Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 6, 2013

The Stripping, The Expansion, The Wonder of it (and US) ALL!!


There is something magical and strange in the air these days!  Yesterday was as different as could be.  I suddenly realized as I tried to do a reading for my first client of the day, Holy cow, moving my jaw to talk, actually hurts.  But I was gonna tough it out and do the reading anyway!  The moment I opened up to her field of light, I could feel the higher energies moving in my jaw line, throbbing really!  I suddenly realized, there is no way I am going to be able to do readings today, between the higher field of light moving thru my jaw and my jaw hurting from the talking movement, I also realized there are some words that create my upper and bottom teeth to actually touch and holy cow, the tooth closest to the one that were extracted hurt too!!  Geez Louise, I felt fine until this moment!

How often do we do things, or have things done without ever stopping to fully understand what is completely happening.  Until yesterday, I never realized how much I take for granted and how much my own team needs me to be aware of how I work, and why!  Everything happens for a larger reason, every single thing in our lives.

The first thing I decided to do, take a Dead Sea Salt bath and have a talk with my team, what the heck happened to my mouth!  They proceed to help me really understand.  Just like a week or so ago, when I tried to do a reading and this large vortex appeared with an X over it, until that moment, I really had no idea we open and close a vortex of Light energy every time we are connected together to read.  Well, until yesterday, I never realized what happens within me the moment we connect together.  Our Light Fields are equally occupying the same space, coming thru my biology and enlivening thru that portal onto the back yard.  The energy changes within me to house you as well.  Your pure soul energy, but equally, the same is happening to you as well.  This is why so many of you have strange effects when we are connected together and those effects linger even after the connection is done.

But something even more is happening thru our connections, the words, the energy from the breath itself is creating the most desirable outcome from the soul level into created reality.  Maybe better said, an energy system that comes alive because of our connection together.  It is funny to think, we are co-creating a master piece every time we are together, even if it may not seem that way in the moment.

I also understood that I had just received a massive opening in my Self-expression due to the removal of those three teeth.  I needed a day to adjust to the new frequency now streaming thru my mouth.  Ya know, it’s a funny thing, as much as I do understand about this path and how we work, there is so much I don’t (didn’t) understand either!

So my team insisted I needed to allow my whole jaw to rest and allow it to assimilate to the new energies flowing thru it.  Like I have much choice in that matter!  I am not even sure how we segued to what I was shown next…

I became very aware of an opening in the sky itself, an opening that was intensely orange-red.  Then I had seen this opening form (what looked like) large energy hoses made of the orange-red that started to come down onto earth.  They moved and entangled, untangled, widened and closed… my ever-present question was sounded “what the hell is that!!??”  The reply surprised me.

At any given time on this precious earth there are three groups of people; those who hold fastly to the old energy and all the old thoughts that go with the old energy construct, and LIVE that, there are those who are fully aligned with the new energy and all that goes with that, and LIVE that and then there are those in the middle, with a foot in the old energy, a foot in the new energy and never really making a choice commitment to either.  So each energy hose was assigned to each group.  Each hose with its own agenda and outcome.

Keeping in mind, ALL of life is now gearing up to live fully and freely in the New Energy, upon the New Earth.  So those who are already committed to living the new energy, you are going to experience your whole world expanding, becoming more than you can have ever dreamed.  An expansion on every conceivable level, including the mundane.

Those clinging to the old energy system, it’s not gonna be pretty.  A stripping and squishing like never experienced before.  The air itself is conspiring to live fully in the arms of love and unity.

Those straddling both worlds, by virtue of your experience you are going to be able to see which energy you are most aligned with and then make different choices.  Considering there are only ever two choices to align with, fear (old energy) or love (new energy)… by virtue of your dominant energy within, your outcome is assured.

What I could not see in meditation, was how any of that looked on earth.  But eventually, the end result will be, those three energy hoses will merge to become one fully supported energy of love.

I thought about Kim Jung-un, plus I knew it had to be about 11am, and I needed to do my meditation of light with him.  Instantly I seen him, I could see how much you are sending him light and wrapping it around his right thigh.  Externally he was glowing like a light bulb, internally, not so much.  Then I watched as my team took his right femur bone and broke it in half.  Holy shit, this was as surprising as seeing him beat with a light stick.  Then I watched as the light energy from the lower half of his femur was directed upwards into his abdomen and I could feel an infection happening there within him.  Light is very much like our white blood cells, it surrounds the invading energy (darkness) and cleanses it into purity for the body.  We left him like that.

And then I got my own to-do list from my team, from the Guardians of the Mesa.  Get out of my tub, fix some bacon, eggs and toast (the guardians favorite breakfast!!) eat it, then go to the store and replenish my ibuprofen supply, then cross the river and come to the Mesa.

Can I interject here?  My mouth hurts, thank you very much.  Toast and bacon doesn’t sound very mushy to eat!  Didn’t matter, they desired me to have this breakfast (they get to experience the yumminess of it thru me) before I head to the Mesa.  I will do it (cuz I am nuts like that!!)

I had to ask about their direction to go get my now depleted pain medicine refilled… really?   I could so see their energetic smile and reply, well of course.  It takes the pain away, right?  My own body appreciates how it works and how it feels once it works, it’s an energetic partnership of agreement.  That’s kewl!!

So my last query was the river.  It has been running fast and high due to the snow melt… I don’t want to fall in.  Instantly they gave me a picture of my walking stick still in the back seat of my car from when I hiked the side of the Mesa last May.  Already then… we have a plan!

Can I tell you, my bacon and toast hurt like flipping hell to eat.  I only ate half and kept asking them… what the hell are you thinking??  I went to the dollar store to get more ibuprofen and was delighted to see all the Easter candy 50% off.  A double delight here!!

I put my sneakers on, grabbed my walking stick and headed to the river.  I was soooo surprised to see the river running as normal.  Just yesterday it was roaring down its path from the snow melt, today, it is back to being like 6 inches deep and gently heading onward.  Not to mention I was soooo surprised at how warm the water was.  It was not freezing like I expected it to be, it was only cool.

I made my way to the upward slope of the Mesa, thinking this is where I will sit and meditate.  Not!!  Suddenly I hear, come a little closer.  OK… I climbed up, marveling at how easy this ascent was.  I could feel the dirt and rock of the Mesa supporting my feet as I climbed higher.  The sparkle of the red rocks was dazzling my eyes and my heart.  I didn’t even realize how much quartz was in those rocks.  I had a fanny pouch on to carry my phone camera and my smokes and started filling it with amazing quartz rocks.  And they called me higher, and then higher and I got to one section where all there was loose red pebbly dirt and I laughed to myself and said, girl, you are crazy for doing this alone.  Instantly the guardians replied, “you’re not crazy, your obedient.”  That I am!!  I will wear that loving sweater and climb higher.  The top of the Mesa is over 1000 feet up from where I live at ground level, I settled into an area that was about 700 feet up.  I stopped along the way to absorb the energy of the huge rocks that had fallen and marvel at the formation at the top from this ever-increasing up close view.  I had lit a cigarette and made smoke with the guardians and my heart just expanded when I seen their puff of white smoke move upwards from the new opening that was created in January.

Then my thoughts turned to the people who were on my reading list for the day.  I felt bad to reschedule everyone so I can hike the Mesa!  Suddenly, this odd-looking tongue or something moved from the new opening of the Mesa outwards and one by one, every single person who was on my schedule for the day, was rolled up into this tongue, which looked like a dirty yellow not quite opaque energy, and each person was taken into the heart of the Mesa.  I couldn’t see what happened to them once they were absorbed into the rock, but it had to be good.  I had 6 people on my calendar for yesterday, one requested a refund, so she was not present in the tongue rolling event (obviously, by her own choice) and I suddenly thought, well, there is room for one more here (why I even had that thought I can only assume was directly from the Guardians.)  I received an email from a lady I was supposed to read for on Sunday, her life turned upside down (homeless) and asked if she could reschedule (but of course!!) and she was lifted up into the tongue rolling event of the Guardians of the Mesa.

As I tried to understand what this interesting event was all about, the only reply from the Guardians that they gave was, nothing is ever taken away without something bigger to replace it with.

As I continued my assent higher, the guardians were giving me a detailed history of their presence here on this Mesa Landscape.  It was humbling and so familiar.  They said I lived there in those times but as Jorge (male) and the ease in which I climbed up was because I have done it sooo many times in my past.  Granted the landscape changed a bit since then, but once you know how to scale the Mesa, you all-ways know.  As I was amazed at the fact I didn’t even break a sweat, the guardians chuckled as they asked “it is as if you forgot how old you are, isn’t it.”  It was… I felt 20 again and filled with energy and excitement and obviously my body LOVES this kind of exercise (as opposed to sweatin to the oldies which hurt the ba-jesus out of my calves each time.)

When i reached the place I was meant to get to, I sat there and looked over the whole Jemez Valley.  Ya know that feeling you get inside when you reach a place on earth and you KNOW you have lived there before, that was exactly how I felt in that spot up on the Mesa.  The Indians were called “Cliff Dwellers” and now I fully remember why.  They lived and loved high up on the cliffs of the Mesa, connected to Source in a way that the land remembers well.

I decided to play a few songs for the Guardians of the Mesa.  The first one that means so much to me and I wanted to reflect back to them was Faith Hill’s “Love the way you love me.”  The moment that song came on, the winds started blowing and I just sat there, every cell of my Being absorbing the wind and expanding into Love.

I felt so alive, so exhilarated and sad that I actually had to leave and make my way back down to where I now live.  I asked the Guardians and the Mesa to please let me get back down safely and instantly they said, “we always have your back and will never let harm come to you.”  Thank you dear lord!!!

I realized once I got home, my mouth did not hurt at all.  I could chew and the connection of upper and lower teeth had no ill effect as it did earlier.

And today, as my day has already started… we can see again!!  Hurray!!!!

There is so much more to this unfolding story, but, that’s tomorrows sharing!!  Celebrate yourself big time!  Cuz good is about to become just Heavenly!!

((((HUGZ)))) of bliss and joy to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Classes now forming: Reading the Field of Life and Light.  A 6 Week Intensive course that will change the way you see and connect to the world!



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  2. Tremendous Hugs Li li and thanks for taking us on your journey to the Mesa! I am laughing because yesterday your pictures of the red clay into my head came this thought that the Mesa was one giant crystal! That you found quartz up there simply made me smile so big! I am so excited that it is getting warmer here and I will be able to sit out in nature as well and soak up the sun and the energy of our mother.

    Also silly but so fun, I have a colony of ground bees which are the indigenous pollinators that came before european honey bees. These live in tiny ant hill like holes in the ground and they started swarming yesterday. Now, I sat in their midst and sent them love and a few even crawled onto my hands and I could feel the exchange of love–they rarely sting anyone, such a gentle little creature! Today the robins came to snack on a few and I sat with my back to my guardian tree bess (who is of course connected to the guardians of the mesa!) and those robins simply accepted my love and didn’t blink an eye to my presence other than doing their thing. it was Wonderful!

    As for the three sets of people on earth–so get that–so do…hugs and keep feeling better and better! Loving you!


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