Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 17, 2013

The Pure Seed Energy of the New Moon and the Fusion of the Eclipses!! WOW!!

feminine masculine as one

I think yesterday was the first time I have been able to see and understand clearly what exactly happened during my energy upgrade the last few days.  For as long as I can remember, I could never really discern what happened after days of feeling like energetic crap, we just trust something higher came of it all.

My first reading of the day shined a light on something exciting.  I could see what looked like an incoming solar flare of energy permeating her entire left field, her physical life structure.  I was slightly confused by what I was seeing and feeling, yet the energy and communication from that energy was without a question from a solar release of the sun that was forth coming.

I had already checked before her reading and there was no information about even a possibility of new flares.  But yet, I was certain of what I was seeing.  It wasn’t until after we hung up and I went back and looked at did I get really excited inside.  They updated their website to say:

FAST-GROWING SUNSPOT: Two days ago, sunspot AR1723 did not exist. Now it sprawls nearly 100,000 km (8 Earth-diameters) across the sun’s southern hemisphere. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory is monitoring the sunspot’s rapid expansion.  AR1723 has a ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares. If the magnetic field is changing as quickly as the underlying sunspot, it could become unstable and explode.

Instantly, the information coming from her reading and the broader spectrum of understanding happened!!  In my lovely lady’s reading, I knew this upcoming flare’s purpose was to ignite the energy of her physical life field to harness and connect her upcoming experiences.  This solar flare that was so prominent in her field was not touching her body and her field stated the last flare on the 11th served to ignite the codes that were needed within her DNA and because her ongoing choices are taking her to new experiences and enhancements in her physical life, this next solar flare is already lightening up her field of life.

And then I seen something I will never ever forget!!  Gotta love spirit and their visual humor.  We were then taken directly into the energy of the three upcoming eclipses.  The energy of the three eclipses has changed and has become a gel-like solid display on the field of life, but with its own twist.  I keep calling these eclipses a sandwich and the field played directly to that image.  Using yellow and white energy.

The eclipses on April and May 25th are lunar eclipses, I would have assumed the colors would be white, but nope, it is a beautiful yellow.  It is the middle one of May 10th, the solar eclipse that is made up of white energy.  This suddenly says so much about what we can anticipate within ourselves as we move thru this intense cycle.  The yellow (which in my world, depicts spirit/creator energy, the masculine energy of life) is sealed into the lunar energy (the feminine, the dreamer) and vise versa.  My lady’s imagery gave a fullness to this expanse in our time like nothing else could.

I could see her brightly glowing body being dropped into the middle of the first two eclipses.  I watched as she went feet first downwards, below the (perceived) ground and I could feel (but not yet see) her emerging on the other side, to what I call the second half of this eclipse series.  She was flat as a pancake.  I understood she went thru what felt like one of those old ringer washers… where you put the washed clothes between the two ringers and it squeezes the water out and pretty much flattens any clothes (I had one of these when my son was born.)

But equally, and quite excitedly, we did get understanding about what was taking place.  A solidification of the masculine and feminine into one full vibration.  But, equally, like the future solar flare was harnessed in expanding her spiritually created physical life, so is the rollers of this middle eclipse.  The only example I thought of giving of what this means to her and those of us who are in alignment with this process (there are other aspects to this eclipse energy too, depending on where you are in your application and choices within your spiritual life of living) imagine your coffee pot.  When the water runs over the grains of coffee, it produces, well, coffee.  Both the water and the grains are forever altered and fused together to create coffee…. so will be the masculine and feminine.

The ringers are serving to infuse the feminine and masculine into the new molecule of energy, but also, it harness its full potential in the created fields of life itself.  No more just sitting and feeling your spiritual Self, it will be involved fully with Life itself.  How… remains to be seen.

My next two wonderful Beings were undergoing a similar process, each in their own way and in their own phase of it… but it does gives us a fuller view of what is and has been happening since that dynamic new moon energy.

Until yesterday, I thought the only thing the new moon energy was doing was pushing you/us forward in life.  I was able to see the energy stream/force at people’s back but not much else, well, until yesterday that is!!  Holy seed energy batman!!

The seeds of the new, of the never before realized on earth, is being packed into your human bodies!!  Yesterday, I could see what else this massive stream of energy from the new moon is doing.  The seeds, like tiny translucent molecules of pure potential coming in thru the entire back/core of these wonderful people, filling them from head to toe.  While they were still being infused with all this new seed energy, the energies from our (perceived) future was held at bay.  I could still see the future energy assembling by this energetic divider purposely holding back the energy’s until all the seeds are in place and then… wham!!  It will be released and intense and the greatest form of miracle grow known to man.  Instant germination of whatever seeds are ready with the alignment of the persons field of life energy.

However, don’t go thinking these seeds work like the seeds of our gardens.. where you plop a broccoli seed into the ground, water it and it grows broccoli.  Not quite!  Your choices change the energy of the seeds themselves.  Lets say you have a broccoli seed that has germinated and you keep wanting peas… you are altering the pure energy of the seed and will end up brocpea (smile.)  Lets just say, a little less than its full potential.  However, if you consistently follow the streaming energy of the broccoli seed to its fullness on earth, you are going to have a broccoli like never experienced before.

This too, is part of our own training in this phase of our evolution.  To trust the energetic promptings that are coming from within, without question or hesitation.  That is what this 2nd quarter is all about.  Learning from our choices, laughing at the brocpea and changing the energy instantly to allow for the seed energy of the broccoli to be whatever its fullness is on earth, thru your spiritual garden of life.

Granted, we are not growing vegetables  but life experiences, connections, growth and so much more.

I have so much more to share, sadly, I woke up late again and I have class in 20 minutes.  I’ll pick back up tomorrow.

I am soooooo utterly excited about all this, about all you, god knows, together, we rock the clock off the walls of reality!!


Lisa Gawlas









  1. i keep on wondering what is the end to this process. what are we really aiming to achieve and what that end would be like? Even if we don’t take these efforts won’t that anyway show up to us?


    • Hi there Jose ((((HUGZ)))

      The one thing I have come to vividly realize thru the years, the process forward is never ending. Even an “ending” immediately births a brand new beginning. What we are aiming to acheive in any given cycle is as unique and answer to the person asking it. And the moment you hit whatever was aimed for, the next great adventure begins. Often times, it is loaded with endings and beginnings in a large cycle and eventually you come to a fuller ending that creates a new larger cycle of beginnings with many phases within it.

      I am not 100% sure what you are asking with your last question… but, we do not always end up where we started out. Free will and all. If we stray away, we repeat the cycle again, until we finally let go and fly to where, eventually, we are all heading anywayz!!

      Big big (((HUGZ))) of loving adventure!!


  2. Very Kewl Li li! I love the idea of the seed energy and the broocopea! LOL How many times in life have we played both sides of the fence to hedge our bets? Never once realizing that in making an active choice and getting behind it we would have guaranteed MORE than success, we would have guaranteed being strongly on our own particularly unique life path! Awesome! Cant wait for more tomorrow! 🙂 Loving you! Alex


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  4. Hi Lisa, That was a great interpretation of the energies that you saw yesterday. We are definitely getting pummeled and pressed and rolled out like a pizza (smile) Sorry, I was getting hungry. The male and female energies need to be fused together. That’s how they work brilliantly. The trouble is that we are so used to seeing ourselves as only the one energy, that we are not clear on how the other works. That’s why a lot of relationships didn’t work. There was no understanding of the other. That is all changing, thank goodness. I find talking with my opposite (male) energy and saying I need your help, works for me. Call me crazy! Right now sanity is not the norm these days. I LOVE IT!!! Love ya!


  5. Good day to All,

    I had a dream two nights ago. I think it is a positive one and I want to share it with you.

    I entered a very large room with high ceiling and everything was golden, the floor, the walls, the light. And there was a tall lady, dressed in a long gold mesh gown, her hair long and straight and golden blond, she was singing, leaning back, almost like a C. In the dream I thought she was Cameron Diaz (I don’t see the relation here). I walked very close to her but did not touch or speak to her and I left the room on the other side. I pretty sure there was a thin black haired man at the entrance of the room who looked at me as I entered and whom I saw, evidently.

    Then, I was at the bottom of a mountain, like a ski mountain, but it was not winter, the sun was shining and the grass was green. I decided to climb the mountain. It turned into a upward spiral, its color was creamy white, it was like a cone, larger at the bottom. As I was walking up the spiral (going from left to right) I noticed a huge bluish black long haired dog following me and further back there were two men, walking up the mountain/spiral as well. I continued and at one point I turned around and saw the dog and then the two men that were getting closer and closer to me so I decided to hurry, I did not want to slow them. I was now sitting in a tiny buggy and I was driving it to the top. At that point the spiral was about 6 feet wide and the turns very tight. I was driving the fastest I could, keeping my eyes on the right edge and my focus on not wanting to go overboard. I knew it was risky but I was confident I could make it to the top. I was not scared, just a bit concerned with the risk involved. Before reaching the top I stopped and looked back. The dog had stopped about 20 feet below and was looking at me. I called him (it was a “him”) but he did not move. And I saw the two men again and one of them looked at me and said: “he cannot go there, you went too far”. That’s it for the dream.

    On April 15 I started exchanging e-mails with a man who posts videos on the Net. He said he would rather chat over the phone than read about my story. After reading a post from a channeler speaking about timelines I “asked” that man (remotely): “X, let’s meet in another timeline”. I went to bed that night as usual, and as I often do, I asked Kuthumi to bring me to his Palace of Unconditional Love. I went to bed at 1:20 am and woke up at 2:45 and until 7 am I kept “seeing” that man’s name, again and again, like an obsession, and I spitted a lot, and had to drink water. It was not fun but not terrible. I told him about it on the 16th but it did not ring a bell with him and we had a nice phone conversation yesterday morning (April 17), after I had only 4 hours of sleep.

    This morning I got up at 8:40 and went to bed at 9:50 yesterday evening.

    I don’t know what happened but all in all I think it was positive.

    Thank you for reading.

    Love and Light to everyone and have a blissful day.

    P.S. Thank you Lisa. I have been reading your reviews for a couple of weeks now and enjoying them very much.


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