Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 7, 2013

The Fast Paced Amusement Park of Life is About to Open!!

roller coaster

Just WOW!!  I would like to take this moment and thank everyone for the extraordinary energy buzz yesterday!!  There are a lot of things happening to us, thru us, these days.  My first lady in the field gave us a clearer view of what is taking place with those energy hoses I talked about yesterday.  The first thing I seen with her was this intense orange energy flowing coming down from just above her head covering her entire body.  The flow of energy was coming out of the one “hose” that I talked about yesterday, with her it was representing the new energy and cleansing and fueling her like I nothing I have seen or experienced before.

Consistently thru all the readings yesterday there was what spirit called a “partition” placed just in front of everyone on the field.  It felt like it was separating the first week or so of April from the rest of the 2nd quarter.  But, we were allowed to see some wonderful details just on the other side of this partition.  With this lady, as I looked thru the partition there was a crowd of people all leaning in towards her but on the other side of the partition (opposite of where she was getting hosed down) anticipating her arrival with such excitement I could barely contain myself!  A feeling of party celebration and great anticipation like nothing I have ever experienced before!

Witnessing her on the field, I kept feeling like this first week of April is akin to what a new car coming thru the assembly line must go thru (hence the partition.)  We spent January completely stripping down our old bodies, energetic and biological.  February we were infused with new parts, a high-octane fuel tank and all that goes with new assembly.  March placed all our bells and whistles onto our new vehicle for the experience of a lifetime and this first week of April we rolled off the assembly line into the final intense wash and wax as we hit the road running.

This intense wash and wax cleared out anything that may have been missed during January and February.  Ya know, those stubborn specs of old debris that was embedded so deeply within us that we forgot to “let that go.”  So take a moment, celebrate the ear infections, chest colds, head colds, and whatever else your blessed body is doing as it fully releases all the old and pimps itself out to be revved up and ready for the new.

There was another lady I read for, the first thing I could see was her standing at the end of the car wash (smile) ready for the new adventure of life, a large shovel in her hand and I watched as she shoveled fiery orange energy from her left (physical life) and placed it into what I kept calling an incinerator or furnace in front of her.  I could feel the heat of the passionate fire energy, the things she LOVED about life and placed this energy into this furnace that was surrounded inside by thick yellow energy, the passion of her soul and became one infused energy while burning off all the old that might have come forward to this moment.

Things are heating up, body and soul!!  No wonder I spiked an energy fever for about an hour or so last evening!!

There was this other lady standing directly at that partition area with this intense yellow track that went upwards and then thru the partition.  I knew instantly that this was a roller coaster track (one of my favorite things at an amusement park.)  Her body and the track of her soul were locked and loaded together and she was gently being pulled up the hill/track.  I really feel her soul expression gave us all the clearest view of what this 2nd quarter of 2013 has in store for us.

As I was looked beyond the partition to the rest of her “ride” OMG was it fast with twists and turns that came so unexpectedly.

If you have ever been on a roller coaster, you know the initial ascent seems so slow, your pulled upwards slowly and steadily and then you crown the top of the track and full speed ahead you go soaring down the track, around the bend… weeeeeeee!!

What I had understood was this shows both our intense acceleration and sudden and unexpected twists and turns life is going to present for us.  Her track went from straight forward to a sudden turn to the left (into physical life.)  Just as she turned the bend to the left, there was this “brass ring” pavilion to her right.  Granted, the brass ring is usually associated with a merry-go-round, but not these days.  No more slow spins in a circle.  Instead, you are going to have unexpected adventures suddenly pop up, your job is to reach out, grab that brass ring and continue on the ride.


I have been in sales pretty much all my life.  There is this thing called, buyers remorse.  People will make a huge investment in something within their lives and be sooo excited about it in the moment, then, once they go home and think about what they had done, the money they may have spent, regret sets in.  Often times, these were “impulse” buys and then they return them.  That is why there is a 3 day return policy, no questions asked (or at least there was in my day) to allow for buyers remorse.  DO NOT GO THERE!!  Stay on the ride of your life and enjoy the sudden, unexpected twists, turns and absolutely great Life adventures that will pop up for you to enjoy.

Once you grab the brass ring, it will lead to a new track being set down, and more brass rings (experiences) that can only come from exploring that brass ring you so bravely pulled while on your wild ride.

For those who have not allowed themselves to live in spontaneity, this may actually be a challenge at first.  But please, buckle up and stay seated!  Lean quickly to grab what is in front of you or on the side of you to grab and enjoy the ride with exhilaration!!

Remember, spirit has been saying consistently all this year, you are being moved out of your comfort zone.  Learn to live there!  Spirit has also consistently said that we are going to accelerate faster and faster as this year moves on, the time for hesitation and thought… over!  Or your going to miss the magic you worked so hard to experience!!  (Just wanted to mention that my “word count” before the quotes here, is 1111 words, that says something about this whole message!!!)

Another consistent thing with all the readings this month, each one was very much physical life oriented.  Meaning, your soul is expanding and demanding to play out loud in Life itself.  Let it!

In one of the readings yesterday, the topic of FREE WILL came up (more from me than her.)  Her image on the field surprised me.  She was standing in her centered moment of time, arms out in front of her and all I could see were these intensely silver chains coming from above and embedding into her biology.  All I could think of was a puppet, but instead of stings they were chains.  I could feel the energy of the silver, which, in my world is the highest vibration of earth energy itself.  The fact that these chains came down from above, I knew was her soul directing her footsteps forward.  What I completely missed in understanding yesterday… was the chain link itself.  When spirit shows us anything, there is a reason.  A meaning to it.  Sometimes I run to keep up with the meanings being revealed.

Sometimes, it is really hard to see how important our presence is on earth, in lives other than our own, but truly, we are a link in the chain of life.  If we never move out of our comfort zones, we miss linking up with others that need our connection, and whose connection we need.  For her and her imagery, her soul now has her linked up to travel where she is needed in life… and that means moving out of the life that got her to here.

So I had to ponder… FREE WILL.  Here is what we understood….

Lip service doesn’t mean a damn thing.  You can say over and over again that you release your minds will to your soul, but until you REALLY mean it, it is just lip service.  All of life is governed by frequency, not words.  So, when you hit a vibrational truth within your self, it changes the frequency to become your truth.  So when you FEEL the releasing of your minds will to your souls will… that is when FREE WILL is placed in the soul desire as opposed to the ego’s desire.  And the soul can be quite resourceful in making sure it’s will gets served.  Until this inner vibrational truth is felt, the ego has first Will agenda.

It’s funny, this takes me back (again) to the mountain side in Vermont.  I was pulling one of my Runes when in the explanation (within the book I read my Runes from) there was this prayer that just caught my heart: I WILL TO WILL THY WILL.   I said it every day, all day long.  The first few days, I was just really repeating words.  Then something shifted as I started to really understand the words, and feel their significance.  I could feel the shift within me, the full release of my ego’s will to my souls will.  I really didn’t understand that at the time, I still very much thought I was doing a prayer to a god that was outside of me.  But our soul doesn’t care about that, it knows IT is the very god we pray to!!

Now to completely change the subject here…

A wonderful friend came over yesterday.  She had read about my experience climbing up the Mesa and she herself has been enduring headaches for 17 years, decided she would climb the Mesa too.  It is funny, beautifully funny to witness Life, the Guardians and someone other than me being taken by their loving embrace.  She made a statement on my facebook that was more significant than I even realized.  She mentioned that she “does not smoke and hope the Guardians aren’t disappointed with that.”  The moment she and I were at the river, on the upper left side of one of the cut outs… a puff of smoke arose.  No doubt in my heart this morning, the Guardians heard her and responded.  They welcomed her!!

I watched her as she crossed the Jemez River and into the brush to make her way up the side of the Mesa.  The feeling that was so deep inside of me was watching her as she hiked up and into the womb of creation.  I could feel the energy of the Mesa, kind of like a very welcoming spider web of energy drawing her in, embracing her, devouring her in the pure radiant love that flows from deep within the Mesa itself.

I was so in awe both of the way I felt witnessing her and the pure love of the Guardians pulling her in, deeper!

When she returned, she said something that I myself thought just the day before.  It would be a great place to camp out.  I agree!!  I am not brave enough to camp up there myself… and this morning, my whole heart and soul is fixed on the Fall Equinox.  I know the Fall equinox is the next accelerated shift of this ongoing shift of ages… anyone up  for a camping weekend?  The fall equinox is Sunday September 22nd.  We can camp the night before and the night of and come back down the day after.  Just putting it out there….

I am going to close this sharing with some amazing images of my journey up the Mesa.  I hope you enjoy the beauty and the magic as much as I do.

I love you all sooo much and thank you more than you will ever know for your Presence in my world and in my heart!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of deep gratitude and accelerated roller coaster rides!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Classes now forming: Reading the Field of Life and Light.  A 6 Week Intensive course that will change the way you see and connect to the world!  


I will include more photo’s tomorrow, here is a few to start with:

Mesa close Up


The first cupboards

The Mesa View


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  2. I’m buying you new flip flops today!! I still feel so bad about the river stealing them! Hey, maybe they were a donation to the guardians. 😉


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  4. Dear Li li, I am just giggling today! You know, the other day I started singing that old song, Rollercoaster of love? Well, I got it for my ipod and love to dance around to it! I also found myself on numerous occassions today visualizing and connecting to the tubes of orange and red energy from above. it feels so stinking good!

    My daughter told me I should visit you. Camping sounds fun and I will set an intention for september and see if the guardians want to play with us together! 🙂 As a retired girl scout leader of two troops I have camped out many times and adore it, though I am intending for my new miraculous body to wake up refreshed from sleeping on the bare ground! 😉

    Much love mamma! alex


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