Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 7, 2013

Are You Holding On To Your Old Dream, Or Making Room For The New One?


I swear, I need to put my running shoes on to do the readings these days!!  We are changing and evolving so fast, my head is spinning.  Not to mention, my own vocabulary is becoming more and more inept in reflecting the depth that is happening within each of us.

There are two primary images being reflected back to us right now, tree reflected people and solar prominence reflected people.  We are just at the very very beginning of this new chapter in our evolution and I know there is much more to understand with it all and at this moment, spirit is not giving us a preview into the next chapter!

I am going to start by explaining the tree element (simply because I find it easier to do.)  Of the 11 readings I have done in the last two days, three people have shown up with a tree as the core aspect of their reading, each one in a vastly different phase of… well tree life! (smile)  I already talked about one yesterday already being uprooted and these next 5 months will serve to pour in the energy for her replanting from one state to another.  Yesterday, two more tree related people showed up.

My first tree lady was wild.  I started seeing her energy as her phone was ringing.  A tree that was releasing its next generation of seeds.  I recognized these seeds immediately  Brazil nuts, I LOVE Brazil nuts!!  What I didn’t realize yesterday, but is so very fitting for her reading, that the Brazil nuts actually grow in a seed capsule or pod.  In her reading there were no capsules, just a tremendous amount of nuts falling out of the lush greenery of her tree.  I realized today, she had already served to crack open her “capsules” as she just moved out of her old life and is in a ‘waiting” area of her next life adventure.  I was supposed to do yesterdays reading a few weeks ago, but first she rescheduled due to “homelessness” then I rescheduled due to my own upgrades… and finally, yesterday, we could see what the delay was really about.

So here I am, watching nut after nut after nut hit the ground everywhere.  There was not an aspect of her landscape untouched by nuts (grin.)  As we were talking about what her nuts meant, suddenly I watched as several of the nuts that were laying on the ground started to sink into the ground about 6 inches.  The more we talked, the more action was happening.  I realized her tree was pretty much at her east field, new beginnings, the spring of her life.  But equally, expelling the energy from her west field, harvest, ripened energy.  Then this one particular nut that sunk in the ground germinated during our reading… our 15 MINUTE reading (like I said, a lot can happen in 15 minutes!!!  I continued to watch as this nut in the center of her east field sprouted and a green shoot broke thru the shell and started growing upwards.  The more we talked (about her desires and direction, which came from her, not me) the faster that sprout grew, breaking ground and by the time we finished her reading, it was already about 5-6 inches above ground with a flower bud on it.

What her team did tell her that the energy of intense growth and new beginnings is already happening, she just may not see the fullness of this growth until later this month, as we move into and past the last eclipse of this month (May 25th.)

I also realized something HUGE too.  She was asking questions, very much like my tree lady the day before, with zero energy hit on the reply from the reading.  Up until this point in our evolution, if you asked a question about what you should do by giving me an example, there is an energy flow I feel back that is either positive or negative or just a loud yes or no from the field.  Not so much these days.  Yet… spirit seems to be focused more on the outcome than the journey of how you are going to get to the outcome.  That’s when it hit me… holy sheet batman!!!  For the last several months spirit has been saying over and over and in so many different ways… trust the energy coming up thru you and flow with it!!  If you have a sudden or deep desire, move towards it.  There is something that will be revealed to you thru your own energetic movement towards that desire.  Get out of thinking of “right, wrong… good, bad” it’s neither.  Look at it more like a deeper revelation of who you are now.

I can so couple this understanding with my sons journey at this moment.  My son is 30 years old, he became a father just over 3 years ago.  He had been in love with the pro-wrestling sport since he was tiny.  He started training professionally at age 15 even tho he could not legally wrestle on the ring for live shows until he was 18.  He had actively and passionately perused a career in wrestling from that moment on, building his name on the Indy circuit, hoping to one day be picked up by the big guys with a big contract.  He took two years off the wrestling platform to fit into his father shoes… and fit he did!!

When his family broke up last year, he put himself back into the wrestling ring, mostly to fill the void of not having his son 24/7 and his first love became his second love.  His son moved up into the top spot.  He was back wrestling the indy circuit for no other reason than his love of the sport.  He was no longer looking for that big break… and yet, last week, that big break found him anywayz.  He was invited to two wrestling events last night and today.  Altho he didn’t get to wrestle for them last evening, they did a lot of talking about what it means if he (and the others that were invited to be present last evening) were to get signed with this huge wrestling organization.

He called me on his drive home realizing everything about him, within him changed.    He kinda knew that going there, but when you hear the trade-off you must make in order to realize the wrestling dream… all he could think about was his son, the time he would lose with his son.  It was a profound conversation for a mom to have with her son.  A son who is now a parent.

He gets to perform this evening and spend the time wrestling with his heart.  I will let you know how it went!

This actually gives me even more understanding of my last lady who had the element of the tree in her reading.  She actually had both things, the solar prominence itself and a tree.  Talk about throwing me for a loop and making me work my butt off to understand this combo!!

The tree itself was set up in the front area in her magnetic prominence.  Because of this tree, the magnetic prominence itself could not close its loop around her.  The tree was seriously pruned.  Showing how much she had already cut from her life (which is a wonderful thing.)  Yet, there she was, clinging to her very pruned tree top, hanging on to…. something.  Spirit would not tell her what she was hanging onto to save our lives… it was up to her to fully recognize that and let go… completely!

From what I was understanding with her, when she lets go, that tree will cease to be and a whole new version of her grand adventure will take (new) root.

I have said this before, and using my son as a shining example of what this statement really means… sometimes, we have to back up in order to move forward.  Fully realizing how much we have changed, how much our desires and values have shifted to something, somewhere else.  And then the universe asks again… what do you want now.  Sometimes, until we really are faced with having what was so important yesterday, we do not even realize how unimportant that has become.  So life will take you there and let you see it up close and personal.  This has tremendous value in the “letting go” arena of our quickening landscape/dreamscape.

I am understanding too, thru this sharing, the vast importance of those surrounded by that magnetic prominence in a reading.  A complete and utter change out of the energy of their own lives.  All thru this sharing, my inner vision is seeing a prominence (who’s I don’t know) and this network of energy, looks like honey roots (or spider webs) coming in from every aspect of the prominence.  Connecting those who allow to their new dream, their new life field.  Here is the tricky part, in this phase, you may not even know what your new dream is… (I fit here)

I know how much we want to see the fruits of our labors NOW, but like all of life has been and will be, it is a process.  Granted, the process is faster now than ever before, but a process that needs your complete allowance for the new version of who you are now to be birthed.

In a very strong and real way, makes me wonder just what deep changes are coming up for me.  I have gotten quite comfortable in my version of life and yet I can see the delay and timing of my adventures to the North East… I was supposed to go in April and now, it’s not happening until the end of this month.  And yes, I will still be doing readings and writing about them, while on my adventure.  I am even going to hold a new 6 week class while away too (still mulling over the dates.)  The great thing about having an internet/phone business, I can do what I do from anywhere at anytime.  Gotta love freedom, but I am starting to gulp at what changes may be up ahead.

I am going to close on that note!  Here’s to miracle grow and sudden changes!!


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    No changes just the upgrades 🙂 Where all the 3D will vanish to be replaced with 5D. Were everybody hopefully will start living as it was Divinelly intended with all the lower, darker vibrations changed for a lighter ones 🙂


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  4. Li li, I absolutely felt what your son was going through–the thought–be careful what you wish for because you just might get it comes to mind! I also completely feel you about the not knowing what the dream is!!! See ya later gator! Love, Alex


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