Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 3, 2013

The Fire of April, The Guardians and the Energy of Elephants!!


I think my body teamed up with the energy of April and decided to kick my butt all the way to the dentist chair.  During the last (attempt) at reading on the 31st, the dull toothache I started the day out with… grew!  It became a painful throb in my skull and all of my attention went to my jaw not to my precious lady on the phone, who, being in Australia, was already in April 1st.  I was so excited to FINALLY see the energies of April…. not!!

My toothache swelled consistently into a full blown abscess, by the next morning, I would have been accepted into the chipmunk clan!  I have been putting off a root canal since early last year and the teeth there have only degraded more and more since.  I am a funny creature (ummm very human) when I really don’t want to do something (especially the long slow ride in the dentist chair getting a root canal) I can so blame it on the lack of money, when really, it is my own crazy fear of hearing that drill in my head.  But now my own body spoke up and I find the timing quite interesting as well.  April 1st… there is no more hiding from what my body needs me to get done.

Thanx to the combination of all the love being sent from my facebook family and the 500mg amoxicillian, the pain that lined the entire left side of my jaw line became bearable, as long as I didn’t laugh, sneeze or open my mouth.  So I sat with this very determined body and said… what the hell are you doing!!??  It’s reply, geez, ya know, ya think you cannot love your own body any more than you already do… and in a moment, you fall in love even deeper.  It (my body) took me to my own thought processes… leaning quite strongly on the side of delaying this root canal gig (which also include a root tip extraction and an additional filling, all three teeth completely affected at once) until possibly after my trip to VA and PA.  My body was just not having it any longer.  It did what it needed to do to get me to address this absolute need within my biology.

I have been saying consistently that the energies of April are going to be intense, quick to get the needs and desires of the soul to fulfillment in created matter, well so it is with the biology that will be the catalyst for these experiences and bringing decay into Heaven, well just not acceptable!!  The moment I came to (painful) terms with the fact I must get this dentist work done NOW, I took a look into my finances, I was about $300 short with paying for it all.  I didn’t even have time to plead with my body for more time, because, as if on cue, a donation of exactly $300 came into my in box.  Of course, this earth angel of mine put a note that it was for my trip to Virginia, I called my dentist and scheduled my root canal (which happens tomorrow.. Thursday.)  Talk about life eliminating any and all excuses to get done what needs to get done.  Not only does the majesty of life and biology humble me, so does the human heart that can feel… be so connected to someone else that they act immediately on their own inner promptings to provide.

Later that evening I had a dinner party (already scheduled) with a friend who came in from Louisiana.  One of the guests was also my friend the astrologer and the conversation eventually moved into astrology and Kim Jung-un.  My friend looked at Kim’s birth chart and started talking about how the planets are affecting him currently which, sadly, was right in alignment with his actions.  I still marvel at the fact that so much of what we do and who we are in any given day is heavily influenced by the planets in the sky.  She also noticed that in his birth chart his moon was in Pisces which meant he has compassion within him but it is deeply hidden.

So we started to talk about sending him love, since what he seeks is power and recognition, but as a child’s mind will do, even negative attention is better than none at all.  So he is acquiring the attention his ego desires, but from negative actions.  What if we all sent him love… purposely at a set time each day.  My feeling is to love him while he is sleeping.  Granted I do no know his sleep habits, but I think it is safe to assume that he is usually asleep at 2 am.  So if you can join me at 11 am MDT (which is 2 am n. Korean time) to wrap Kim Jung-un in a love blanket from head to toe.  Pure radiant energy made of love.  No intentions, no other talk, just pure love… with extra wrappings around his right thigh area.  Here is why:

Yesterday I went to the Ojo Caliente to soak with my friend in the hot springs.  There are a variety of mineral pools there and I do a meditation with each pool as the waters are interacting with me.  Before I get to Kim, let me share the journey as I experienced it yesterday.

The first pool we went into was the Iron springs.  I was sitting under the water that was flowing out of the pipe, directing it to both my left side of my face, neck and shoulders.  It was interesting to notice how the energy of this pool of water interacted with my inner eye/vision.  My entire inner vision became white with silver sparkles in it, except the very top which was actually very gray, like cloud cover.  It was beautiful to look at and the water said I was seeing the direct energy of the water itself.  As I used the water pouring out of this pipe to clear and cleanse my own self, it let me know I was done because I received an instant vision.  Out in the distance on my left field of sight, there was an energy that looked like a cross between a human, an angel and a phoenix all rolled up into one.  I realized that this entity was located just in front of the sun but in earths atmosphere and there was what looked like a double clothes line that ran from the sun, thru the heart of this flaming angel, to my heart sitting in the pool.  I came to understand that this was my first glimpse of what April is all about.  A relay system of pure, fiery energy.  Codes of passion direct from the center of the sun.  My vision closed, I went to the next pool.

The Soda springs pool is the only one that is enclosed.  All the other hot springs are out in open air.  The main thing I had seen in this enclosed pool was the energy up towards the ceiling.  A network of black energy that criss-crossed and intermingled with each other.  The spirit of the water said what I was seeing was the network of energy that is created by peoples thoughts and conversations.  Because this pool is enclosed, it has no way of escaping and therefore becomes the energy reflected back to those in the pool.  I was able to see a strand or two of a foggy gray thread of energy and the spirit of the pool said, that is the energy of pure thought, but there is very little for it to connect to so it is dulled down and flowing (as opposed to interconnected.)  I was really surprised by this and I thought about peoples homes… The energy of thoughts, of conversation sticks to the walls and ceilings and becomes the energy of the dwelling.

My next pool really blew me out of the water (so to speak.)  The arsenic pool.  I put my head under the water streaming into the pool, this time my inner vision was a deep red with intermingled deep deep orange.  My first thought was, how different the vision and energy of this water was from the iron pool.  I decided to inquire about Kim Jung-un’s compassion.  If it is in his birth chart, then it must be located in his body somewhere!!  Instantly I could see him standing above me, hoovering in the sky.  I was directed to his right thigh.  This is where his compassion is stored, but he does not use this part of his energy field.  In my world, the right side is about the emotional/spiritual body.  The thigh is the source of strength within us to move us forward.  The left side of the body is the physical life aspect, and he uses the strength he has learned from being in physical life, but does not use the right side at all.

The feeling was… if we can access his right thigh, really surround that area with pure love, he will have no choice but to start to feel his own, innate compassion and start to act on that.

The moment I acknowledged what we needed to do, the spirit of the arsenic pool changed the scenery instantly.  The next thing I know there is a profile of an elephant head in my view.  I could see the eye of this beautiful creature, the next thing I know, I am seeing thru the eye of this elephant.  Suddenly, I was back at my own Mesa, the image of the elephant in the new opening on the Mesa.  The Guardians now present and speaking.  Until that moment, I never realized the high capacity elephants love with.  Their whole world is created within love.  They take care of each other, let no one elephant stand alone and suffer.  The guardians said they live/love like this as well.  That I should study the energy of the elephants.  The elephants can see Love, the energy that is love and they follow that.  They see a world most men cannot conceive of and live there… live here.

I was actually surprised to see and feel the presence of the Guardians there in the arsenic pool and so I hadda ask… what are you doing here.  The said they are all interconnected with the magma of this landscape.  They are as connected and one with the spirits that harness the elements of earth as they are with the spirits that harness the elements of the air.  Like the elephants, they work together as family, connected forever at the heart of Love, a community of Love.  I do believe we have broken ground on this way of Being and now to expand on it even deeper!

I was asked to study the elephant ways and live it.  As I reflect on the three of the first visions I had seen yesterday, I can hear the guardians say do not take up residence in a house, but in life itself.  Meaning, we can become unintentionally trapped within a dwelling and all the thoughts that have been collected there, the true freedom that we seek is out in life unrestricted and pure in its fullness.

So on that note… Happy April, happy 2nd quarter to this amazing and fast moving year!!  Things are about to really heat up!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wild joy and contented bodys to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Classes now forming: Reading the Field of Life and Light.  A 6 Week Intensive course that will change the way you see and connect to the world!     



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  2. Very cool experience and glad you are gonna get this whole tooth thing completed and behind you! As for elephants what is amazing as well is their entire society is matriarchal which plays into the feelings that the divine feminine is becoming stronger in our world! Will join you in sending love to Kim and join you in the soul gym this afternoon! 🙂 Love you Li li! alex


  3. Sending Love to him… he is just a boy. Peace


  4. That is so amazing to know about the elephants. They are very special souls. I was an elephant boy in another time….leading & taking care of them. I really should connect with them in meditation. Thanks so much for sharing. Peace….


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