Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 27, 2013

The Deep Inner Tsunami and the Field of Change!

Tsunami Energy Map

What an interesting 3 day ride thru this full moon eclipse cycle!  For me, it started the day before the full moon… the pull inward.  I suppose, really, spirit gave me a warning shot in meditation the day before that (tuesday) but, I really assumed (my bad!) they were showing me the solar eclipse energy.  Let me back up…

My day of readings on Tuesday showed two of the four beautiful souls I was reading for was already body deep in the eclipse energies.  One made of the familiar blue, violet and black energy that I relate to earth workers and this first lunar eclipse and the next one was a young man sporting the yellow and white energy I relate to a sun/soul worker and the solar eclipse.

It is funny how we can see what is happening and not really see what is happening at all, if I did really “get it” I wouldn’t have been so surprised that what my meditation showed me had nothing to do with our perception of “time.”

I really wanted to know “where” I was in all this eclipse energy… what phase am I in and what does it look like for me.  Instantly, I was shown.  It was as if some giant fingers picked me up by the scrap of my lower neck and raised me high up in the air.  I was dripping in yellow and white energy, by that, I was not surprised at all.  Then these fingers released me and I went free falling straight downwards and under the earth just a bit to that place that houses the two rollers that remind me of the old wringers on the washing machines.  I even got to watch myself come out the other side, flatter than a pancake.

Thru the several readings I have seen this very similar image with others, the one thing I could not get was, what happens after the flattening?  Well… I was shown.  As I was hanging there, suspended way above earth looking like a flat, yellow and white cut out paper doll or something, and energy started to emitted out of an area I will just call the upper atmosphere.  It wasn’t way up in the sky,but  just barely above where my odd looking head was located in my imagery field.  It was an energy I had never seen nor felt before.  I suppose, from todays perspective, it was a new form of an electrical current that was equally magnetism with both silver and gold energy, a combination of earth and sun energy that was now one current of energy/vibration.  As I watched this interesting energy start to flow into my pancake shaped body…. that ended my meditation.

Because this whole event appeared to be centered around the solar eclipse, I was pretty darn sure I was not going to feel the effects of this eclipse sandwich until the solar eclipse on May 10th….. WRONG!!!

I really didn’t notice how big this was going to be effecting me on Wednesday simply because I really didn’t have any readings scheduled, except one later in the afternoon.  Not only did I have my class that morning, I had an 11 am dentist appointment to have my first fitting of my new teeth done.  My dentist tried to call me three times during class on my cell phone that really does not work like a cell phone.  Every time I tried to answer it, assuming they were trying to confirm my arrival, I got black static as the caller.  After my class was done and I was already on my way to the dentist, I called them only to hear my teeth did not come in yet and they do not want me to make the hour trip for a fitting that wasn’t going to take place.    Well, just boo hooo!!  I am hoping this doesn’t further delay my trip to VA/PA at the end of May.  But the one thing I have learned from this crazy journey… expect the unexpected and have loosely made plans because in a moments notice, it will all change!!

I went grocery shopping instead…. completely missing my later in the afternoon appointment.  I was pretty sure the lunar eclipse energy was not going to have any effect on me, so I just rescheduled her to the next day, since I pretty much took that day off anywayz (better to be safe than reschedule.)  I did have one 15 minute appointment at 10am that I had inadvertently rescheduled onto the 25th… but I was becoming increasingly confident I could read on this full moon day, I just gotta be weary of the solar eclipse.


I woke up on the 25th at 5am!  I was so excited… I have been sleeping so late these days that I do not get to share all the things there are to share in a given day, so I can really share everything that I had missed.  I opened up wordpress and stared blankly at my screen.  The only time I share is when my team is flowing thru me to my fingertips to share with us.  I was realizing I didn’t have an outward flow, but an inward retreat of energy.  I liken this feeling to witnessing a tsunami getting ready to happen.  The first thing that one see’s is the ocean pulling itself deep into itself… a retreat of the oceans waters.

This inhale became stronger as the morning progressed, hoping it was just fluke in my own awareness, I tried to read for my 10 am appointment… nothing.  I tried for my 11 am…. nothing.  Dammit!!  Sometimes, this can be really frustrating in my world.  How many people could go into their bosses and simply say sorry I am in a state of flux today and experience an inner growth, I cannot work.  I seem to be doing this with increasing reliability.  For this, I sooooo apologize!!  I am very grateful that my employers (YOU) go thru this as well, and for the most part, do understand.  I am really really grateful that most of my students are really and deeply experiencing how often this really happens when you purposely choose to share/read soul energy.

As I was staring blankly at the computer screen trying to must a flow of energy to share, all I could feel was the pushing desire to wash all my windows.  What a strange way to wake up.  By the time the sun came out, I gave in to that crazy feeling inside.  I washed the windows inside and out… it was actually nice not looking thru the dust and dirt of the dessert to the outer world.  I even took it further and dusted and vacuumed .. and then had to go out for some bird seed.  It was my drive home that got a little weird.

When you get about 3 miles to my house, it is like earths landscape changes into a picture of red striated beauty that takes my breath away every time I drive this road to home.  But on the 25th, it did more than took my breath away… I heard it.  Like millions of voices all speaking in their own language, telling tales of what I thought were days gone by.  One would think it would be incoherently noisy, but it was really the opposite.  I could understand everything simultaneously.  I instantly thought about those things I called “seeds of light.”  When you look without focus into the air, you can see tiny slivers of white particles everywhere.  I call these particles three different things… seeds of light, stem cells and Reiki energy.  All the same energy just different ways of looking/working with it.  And on that day, it seemed every one had a voice, a language of their own.

I was actually grateful to arrive home, a place I now fully realized serves as my cocoon energy.   As soon as I walked into my house, all that language stopped.  Altho I was grateful to hear it and boggled even more to understand it, it can be exhausted hearing, listening to 100’s of conversations at once.

I sat on my couch, deeper than I had ever experienced myself… and in such a profound state of silence.

I couldn’t even fall asleep, it was well past 11 pm when I finally passed out, only to wake up just after 1 am with a hacking cough that would not release itself any time I laid down.  If I sat up, I was fine, if I laid down, I was coughing so strongly my throat was becoming raw.  I sat up until way after 4 am.  I think the only reason I finally did fall asleep was from sheer exhaustion.

I woke up at just after 7 am with an excruciating headache.  I could feel the energy pouring into the very crown of my skull and serving to widen it.  It was sending pain waves that just radiated outwards to my skull bones.  We won’t even talk about how tired the rest of me was.  I don’t do well with fragmented sleep, I do even worse with only hours of sleep… my battery pack requires at least 8 full hours, preferably, uninterrupted!!

If it wasn’t for the headache that was rocking my brain to pieces  I would have easily said I am utterly disconnected from this body.  I was so utterly not present, except for the constant flow of pain I was experiencing.  I knew, there was going to be no readings today and I got an email out to everyone to let them know that.

I couldn’t even bare sitting near my computer.  It is amazing how much energy really does flow out of our computers.

I sat on my couch, so pissed with myself and so annoyed with this body that seemed to be showing me, in unmistakebale detail, exactly what I was witnessing in my meditation on Tuesday.

The first thing I became aware of, was how much my lower back just hurt… as I shifted my awareness to that area, I could see a power hose of radiant orange energy flowing into at my back at the sacral chakra.  I watched as it flowed up my spine and rocked the hell out of my head.  It was as if my head now became a chimney, I could see puffs of energy escape out the top that actually gave some relief of my head… but only for the momentary puff.   Then it was the engorgement of that orange energy back into my lower back, I was feeling rough!!

Then I could feel my stomach start to do flips… man… I soooo dislike vomiting!!  I felt like my stomach was on a spinny ride at an amusement park and I was about to hurl from it!  But then, instead of hurling, I watched as the energy was spinning into my solar plexus, that weird combination of earth/sun energy… I hate to say it, but it was sickening (physically speaking of course.)   Thank god it didn’t last long enough to make me actually vomit…

Within an hour or so, the next great adventure within my body was shown to me.  I suppose this was the positive thing about being too tired for my mind to come online and feeling to wracked with discomfort to actually go back to sleep… I was actually able to see what my body was going thru and why.

The energy I will call my crown chakra started to get stretched and rearranged.  I watched (and felt) as an invisible energy took the funnel shaped upper area of my crown energy and stretched it way over the Mesa outside.  Ya know that feeling you get when you try and do a split with your legs and your legs are not flexible enough to do the split… that is what I was feeling with all this.

I retreated to my couch and didn’t leave it.  I was at least hoping for a nap.. which never happened.  I did become very aware that in the daylight hours, laying down was not affecting my ability to breathe at all.  There was no coughing in any way…. until the sun went down and the moon came out… then the rattle in my chest happened, and the coughing started once again.  Dammit!!

What I did experience thru the rest of the day was so odd, so intense that I realized came from the stretching of my crown chakra.  The first thing, once the body and head aches subsided was this overwhelming sadness.  It was deep, profound and not mine.  It lasted for a few hours before it gave way to something that was so strange in my feelers… an intense paranoia.  I have never had those feelings before and they were down right awful.  God bless the bodys and minds that even entertain the paranoid energy.  If I never experience that again, I will be forever grateful.  It finally and mean FINALLY gave way to my home of deep inner gratitude.  Phew!!  It is only today do I fully realize the three most prominent energies we are going to be seeing as we move forward… the sadness for those who have not resolved their mundane aspects to reflect the deeper meanings of their own lives, then those who are sure someone is out to get them (or many are out to get them in some way) and then those of us who live and breathe the gratitude of knowing the first two are an illusion we choose to hang on to… until we don’t!

Once again, I was wide awake at 11 pm… grrrrrrr!  Fortunatly slept like a baby thru the rest of the night.

Well, I wrote all the above before my day started and I am now one class and two readings deep into my day.  Holy flipping cow batman… did we have a massive shift during this first eclipse phase.

Sadly, I am in back to back readings then another class this evening… so I am going leave it at this for now and tomorrow, I will share the rest of the story with you!!  And what a massive story it is too!!  I also realize why so many people fell into the cracks of my own reschedule zone yesterday…  Everything in my readings have changed… again!!  How exciting!!!  And this is just phase one! lol

I love you all, so much, and then some!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of grand adventures and expansion into new horizons to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas









  1. Hi Lisa, great post! I’m wondering if you could say more about what a “sun/soul worker” is or point me somewhere if it’s already on your site 🙂 I was reading that paragraph and just got such a huge hit when I read that, and again each time I would think about it. I also experienced being up most of the night right after the eclipse (proper) and a really achy head the next day that has continued but not as bad. I’ll try working with some of the things that came up for me as I read. Thanks again for sharing all that you do. ❤


  2. Dearest Li li, well, I finally made a choice and the energy came flying in and you know this all or nothing kind of gal. I decided to quit smoking on monday…it was all about a “freedom” thing really felt strongly I needed to be FREE…and heck, I have been totally healthy for years and I mean years and years, so I released it and holy crap batman, the eclipse put me into a fever, chest congestion, head killing me, lower back hurting, dizzy, sore throat, neck pain, sadness, anger, swollen right eye…I have been down and out since thursday really with everything coming in on the eve of the full moon and eclipse…I would say I feel like every last bit of stuff that needs releasing is going out in one big energetic vomit….totally turned inward and self nurturing…Big hugs and love to you–wondered where you were for a few days and then, not really LOL figured you were having upgrades too–much much love! Alex


  3. […] / link to original article […]


  4. OMG….yesterday….maybe you were feeling MY paranoia. So scared this place where I live is gonna throw me OUT (spirit had me to write them a letter to stay for a few more weeks)! I was freaking out (I know it’s unwarranted [I hope]…sheepish look)…tossed & turned all night….then got about 3 hours sleep. When I woke up, I KNEW without a doubt, we are on the PRECIPICE of a MAJOR CHANGE….it is likened to having a bow and arrow….the arrow is pulled back ready to be slung…..ANY SECOND/MINUTE/DAY!!!!! LORD…I am not speaking to anyone who is gonna bring me down to FEAR level!!!


  5. […] / link to original article […]


  6. [Hmmmm, I lost my original reply to you.] Hfarmer, you are correct that the color of a star is defined, though loosely, by its emission spectrum. However, it is not correct to claim a star’s color is white less its absorption wavelengths, no more than its color would be white plus its emission band colors. The color of a light source, if seen at a proper intensity level, is determined by the combination of all the photons of all the wavelengths within the visible band of light, as well as, the spectral sensitivity our eye – brain (retinex) has. To take any given spectral energy distribution and compute a net color seems beyond our abilities when it comes to certain stars, especially ones like the Sun which has a peak within the visible spectrum. Looking at your illustrations, these are not actual spectrums of the Sun. The absorption lines are much too clean and the color distribution is wrong; yellow is a very narrow banded color. Here is a very good, perhaps best, Solar spectrum. [Also taken from the McMath-Pierce telescope at Kitt Peak.] Notice the slight fuzz to the absorption bands and how narrow is the yellow band. This narrow band was mentioned in Part II of this article. [Go to the top of this article for the link.] Thanks for your interest.


  7. Dear Lisa,
    Can you talk more about the “seeds of light”? I have been seeing them for as long as I can remember. Always thought they were air molecules bumping and bouncing. Then I heard about (read this recently, don’t remember who wrote it…) elementals, like beings birthing, something like that… (gotta find this one). My eyesight is poor but I can see them with and without glasses, and more “seeds” without my glasses.
    Thank you and lots of catching up with your articles to do! Love and “seeds of Light”. ^ ^


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