Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 16, 2013

Choices, Acceleration and Life’s Kick in the Pants to Make Sure We Stay In Alignment!!

kick in the pants

These days are really turning up the heat, energetically.  The new moon energies from this past weekend is still very much in play, pushing on the energy field like a leaf blower.   If you can imagine, this energy is coming in at your back as you walk forward.  Then we have the energy of this eclipse sandwich, which already happened in our (perceived) future, blasting us in the face.   Couple this with the energy that was released from the sun on April 11th, an M6 solar flare, granted, not the strongest flare the sun is capable of, but combined with these other two energies, it’s strength and direction would make even the strongest X class flare blush.

I also find it interesting that this solar flare passed in front of Mars and Venus, one planet depicting love, the other harnessing the energy of war before arriving at earth and settling into the ground.  If you can imagine, this flare picked up the energies of mars and venus as it headed for earth.  On April 14th, had this to say:   A coronal mass ejection (CME) swept past Earth on April 13th around 22:55 UT. The impact rattled Earth’s magnetic field and induced electrical currents in the ground around the Arctic Circle.

All this energy is affecting us deeply, even if we are unaware of just how deeply.  I know for me personally, I woke up not even two hours after the solar flare was released from the sun, coughing for an hour straight, feeling a burning sensation in my high heart all the while.  And then, suddenly, it all released itself as if it never happened and I gratefully went back to sleep.  I realized (once I woke up for the day) that this energy was clearing my breath of life and expanding my high heart into the higher energies of passion.

On the morning of the 13th and pretty much the rest of the day, my inner voice kept asking me to take my contact out of my eye.  You would think, I would know better than to argue with that inner voice of mine… but I did.  Insisting my contact is fine, I really don’t want to deal with wearing glasses and so I just said… NO!  I had gone out to feed the birds that evening and a huge gust of wind picked up the sand on the yard and lovingly and forcefully threw it in my face!  I woke up in the middle of the night with my right eye burning and leaking.  Keep in mind, I only ever wear one contact at  a time, it gives me the best of both worlds (near and far vision) without having to wear reading glasses on top of my contacts.

I wasn’t able to pull my contact out until the morning and when I did, I could feel that grain of sand scrape across my eye like a knife.  I was toast!  I couldn’t bare to have my eyes open for very long, my nose running to catch up with the constant stream of tears coming out of my right eye and my brain just overwhelmed by it all.  I rescheduled my whole day of readings and just laughed at how ridiculous this avoidable situation would have been if I had just listened.  I KNOW BETTER!!  But man, I so dislike wearing glasses and so I flexed my stubborn Leo muscles to do things my way.

The worst part of it all, I knew exactly why my team asked me to take my contact out.  Just the week before, my left eye had gone thru an energetic upgrade.  Burning and leaking off and one thru several days.  Without a contact in the way to hold back the energy influx, it was constant, but fleeting.  I have painfully come to realize, when my inner vision is going thru a frequency acceleration, I gotta take any contact I might have in… out.  I knew this on the 13th too.  I knew it was time for my right eye to go thru this acceleration and choose not to listen anyway.  Crazy silly human that I am!

I had hoped that when I went to sleep, my eye would just heal and the next day I would be just fine.  It has happened before like that, so….

I spent the night waking up, but in a strange way.  Granted my eye would be burning and leaking each time I woke up, but I would remember planet jumping in my dream state.  When I finally woke up for the day, my hurt as much as it did the day before, looking at my computer was just plain painful (hence, no sharings for the last 2 days) but yet, I had this vivid image within my minds eye of the planets I had been jumping on.

It was as if the planets were in a circle, and I would leap from one planet to the other, with one particular planet in my minds view.  I would watch, as if my memory of my nights adventures was on a loop, jumping onto this one planet and watching is bob downwards from the weight of me jumping on it.  This visual/memory repeated itself until I finally took the time to figure out which planet that was so clear in my minds view.  I went to my favorite astrology website and instantly, I knew.  Let me just share the first two paragraphs of wisdom Karyl Jackson shared:

The week of April 14th through April 20th, begins with Mercury firing up the energy level as Mercury’s shift into Aries, which sets a new pace for the week. Jupiter hugs the Moon on Sunday, bringing a promise of opportunities that will emerge during the week. Venus shifts into Taurus on Monday, emphasizing the financial aspects of balance and harmony needed for the day’s events.

Wednesday Sun connects with Mars at 27 Aries, to activate the events that are coming into your life like a meteor shower, as the barrage of activities gets many things moving in your life. Friday Sun shifts into Taurus, bringing a more practical, down to earth type of energy to the weekend.

(I underlined my ah-ha moment!)  It was venus so present in my mind.  Sure enough, as soon as I realized that, the looping stopped.  My eye was still burning and leaking and I rescheduled my first two appointments for the day.  But I equally realized something important as well.  My eye not only burned and leaked intensely when I was looking directly at light (my computer screen, out the window, etc) but it equally happened when I THOUGHT about writing my blog.  The eclipses themselves are starting to form into a mass of energy beyond the three magnetic wheels and I really wanted to share what I was understanding… each time I tried, my eye would go into super leaking mode.  When I called my first appointment for the day, in the back of my mind I was going to try and connect to her, my eye exploded into pain and I changed my mind quickly!!  I didn’t even try with my second appointment… I was now realizing that the Light of connection to the higher realms was affecting me just as if I was looking at a bright light.  I rescheduled her too.

What is really interesting, it was this acknowledgement I needed to see and understand.  That the pure light of connection has an affect on us, just like the light we “see” every day.  In acknowledging this profound thought within me… I could feel something happening.  Like this huge bubble of energy rose off my body, expanded to about a foot or so around me, then burst, like bubbles tend to do.  With it, I could feel my mind opening, my eye healing, my vision coming back online.  There was only an hour between the 2nd lady I rescheduled and my 3rd connection of the day… in that hour, everything changed.  I even started seeing my man’s details before I called him.  Holy shit!!  I will be soooo grateful not to reschedule again, not to mention, to see the field thru your soul, which is always informative!!

My last three readings of the day went off perfectly.  My eye stopped hurting in any capacity.  My body and mind was perfect again… thank you dear God!!  The field spent the rest of the time reflecting the incoming energies to my beautiful people in the field and talking about choices… again!!

Our choices run so much deeper and affect so much more than we ever really and truly realize.  Like me choosing not to take my contact out at my own spirits prompting, affected not only my own quality of Being for the next day and a quarter, but equally 7 people were rescheduled because of my choice.  Changing the energy exchange that could have happened had I just followed my inner direction.  But it goes even further than effecting those 7 people.  Once we infuse our energies together as we do in readings, each person affects others in their day from the combo of Light energy.  Even if not a word is spoken, the energy reaches outwards… always.  A true domino effect that we will never fully realize until we are on the other side of the veil and there are no more secrets being kept from us!!

Choices.  Most of the time, the shear amount of choices we make each and every day seem so insignificant that we do not even realize we are making choices all day long… but we are.  Each choice leading to another series of choices, which actually snowballs into a grand finale of choices that lead to a greater experience on our life’s field.

Making any kind of choice requires putting out energy.  Even my crazy choice of wearing my contact instead of my glasses, was an output of energy that was not too wise on my end, but like I have said, I am such a great living example of what NOT to do!!  Thank god I can laugh at myself when the ignored direction turns sour!

Let’s take a moment and talk about the power already generating from these three eclipses starting on April 25th.  Both lunar eclipses is spinning their energy (as I see them) into the created fields of life.  The creamy middle, the solar eclipse, is spinning its energy into the spiritual field of life.  Accelerating all the energies and attributes of the feminine as it embeds into creation itself.

What I am seeing right now is a serious activation of new DNA Light codes harnessed between the first two eclipses (April 25th and May 10th) setting the tone, in both your created life and within your biological life to set down a grander, more intense adventure as we move to the other side of the May 10th eclipse.  Many people will be going in vastly different directions that they are at this moment.  Again, depending on those pesky choices you are making every day!!

I had seen one lady yesterday, she had already was showing three choices at her feet.  Big choices.  Each strand was in the frayed energy of magnetic recognition that was very yellow gold in my field of vision.  One choice took her to the left (off her center path and deeper into the field of life) the other took her straight forward, the third stretched off into her right (spiritual deepening within herself.)  We have been getting enough information these last several weeks that life not only wants to play out-loud in created life, it DEMANDS it.

When I followed her energy that was on her center path, took her straight into the eclipse energy without wavering from where she is now, OMG it was like seeing someone tumble around inside a dryer, head over heals over head.  Altho straight ahead was a valid choice, the outcome would serve to flatten her (think of my crazy contact choice, only, bigger!!)

My whole field of vision was on her left side choice, but I couldn’t pick up the first detail of what this means to her and how it will play out.  Then she told me a story about where she is right now.  Her landlord just raised her rent by $80 a week (A WEEK!!!!!) and her and her husband are now looking to move.  Then she mentioned about buying a home instead of renting… I could barely contain the NOOOOOOOOOOO I heard the field echoing!!  This move, altho very purposeful, serves to expand the energetic collective of the family, but they will be moving about 8 months afterwards again.  Too much is changing within their own lives and in relationship to their field of life as a group expression to get tied down to a house they will leave shortly after the new year.

I was actually rather excited to get any sort of feeling beyond these eclipses.  We have not been getting a whole lot beyond this moment let alone 8 months from now.

But then again, the lady I read just before her had something to say about the energies within her life about Oct. Nov of this year.

I realized the choices we make are seeding our future.  If we sit on a fence and not make any active choices, I watched the energy field pick up and blow you over… and may I add, which blows me over too!!!

Learn from my indecisiveness (abscess,) or my blatant disregard for my inner voices direction (smile) and follow the energy of your hearts prompting, even if you don’t want to do it… do it anwayz!!

If you are feeling like you want a new job, start looking for a new job.  If you are feeling like you need to move, start looking for somewhere to move.  If you feel you want new friends you can share this journey, put yourself out there to meet others.  Action of any sort leads to your next great adventure and series of choices. Sit idally on the fence of no choices, you will get kicked in the proverbial ass by life forcing you into choice!!

Yes, life has its sleeves rolled up and its heart open!!  Leap in!!

It is sooo good to be back!!  Thank you soooo much for your patience, your love and the Light you emanate in this beautiful world of ours!!


Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The earth got to release a much needed energy burp in Iran/Pakistan today with a 7.8 earthquake.  You know she just made room for more!!  Blessings to all effected by this powerful earthquake as well as many blessings to the folks who were in Boston yesterday and those who are affected across our globe.  









  1. LOL Li li, yes this so fits in with my reading! choices and I am reminded of the old David Bowie Song Chchchchanges…….as well as the nike slogan, just DO it, but doing it from the heart and stealing home! 😉 Big hugs to you and thanks so much for all you do and share with us~ Much love! Alex


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