Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 19, 2013

Exchanging With Our Multidimensional Selves In Our Dream time.

multidimensional self

I find it simply amazing how much can be triggered by a reading, by a conversation and by a simple desire to experience that too.  I had a wonderful reading with a man yesterday whose imagery and understanding not only took me by surprise, but got me all kinds of excited within as well!!  Little did I realize just how much his reading affected me!!

He unfolded with this billowing energy coming in from wayyyyyy across the future timeline.  So far out in the distance of time that I could not see its origination point, but I kept using the example of 2025.  So, he had an aspect of himself alive and doing his thing in the year 2025 and sending a massive amount of energy back to the person I was reading for in this monumentous time in our collective lives.

What really surprised me, was this energy that was intensely blue, violet and black went around the left side of the eclipse energies that are so prominent in the readings these days.  I understood his future self aspect knew to go around this intense cycle and connect directly into him.  I also understood that this future aspect of himself was so absolutely in alignment with his multidimensional selves and living his mastery like a master would and all i could feel was how important it was for my beautiful man on the field to be wholly infused with this 2025 energy field as he begins to move forward thru the eclipse energies coming up.

I had also seen his present day body completely deflated and laying on the ground.  Think of a life size blow up doll that had all the air (old everything) taken out.  The outline of his deflated form was a gentle yellow/gold but nothing else was there.  There was this partition that seemed to keep where he is at now from the incoming energy stream of his future self, and I am realizing, this is now a common theme that I further understand today.  Massive choice point.  To choose to be fully infused with this incoming energy is to harness great responsibility in USING it and knowing, your life is about to change big time!!

As we talked about what we were seeing and he was telling me what had happened since our last reading together (a week or two ago) he has had constant vivid dream experiences about his own consciousness expanding and alternate realities being experienced.  I told him I was jealous, I almost never dream and I want to have an alternate reality dream too!!  Ask, and you shall receive, but I will get to that in a moment.

As we were talking, suddenly I could see his deflated body suit start to move, the divider lowering and his body suit filling with the wisdom and energy of his future self.  I also watched him go thru the first phase of this triple eclipse coming up and was surprised at what I had seen.  Instead of going thru the wringer washer roller thingie at the bottom of the solar eclipse, it was as if there were these, geez, not even sure how to put it into words, but maybe mechanisms that reminded me a kneading bread, about 2 inches wide each… and let me tell, there was a lot of kneading happening from the start of the first eclipse to the solar eclipse.

Staying with the bread understanding, when bread is kneaded it serves to press out any air bubbles that was in the dough (old energy bubbles that may have gotten trapped) as well as activating the yeast to raise the dough.  This was kinda, sorta, the process he is about to under go. (I had also seen this very kneader thingie in one of yesterdays readings too.)

As the field is becoming so good at, I could not see what he looked like coming out of the other side… dammit!!  But I did know, his life is and will be forever changed on every level of Being and Living.

Often times, when life is about to change that fully, spirit will not let you know a damn thing about what that means because us humans can equally avoid this massive change by having its full understanding.  So they give us a heads up and let us go thru it without interference in the process.

So, this morning, I woke up from a dream experience, one that was so real and so vivid it took me hours to release myself from it.  Hence this later than usual sharing.  But with it came tremendous understanding about our interactions with our multidimensional selves.

In my dream experience, I was very much using this consciousness I know as Lisa, this was to assure the memory of the experience upon returning to this reality.  Had I been embedded in that aspects consciousness, I would have no memory of the exchange at all.  (I never knew this until this morning.)

In this other reality that was very much here on earth, I was looking for a new place to live.  I went to an apartment complex I had lived in before to rent the low scale apartment I knew I could afford.  (Funny how in other dimensions I have these crazy financial barriers to my sense of self too.)  The apartment was small and cheap, only$390 a month and I knew I could afford this one now.  I felt like I just came from a financial reconstruction in my life (went from bottoming out to once again having the ability to maintain a low key life now.)

The apartment manager remembered me and told me he had two places that would suit my needs now.  It was not part of the same, low income area I was planning on, instead I came to an area that had a built in swimming pool and lots of people laughing and enjoying the day and BBQing.  What really surprised me was everyone was dark skinned, I didn’t realize until I woke up this morning that I was too.  Keep in mind, i was experiencing this from Lisa’s consciousness who, in this incarnation is white.  This apartment that I was shown was amazing and beautiful and wayyyy out of what I felt my price range was, it was $840.  My mind started going over how can I afford this… he had a second place to show me, on a lake, but my bladder woke me up before I could go check that one out.

The moment I woke up into this current reality all I could think about was how much rent I pay now and I can really afford to pay close to $200 more!  I was so connected to this aspect of my self that I knew I felt in that dream the day I came here to this place I live in now… only with a slight difference.  In this reality, that happened 15 months ago thru to this moment, flowed into the aspect I connected to in the dream and because of the positive outcome here, she is moving into a place that costs more but better suits who she is now.

What is more than any of that dream is the understanding of the flow of energy and consciousness we share with every aspect of ourselves in every dimension.  In our dream state (or lack there of, smile) we are exchanging important information, understandings and even abilities.  What we master in this moment is instantly shared with our other aspects.  Now if we take into consideration my man from yesterday, his future aspect knew he had to wait for not only this 2013 version of himself to be energetically prepared for the infusion, but equally… the earth herself.  And it is time!!!

I actually shared all the above yesterday, I just never got to finish it yesterday and because I was awake off and on all night long last night and of course, woke up late today, am not going to be able to add too much more to it.  One thing I am sure of, we are all being downloaded, infused (in my case, sometimes confused lol) and readied for the power of this upcoming eclipse.

I do want to mention something that I realized yesterday thru the day of readings, when you are making choices, creating energy, it is truly setting up an energy field I see as your future.  I had one lady that I was able to see how much was going to start happening in her personal world in the third quarter of this year and equally, the first quarter of next year.  This was the first time I really got to experience the energy of the third quarter and see how 2014 looks and feels.

2014 has once again set itself up octaves above this year of intense frequency changes, which means, all we are going thru, all we are being asked to apply as a way of life, is going to bring us to yet another choice point towards the end of the year in our own preparedness and willingness to make yet another leap higher.

We are also witnessing an acceleration of karma clearing on this earth.  Earth and all her inhabitants are changing and changing fast and we can look at this moment of her cleaning house on so many levels.  All serving to open everyone to compassion and love.  Hold that place diligently within yourself… all-ways.  Do not go into judgement, no matter what another’s actions may look like on the surface.  We do not know the karmic exchange happening in any given situation, so please, hold love for all things, all people and all (perceived) events.

You are loved and cared for so much, Be that love in all you do as well!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of multidimensional infusion to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. Absolutely amazing information. It brought so much clarity in my own process. I was once jumped into being an African American woman giving an intense and moving speech. It moved me completely and somehow I still drove my car. I just realized, through your post, that she granted me empowerment, conviction in my own authenticity and courage in my spoken word. What a gift. Thank you for sharing. It so activates and clarifies. You are a blessing. This whole community is and I see people exploding with love everywhere and for those who do not I hold such deep compassion. I am ready to have my air bubbles kneaded out. It is physically uncomfortable but spiritually an amazing process to behold. Love and light to all beings and all forms.


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  3. Hey Li li, that last paragraph really hit me hard because my beloved is going through a big struggle on his path at work and while the mother lion in me wants to react and react strongly, the divine in me is simply sending tons of love and compassion to all included….soul expansion is big baby girl, it is huge and no one ever said it was gonna be a cake walk, but in the end all will be perfect!

    Loving you and your sharings as always! Alex


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