Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 5, 2013

The Air Is Alive and Co-Creating Too!! Holy April Batman!!


Are you noticing the change in… well… everything now that we are in April??  I really had to ponder what the actual significance was of the consistency of readings on the 3rd.  All 6 connections presented the very same way (laid out differently for each person, but still…) the air is no longer clear, instead it is made up of a very tangible red and orange.  So when I looked at each person, the air was already filled with this really deep color scheme.  The way the air looked was unique unto each person, but the colors of deep red and deep orange was the constant.

(Added note: I have always been a Nike fan, I love their slogan “Just do it,” but I had to smile when I googled red and orange air all I got was Nike shoes called Air Max, how fitting!!)

I did understand this is the co-creative energy of the air that surrounds us, interactive, communicative, supportive.  Alive and connected to us in a whole new way.  If we can imagine, the air itself has been a relatively passive player in this game of life.  Always there to nurture and support, but rarely got involved unless asked.  However, as we stepped thru the threshold of April, it is, as all life is now, an active player in the wholeness of the game.

Each person had a single element that showed up for them and it seemed we only were able to access the “first week” view of April.  Each persons element was unique unto them as well.  On lady had a deep orange arch directly in front of her as she moved forward thru her days.  From what I understood, everything about her was being elevated into what I call the upper atmosphere of consciousness.  From what her team said, we have a tendency to look at ourselves as a limited human and we are not.  So for her, this whole week is going to raise her whole life into the upper atmosphere soul consciousness/awareness.  What they did not tell us was how does that look beyond a deep orange arch/bridge that starts and finishes on her forward path?   Ohhh the sound of silence echoed back!

Yet, another lady had a ladder (a single ladder, not a step-ladder) what had 5 rungs to it, she had one foot on the first rung, the other foot on the second rung and again, this ladder was right in the middle of her path.  As I asked the field what is keeping this ladder standing straight up, the reply was the air.  Because her tool was a ladder, she had to put more… not sure the word effort is the correct one to use, but… it takes effort to walk upwards on the rungs of a ladder as opposed to stroll over an arch way.  For her, each rung had purpose that will be released to her and the fifth rung is where she will reside (how, was not all that clear either) but we know 5 is the number of change!!

One gentleman had such purposeful air at his back.  The air itself seemed to team up like a wave, but yet, a circular wave and was doing two things at one, pushing him out of his comfort zone but equally, supporting him as it pushed him to new adventures within himself and within his life.  He had a really unique element appear beneath his feet.  We are still laying the “ground” of this new earth, so the ground isn’t solid at all, but yet, there seems to be a layer of something or another to give us the feeling of just below the surface of the earth.  In that place, just below the surface of the earth, beneath his feet, were 3 bubbles that seemed to contain this fizzy yellow/orange energy that would accelerate his whole Being should he connect with it and pull it up thru his body.  I gave him a meditation exercise (smile.)

Another lady, right at her left foot was this amazingly tall flower.  It dropped over to her forward/left part of her path and the flower head could have been made of glass, it was so clear and so brilliantly yellow.  Her team said this flower is her new guide and she should follow its essence/direction, which was taking her wholeness (spiritual body and physical body) out into created life.  I had to smile when she said she was debating about going to work at a nursery but didn’t know why she felt like doing that.  The surprise of life is in doing it anyway.  Then a bigger element was added, as she took her deep connection to the plant kingdom out into the world, an orange doorway opened that lead to two other orange doorways and more beyond that…. all within the physical playground of life!

I had yet another lady, there wasn’t even a forward path, her energy all started to emerge to her left, in life itself.  It was like this intensely energetic stepping-stones, the first one being a constant variation of blues.  We understand that it was time to get out into life and really walk her talk and talk her walk.  The stepping stone connected to that was the now familiar gel like radiant white, mutable… creation changing at the beat of her hearts desire for her.  The last stepping stone I could see was this amazing red, it reminded me very much of a perfectly cut ruby with light beaming thru it, it must have been the light of gaia!

From what I am understanding, we are in two different types of choices ALL the time now, old ways vs new ways.  The new energy is not going to support the old ways, so if you are trying to put something in play based on the old ways, the old thoughts and most especially doing anything without the co-creation of the ALL that is involved, you may find yourself hard pressed to get ‘er going.  If this is the case at any time, take a step back, feel the air around you, what does this new earth desire from you, your co-creation within it, then follow that energy stream!!

If you are anything like me, it is easier to hear the fullness of life when there is no stress involved in your choices.  When we are in stress, I (we) scramble in our mental galaxy.  That was my day yesterday in the dentist chair.  But my god, what an amazing lesson with delicious twists I would have not foreseen at all!

My dentist had been talking about my bottom three teeth since I met him in August of last year (my lower canine and each tooth beside it.)  One needed a fill and a build up, the other a root canal, the other already vacated my mouth and only left the root to hang out.  We agreed to put this whole lower left jaw treatment on the “last to deal with” agenda.  I was approved for 6 months of very affordable dental work, so we would get the rest of my mouth done before we tackled the big one.  I chickened out and got side tracked with cancer.  I can only deal with one huge project at a time, thank you very much!!  But really, my whole goal, my deep deep heart desire was to get those partials he priced out for me.  Just about all of my back teeth were yanked in childhood, just the thought of being able to chew a steak without using my front teeth… the angelic chorus sings within me at that thought.

When my new sliding scale was adjusted for this new 6 month journey, everything became more affordable.  Hope was filling my eyes at the potential of partials, but I still had to walk thru the picker bush to get ’em  My dentist started talking to me about potentially pulling the three teeth in need of severe help and putting the money I would save from a root canal onto the partial.  But my poor blessed mind was not going there at all.  Instead, all my mind could think of was smiling with half my teeth missing!  As much as I want those damn partials, I just couldn’t see a financial way of achieving that (remember, this is my mind yapping to me, not my heart.)  I had already started creating the procrastination excuse in my mind, I will take my trip to Virginia and Pennsylvania first then deal with root canals and partials then… maybe.  My body heard me loud and clear!!

March 31st, not only did I awake with a mind crushing headache… again, but now I was rocking a toothache.  I got the headache under control, but that damn toothache was morphing into an intense throb.  I knew exactly what my body was doing… a kick in the jaw to have me realign my priorities to its needs.  By the morning of April 1st I was sporting an abscess the size of a lemon.

I sat in my dentist chair yesterday morning, pissed that I could not, for the life of me, download a new audio book to listen to, to overcome the insanity the drill creates within my head.  I didn’t even take the moment to think that Life itself was not letting a root canal happen, I just wanted what I wanted and was not listening  beyond that.  I decided I would have to listen to one of the audio books I already have.

I sat in the dentist chair, he took a xray of my infected teeth and told me he thought it would be best if I just pulled all three teeth and let’s get started on the partials.  The abscess was under the tooth that vacated my mouth a couple of years ago but moved under the one that needed the root canal and he no longer felt that those teeth would support a partial for very long.  I took a moment… a long moment and just felt what I should do.

There was an absolute conspiracy taking place.  I could feel the energy of the air squeezing against my whole body from the outside in, my body was meeting the air head on, and getting the teeth pulled was not up for debate any longer!  The moment, I mean the very moment my head wanted to stroll down financial worry lane, that was squelched too.  I had the money to pay for the root canal and the other dental work, just take it and start the payment process of the partials.  Done!  This entire event was the strangest thing I had ever experienced in my whole life.  The moment I told my dentist, let’s get ’em pulled out, I swear even the air itself started to dance in deLight.  He immediately took measurements of my jaw line to get ready for the partials.

The moral of this story (smile) was all of Life, including my own body, conspired to get me where my heart so wanted to go… to getting partials.  That has been my intense heart desire for a long long time now and my body and life itself created the road to get me there.  I share this as a warning to not judge anything that is happening to you.  Our first instinct is to ask “whats wrong,” when we should be asking “whats right” with this situation.

No more old thought patterns, old fears, old anything.  Wrap yourself in the unlimited supply of red and orange air and co-create the new with the ALL!!

These are exciting and unexpected times… live them and love them for all your worth!!

((((HUGZ)))) of new earth energy (red) and the sense of Self (orange) alive within the conscious and interactive EVERYTHING!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Classes now forming: Reading the Field of Life and Light.  A 6 Week Intensive course that will change the way you see and connect to the world!






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  2. Hi Li li! Tremendously big hugs to you and a little giggle at how wonderful it is when we get out of our own way and let things happen divinely! Breathing in huge gusts of this wonderful energy. i was blue earlier, darn it when your kid says lets watch Les Mis and you don’t really feel like it, you should stick to your guns! It got me sooo sad I had to expand my perspective and think about our soul paths and stuff! Feeling much better now, as I always do when I come to visit the energy of my big sister! Hugs and have a wonderful weekend! Alex


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