Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 20, 2013

The Sun, The Earth, The Eclipses and The Soil of Shambhala!

earth and sun

Well, the sun is not sitting still as we make this last few day walk into the eclipse sandwich.  It is coating us with solar winds from a coronal hole, solar flares to provide the needed extra kick in the ass to keep us going and two more sun spots developed overnight, one currently crackling with C class flares.  Granted, to NASA C class flares are babies in the whole scheme of things, but to us directly affected, it serves to keep our energy fields buzzing.  Kinda like M & M’s… tiny little chocolates, but still provide that sugar high!

I am also realize there are two core energies groups slithering into this life changing, energy intense eclipse sandwich.  White and yellow, representing what I call soul or sun workers.  Then there is the color combo of blue, violet and black, representing the earth workers.  Even the way YOU are showing how this eclipse phase is going to effect each group, it is starting to actually make sense in my understanding.  Both as needed and equal as the right hand is to the left hand.  And just like our hands, we are usually dominant with one hand or the other, some people are very ambidextrous (they work both energy fields equally, naturally.)  I personally, very much consider myself a sun worker.  Not that I don’t love, connect and use the higher vibrations of earth, but my dominant side is truly the sun.  So, I would be engulfed in the yellow, white energy.

I realized this morning what really is being shown to us, how incredibly important each of us are to this equally important eclipse phase.  The yellow and white energies, soul/sun workers, will be going thru what I can only describe a set of rollers like those on the old wringer washers deep inside the earth as we go thru the solar eclipse.  The other group, those of the earth worker realm, will go thru a kneading process during the first half of this eclipse.

Leaving people’s personal path out of this scenario (just to make things easier for me to share) we can look at all the high vibrational energies of earth: The Blue of pure expression (of LOVE) the violet for the energy field to house it (think, ascended master vibration) and the beautiful black of the deep unknown, the limitless possibilities when the ALL is used and lived.  This is going thru what I can only describe a kneading, but really, there is so much more to it than that.  Pressing out all the old air bubbles over and over again for two weeks.  Raising the vibration of all of creation on earth thru this kneading/activating process.  Forever changing the very air we breathe and use in this realm of creation.

It would make sense then, that the earth workers would go thru this intensity first, during the first lunar eclipse on April 25th.  Because that solar eclipse will be squeezed into created reality.  Think of the pure sun energy, the solar codes and abilities that come thru that energy, as it is squeezed out of the human who carries it (not to empty it all, in body, it will become a more highly concentrated energy) it will mingle and become very much a fused energy of the earth, of the air.

I have no clue what it all means to us, because as spirit is good at doing, they stop the visuals of understanding about May 10th (solar eclipse.)  As spirit says a lot these days, sometimes too much information is exactly that… too much.

I do want to share two readings from the other day.  What we do understand, even if it is rather vague in detail.

I had a man show up with the billowing energy coming in from the sun flares and solar winds and touching the ground about a foot or two away from his feet.  When I looked at his feet, he had two snakes moving.  The snake on his left side (physical life side) was moving from his foot into the billowing sun energy.  The snake on the right (his spiritual life side) was moving from the sun energy into his right foot area.  I realized something really profound thru him.  His masculine/creator energy/kundalini was moving into the highly charged solar energy to exchange information within it.  It is as if the snake itself was programmed with all that he accomplished and is ready to experience next.  The snake on the right, took all the new codes and energy needed into it and was moving into his body in preparation of the eclipses.  His whole energy field was yellow and white.

There is such an amazing and real communication system in place for each and every one of us, so we do not get so much energy we explode (altho, it may feel like we are exploding or imploding thru various infusions.)

Then there was this lovely lady getting poured on.  A blue, violet and black rain storm like I had never seen before.  She had just stepped out of the final old energy (a relationship) and the field of life was playing catch up with her body and every aspect of the left and right sides (physical and spiritual life) and all I could feel were the spring rains germinating her garden of life in overtime as she gets ready to move thru the eclipses all shiny and new.

With her came a very deep knowing this is the soil of Shambhala emerging thru the eclipses.

We have worked our asses off to get to this amazing place on earth.  The fields will soon be ripe for all heavenly potentials to start to manifest on earth.  The karmic energy will pick up like never before, for those still hanging onto old foundations, old mind sets, not looking beyond the mundane aspect of life.  Our job is to plant the seeds of love in every molecule of air, to live as the masters we Are, unrestricted and out loud.

If we are the ones we have waited for (and we are) then, its time to stop waiting and start BEING THAT!!

I love you all so much.  Thank you, from every molecule of my own Being, for Being YOU.


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  2. Thank you, Lisa!! I get so much confirmation from what you write. It is very important to have it out there. We are all sharing similar information in our own personal way and I think that is great! I read your blog more and more because I know you will re-affirm the information that I get and the way that I feel. It is so easy for me to offer this to others, but for myself it seems so hard to wrap my brain around sometime. It is awesome to have other channels to read and listen to knowing…”whew! okay just as I understood it!” They are asking me why I don’t just listen to myself….lol. They are waiting for me to own it 1000%, but I’m only human, as I remind them…hahahaha!


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  4. Yeah Lisa, hon, I remember the washer wringer thingy, I’m still feeling pressed into it as my male & female energies are starting to FEEL merged. I feel more a solar worker, but I know I work the Violet energy for transmutation. I guess it doesn’t matter in the end, the how as much as the Doing and Being. It then becomes automatic instead of mechanic. Personally, I love the process we are going thru and I love the confirming and affirming that is happening between all of us. Most of all I love the interpretation of what you see with us that allows the “Light Bulb” to go off in our heads, bringing us to our next levels. You couldn’t resist throwing in the chocolate,huh? (smile). Love ya much always


  5. LOL and then there is Me Li li who doesnt fit either scenario… I have to tell you I was a bit worried about that i was not fitting in at all with the readings and then I realized, sheesh girl, you have lived your life in a unique way for almost all of it…why not now? I really connected with the part where you said we have to live life out loud and put love out into every molecule of existence right now–and that is what I am doing! Loving you very much! Alex


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