Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 8, 2013

The Dream Weaver and The Solar Loom It’s Threaded Upon: Called YOUR LIFE!

threads of life

I have a new mission for the rest of this year… figuring how to go beyond words in a reading!!  Once I get that aspect figured out, the next thing that will have to go beyond words are my sharings.  No matter how I share what I understand, either here or in readings, I don’t have the words to bring you the true realness of what it all means.  Our words, our language is centered around linear life not the fullness of multidimensional creation, which can be frustrating and for me, an intense struggle to find the words or examples to get the fuller richness and meaning of what is happening now and make it truly understandable.

My first lady of the day, I swear she and I could have been doing the same thing, symbolism wise.  There she was, magnetic prominence generating the new magnetic flow all around her and she was trying to climb out of this prominence.  She was at the front upper part of the top of the prominence (just as a reminder, this prominence in my vision looks like a the elongated aspect of a solar flare before it completely releases itself.)  I said to her, you don’t want to get out of this enhanced energy field, let me put you back down on the ground.  She did let me, but with attitude.  Once she was back on the ground, she put her hands on her hips and just gave me a look… you know those looks!! (smile)  Feisty woman!!

Then I seen what I felt were flowers growing all in a circle on the outer side of her magnetic prominence, none of the bulbs of the flowers had form yet, they pretty much looked like pastel colored blobs of potential.  Undefined as of yet.  What I did miss telling her, simply because I didn’t get the fullness of this language of light as of yet… that circle of undefined flower heads also was echoing a cycle of completion in all that got her to that point in her life.

Where words fail me, I am hoping I can bring you deeper with my simple artwork.

energy weave

Here is what I do not know how to show you, but with a (simple) diagram I think I can share what is happening and take you beyond the words!!  Inside the magnetic prominence is where (most of) you are.  There is enough space for your biology and your immediate energy field (it does not expand around your entire inner heart field.)  What I am starting to see with yesterdays readings is like a fibrous network of energy, very honey like and stick growing on the inside of the magnetic prominence.  As soon as those fibers have any sort of length to them, I am watching as they are pulled over the solar eclipse as if it was part of a loom (think, weaving.)

From what I am understanding, these strings (which I see as white, but colored blue for contrast in the picture) represent your new threads of life.  They represent every aspect of your energy field and altho I have only put four strings in this visual, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands (I haven’t counted… lets just say A LOT!!)  Each of these new threads of the fabric of your life represent something within your emotional field.  All the things you worked on.  All a very different vibration than where you are currently at now.  Many representing the new spiritual abilities that will open up for you as the entire fabric of your life takes new form.

As I was creating this artwork I realized something dynamic that I was completely unaware of.

In three of the readings yesterday, these blobs of energy were prevalent but yet, different in placement.  My first lady, as I said, encircled the ground around her prominence.  My second lady, these undefined bulbs stretched from top to bottom on the front of her prominence, my last lady they were all clustered in the upper area of the prominence.  Now I get why… the energy movement at hand.

In order to have these energy potentials show up in your reading, you must have several things happening.  One, have given some sort of desire to enhance your spiritual life and all that goes with it.  Released yourself from anyone else’s energy and untied yourself from the past as well as a strong desire to be in service within this new earth.  I am sure there is more, but that’s enough for now.

So the first thing that has to happen, is for this new energy potential to surround the ground you walk upon… generating new form thru your magnetic prominence.  As the energies start to further align in your potential future, these unformed bulbs move up your prominence then gather at the top as the weaving accelerates.

In a real way, this is actually representing your new soul blueprints, or fabric of life.  Because so much of those undefined blobs of energy resemble a person, place or thing, they cannot weave into your fabric until the choice is made my whoever or whatever it represents, to let go and move fully into the new.

Lets take this example of my lady trying to crawl out of her prominence.  This means change.  Exactly what change and how deep in our life it goes, I don’t know.  But what if you love your home, your landscape your home is on, and even tho the partner within your life is not exactly at the same vibrational frequency and consciousness level… everything else is good.  Who really wants to change that.  I suppose it depends on how much you want to be in the fullness of your spiritual body on earth (and all that goes with that.)  In order for the loom to complete itself, the new weaving must happen.  If you resign yourself to the old energy field of life that got you to here, this incredible moment of time will cease to exist in its fullness… at least until the next huge moment in time (I feel, about May 2015.)  But equally, for every choice there is always a consequence of those choices (for better or worse.)  Like my first lady on the field yesterday, I love my home, the landscape and all that goes with it.  I can feel change vibrating at every level of my own life, and altho I do not know that my long-term home will change (meaning… move again) I do not want that!  Hell, just being away for a couple of months brings tremors to my body.  But… if it must be… I will stomp my feet and pout a lot, and let it happen anywayz.  Change is all-ways for the better…. ALL-WAYS.

We are still undergoing major choices within ourselves.  So the loom of created energy is still underway.  Not even spirit knows what the finished product will look like as we close on the lunar eclipse of May 25th… but we are getting closer each and every choice we make, with every aspect of freedom from attachments we allow ourselves to move thru.

Take my son, he did so well yesterday at his performance in his wrestling opportunity and the organization said so and invited him back to do a live performance when they return to that area.  Those who were watching and evaluating recognized immediately this is a man who knows his craft well and told him so.  Now, he has until October (the next massive eclipse after this cycle) to wrestle with his hearts desires.

Funny how life really is… the universe and all that loves and supports us knows how huge this dream of his has always been, all-ways.    But not unequaled to his love of being a dad and the love of his son.  So the time that he has available to him is soooo purposeful on so many levels.  He will spend the next five months weaving his new reality with the threads of love that are strongest in his heart.

There are many that reside in my position of life.  My only dream, my deep down desire in every aspect of my life, is to truly live heaven on earth.  To do all I can, in whatever way I can, to bring the fullness of Shambhala here, on earth.  I have never known what that looks like day by day, I couldn’t fathom before hand the skills that would be provided each step of the way… so in my dream, it is purely at the soul level and not the humanistic level.  Meaning, I have no idea what it looks like, but will do whatever it takes to get there.

As I pondered my own life, in reflection to everyone’s reading yesterday, I came down to releasing my home if that is what is needed.  As I write this blog tho… I can feel my team saying, that will not happen (phew!)  Sometimes, it the willingness and not the act itself that free’s up so much energy.  Just like when they asked me if i was willing to die for the greater good of cancer.  I would.  Thank god, I didn’t have to tho!!  And let me tell you, the truth of your reply is never in the words, but the core energy of your Being.  You can bullshit yourself, but not the field of Life!!  The true truth is always in the energy.

So, as these days have come to be, there always seems to be one person in the day that is so different in their field of light and this one lady is great at being that constant for me every time I read for her!

There she was, completely flat on the ground, face down, hands stretched out in front of her over her head.  She had on that gel-like white t-shirt and black pants.  There was an aliveness to her clothes, the field of light everywhere around her, but nothing else.  The air was utterly still, no movement from her, from the air, I couldn’t find the eclipse energies… just her, face buried in the ground, stillness everywhere.  What the hell is this?  I tried to take my energy and flip her over, just to give me something to read… nope.  I couldn’t budge her from that position.  Geez!!  The more we talked and actually, (I am just realizing this now) when she literally started crying on the phone… I could feel roots growing out of her face and only her face.  The face itself is about identity, how we see and present ourselves in the world.  How we want others to see us, how we need to see ourselves.  Obviously she is in the midst of a massive change out here.  So much so, her face is literally planted in the dirt of earth, the new earth.  The new earth is actively changing her face, rooted in the new earth energy.  A literal death is underway (not physical mind you.)  Hence the stillness everywhere.  It is only this morning that I realize too, the significance of her clothing.  The gel like white t-shirt, covering her in pure potential and at the present, formless (roots are still growing) and the black pants, the deep unknown her life is going to bring her to (think, path/walk of life.)

Sometimes, the stillness can be unbearable (hence the tears.)  Yet… it is and always has been a vital aspect of this journey.

These times are life changing, life enhancing on every level, even when it seems to be the opposite.  Life is weaving itself anew on every level.  I think I have a way of showing you how absolutely profound this shift is and how it is happening in every version of earth.

multidimensional earths

If we can look at all the soap bubbles themselves as every version of earth now in the same space and time as the new earth which is represented by the yellow like.  We are creating this new earth, giving it weight and substance by our choices and what we choose to do with our experience here.  Ever bubble is a different dimension of earth, a different frequency so entangled now that our minds see it all happening in the same moment.

To make this understanding clearer… I have heard several times now in this past week of people talking about various “channels” out there talking about what I would consider old news.  Such as, we are moving from carbon based to crystalline based.  To me, we made that transition about a year and a half ago.  At least, for those living within that yellow earth area.  However, there are many living and move towards the higher vibrations of earth on their version of earth, in whatever frequency they are moving up from… so indeed for them, it is still happening, because it is.  There are many still talking about making the shift from 3D to 5D, because for them, they are.  That yellow line represents the 7th dimensional frequencies and above.  With the way we are living now, it is easy to get confused.  Once upon a time, those soap bubbles were so far apart there was no way of overlapping anything.  You would actually have to make huge leaps to shift from one vibration to the other… not any longer.

Equally, what is happening, as that yellow line… the new earth takes form and shape, it will burst the bubbles below them.  So those coming into the 6th dimensional frequencies all of a sudden feel themselves in a whole new energy field as if over night.  As they come on board and add weight and substance to the new earth, those at lets say 5.5 dimensional frequency merges into the new earth.  That bubble pops and they find themselves in this expanding new earth.  This process will continue to happen until every soap-bubble is no longer and all that exists is the new earth.  A long, long, long process.

It will not happen in a year or three… but many many years, maybe even decades or millenia, I have no idea, honestly, I don’t care either.  However, the more solid the new earth gets, the more people living purely from the heart, the stronger we get together.  TOGETHER!!  This… I care about.  This is what I refer to as bringing the fullness of Shambhala to created life.

When it comes to any channeling, whether from the ET’s, the angels, or even our own souls, they can only disperse information that is valid and relevant to your own consciousness.  Every aspect designed to get everyone higher.  We really are doing this together, no matter what version of life we are on.  We can see the incredible explosion of what I will just call darkness, people still living in the dark ages within their created life… exploding in fear.  They know change is happening and doing all they can to prevent it.  Unless you and I sit down and stop doing what we are doing, all they can do is scream and yell… Change is underway and more powerful than their own fleeting fears!!

With soap bubbles bursting… I am going to close on that note.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with love and defining light to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I would like to leave you with a song that was soooo significant in my journey when it was new.  I had a new guide, which I now know was the creator aspect of my soul energy (divine male) that I could barely handle then.  When I asked his name he gave me the snippet of this song, the title snippet:  “Dream Weaver.”  I leave this with you because we have come alive and are that living energy on earth!!


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  2. Hello dear one, Lucas here from
    Lisa you might wanna read my article from january: Ocean Of Bubbles – A Conversation From My Higher Self : It might answer your questions or add something. Love and Light,



  3. Hi Li li, My blessed sister oh how I love you! I decided to take today completely to rest and sit on the couch in jammies and when I woke up I had my moon! LOL so a lot of emotional stuff certainly, but one thing I realized as I read your message that clarified a few things for me was so important.

    A few weeks ago, right when we saw the helicopter rotors and nothing else, I had said good bye to the Old and put my feet on the path to the new. I had made an active decision to embody ALL that I was becoming.

    But there has been a lot of fear in my life related to being who I really am out loud out in the real world, which involved abuse, bullying, sexual abuse even related to shinging my light and being in the body that feels best to me.

    So, while there are shifts in my world, I hesitated to go out into the real world and BE ME–and I even realize i was actively doing the thing that I always do when I am scared or something happens to me that makes me want to hide–I was gaining a lot of weight. This energy protects me, makes me invisible and so, I realize now that what you say is so true, you can say the words, but the field knows the truth….and so, I need stillness, I need to release and reformulate how I can be myself and integrate all the great parts of me and feel safe and true—a death to the need for protection–a death to the idea that being ME always brings a backlash from the outside world…Heck, I can’t even tell you how many times I have said, I dont give a crap what others think about me–I dont–but I very much must give a crap about how others react to me in an energetic way because of all this protection I am putting up–

    So, I will nurture myself today and simply soak in the stillness and then step out tomorrow when I feel better (yes, even the sickness lingering has kept me AT Home and not moving outward into the world to live outloud)…

    More tears–of gratitude to you my precious friend….I love dream weaver–but peter lol its a joke we have, if it comes on he changes the channel LOL we call it daddys favorite song! LOL….silly–but it is a beautiful song…thanks so much for all you do–Alex


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