I see as the solar eclipse, there was this honey colored wave of energy.  I recognized the color and texture immediately… the energy from the magnetic prominence, it took me a few moments to realize it was acting as a sine wave.  What the hell does this mean?  Just when I finally figured out what everything else means in relationship to our next exciting adventure of life, there she is, throwing a monkey wrench in my processor!! (smile)

I could not fit the understanding of the sine waves, the one above or the one below the solar eclipse at all, so I moved back down to her body and tried to understand that.  Again, I was struggling.  Thank GOD she had a dream the night before that was so telling in what we were seeing.  Spirit really does conspire to enlighten us on all levels.

(Forgive me if I don’t remember all the details in the correct order of her dream as I share what I do remember.)  She could see the ring of fire and a tornado form out of it.  She was at her home with her husband and watched as this massive tornado came and sucked up her neighbor’s house.  As she looked at her house a man appeared on the roof in the meditative lotus position, all I could think of was Buddha.  At first she thought it was her husband up there, then realized, it wasn’t.  The tornado sucked up her house.  (I am missing a lot of details here, forgive my memory.)

I realized exactly what she was doing in her reading.  Hold back the dark energy (what I thought was the past) and holding open the pure light of spirit in her stance.  The spiritual being on her roof was there to protect her space, aid her in this arduous job she is doing.

I told her that this solar eclipse is known as the ring of fire eclipse… the tornado is serving to pull out the old energy out of life, yes even the structure of her own home… all of ours really.  Then I realized too, the sine waves significance   The one connected to the forward aspect of the magnetic prominence went under the solar eclipse, accelerating the energy of creation into the new life.  The one that went above the solar eclipse is the old dark energy that will burn up as it passes over.

Then it hit me… holy shit, there has to be operators of this dream weaver loom of life.  There has to be an energy source.  Dah!!  Spirit has said over and over and over again… this is a landscape completely created and worked by the human soul of consciousness alive, incarnated on earth.  Why wouldn’t I even think for a moment WE all have our own task at the weaving process.  Of course there has to be a power source, someone working the loom, someone threading the new material into life, others cross stitching the interactions.

For as personal as your readings are, I realized just how big they are too.  What you do for yourself, you do for ALL!!

Holy shit!!

As I attempted to look towards the last of this eclipse cycle to see what on earth she is creating with her unique position in my field of vision… I was now off the loom itself, on the ground, but the energy itself was so multidimensional, interconnected, formless but with form… that there was no way of saying what is being created and released to us, but let me do say, it is freakin HUGE!!

She did mention something too… that just got me so excited when her team filled in more information.  Inside her house was her purse and of course her personal belongings.  Even tho she was ok that she not able to retrieve any of it before the tornado came down on her house, she had wished she at least got her purse and some personal things.


The field actually started talking about money.  The energy of our money.  The infusion of this wild, wonderful, multidimensional energy into our personal money.  The vibration of our money, the money that flows in and out of our hands to those aligned with this magnificent new earth, is about to change, become enhanced and so much more than that too!!

Let me tell you, I was almost orgasmic thru her reading!!  The more we talked and shared, the more that sine wave became amplified (the waves got closer together.)

I could barely contain myself by the time I got to my last lady of the day.  This day, there was room for the dessert of life!!  Phew!!

There she was, driving uphill on the inside of her magnetic prominence in a beautiful sky blue beetle bug (Volkswagen Bug.)  I could see her inside the car, gel-black in appearance.  I understood that this car represented her soul energy, she was fully and completely allowing this car, her soul, to drive her into her new life, she obviously remaining in the deep unknown on this side of the eclipse.

What I also realized with her, was that her magnetic prominence was now going thru the eclipse area.  The lady before her had about 4 inches between the top of her prominence and the solar eclipse bar.  It wasn’t until this reading did I fully realize that our solar energy emitting out of the ground around us, is being weaved into the fabric of our new lives.

And then something from the readings a few weeks ago became present again.  I so quickly forget what was happening and relevant last week… the kneading process, which reminded me now more of a chopping process to, simply because I watched as that blue car drove onto the bar of the solar eclipse and this energy started kneading it (think bread dough) and the car started to chunk up into pieces as it came off the other side of the eclipse bar.  Even she, the black-gel aspect was all chunked up too.

Then I watched as the sky blue chunks absorbed the gel-like black chunks and started to meld into the white fabric strung across the eclipse.  OMG, this has just brought the last several weeks together in understanding!!

At the very bottom of her weaving process, at the area of the last eclipse (May 25th) I could see some of the material weaved together already, in a deeper color than I have seen before in other readings.  I understood that she has already put this new energy into play.  She will be leaving Texas about the 22nd and driving here to New Mexico to house sit for a couple of months and get some acupuncture while she is here.  For her, the energy is already set and in motion for this time frame.  What they (her team) would not let us see is what happens as her entire fabric becomes melded with the blue energy and they did give us a reason, and for all of us, this reason is really really important.

Because once the energy is melded into the fabric of our lives, it changes everything.  Everything that is already in place, becomes enhanced, super charged if you will.  The relevance of her soul car absorbing the black of her body creates the “what was not known, becomes known” energy.  Increasing and enhancing each other and so much more than that!!

Speaking of adventures, I have a leave date of my own.  I will be heading to Virginia on May 28th.  I should have my new teeth in my mouth by then, but I decided, even if I don’t, I am heading out and I am trusting, it will all come together by then!!  That’s my plan and I am sticking with it!!

I love you all so much and appreciate your radiance in my heart and in my life.  YOU really do make life brighter and much more interesting, thank you for Being Here and playing this wonderful game with us ALL!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of solar-powered everything!!

Lisa Gawlas











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  4. Dearest Li li and YOU really make our lives so much more understandable and vibrant and fun! Thanks for sharing I loved the image of the little beetle car! Big hugs…..flowing it baby girl! 🙂 Alex


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