Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 11, 2013

The New Moon Launches the Energy of the Eclipse Sandwiches Coming Up!!


Boy, if we aren’t just getting curious-er and curious-er as a species!!  Energetically, there is so much that we are doing all at the same time, ready or not.  We can really see the effect this energy is having on those not (vibrationally) ready for the intensity we are in.  The fear, the paranoia is deepening in some… while on the complete opposite spectrum, here we are deepening in the field of love baffled by the outside worlds expression of themselves.

If we can look at this energy right now and it will pick up day by day, hour by hour as we move forward, the first thing it hits is our consciousness and then moves into our brainwaves.  Then it hits our energy body and moves into the physical body.  If you can look at the incoming energy like the keys of a piano, once struck, it sends a vibration thru the string within the piano and an audible sound is heard.  Not all piano’s are tuned to the incoming frequency, so there are many out there producing sour notes and reacting to those sour notes as an outward expression. It is at these times we must not loose our own frequency, the song of love within our souls.  Staying in the presence of love is more crucial now than ever.  Even when we hear about things that do not echo love, it is to those people, we must be willing to surround all things, all actions with love and not hate, not fear… pure, unconditional love no matter another’s action(s).

Today (well, now, yesterday….smile) is the first new moon of this wild second quarter energy.  A great day to plant the seeds of the heart into created reality.  If I can offer a suggestion, the mind cannot fathom what the heart desires to grow… so, if you can just open your heart to the new moon energy and allow the wisdom of the seed energy to be planted by your soul, without thought or direction from your mind… that would be a gift unto yourSelf like no other!!  And we are in times like no other!!

Let me give you a wonderful example of what I mean by that as well.  One of my readings yesterday had me seeing double… literally.  There she was, set up in our present area vividly and equally, with the same imagery but looking like it was over exposed by light, about a week and a half down the timeline.  It reminded me of a double exposure photograph.  To her left was this huge orange boulder and spirit kept saying it represented being “rock solid” in the changes that are underway.

I asked about this double exposure image and the reply back from the field was rather exciting!  They (her team) used the word “encapsulated” many times and got louder the more I disregarded that word! You and I have this perception of moving from one day into the next, 24 hours into the next 24 hours and each day a different experience of that time.  We may understand that time does not exist, and that there really are no “days” or hours, but yet, each day we wake up, it sure feels that way!  From what I understood… her entire Being is encapsulated in the next 10-11 days, stretching from the present moment to the 20th of April.  The only reason her other image looked over exposed from light was two fold.    She is undergoing a massive Light infusion with the multidimensional fields colliding in her presence here on earth and changing her energy matrix… truly, all at once.  My own personal frequency of visual ability is so quite caught up to the infusion process, so instead of seeing her clearly and vibrantly as I did in her present moment, the extended version was looking washed out.  (I so hope you understand what I am even trying to say with all that.)

What also caught my eye and my heart about her elongated doubly exposed image was what was shown between the first image and the 2nd, sudden growth of single bulbed thick yellow flowers.  What her team said was sudden flowering aspects of her soul energy.  Talk about a week of miracle grow!!

I wrote all the above yesterday and then, it felt like my whole consciousness started to unravel… or something.  I found it hard to follow a thought all the way thru to the end, so i was skipping all over the place.  Trying to finish this sharing yesterday became so challenging I just gave up trying.

I looked to see what the sun was doing and had to smile as described to intensifying sunspots and “a double barrel” because I thought of April 11th.  I would have been so surprised if at least one of those “barrels” did release a flare… sure enough.

I pulled myself together with all I could muster to do my first reading of the day.  When I looked at my calender to see who was on it, my first lady’s name was Virginia, the moment I seen her name, the Christmas song started repeating in my head (rather loudly I might add) “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause, and you’ve got the right to believe!”  Of course I told her about this song, because nothing is ever heard without a bigger, richer reason when I look at someones name.  Spirit could be funny thing, because after our reading, as I was getting ready to email her recording to her, they changed the song to “Here comes Santa Clause.”

Her reading was going to be the first and last reading of the day my consciousness and understanding was going to be present.  The other four readings, I got clear and vivid visuals for, but with my consciousness scattered to the 4 winds… so was the understanding of what I was seeing and connecting to.  But I noticed a pattern emerging that was becoming more and more relevant, even I did couldn’t harness the understanding of the relevancy.

My first lady had a fire at her feet, this fire was lapping well over her head and spreading out into her created life.  An intense clearing coupled with an acceleration of experience within life, unleashing a passion that will become so apparent to her as she closes out this second quarter.

My second lady had rocks on the left side of her center path.  There were 3 distinct rocks that I had seen with a 4th one that was there energetically, just not in my field of visuals yet.    The more I looked at these rocks, the more I realized they were lava rock.  The first one closest to her ankle was smooth and roundish/oval like, the two behind it were actually incredible looking.  Both were similar in appearance.  They were lava rock black and came to a point at the top (like a soft serve ice cream cone.)  From the points downward was a wide grooved area that was a very light gray.  They were so significant in her reading and I could barely find the words to coherently discribe them to her forget understand the meaning of them.

My third lady, she was fire, but not like my first lady.  This young lady’s fire was like a small stream with the fire about 6 inches tall and got taller the further into her left side (physical life) it went moving diagonally into her future.  The only thing I could (barely) understand with her fire was that it was preparing her for the coming eclipse sandwich that starts on April 25th.  With this lovely lady, my ability to process was degrading fast.  I could barely understand what I was telling her… kind of like, I was splitting in two and witnessing myself describing what I had seen to her and not understanding a damn thing at the same time.  Strange feeling inside let me tell you.

I did everything I could do to look inside this eclipse sandwich, which as very present energetically in her reading, almost like three intensely large wheels standing up together… all I could finally get was her being spit out of the last eclipse on May 25th looking like a smurf… completely blue from head to toe.  I knew she came out differently than she went in… but what it really means to her… clueless.

My fourth lady, we are back to rocks.  This is when I realized there is a pattern here that seems to be so relevant.. she too was a lava rock, but the kind I had seen in Idaho at the Craters of the Moon.. there was this shiny blue to the surface of her lava rocks.  Beautiful… but still clueless thru this vibrantly visual day of readings.

I was not surprised when my last reading of the day was fire.  By the time I got to her, my ability to understand even my own words had left the building!  Until… she asked a question that took me back in time.  She just had a baby in December and went thru an intense postpartum depression and couldn’t understand why.  The very moment we got out of the present and into her near past, I was fine.  The wholeness of the resources I read with, very present, very together.

I had read for her thru her whole pregnancy and I knew the intense light Being she was giving birth too.  That babys light field would knock me off my rocker each time I connected to her in her mama’s womb.  So the understanding that came thru, when the baby was born, she took that light field out of the mama and into created life with her (as is needed!) and mom’s whole body was reacting to the removal of the light the baby was radiating while pregnant.  Very much like someone who has been given drugs for a long period of time and then stops… the body goes into a withdrawal period… so did this wonderful mother.  How beautiful!!

I rescheduled 4 out of 5 readings yesterday.

I hopped in my bath to see if I cannot get a bigger understanding of what is happening.  If it wasn’t for the gift of my last lady on the field asking a question that took me to her past, I would have really gotten concerned about my own brain.  Even in meditation I had a hard time focusing, but got enough to understand the hugeness of this cycle of events.

If you can imagine your body has all these small, as of yet, unattached portals coming out of it (that looked more like small energetic hoses than portals) and all of a sudden they start attaching themselves to your multidimensional aspects thru out the multiverse and merging the consciousnesses of each with your own… your gonna get loopy!

I also seen the three intensely red/orange hoses coming out of the sky too (I wrote about them last week I think) and they are activated and doing what they are designed to do.  The focus in my meditation was on the hose that is aligned to the new earth energies.  I could see it engulfing those who were vibrationally ready for its acceleration and placement on the new earth… creating (for my own understanding) one of two outcomes… fire or rock.  The fire stretches our own abilities, clears the way for the new to emerge from within us, places us in life to experience it.  Then there were the lava rocks… cooled and ready for use.  The rock people (from yesterday) have emerged from the heart of Gaia with their new skills within them, solid, ready.

When I got out of my bath, grateful to get some understanding, I decided to rest my right brain and pull in my left brain to get the class materials ready for Saturday.  I opened my website and I cannot even tell you how lost I felt.  I have been using this website for 10 years… building it to what it is today.  I couldn’t even remember how to create a new page.  My whole brain was now soup.

I stepped out of my day and parked myself on the couch.  A complete surrendering.

I woke up around 2 am coughing so hard, feeling the upper part of my chest (directly at the high heart area) burning.  Of course, this set my nose into the chorus of my body running and having me blow my brains out in between hacking my lungs up.  All I could think was I do not have time to be sick… again.  Geez Louise!!  I kept feeling the intense heat of my upper chest, I thought, there isn’t even lung there… what the hell??  This lasted for well over an hour and stopped as fast as it started.  I fell back to sleep, thank God!!

When I woke up at 7 am this morning, I went straight to… sure enough, an M6 flare erupted prior to my coughing gag from one of the double barreled sun spots.  Welcome to April 11th!!

Before I close out this sharing today I would like to give a huge shout out to a beautiful and interesting man I am so privileged to connect with.  His name is Jaemes McBride and it seems, the news world has noticed him.  He will be on ABC’s 20/20 this Friday April 12th talking about the Pope, the Key of Peter, himself and what he is doing in this amazing and changing world.  I have to marvel at the fact that 20/20 sought him out to do an interview on topics the main stream news just doesn’t do.  But 20/20 did.  He has the full, uncut interview done with 20/20 on his website located here:

The world, she is a changing…

I love you all so much!!  Happy intensity to everyone wrapped in ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Classes now forming: Reading the Field of Life and Light.  A 6 Week Intensive course that will change the way you see and connect to the world!



  1. Li li, Oh my god I cant even tell you….holy crap! Up all night and intense clearing doesnt even cover it but its all good as I step into the next phase of my life…I have a silly wonderful animal totem story but I will post it to you on face book cause I want to hear you laugh!

    Playing a nice jazzy boogie on the piano–We’re riding on the groove line tonight!!! whooot whooot!

    Hope your brain turned back from mush! Much love! alex


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