Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 6, 2013

The Solar Prominence Fueling the Magnetics of Your New Enhanced Life!!!


I knew when I was able to “see” again, things would once again look different in the field, but we surely got more than we bargained for yesterday!!  I suppose I completely forget that if something huge is happening to us, the human incarnate, then it must also be happening to earth herself.  And let me tell you, earth changed her appearance and energy once again.  She is back to looking like that familiar dirt ball (said with tremendous love of course)  instead of the yellow and white marshmallow looking top soil I have been seeing.

What I was so surprised to see was the energy around 4 out of 6 people I read for yesterday.  It was the same energy that is the elongated solar flare as it explodes.

solar flare

It was seeing this energy field around people who made me realize, OMG the sun and earth became one energy too.  Of course it would, if we are merging to become an alloy version of ourselves, then so would the earth and sun as well!!  The Divine Masculine and Divine feminine as one energetic body.  The mutable matter of earth and the gaseous energy of sun combined as one loving expression accelerating us, surrounding us when needed.

When we have a shift on every level of life as we are undergoing right now, the images and understandings are so very new to my consciousness it usually takes me some time to really understand what we are seeing and how to understand it on the larger stage of life itself.  I needed all 6 connections yesterday to even get a small handle on how huge this moment in time is and how differently it is affecting us.

But before I get into that, I wanted to share exactly what a solar flare is, simply speaking of course.  I found a website that did just thatA solar flare occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released. On the Sun’s surface are huge magnetic loops called prominences.  I smiled at the fact they called these loops prominences because when I was searching for a word to use for this consistent visual description in most everyone’s reading, that is the word that kept being used: prominence.

As I really started to understand what was being shown to us, I realized that every person has their own unique prominence surrounding them (or about to surround them.)  The energy is a reflection as well as a magnification of their own magnetic field of heart and mind.  I also started to understand why there were three major flares from May 1st thru May 3rd.  The first one was to release the energy of the divine masculine (physical life, created matter) the 2nd was to release the energy of the divine feminine (spiritual life side, pure energy potential) and as the two blended into one, the third one was released to house us in as we adjust fully to the mixture of our new alloyed Being.

Let me assure you, we are still very much undergoing this HUGE process.  Every one (except two) I read for yesterday was in the middle of this prominence and I could not go beyond that in any way, shape or form.

The first lady on the field, god bless anyone who kicks off a major shift in readings, I really struggle to understand what I am seeing and what is really happening.  I could see a spiritual being standing in front of her as her prominence was dancing around and lapping upwards.  I suddenly remembered the reading from a couple of weeks ago… “the gate-keeper” and “guide” to this Simcity amusement park we are creating.  He showed up to help her navigate her new field of energy creation called her life.  They were just in the hand shaking stage and she is still very much working on bringing her spiritual sight and hearing online… so we can call her moment right now, orientation.  I could not move the energy beyond the handshaking scene, so for her, I just rescheduled the whole reading.  Besides, I was really struggling to understand what any of this really meant to her.

My next lady however, she was going to give us a really vivid view of what this means to us, so much so, I completely misinterpreted the start of her reading.  Gotta love a dynamic teacher in this massive shift!!  Unlike my first lady, this one was facing backwards.  I knew she was facing something in relationship to her past, instead of looking forward like the lady above.  Then I watched as she lifted her right hand, then her left hand and touched the prominence surrounding her.  The moment her hands came within an inch of touching this prominence a thick white gel like energy appeared.  As she touched the prominence and then pulled her hands back, it was like a string of honey came back with her hand movement.

I was very confused and had no real idea what any of this meant…. at all.  I have said this so many times before…. seeing doesn’t equally understanding!!  I did feel like she was trying to get out of this prominence and what I thought was get back to some old aspect of her life (again, she was facing the past) so I decided to try to rotate her body so she was facing forward.  When we rotated her energy it was in a counter-clockwise motion and the moment she started to face the east field (new beginnings) her knees started to visibly clank together like she was so nervous about something.  The moment she started telling me what was happening in her life (after I asked her what she is so nervous about) it all fit together, but differently than I was reading it.

About a week or two ago she decided to put the house she has lived in for 18 years on the market.  (Hence, facing the past) She has a friend who is a Realtor and employed her to get the job done.  She made the arrangements on a Monday and by that Thursday, before the house even went public, she had a buyer for the house!!

OMG I sooooooo get now what I was seeing.  That white energy… remember the last two weeks the ground itself was made of the gel-like white energy, pure potential (think play dough unformed until you give it form) and the honey looking strings of energy coming back with her (think the spiritual energy that must bring that white energy to life/manifestation.)  What you put out is what you get back.  She was ready for change, releasing her past and sure enough instantly it manifested.  In todays housing market, that alone is a miracle!!!

So then we talked about her nervousness in the direction of the East.  Man, if she isn’t rocking this new energy field like a master… no one is!!  She met a man recently and the energy of this new relationship is getting stronger between them.  Only, he came with some wonderful challenges   He is still very much living in his old life (wife and kids) even tho that version of his life is over.  So many of us know this story, especially when there are children involved.  We stay because of the kids, even if we start wilting in that environment.  Then we get a catalyst to make changes.  She is his catalyst.  But man, our society can surely frown on such a thing.  If that challenge wasn’t big enough to jump over… he is 20 years her junior, he’s 30.  Hey, at least he can keep up! (grin)

The one thing she is having a hard time with is finding employment…. even that is purposely so.  She has enough new energy to maneuver and until she completely gets out of her old home, that new energy is not quite ready yet…. but will be coming.

I kind of wish my 3rd and 4th readings were reversed.  If I had seen my 4th reading before my 3rd, I would have really understood what I was seeing with his imagery, but I was clueless until I read for my fourth lady of the day.

With my third man standing in the middle of his magnetic prominence he had something growing that really confused me.  At first I thought it was flowers, but the field quickly squashed that connection.  What I saw was happening in the energy of his prominence first, at his forward left side area.  As I watched it form and start to move out into his created life a little bit, I recognized the energy… it looked like candy razzles:


The exact color and texture of the pinkish one on the far left of the above picture.  Everyone was the same color.  The only difference was the dots on top, there were only 4 on each razzle (for lack of a better word.)  The 4 dots were larger, they (like the smaller ones in the picture)  took up the surface of the center.  Directly in the energy of his prominence they were stacking on top of each other then went outwards a short distance.  The one thing I did understand that this (whatever this was) was still underway… in the midst of creating itself in his life.  I remained clueless as to its full meaning in his reading… until I read for my next lady.

My net lady really threw me off guard.  Just when I was starting to understand a little something-something…. she had to show up and be different!!  Thanx!!

She was walking down a long and narrow pathway.  It was so narrow only her feet fit on the path, it wasn’t any wider than that.  The energy of what she was walking on I recognized from my previous reading.  The same color and texture of the razzle man before her… only different.  The path took the four dots at the top and opened them to create a pathway that raised up to about mid-calf and formed like scalloped edges all the way forward.  Kinda like this image (without the greenery) only put scalloped edges on the small edging.  I knew it was there to make sure she didn’t stray from the forward direction she was heading in:


Now make that entire foot path made out of the color (same color as the man above) and texture of razzles!!  Yummy??  What really surprised me was what she was heading towards.  Her solar prominence coming out of the earth.  Her team even said she will reach it within a couple of days.  All I could think of was ‘god bless your heart” not only will she be gassed up to go within her solar prominence, that squared with the solar eclipse time too!!

So, I understood the energy of my man by understanding her.  His life is about to change, a path already being set to move him into another direction within his life.  Completely off the path he has traveled to here… but not yet set and viewable.

My fifith lady really confused me.  There she was in her magnetic prominence, but she was an amazing version of Tinker Bell.  Very very fiery like, her wings flapping like a hummingbirds wings and she had this beautiful pinkish wand in her hand and she was moving around and around at the very top of her prominence, flying around in a clockwise motion, with her wand consistently at the energy of the top of the prominence.  I pondered her all night long (along with everything else the day showed us) and all I know for sure… the energy output of those wings (think hummingbird) takes a tremendous energy (eat razzles, pure sugar lol) so no doubt, something really big is already in the works for her.  But as the day would have it… we didn’t get to see the outcome… yet, because as the field said, they (spirit) just don’t know… yet.

My last lady… geez Louise.  I was already to be engulfed in yet another prominence and was shocked when that didn’t happen.  Instead… it was so utterly different that it actually blew my mind…. but also, gave us all sooooo much clarity too.

I could see her as this tree (as opposed to being human) being up rooted in this present moment.  The tree was not completely out of the ground yet.  Kind alike this:

uprooted tree

The roots I could see dangling were made of that white gel-like texture.  Then suddenly I seen an energetic line move around the eclipse energies and then come back to her center path and completely replanted her in a different land by October.  I could see October spelled out in my vision, so I knew what month we were talking about!!

I realized that she was not going “thru” this eclipse sandwich that is happening now, but around it (I had seen this in readings before, but didn’t fully understand the significance like I do now) to prep for her move to another state.  There is another eclipse happening in October and that is going to be her time!!  Time for what… I suppose we will see!

One thing became absolutely clear thru the whole day, everyone was in a very different position energetically.  The way I see it is kind of like a whip… you crack a whip and the energy releases first to those at the top of the whip and moves towards the tail, then comes to a resting point until cracked again.  Same is happening with these 5 eclipses.  The last one of this year is actually in November.  From April to November, that’s one hellfoa whip!!

I wanted to know where I was in this crazy magnetic game of life, so I took a bath.  All I got to see was my own prominence and knowing what is coming out of it/happening I will not be able to “see” until after the last eclipse in May.  No doubt, in relationship to my big trip!!

However, like my “tree lady” the field said what is taking place now (especially for her) is all in relationship to where she already is (October.)  She has toyed with the energy of moving, yet there is nothing in her at this moment that feels like moving… which is perfect, since she has a lot of doors to close, energy to finish up as it takes her to the new doors and that’s when you feel the move happening.

I think this whole thing can bring into a brighter clarity what I have said before.  We start making choices at the deeper unconscious level, unaware (from the human perspective) of where our choices are really taking us… but yet, they are moving us to the outcome of it all.

I just did my first reading of today, a beautiful soul across the pond that I do want to share here now.  She was in her magnetic prominence jumping rope in place.  I knew what I was seeing was a strength training exercise to fit up her legs and her arms.  (Think movement in the path of life as well as the strength needed to reach for the life opening soon.)  I could see an ever slow movement happening as she was jumping rope in place that was turning her from forward to the left, physical life.  I could feel (but not yet see) a major opening in her magnetic prominence happening after the solar eclipse energy settles (couple days afterwards.)  Her life is about to change and she obviously needs to the strength to see it thru.

These are super amazing times we are in.  Bigger than our wildest dreams we dared to dream.  Same goes for my son, who, as I type, he is on his way to perform (via their invitation to him,) for one of the worlds largest wrestling organizations in the world.  A dream he has dreamed since he was a small boy (he’s 30 now.)

Right time, right place, right frame of mind and heart!!  That time is now!!!

Thank you so so much for your patience with me, with my own evolution within and for allowing all of us to really understand how huge this time is thru the light of your soul.  I love you beyond words and appreciate you equally as much!!

((((HUGZ))) filled with wonder and awe,

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. 🙂
    As far as a dirt ball – occult, not spiritual but ego driven actions. When I went for a reading this is what I ‘ve heard that coused by a lot of envy plus some people (I know who) councessly placing spells for their personal gain plus the kabal and others. I’m saving some money to clear it profeccionally in a mean time do what I can by myself seeing once again whatever is happening in our lifes is for the best and as a result of… However soooooooo looking forward to clean up this mess once and for all. 🙂
    Much love 🙂


    • Hi Marina (((HUGZ)))

      Here is the thing with any given reader… not all symbolisms mean the same. My use of the word dirt ball simply refers to the dirt of earth… nothing less than the pure love of mother earth not at all to do with ego (earth has no ego.)

      Also, and I hope you take this with the pure love it is shared with… spells can only be effective in people open to receive them. You do not need anyone to clear you of your own energy field, only you truly and completely can do that. Stand in the power of your own love (soul) completely and humbly, without fear or worry… anything vibrating at a lower frequency will be released. If you think of the fire of your love, nothing except an equal fire can be held within you.

      Do you meditate????

      Big big love to you filled with passionate Light and ((((HUGZ)))


      • Dearest Lisa, thank you so much for you kind comment.
        As far as been concerned over “title” you have nothing to worry about 🙂 after been exposed to so much negativity from people one learns how to see it for what it is, plus can sense the intentions of a person. As far as “brownish negativity” goes YYAAACKKK it is all occult related. You are absolutely right we are the ones who can clear all this negativity (However I do feel it is always good to do that under the profeccional guadance, will do what I can on my own for now, then I go from there) – for me it is “BIG SPRING CLEANING” 🙂 and yes, when I meditate I do see the blockages in 3rd eye, heart and solar pleases charkas. I’m clearing everything that gets on a way and it is amazing as I use Aqua Flame (to balance the conditions and bring everything back to joy, balance and beauty) and Pink (not so much for know, too much compassion an lead to a negative results sometimes:)) I can hear what kind of spell or negative words been used and I do know the person I see them – amazing!!!!!! If you like to you can try it as well, you can use the Flame after the evening meditation before going to bed, just ask Aqua Flame to clear (any desired condition or a situation) and see, it might not work right away just give it some time. When I started to use it first I did not feel anything (it had to go through a lot of energetic debris first), then things did start to happen, I got freaked out at first a few times but then got accustomed.
        Thank you once again and much love :).


  3. As far as been open to negativity I laways get shot by it ( I can not undertand how it is possible) just have to overcalm it. 🙂 and I’m very confident that I will get there :).


  4. Dear Li li, big hugs to you and congratulations to your beloved son–I giggle because I know you had an energetic hand in that and how we all see that what we put out there is coming back to us so put out the good china and set the table cause a delicious event is unfolding!

    See you tomorrow! Cant wait to play in the ethers! Much love, Alex


  5. And you are bypassing all the “middle-men,” of life, all the mediated ways of relating to life, all the ways you let others in the past tell you what’s right, what you need, how to do things. You’ve let that go or you’re letting that go. More and more you’re only interested in what you recognize as your truth. You can see it and hear it anywhere because you feel it within. And this is letting you live directly and it’s very energy effiecient. In fact you have more energy then you can remember having perhaps ever. And you feel good. Your body is starting to feel really good. And even on days where there are big energies coming in, when you’re absorbing and using solar flares to intensify your presence, you are more and more both aware that you’re being amplified and comfortable with the process, because you’re living directly and things are flowing without resitance.


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